Budget 2016 – Govt can afford to be more generous

How much is the govt’s handout in this year’s budget? You think it is enough or can the govt afford to be more generous? Don’t panic, no one should be thinking of robbing the reserves. Keep the lid tight on the reserves. Tony Tan will be there to guard against touching the reserves. There will be more tons to weigh down and to look after the reserves if Tan Cheng Bock becomes the next President.


The govt has a lot of money from the last CPF Life and Medishield Life Schemes to throw back to the people. Just look at how much the govt is raking in from the people with a stroke of the pen from the Medishield Life Scheme. If each adult is to pay $500 a year for Medishield Life, and if there are 2m adults in the CPF, that is $1b of premium annually, every year going back to the govt. This one no pay back except for those who needed to claim for medical bills less co payments.


And don’t forget the $200k plus locked up in the two minimum sum schemes that would delay payback time by another 20 years. This means twenty years of free money to use, like the Americans enjoying free money selling the dollar as an international reserve currency, with no payback time. This $200k per head is like no payback time as another member will join the scheme for anyone leaving the scheme. The 20 year lockup time is the minimum as many would live to 80 or 90 and the money would still be out of their reach, till death do they part.


The $200k plus per CPF holder of 2m CPF members works out to be more than $400b free money to use for the next 20 years or more. Can the govt be more generous in throwing back a fraction of the money that rightly belonged to the people for the rightful owners to use?


What would a hundred million or a few hundred millions be to the govt when Medishield Life is taking $1b annually and the hundreds of billions locked up in the minimum sum schemes? The handouts thrown back at the people are directly/indirectly  the people’s money?


Leong Sze Hian may want to work out this relationship between money kept or paid to the govt by the CPF members and the money used as handouts to be given to the people. Then the people can decide if the govt is generous and if they should say a big thank you to the govt or to themselves.


Anonymous said...

How much is given to foreigners and how much to citizens? Look at the money paid for foreigners to study here, scholarships, subsistence allowance, living allowance, housing allowance, the money paid to foreigners to work here.

Anonymous said...


Don't mention about Budget 2016. It is best forgotten!

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing for many many many Singaporelangs.

Tell me lah.....what so goooooooooood to talk about Budget 2016?

Do you seriously think that Budget 2016 is really GooooooD for the masses?

To me.............hahaha..........

To you...........I don't know...........

自己保重! 自己保重! 自己保重!


Anonymous said...

Yep, they must live on millions, the people can tighten their belts and live on crumbs. Just make sure their living standard and quality of life are not affected.

Anonymous said...

In 2014, education budget was $11billions. $350million was spent on foreign students education in Singapore.. I guess 2016 budget is the same $350millions or more, just dont bother to read anymore. Heng was in education in 2014. He said in parliament the govt was not tracking those foreign students grants receivers who completed university education here. Whether these students are working in Sg, the govt did not know.
Having some foreign students to mingle around for nus and ntu local students is a must have. Is giving $350million excessive? I happened to listen to one prc young man sitting at the back talking to someone. He said his account left $16000 after all the expenses. I guess this was the reason why in chinatown those chinese restuarants were full house in weekends. The govt was over generous to foreign students.

The spending for social welfare reached $100millions. The pap govt then made lots of noise, kee chui was in charge.
The 2016 Heng budget seemed to take a slight turn. Heng realized that letting old people die alone without enough foods/help care will hit at their foundation of support. Heng is a pragmatic planner.

Have u learned enough to vote for opposition? Opposition is pressing for more assistance towards the poor and helpless. Its YJJ a WP nmp who dig out pap spent $350millions each year for foreign students. Pap was generous towards foreigner students. To some extent pap was blinded or close one eye on fake degrees holders foreigners creep into this society. There was wide spread cases of fake degree holders.

Our young are at a loss. They report to someone someone at work. These foreigners "masters" or "lecturer" might not have been properly trained. 1 malaysian saloon owner bought a master degree from Johor street printer. He got a job at $12000pm as HR director in a local electrical retailer. Prior to that he was director of a luggage firm. The job local nus student could not smell, because, he had a master degree from florida (printed at johor bahru).

Do a contrast of the pap policy: foreigner kids:good, foreigners degrees:good. Foreigners are good humans: be generous to gain “sg some credibility”.

Citizens old folks sick are bad humans. Wanna take cpf with no 200k in it, good citizens?: need to starve, or push cart to exercise with carton boxes.

2014 was lky year and 2016 was non lky year. There is a slight difference after voters are shifting towards the opposition, such as WP. Its time to vote in more WP like opposition to achieve a realistic view on citizens' human beings value. Dont be too humble, as foreigners are just humans, nothing more.

agongkia said...

No obligation to handout and our Garmen is kind to give on their own will ,so never have entitlement mentality to complain it's too little.
My sifu is the wisest.More hand out will result in more entitlement mentality.

Anonymous said...

You twit. Take $100 from your pocket, give you $10, keep $90 and you so happy and grateful. No entitlement mentality. How stupid can you be?

But it is expected from daft sinkies. Very well trained to think stupid.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You want handouts? Wait for the next general election lah ✔️✔️...😂😂

The entitlement mentality is already here—and it is not limited to the dead-shit losers.

Rich fucks are also entitled---perhaps in a different way, like they think they're terrific and have non-stinky shit, so they EXPECT the govt. to craft policy because they (rich pricks) feel ENTITLED to get richer...so they can YA-YA lagi somemore doing unsociable things like driving their posh cars like as if their grand chong-kong owned all the roads.

These RICH ENTITLED ASSHOLES also like to park suka suka...even in handicapped bays or take TWO or MORE parking spots if necessary because their testicles are so big, they need to open the doors fully or prevent other "poorer" drivers from denting their precious car.

Yes, the govt. is aware that ENTITLEMENT mentality is well-entrenched into the culture. Therefore the govt. strategically "tarek harga" until next election. By that time, everyone tongue is hanging out and salivating like HUNGRY DOGS...so any bone the govt throws then is quickly gobbled---like a crack-whore sucking dick for her next fix.

But they don't throw a "big" bone...just big enough for temporary respite...giving the sheeple "hope" that a bigger bone (with meat this time) is forthcoming provided the hungry dogs vote them in.

ow wow, woof woof motherfucker! 🐕 🐶

...and oink oink, you greedy cunt! 🐷

Anonymous said...

What about people who think they are entitled to millions?
Not entitlement mentality but entitlement crazy?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 123:

>> What about people who think they are entitled to millions? <<

What about them? They won't be going away anytime soon just to make you happy. 😹

Especially in "nouveau riche" Singapore. Social theorists speak of "class warfare".

In Singapore, I love observing (as entertainment) "NO CLASS warfare"---hostile, aggressive, selfish, arrogant behaviour by people who just have "no fucking class" whatsoever.

Singaporeans are spoilt, entitled bitches. Kwai lan, How Lian, ya-ya,... "ai pi ai chi ai tua liap nee", action-borak (aksi borak), white horse, wayang, hiau (for the women who think they're princesses and thus ENTITLED to the whole fucking universe) ...all this is MANIFESTATION of ENTITLEMENT mentality.

Anonymous said...

Ah HENG 做事, 您放心!

Anonymous said...

Heng ah .....?

Bespoke ah .....?

Expurts ah .....?

Paper generals become parachuted expurts bespoke for business sectors ah ......?

Heng ah...... ?

Sinkieland so lucky ah .....?

Paper ( armed ) force "churned" out all weather all terrain all sectors ( 20 ) expurts bespoke for each specialised field ah ......?

Now is the time ........ to put all eggs in one basket for bespoke expurts in 20 sectors ......?

Now is the time to "pledge" your "CPF life savings" in the hands of bespoke expurts in 20 sectors ah .......?

Now is the time to feel so Heng ah ......?

Now is the time for ....... Chee By election ah .......?

Heng ah ......?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Budget 2016 is not generous?
Is it because 70% voted PAP in GE 2015?

So if you want a more generous budget in 2017
- do you think you will need to vote opposition in BE 2016?

No free lunch tio bo?
You want a more generous budget in 2017; you must vote Opposition in BE 2016 tio bo?

AhKong65 said...

Yeh! But 69.9% think otherwise.
Either they are politically blinded, have'nt get burnt yet, new citizens or empty inside their heads.