Bukit Batok – The opposition politicians are so decent

The Bukit Batok Incident is all about decency. If only one can remember the Yaw Shing Long affair, we can see how decent or indecent politicians were then. In an issue like this, the real asses will appear to show themselves.

It is a pleasant surprise that the opposition party politicians are not making a mountain out of this mole hill and respect the privacy of the parties involved. The conduct of the opposition party politicians is exemplary and something to be emulated. 

Some of you may disagree that this is not a mole hill. I can accept that, as some people have higher moral standards and would want to condemn those that have erred for being human. And that was probably the reason why in the Yaw case the highly moral human beans demanded more transparency and wanting to flog the flawed beans.

Or maybe some may even conclude that the opposition party politicians are not beans of high moral standards so did not see anything wrong with this indiscretion. Actually, in this case it appears that all those with high moral standard either died or suffered from a dumb disease and so were unable to speak to demand for more clarity and transparency. Whatever, it is a good thing that they could not open their filthy mouths.

Let’s hope everyone can learn a little about decency from the opposition camp. And for those religious people, remember what Jesus said, ‘Let the one who have not sinned to cast the first stone’. Any taker, is there anyone that is so unblemished to want to cast the first stone?

Would the discreteness of this indiscretion be the unwritten rule henceforth and no one will climb up the altar of high moral grounds to smear anyone in the future for such indiscretion again? Would the plea for privacy and to protect the innocent children be the new unwritten code of conduct for decency?

I can only say this like any ordinary bean. Not sure if the super beans, high moral beans, sinless beans or pure beans would agree to such a low standard of moral righteousness, not to demand for the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Thank you opposition politicians, for setting a good example for being so decent and so kind, not to politicize this issue, not to appear as bad asses.

Remember, karma is a bitch. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you.


Anonymous said...

Rb // Thank you opposition politicians, for setting a good example for being so decent and so kind, not to politicize this issue, not to appear as bad asses.//


Very well said?

They are saying it bcos netizens are doing it for them?

So now they become so "decent"?


Then from this moment onwards, let these decent people fight their own "battles"?

No more speaking on their behalf?


Murali is the best!

Murali best pax for BB!

Anonymous said...

Typo ..... should be "They are NOT saying it ....."

Anonymous said...

Roti prata is the best comfort food.

Ai like especially with curry sauce!


Anonymous said...

// Thank you opposition politicians, for setting a good example for being so decent and so kind, not to politicize this issue, not to appear as bad asses.//

When the hypocrisy of one side already tak boleh tahan, the other side ( hypocrisy ) is more than tak boleh tahan?

Conclusion : choose the lesser evil?

And be "screwed" less but still kena "screwed "?

Anonymous said...

// Would the discreteness of this indiscretion be the unwritten rule henceforth and no one will climb up the altar of high moral grounds to smear anyone in the future for such indiscretion again?//


Starting from the oldies?

Sinkies moral will henceforth go down the abyss?

Anonymous said...

Do not do unto others what you do not wish others do unto you. Their taste may not be the same. George Bernard Shaw.

Anonymous said...

It is never EASY to be members of opposition parties in Singapore.

Salute them! Salute them! Salute them!

But, VERY SORRY, after the announcements, the present "heng seng" of
the BE is......PAP 70% vs 30% SDP.

Whether got experience or not.....no chance!

Tell me how to win lah!

PAP is very very strong in BB! PAP is everywhere in BB.

Furthermore, PAP is still riding HIGH with their 70% at GE2015.

This 70% momentum is really really tooooooOOOOOOOoo strong!

Together with the current remembering LKY's anniversary events,
you tell me, how to win lah!

You seriously think that BB will do the IMPOSSIBLE?

Very Difficult! Very Difficult! Very Difficult!

Not here to ..........泼冷水! 泼冷水!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

70% only?

Why not let's make it 90%?

And the deposit be forfeited?

Anonymous said...

If David Ong had been an opposition MP, the condemnation would be fast and furious and his name would be dragged across the coals. Instead it was all the opposite, with praises from all angles, shapes and sizes. What a bloody hypocritical circus!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There are successful people in the private sector who have been asked over and again to join the PAP, and they have refused everytime. I know at least 3 of such people (one of them being my 80yr old mentor from Chinatown), all staunch nationalists, by the way.

When queried as to why they won't join I get the same answer all the time: "I have to give up my fun"---i.e. gambling, drinking, cigar smoking, womanizing, cabaret and KTV shenanigans (Orchard KTV at the back of Orchard Towers seems to be a universal favourite), and their precious "gentlemen's mess" (private apartments where women are kept for sex, drinking and mahjong.

These folks are high achieving (private sector) and genuinely respected members of their respective communities. They also have solid GLOBAL guanxi. One of the younger ones is a high-ranking SAF reservist officer.

One thing is clear, these people are PASSIONATE about their cuntry, and even more so about looking after the local born. I have frequent lively and friendly debates with them about my idea of treating Singapore like an exclusive HOTEL. 😂

The point is, if you place too many "rules" and "prerequisites" you probably CHASE AWAY some of the best REAL TALENT out there.

At the end of the day ALL the members of parliament are people from the community---Singaporeans like all of us who've grown up in the culture with all the quirks and benefits; the norms and social mores, using the same languages and eating the same foods.

In a meritocracy (a real one, that is) you don't care (none of your business anyway) what people do in their PRIVATE time. If the activities are lawful, consensual and voluntary...it is nobody's business.

I've often remarked that if you use "morality" in an argument, you've LOST the argument.

If you invoke fictional characters like "Jesus" (it is doubtful whether such a person ever existed) or nonsense like "karma" (ain't no such thing man), then you've lost the argument...again.

Anonymous said...


a report by ASS this morning........

"A video of a group of kindergarten children being made to bow
three times to Lee Kuan Yew's picture on the wall has gone viral
on the internet. The video on Monday morning has since spread like

interested......more at AllSingaporeStuff.com........


Anonymous said...

The PAP demanded WP to explain the YSL sacking. YSL was sacked for not attending an inquiry on his rumored affair with another WP activists. Remember, this rumor was spreaded by a social medium called tombasack review. It was rumored that some editors in this medium were pro another opposition party. But the YSL rumor went like wild fire. YSL s affair was never proven.

The PAP delayed the by election until a lawyer took up the case from a HG cleaner to apply to court for the bye election to be held.

Officially, the opposition party did not have official records of YSL's case as he did not attend the WP inquiry.
On David Ong s case, it was admitted by PAP whip saying that it was "decisive" move.

Is sexual relationship with another activist morally wrong?
It is morally wrong when another activist s marriage is affected.

Many po tried to normalize sexual relationship with another family man or woman, they simply say "makan" is common.

The question is thus decided by : What position is in when a person is having sexual relationship with.

Position like MP that have access to secret information, and demand PUBLIC to RESPECT, can have sexual relationship with 1.1: single activist 1.2: married activist?
I think both 1.1 and 1.2 are all out. Cannot. This is because the MP is married. He has legal obligation not to conduct extra sexual relationship.
If he is allowed to screw around, many STATE SECRET cannot be kept. The one close to the MP will have advantage of information to the markets like stocks and shares, property, and other gains.

Voters should weigh this trend of people of "serious" high position have sexual relationships with lower ranking activists in the ruling party. It is a trend. One after 2011 election, one after 2015 election. Think about the unfairness in information passing when sexual relationships are not controlled. Cast the votes to opposition to warn politicians the trend is unhealthy.

Want to be politician, then behave properly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 1015

Alamak bro', next time dun just say lah. Post the link lah. It will help the thing's "viral-bility"

Kow tow you dumb fuck kids, bow! 💀 To your dead Ah Kong 💀💀💀

Click the motherfucking link lah, and share! http://bit.ly/1MyBpsd

agongkia said...

It's an achievement to have the privilege of hugging more meimeis in life.
Nothing so bad about it.
I only see hugging other's wife as a sin.Other than that it's fated.
Leave David alone .Let's not see such harmless act as indecent.
It's justifiable and acceptable to see more so call indecent act in Camp A than Camp B because Camp A has more soldiers.
No one can guarantee Camp C,if there is, will not have such record in future.
What's wrong with hugging more meimeis.
Many will claim they are decent because either they are jealous, kiabor or no meimei interested in them.
Get a life .
Solution.Allow polygamy.

Anonymous said...

Is sexual relationship with another activist morally wrong?
It is morally wrong when another activist s marriage is affected.

I know the medical and legal professions frown on such relationship on professional ethics.

Anonymous said...

// Remember, karma is a bitch. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you.//

According to one senile bean, he gives the impression that he could have people close to him doing so and thus better take the other side of the story?

What credibility is left?

Might as well go with prata ( for breakfast or lunch or dinner ) and get to live and eat well and be well protected some more?

Anonymous said...

// It is a pleasant surprise that the opposition party politicians are not making a mountain out of this mole hill and respect the privacy of the parties involved. The conduct of the opposition party politicians is exemplary and something to be emulated. //

Exemplary my foot .....?

Some stomach fat like 9 months pregnant going to burst?

Go up one block shoot video talk to resident then post Internet but actually after that straight away left the place in less than 15 min ..... with walk about is this?

SIA Suay lah?

What exemplary example?

Anonymous said...

Many PLPs are known to be quite colorectal?

But the opposite number oso 不是什么"好料"?

Better go with a known lesser evil than an unknown probable infinite terror?

Anonymous said...

If you want to be morally right, then you got to look at yourself in the mirror first lah.

If you do look in the mirror, you may see a monkey lol

Anonymous said...

A monkey is better than an old haggard, spinleless, bend like lalang old faggot fart?


What do you see in the mirror yourself? Lol

Anonymous said...

When old seniors say EMA is ok and only human bean to do so, it says a lot ..... no?

Anonymous said...

No point quoting something that has been interpreted wrongly. Jesus was talking duck and they are thinking chicken 😄

Anonymous said...


Vote for promiscuity?

Vote for can play with say a senior police officer's wife lobang since senior officers also play with other people's wives lobangs ....?

Only human beans to err mah?

Kena caught red handed just say being human beans mah?

Like that can?

Pls vote for your wives lobangs kena slurp slurp poke poke dig dig Piak Piak bang bang nehnehpok kena squeeze like balloons, only human beans to err mah?


Now got BBC lagi better?

Lagi tuakee to season your wives lobangs big big for you to enjoy?

Like that can?

Anonymous said...

If like that oso can, it means if your daughter-in-law oso do this type of "commando cuckolding" to your son ( and make him wear a green beret ) and bring shame to you as a father in law, is it OK and only human beans to make mistake?

Like that u still want her to call u father when see each other?

When she made your son wear "commando cuckold green beret"?

You very proud walk around Raffles Place head hold very high?

Cos son became a "green beret ( cuckold ) commando" due to your daughter being Piak Piak by a tuakee much bigger than your son tiny sausage and she oso kena dig dig poke poke bang bang squeeze squeeze and she oso lick lick the tuakee colorectal organ and suck into her throat the tuakee tinkie?

You can still hold your head very high and walk around town under the hot noon sun and pretend nothing happen and still eat lunch like there is no tmr?

You ( senile ) Nao ok or not?

Anonymous said...

Can or not wife say lah.. You wife ah.. Siao one

Anonymous said...

IMH said two inmates escaped last night.

Anonymous said...

I posted something on tremeritus but not show. I say, if my issue is not solve, will there be another little india riot? Than today smrt happen? Who is inside? Desmond Kuek? Same unit as me last time? Kena tekan for no reason? Sick still must ownself pay?

Dont believe in filial piety and ten commandments?

Anonymous said...

Rulers said... There are ten rules you live by... The chief being that there is no other God accept the father of Sin

Anonymous said...

typo error there....except

Anonymous said...

You walk into any church or temple... same rules.. You will find a lot of kongs or cocks there

Anonymous said...

2 beans?

What colour?

Anonymous said...

Hope it is not red?

Anonymous said...

Administration of death

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31pm
I read the news of 2 (two) mrt staff was dead on track, apparently, the mrt train of multi tonnage weight was the caused.

It is well known that the mrt track has no space to avoid an on coming mrt train while standing on track.

May be the tracks will be widen with 2 feet extra for staff to dance on top when seeing mrt approaching. If not, no one will want to work for mrt maintenance. Pao si job.

Care to highlight your view that not published?

Anonymous said...

Highlighting views is of little use. Our views are never taken to be right and are only for sharing with the brothers here. Their views are always right. Even if their views are not right they will tell you they will look into it, or think about it. Have you not heard the talk about the 'unmentionable one' telling his protege that they must never admit their wrongs? It is a sign of weakness. Denial and feigning ignorance or forgetfulness has already been shown to be used on occassions by the 'unmentionable one' in the past.

Anonymous said...

No other gods

Anonymous said...

Your views not taken seriously because you no god...when you reach the TOP of the temple...then you maybe heard because people can see you at the TOP ....talking to yourself lol

Anonymous said...

Since RB quoted from the infamous book...he surely knows who invited Jesus to the pinnacle of power...including religious power.

But he declined.

The strange thing is...unknown to suckers obviously...btw, that's why we call them suckers isn't it..lol...Jesus has been seated at the TOP of all the temples for the past 2000 years...lol...

I think he was invited for tea lol

Anonymous said...

In Europe..there are plenty of ostentatious Churches erected by the blood of men. In Sin too

Anonymous said...

The 2 mrt staff were "authorised" to walk into the track in single line. One was 24 year old, the other was 26 year old.

Then they were dead on track.

"Honest mistake", "Chu Ying Tai", "some japanese will do harakiri" etc Compare to Hep C, with innocents getting Hep C, is this mrt double death a is real mistake?

The above description of walking into death for the unsuspecting young mrt staff was reported in CNA.

High time to vote for opposition to warn pap. B Batok by election is the right chance at right timing. Vote for opposition to wake up the sleep administrators.

Anonymous said...

Th indecency of decency

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The investigation will absolve the Transport Minister, the LTA, the train operators from blame. The blame is definitely on the 70% daft Sinkies lah! And the daft Sinkies will take it in their stride, with all the blessings from the PAP. Hallilujah! More votes for the PAP!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.20pm pls kindly note.......

very very very sad to hear that........were they "authorised"??????.....

if yes.....the deaths........very very very serious.......

anyway...... regarding the B Batok by-election......

if you know Singaporelangs very very very well, you should already "know" the by-election result......right?........

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another two unnecessary death. Boon Wan is going to find this task tough going and these two death difficult to explain.

b said...

It does seem that by election is created by pap to let some opposition win so that this small island does not look so 'without opposition' to please some nagging people.

Another terror attack in Europe, this time in an international airport. Count yourself lucky for being in this small well governed island.

Anonymous said...

If such accident happened in other countries...how?

You think there will be resignations?


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:46pm.
Main media reported the 2 staff were "authorized" and "walk in single file". I felt sad, talked to myself how could the conscience approve 2 young men walked into death? My head shakes.

The main media emphasized they were new staff joined in Jan 2016. Merely 30 to 40 days in mrt company. New staff under training must be supervised. Where was the supervisor?

NO supervisor to guide the the trainees to handle electrical items with high voltage? Mrt uses super high voltage current.

The supervisor must be around right?
To teach the trainees trainees safety. This is basic.
How to detect if mrt is on the way? Got auto warning?
How to duck or fly over the mrt when they are stuck in the track, with mrt on coming, if there is no auto devise to warn them.

So they are dead after joining 1 and half month.
Voters will still vote for pap 70% guarantee after explanation. And the 1 accountable will have new explanation, "Leong sun park crying at the tomb" as "Chu Ying Tai" is used story.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Cum cum cum, let's get the party started! 👯 🍻 Never mind 2 unlucky fucks have just been mowed down and splattered all over the tracks...forget that. In Singapore you die your business... What is important is:

1. Blame the govt

2. Vote opposition because they have the "secret sauce" to prevent disasters and accidents.

3. Start calling the minister, SMRT senior staff all sorts of colourful names

4. Start asking why this why that...aiyoh too late already lah.

5. Start blaming 'daft Sinkies' for voting in the PAP. (For all you know the 2 dead dudes also voted PAP...oh well...sucks to be them I guess)

6. ...and so on

7. ✱✱ Remember to buy 4 D ✱✱, c'mon...fatal 💀💀 accident in Singapore means "good luck"! Huat Ah!💰 ✔️✔️ Hurry up...call the bookie now!

Are we ready to party!

Anonymous said...

Asshole, you think you are funny?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ stupid question, 836:

Yup, I do actually. Yo are free to disagree, asshole. 😂