Benjamin Lim’s case –Thou shalt not give false witness

Benjamin Lim’s case –Thou shalt not give false witness
The Benjamin Lim’s case is a hot potato that must be handled with extreme care. Threats, insinuation, allegations, wrong facts etc etc are a no no. Do not try to tell lies or tell half truths and do not try to tell untruths.
The TOC was taken to task by Shanmugam for ‘orchestrated campaign to tarnish police force’. How true was that, only the court can decide. TOC has denied the charge and given its reply in the media. Among the accusations by Shanmugam were that the TOC were reporting falsehoods. These are strong charges that could see TOC in court.
The two ministers made their ministerial statements in Parliament as the facts of the case, the truth. Sure no one would dare to go to Parliament to lie about such a thing. Now Benjamin’s father has come out to dispute some of the facts.  Let me quote a report by Clifford Lee in the Today paper,
‘Although a school counsellor had called his wife that day, the father of Benjamin Lim said the call was not to check on their son’s well being.
Neither was there  a discussion between the counsellor and his wife on whether it would be better for Benjamin to skip a school camp starting the following day so he could be with his family, the father added….
“When the school’s counsellor called Benjamin’s mother at 4.13 pm, he merely informed her that the school had a meeting, and Benjamin will be excluded from the camp. Before the mother can ask any further questions, (he hung up).” Mr Lim said, “(In) the entire conversation…there were no questions asked about (Benjamin) at all … zero questions about (his) well being,”….
Benjamin was found dead at the foot of his block at 4.20 pm.’
Someone, or some people, would be looking very ugly when the truth is confirmed.  For the time being, the MOE spokesperson said that ‘the account given by the Minister in Parliament was based on the facts as we know them at this stage.’ TOC can quote this to defend the allegation of spreading falsehood in addition to their claim that what they reported were mistakes or factual errors as they were told.
With the social media in action, do not tell lies, do not tell half truths or untruths. It can be very embarrassing when caught with the pants down and standing under the spotlight.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Admit nothing,
deny everything,
demand proof,
and make outrageous counter accusations.
And if all else fails, discredit all opposition.


Do you think we should give the above advice to our children in case they get arrested?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should teach our children about the Geneva Convention for the treatment of Prisoners:

Convention III:
One of the treaties created during the 1949 Convention, this defined what a Prisoner of War was, and accorded them proper and humane treatment as specified by the first Convention.

Specifically, it required POWs to give only their name, rank, and serial number to their captors.
Nations party to the Convention may not use torture to extract information from POWs.


So if our Singapore children are captured by the police;
Do you think we should advise them to provide only the following information to the police;

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From the beginning of this online blog-circus, I cautioned motherfuckers not to suka suka make allegations without proof.

Are you motherfuckers crazy? Wah, just because you have a blog you think you can be "garang"....well of course you can. To be the most "garang" is to be absolutely factual and perform no-nonsense investigative journalism, or be an evidence-centered whistle-blower.

So, why are you crazy? Simply because you have FORGOTTEN W H O you are dealing with: the bloody state's public arm of authority: the police. You want to "take them down" like some hot-shot "western-style" journo, you better have verifiable FACTS or Shanmu will shit on your head from a very great height.

Now you run the risk of being shutdown or hauled into court like a "criminal". By now you should know that the moment you ACCUSE the govt. of something serious, if you don't have FACTS, they will be coming after you.

Don't believe? Ask Roy :-)

Think of The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, The BBC...these services have a reputation of being factual.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "make it simple lah" 941:

>> Do you think we should give the above advice to our children in case they get arrested? <<

If you are performing well as parents/ guardians (most parents aren't---epic fail!), you'll be teaching your kids properly so that they won't be arrested in the very first place. 😂😂

Is that simple enough for you?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 951:

>> So if our Singapore children are captured by the police;[...] <<

...they probably deserve it because they did something wrong. 😜

Throw the little shit in jail lah. Teach the bugger a lesson.

Anonymous said...

4:13 phone rang
4:20 phiak

Anonymous said...

Only took about 7 mins

Anonymous said...

Probably less than a min to decide

Hermit said...

If there has been no wrong done by the police, why is there a need for a review of police procedure? Looks like SHAM-mugam is trying to right a wrong but not admitting there is a wrong.

Anonymous said...

A provost Uncle once said..touch touch only what..like why so serious..like can kill people so serious meh

Anonymous said...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Singaporean parent says;
"To accompany its child to the police station."

A: PAP Education Millionaire says;
"It is not police practice to allow the chicken to cross the road to accompany its child to the police station."

A: American citizen says;
"The chicken had a different opinion and decided to vote with his feet."

A: Singaporean citizen says;
"Gahmen say I can have a different opinion meh?"

A: Singaporean voter says;
"Gahmen say I can vote Opposition meh?"

Anonymous said...

Student has to be taught and learnt to be careful from young . Unprofessional people tend to be exceptionally harsh to particular type of pupil (such as student/cca leader) till forgetting their own image . Their over-reactions actually show bad behaviour to many and send wrong signal to the young mind . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

You can say.. Just touch... Can send procedural Stone flying and possibly kill you... So said a priest

Anonymous said...

可怜 Benjamin Lim........也是母亲生!

可怜 Benjamin Lim........也是母亲生!

可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

Pls remember that we must..........

** 做人做事......一定要心安里得!

** 人在做天在看!

** 善恶有报

可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

Anonymous said...

Cameras are everywhere and when the composite video is played in realtime synchronised on the same screen, truth be told. Lo and behold...?
Or the CCTVs were not working on that day?

Anonymous said...

The mystery of who killed Benjamin Lim?

1) the police?
2) the public?
3) religion?
4) school?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1238

The real culprits (objective FACT)

5) Gravity and concrete, a well-known conspiracy responsible for much trauma. Easily testable by dropping your computer onto the floor. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

Religion provided the gun...police carried the gun...the public loaded the gun...the school pulled the trigger....what do you think?

Anonymous said...

7 minutes, the straw that broke the camel's back?

Anonymous said...

The gun was already loaded before the 7 mins

Anonymous said...

Benjamin might be pretending to be playing game and some nuts are thinking that everything was normal. At that moment Benjamin must be under tremendous pressure to try to cut out what had happened but unable to do so. He was in agony. He was trying to cope with the charge against him. Fucking idiots think it was so easy for a 14 year old boy to go through what Benjamin was going through. Yes he did a mistake, not proven yet. What would happen to him, what was going to happen tomorrow?

Then came the thunderbolt. The school called, he could not attend the school camp.

Bang, he snapped. Everything went blank. He could not take it any more. Poor child. He jumped to end it all.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi anon.11.01

Touch touch onky6 what!!

Aftefall eleven years old mostly Changi Airport Terminal 4.

What's the big deal??

Not rape or murder.

Fourteen year moment of folly just playful what. Cheeky cheeky.

Some say tramauisted by boy.

Aiyo, the girl's parents also makingb mountain out of molehill.

You want more babies right for the economic slaves right??

Then small matter into no matter.

Anonymous said...

Once caught, pressures mounted. From the police, the school, the parents and his perception of society judgment on him etc. AND it is only the beginning because it will get worst. Just before he cut short his journey to hell on earth, he thanked his school for calling to speed up the process.

What you shall witness from now is that the responsible will never openly take responsibility for tragedy. They are all busy pushing the blame on anyone except themselves, the Sin way.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please think very carefully that we are not being told the whole thing.

For instance, we are told that it is not police procedure to let school staff accompany a child in the police car to go to police station. Right... So what are we not told? You are not told that the child is not under arrest, therefore it is also allowed for a child to be brought to police station by a school staff in a private vehicle. Ergo it is not necessary to sit in a police car - that is what you are not told.

Why is this important? Well, we now know that it is police procedure that the police may question the child without allowing a school official to be present. But consider this: do you not think the child would feel safer knowing that a school official is sitting in the police station waiting for him while he is being questioned. It is a huge, huge difference from the situation where the child is brought to the police station all alone on his own. The point I'm making is whether the school had any thoughts of supporting the welfare of the child in their care - if they had asked to accompany the child in the police car, and were disallowed, they could have easily brought the child to police station in a private car. So we should disregard all these fake attempts to make it look like they exercised care and concern.

The second point I'm making is about the T-shirt with "Police". What are we not told? We are told that the blogger who first posted that has admitted it was a mistake, a mix-up of events from another day. Really?? We are not told whether police has followed up to check which is that other day when the other event occurred that police in T-shirt visited that same school. It's one big silence. When the citizen website reported that blogger's post, it is now the website that's being accused of deliberate falsification, we are not told why they are already satisfied that the falsification did not come from the blogger who made that original post. Strange, isn't it? And we are not told why the truth was withheld for so long until the Minister spoke in Parliament. Ladies and Gentlemen, in my assessment, it is not the website that made the police look bad, it is the police themselves that made themselves look bad by not being forthcoming for so many days.

The weird thing is, this could have played out in so so many ways. If only Singapore is not so broken, anybody could have asked the many people at that school what the police were wearing. There's no state secret, nothing hush hush, it happened in plain daylight. It's only in Stalin's repressive regime that people dare not speak up. Therefore it looks like Singapore society is now on the level of Stalin's regime.

When things get so weird, I ask myself: were the police not wearing T-shirt with the word "Police"? If that's the case, why all the twists and turns? If the police were indeed wearing civilian clothing with no "Police" word, surely nobody would be afraid to say so. However if they were wearing T-shirt with "Police", then I can well imagine all the teachers at the school would be afraid to say so. But that's just me, that's the way I figure things out, what do you guys believe?

Anonymous said...

@ March 03, 2016 6:48 pm
/// If only Singapore is not so broken, anybody could have asked the many people at that school what the police were wearing. There's no state secret, nothing hush hush, it happened in plain daylight. It's only in Stalin's repressive regime that people dare not speak up. Therefore it looks like Singapore society is now on the level of Stalin's regime. ///

If Singaporeans will not stand up for a fellow Singaporean;
Then how can we sing "Stand Up for Singapore"?
Why do we bother doing National Service?
Service to who?

Anonymous said...

Is this a very good example of the Singaporean spirit of "You die is your business"?

Anonymous said...

To all the teachers and students of the school, if your conscience is clear and did not have anything to do with Benjamin's case, sleep well. If you have something to say and your conscience wants you to say it, you must speak out.

This also applies to those police officers.

If you have done wrong in some ways, speak out, let it out from your heart. Making a mistake is forgiveable.

Do not live with a guilt in your heart for your whole life.

Let the evil people live with a troubled conscience.

Anonymous said...

hello anonymous 8pm..........

pls pls pls don't say anymore.......

very very very scary.......

my hairs all stand lah.........

at night not dare be alone.......

pls pls pls don't say anymore.........

cannot sleep cannot sleep.......

The Importance of Gut Bacterial Balance in Treating Eczema said...

Just feel sad, that a life is lost in this way. The saddest ones will be the child's parents. Of course, when such serious thing happens, everyone will try to shift responsibility. The truth will never be revealed !

Anonymous said...

Never dig up the ground...no gd

Anonymous said...

Is death a just recompense for an offense no more than a "warning"?

Do you severe someone's arm for walking out a supermarket without paying for the bag of turkey meat?

Someone paid with his life and there is silence in hell.

Anonymous said...

I Know What You Are Thinking Right Now
More than 80,000 people are calling for the arrest and prosecution of former president Bill Clinton, alleging he violated election laws by entering multiple polling stations in Boston and other Massachusetts areas on Tuesday.

According to state voting procedures, “no person shall solicit votes for or against, or otherwise promote or oppose, any person or political party or position on a ballot question, to be voted on at the current election.”

Secretary of State William Galvin told the New York Times his office “had to remind some of our poll workers that even a president can’t go inside and work a polling place. He can go in, but he can’t approach voters.”

He continued: “We just took the extra precaution of telling them because this is not a usual occurrence. You don’t usually get a president doing this.”


Anonymous said...

Me was surprised by the Responses from the Home Affairs cum Law Minister and One Education Minister.

Must say that Minister Ng Chee Meng was polite in his delivery; just that there was nothing new oor cobnstructive from him. He only iterated certain points regarding the Protocols. Maybe he had to give the Law and Home Affairs Minister due respect as the Case is a matter pertaining to Laws.

Minister Shanmugam instead of addressing the Concern and Suggestion of and from the Public, chose to lambast the Folks from the Social Media and the People voicing their concern and givibg ideas. Most have pleadingly asked and suggested for change in the Procedure with regard the Handling of minor since a young boy of around 11 year old was shown on social media handcuffed for having committed offence. That Case happened slightly earlier than Benjamin's Case. That was the Reason and the Start of concerned citizens attempts in pleading for changes for law enforcers to adopt a more appropriate procedure so as not to harm the Wellbeing of young offenders.
Unfortunately after that, came Benjamin's Case which resulted in him committing suicide.

Minister Shanmugam even arrogantly told the People to make him answerable to whatever and not take aim at the SPF, as he is the Home Affairs Minister.
How I wish Ex-Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng challenge d the Peope whence Mas Selamat escaped from the Detention Centre.
But, Wong Kan Seng was at least not that arrogant as I believe he knew as a national leader, he should not unbecoming as a person with authority.

Sinkies got many versions of the Case, including the disclosures made by the Incumbent Home Affairs cum Law Minister. However, it does not mean that by virtue of that, all informations disseminated by others are not trustworthy. THEY COULD BE AS RELIABLE BY VIRTUE OF BEEN TRUE TO THE ACTUAL HAPPENINGS AS WITNESSED BY THOSE AT THE SCENE SUCH AS BENJAMIN'S SCHOOLMATES AND THOSE INVOLED.


Anonymous said...

Like to add that getting personal in Public Administration is never a practice in the Governance of any nation.

Maybe the Prime Minister should address this aspect to his Cabinet Members.


Anonymous said...

Shanmugam said he is responsible. Responsible for what?
All his money also not enough to bring back Benjamin.
A young life was lost!

Anonymous said...

Did someone in MOE fed Ng Chee Meng false info?

JayF said...

What's wrong?

You oppies used the corpse of Ben Lim as a stalking horse and when caught under withering return fire try to play coy? Nuh uh. You wanted to start a political fight you got one

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with political fights.

It is natural and in every society.

The Fights between between goodness and evil NEVER end.


independent individual said...

The individual has rights !