Watch out for Islamophobia – Shanmugam

This is the first time that a minister found it dire enough to use the word Islamophobia in an official statement. I was getting a bit edgy with Veritas spouting this word daily and over and over again in my blog and the presence of a radicalized extremist attacking him and anyone using this word. I know this is a very sensitive word and some would find it offensive to use it so freely. The sympathizers of Islam related terrorism will be ready to accuse people condemning Islamofascists as inciting religious intolerance.

In the Mypaper dated 20 Jan, Walter Sim wrote his piece with the title ‘Shanmugam: Watch out for Islamophobia’. This is like the saying, calling a spade a spade. Islamophobia and terrorism are the inseparable twins in today’s international affairs on terrorism. It is good that the Minister say it as it is without mincing a tone. Islamophobia and terrorism are the greatest threat in the world today, and Singapore, being an open country, would not escape being hit or being spared. It is a matter of when and where. It is a near impossibility for the men in blue and the intelligence people to keep a tight lid on a threat that is so widespread and could be easily executed by an individual coming out from no where.

While highlighting the threat, Shanmugam also cautioned the people not to be over sensitive and go into a blind rage. The threats of Islamophobia and terrorism are the acts of a very small minority of anti Muslims paranoids and some Muslims that have been radicalized and have a very different world view of things. According to Shanmugam, ‘Our very existence as one of the most religiously diverse and tolerant societies in the world, where mosques, churches and temples are situated side by side, - this is unacceptable to the zealots. They consider us infidels who ought to be exterminated.’

While everyone should be aware of the seriousness of this threat and the imminence of it happening here, we must be careful, cautious and sensitive to the majority of the Muslims that are also our brothers and sisters and have no part in this Islamophobia and terrorism. We need to close ranks with them and keep our city state peaceful and safe for everyone, for our families and children.

This is not about intolerance or tolerance but being clear in who are the real trouble makers and not to taint everyone, the innocence, in a broad brush. It is like in any groupings or communities there will be the black sheep and trouble makers in their midst.


Hermit said...

Terrorism is terrorism. Islamophobia is Islamophobia. Terrorism is the use of terror by terrorists to cause fear and psychological as well as physical damage to society. Eg bombing civilian targets. Islamophobia on the other hand is the unreasonable fear and hate against Muslims in general. They are not the same. They are found in the different people with different sick ideals. Terrorism is found in terrorists. Islamophobia is found in anti-Muslims.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Hermit for the correction. I have made some amendments to my post.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have gotten used to the PAPphobis and now 70% have even worship the party as God himself. What is there to watch out for? It just a matter of inculcating the element of greed and fear into the head and they fell head over heels in love with the system.


Veritas said...

The only one who love Islam most is Veritas. I love Islam so I am here to wake Muslims up so that that ditch their shit ways of hate-Jews, hate Christian, anti apostasy, sensitive...etc.

Inferring on Islam, we need to call a spade a spade. For example, 62% of Malay Sunni wanted to murder apostasy. With such appalling shit mind, you cannot say they are good. You may say their mind are full of cum.

The ISIS and jihad type are the vanguard among the Sunni Muslims.

In Malaysia, it is most common in calling Chinese Cina babi, and when thugs wack havoc in places like Lowyat, the most natural response for Malay is to blame Chinese and call Chinese cheats, and shout Allah hu Akbar.

Go look their blogs.

They have no shame, no sense of repent.

We cannot say just one or two Malay Muslims support secularism and we say Sunni is peaceful.

Veritas said...

Around 10 years ago, one Singaporean Malay joker decided that his daughter need to wear Arabic costume of hijab in public schools and shout Chinese racist.

Then suddenly 90% of entire Malay community hijab overnight.

The Malay traditional costume is Sarong and often they bear shoulders.

This is a reaction of Malay in perceiving discrimination from Chinese-- by going Arabic costume.

And recently, the call to hijab get louder and louder as if Malay got shit from Chinese on daily basis.

When Malay sell modern fashion in Isetan wearing hijab get shit, Chinese are being accuse of discrimination. When Malay nurse cannot hijab, Chinese are racist also.

So we need to call a spade a spade.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, please treat such discussion with extreme sensitivities. Everyone is free to practise his own religion and wears whatever he or she likes. There are practical and security considerations like the face must not be covered up in your IC or dealing with a customer.

The Malay customs and cultures, like the Indonesians, are very colourful and beautiful. It would be quite a sight to see Rosmah or Mahathir's wife all covered up like the Arabs. Even then it is their personal choice.

Veritas said...

Practicing ones religion is ok, and I support that. I see no reasons why 62% of Malaysian Malay wanted someone dead, just because this guy wanted to leave Islam.

This is against the teaching of highest Sunni authority, the Al Azar rector Sheikh Tantawi. Since Malaysian Malay is not practicing Islam but practicing death cult, my love of Islam force me to come out and point their wrongs, so that Malaysian Malays change their shit ways.

Anonymous said...

Veritas saying he love Muslims is like saying the Jap imperial army love Chinese. They kill the extremist Chinese who hate other races so that only true Chinese who love other races will live. The Chinese who hate other races like Indians, Malays, Arabs will die, while the Chinese who love other races will live. That will mean Veritas would have been killed if he were to live during WW2.

I also wonder why Veritas wants to bring up the Cina Babi stuff when that was used by some ultra Malays so many decades back. It is no longer in use for such a long time that many who were born less than 20 years ago never even heard that term. But Veritas, being a racist who is a Chinese commie supporter will of course create tension and discord between Chinese and Malays when there is none here in the first place.

Veritas cannot accept that it is the traitors among Chinese themselves who have been creating disharmony. During the Jap war, the Japs got Chinese traitors to identify the commie supporting Chinese. These traitors were hooded so that they cannot be indentified. The Japs made the Chinese villagers line up and tied up, while the traitors in their masks will point out who among the villagers are the commie supporters. Once identified, the Chinese villager whether truly a commie supporter or not, will die. This is the ownself kill ownself system the Chinese traitors did to their own Chinese villagers.

The commie supporters then instead of speaking the truth that there are Chinese traitors among them who betrayed them, blame on the unwitting Malays that the Japs support the Malays and ill-treat Chinese. But of course the Japs killed more Chinese than Malays simply because of the fact that there are more Chinese commies than Malay commies who were anit-Japs! So as you can see, Veritas is just like the commie supporters. Ownself kill ownself don't wan to admit but blame Malays!

Veritas is good at lying just as the commie Chinese were. He is the descendent among the supporters of the terror group CPM. That's why he hates Malays so much but says he love them. Ha ha ha. No different from the WW2 Jap soldier saying he love Chinese by killing the commie Chinese because he wants Chinese to be free from commie.

Vermintas posted:
“When Malay sell modern fashion in Isetan wearing hijab get shit, Chinese are being accuse of discrimination. When Malay nurse cannot hijab, Chinese are racist also.”

The Malays accuse PAP of discrimination. But Vermintas LIES and say Malays accuse Chinese. Vermin is trying to create disharmony between races because he wants to see Chinese and Malays fight, fight, fight. That is how devious he is.

“So we need to call a spade a spade.”

Yes, let's call a spade a spade. Vermintas is a terror supporter and he is an incitor of hate. He creates hate so that he can enjoy seeing Chinese and Malays fight, just like the commie supporters in Malaysia and Singapore wanted to see Chinese and Malays fight. A spade is a spade and a spade.

Veritas said...

I want Malaysian Malay to stick with Al Azar, Am I wrong, am I wrong?

Every single Muslims should support me.

Anonymous said...

Who is veritas to demand what Malaysians do? Are you a Malaysian? If no, why so kaypoh interfere in their affairs? If yes, why so kaypoh bitch in a Singapore blog?

Veritas said...

Malaysian Malay need a Voltaire. Since Malaysia Malay is 100% anti Islam and believe in but cult, and as someone who love Malaysian Malay, I will always bark bark bark, and hope that one day, Muslims are allow to leave Islam in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP Millionaire Sham-mugam needs to remove his head from out of his own arse hole?
What is more real and immediate in Singapore?

Islamophobia or Singaporean-Phobia?

Do you think Singaporean-Phobia is real?
Singaporean-Phobia is the discrimination against Singaporeans by the civil service, employers, Aliens and Traitors.

Do you think Singaporean-Phobia is real?
Or do you think it is a lie propagated by an unrepentant 30% of Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Veritas has still not answered why he is so interested in fiddling with Malaysian affairs. He is only concerned to tell readers what he wants to do, which is to continue fiddling with Malaysian affairs. Such obsession is the trademark of a terror cell.

A terror cell doesn't think why he is doing it. He has only one objective. To do what he wants to do. That is why suicide bombers have no compassion even when they know their action will kill innocents, inlcuding children. This is the hallmark of a terror cell. Veritas makes the cut.

Consider the following points. The terror bomber just kills and does not ask why. The terror commie kills innocents and does not ask why. Likewise, Veritas just creates disharmony between races and does not ask why. Veritas is a very good recruit of terrorism. No questions, just do it.

Be careful of Veritas. Be very, very careful.

Veritas said...

The only thing I wish is good for Islam, and Muslims must try adhere Al Azar. Am I wrong? When 62% of malaysian Malays want murder, isnt it time for someone to speak up?

There is a lot of enemies of Islam here. Instead of telling Malays to do good, Islamo enemies are attacking Veritas, who defend Islam.

Anonymous said...

Veritas is indeed exhibting the profile of a terror recruit! He is repeating his stance, going round in circles like a mantra. Here is the cycle he is going through.

Scenario 1 – Veritas claims he wants Malaysian Malays to do what he wants.

Scenario 2 – When asked why he wants to do what he wants, he does not answer but simply reinforce what he wants to do.

Scenario 3 – It is then pointed out that Veritas' mind is like that of a terror recruit and simply does things like a robot without emotion or thought.

Scenario 4 – Veritas responds and claims he wants Malaysian Malays to do what he wants.

Be careful of Veritas, the potential recruit of terror. Be very, very careful.

Veritas said...

When 62% of Malaysian Malay want murder apostasy, we must call a spade a spade. For example, when you see a crocodile, you must profile this beast as a potential murderer or predator. Because this is a fact. But if this Sham minister come and tell you not to discriminate croc, and invent terms like Crocophobia, we must tell him off.

Anonymous said...

Will Singaporeans be better off if we develop PAP-phobia?

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine Halimah cover all up.

Anonymous said...

Veritas has still not answered the question why so kaypoh about Malaysian Malays. He just repeats what he wants to do. He is re-re-inforcing he has the profile of a terror recruit. He does not think about the why, he just thinks about what he wants to do.

Be careful of Veritas. Be very, very careful.

Veritas said...

Actually the one who want Muslims cover up most is the Al saud, their wahabi dogs and USA. Recently a movie on Saudi King Fahd depict him as London casino nuts, injecting drugs and forcing women to have three abortions.

The saudi founder Ibn Saud had 300 wives and thousands of women.

So the Wahabbi cult masters want women to be naked and not cover up.

veritas' mommy said...

Veritas, my baby! So here you are. I have been trying to find you for years and finally found you here. I know I have betrayed you when I kept the secret that your dad was my rapist and you were born a bastard. I reallly wanted to tell you the truth but you found out when fate had that you fixed and online sex date and it turned out to be your dad. Now I know that your dad is not Chinese but a dark skinned person. You may hate your dad for all I care but please stop hating dark coloured skinned people. You love your mommy, no? I have a penchant for dark cocks and that's why I dated your dad in the first place. But when I found out that he cheated on me and had sex with other men, it was too much for me. That's when I broke up with him. Then one day after our break up, he forced into to my home and raped me. That's how you were born. Please stop hating black and dark skin people. Your dad was wrong but the dark skinned people did no wrong to you.

Anonymous said...

The Malay culture today has already been bastardised by Arabification. You go study & view the films and documentaries of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s. Or examine the photos taken in late-1800s or 1910. Malay tradition did not wear hijab or even tudung. These are Arab customs (basically middle eastern customs -- even Jews, Greeks and Armenians also wear in the olden days).

Besides clothing-religion arabification, many other so-called Malay culture practices are not real Malay traditions but result from Arabification in the 1960s and 1970s. This was in the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli wars in 1967 and 1973, and when Egypt and Saudi Arabia sent thousands of so-called teachers or clerics to Malaysia, S'pore and Indonesia to set up mosques and madrasahs.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine Halimah cover all up.
January 21, 2016 11:21 am

Besides clothing;
Are there any other forms of cover up in Singapore?

veritas' mommy said...

Now, now, veritas. Mommy knows you are hiding there. No need to pretend. I raised you for so many years when you were young. I know your tricks. Please stop hating other races. Stop posting hate behind anonymous posts. I know it is you. You can trick others but not your mommy.

Veritas said...

Malaysian Malay even dump their names for Arabic names. Big disgrace.

The Javanese still keep their name.

So Malaysian Malays are race traitors.

veritas' mommy said...

My baby Veritas, stop torturing yourself carrying a past baggage in your life living in hate and envy of others. I have explained to you why you should stop hating dark skin people. Now let me explain how in your past life you harbour hate for Muslims.

Mommy, after giving birth to you as an illegitimate child because of your rapist dad, had a hard life. Mommy had to work hard to support you. Whatever mommy earned mommy could not afford the luxuries for you. So you became jealous of other families that had many things you had. But there was a group of people who didn't have luxury who were happy. They were our Malay neighbours. But you were still so jealous of them. Jealous not because they had goodies but because even though they did not have any wealth, they were a very happy family. In fact, they were more happy than many other neighbours who had wealth.

As years went by, your envy became stronger and stronger against the Malay family. It became so strong that you began to hate all Malays and Muslims. Veritas, it pains me to see you, my child who I gave birth to, harbour so much hate, anger and envy against people who have done no wrong against you.

Here is my thought about you. You have harboured so much baggage and hate from your past it has eaten your character away. You now hate people you have never met, like the Malays, Indians and Arabs you have never met. This is bad. You have been torturing yourself for a long time. Be like mommy. Your daddy has hurt mommy a great deal. But mommy let the past go and she is doing well. You should let your past go too and live a happy life too.

Anonymous said...

It is so very comforting that our ministers are taking good care of the citizens.
Doubt there is any terrorist brave enough to execute any attack in Sg knowing that the home team would have him/her/them identified and arrested before anything happens.

Sinkies can feel perfectly safe in their own hometown, the Sg hometeam has never failed to protect the people and the ministers have the safety and security of their citizens in their hearts round the clock 365 days.

Relax and enjoy in Sin, the safest place on planet earth

Do have faith in Your Rulers.

Anonymous said...

@ January 21, 2016 8:45 pm

Good one.

denk said...

grandma in coffee shop,
*ani jue buey gi buey lai buey ki, ai pak jian liao * ?