The politics of non interference – A New World Order

The politics of non interference – A New World Order
By Chua Chin Leng (chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2016-01-25  

The world has lived through a period of incessant warfare under Pax Americana when interference in the domestic affairs of countries in the disfavored nation list of the Empire is the norm. Regime change, false flag incidents, support of terrorists aka freedom fighters or vice versa were the key features of a World Order that was in disorder.

Has the world grown tired of wars and looking for an era of peace when warfare under whatever pretext or provocations be condemned? President Xi Jinping has gone on a tour of Africa followed by the Middle East with a mission of peace, commerce and economic development under the guiding principle of no interference in the domestic affairs of nation states.

After his African trips last year, Xi' s latest schedule included the visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran in one week. Only a major power with good relations to countries locked in a conflict would be welcomed by the warring states. Egypt' s relation with the two economic powers of the Middle East is at best tentative and measured.

China did not visit these countries to sign military alliances or to engage them by taking sides in their conflict. Xi' s trips were purely for economics and economic diplomacy. Though nothing much was revealed in the visit to Riyadh, Xi was warmly received by the House of Saud and the King himself. There were hints that both countries would ink a comprehensive strategic partnership during the visit.

In Egypt, the two countries signed economic agreements involving US$15b in investment projects. Similarly, several billions of contracts were signed in Tehran. Xi was warmly received equally in Egypt and Iran despite the rivalry and tension in the region.

Though no official statements or commitments were made concerning the relations between the three countries, there were expectations that China could be attempting to be a bridge for the rival states to sit at the negotiating table to avoid an outbreak of hostilities.

China’s policies of non interference and of encouraging peaceful settlement of interstate problems are starting to be welcomed by the Middle Eastern states.

Iran would stand to benefit from the Chinese initiatives in infrastructure development that it urgently needs coming out of sanctions by the western powers. The One Belt One Road project would suit Iran and other land locked countries very well with its greater reliance on land transport than the sea.

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia would be less suspicious of China' s economic initiatives in both countries when political meddling is not on the cards.

China’s approach in diplomacy by emphasizing trade and economic development instead of military intervention, military alliances, selling of weapons of war, would be a new feature in the New World Order.

The western policies of military intervention and regime change as the only way to resolve inter state relations are passé. The world needs a New World Order of stability and peaceful economic developments, not more wars and destruction.
China' s diplomacy will gain more ground and acceptance by the international communities and nation states that want peace and not war.

The author is a political observer from Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Xi Jinping so satki

Will feel proud to have such a president

Sinkieland one ......

Aiyo .......

Anonymous said...

China even helped PM Najib by buying some of the assets in 1MDB, u know.

So helping other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt etc nothing special lah. China knows how to play such games for mutual benefit. And Saudi Arabia even gave a few billion ringgit personal donation to Najib, u know.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is blessed.

Malaysian Rulers are
more blessed.

Every other countries
want to bless Malaysia.

What are sinkies waiting
for? Let Virgo guide U
to the blessed land and
live to smell flowers, get
fresh air for a healthy
long life.

Act now, do not wait.

Anonymous said...

China is not smart. Either you por Iran or Saudi, you cannot choose both or you lose both.

If China sells J10 to Iran, it would force Saudi and all the gulf states to chose the other side. ie for sure. The Persians on the other hand are not stupid, after all it is still a muslim country and China are not treating the Uyghur people fairly. A lot of people in China (which is Han majority) do not understand what is racial harmony at all.

War is coming for sure as the internet era cannot accommodate 2 tigers and in some cases at the same spots. There is also no such thing as non interference and of encouraging peaceful settlement of interstate problems. Everyone is for himself unless you are a damn idiot at that level. Look at HK and Taiwan now after they tried to "grow" in the China way.

Also look at Russia now, what has it achieved so far for the benefit of its own country after trying to show off in Syria?

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro 9.13am.

All retirees Pai Mai or otherwise, what are U waiting for???

Everyday go ChinaTown Complex or Changi Airport terminals and grazed into the Air Ah??

See Air stewardess gelak gelak ah? Dollah Kassim already no more.

Get a life. Sell your precious assets now still at peak b4 too late. Last time brought at a fraction of price. Let the Gung Ho youngsters who loved the PAP buy them.

Relocate to the land where you can travel everywhere either by a small Kancil at 10K. or by coaches and buses for a song.

Live while you can before you can walk anymore.

Very most go JB Nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

Yes agree......?

Some Malaysian Chinese ladies oso very sweet .......?

If YEW single can consider Malaysian Chinese ladies.

So far they are the better ones in Asia, if not the best?

And some are especially nice to sinkies men ...... whether have a lot of money or not so much money .....?

Yew pretend no money some Malaysian Chinese ladies oso treat YEW very nice ......?

Anonymous said...

Malaysian people are blessed, no doubt about it. Big country, small population, cheap houses, cars and cost of living. Why worry about corrupt leaders as long as they leave the people alone. It is only a problem for those fighting for power and wealth.

If that is not a blessing, I don't know what is. Comparing with Sinkieland I better not say anything lah. Sinkies love their pigeon holes, red dot and beloved leaders. So, don't make them angry hor.

Anonymous said...

What about PAP's politics of non-interference in Singapore?

Here in PAP's Singapore, you die it's your business.
PAP will not interfere or lend a helping hand.
PAP will just make sure you pay all your taxes in full before you die.

And 70% of Singaporeans support PAP.

Anonymous said...

You die your business. But they interfered in everything in your life and your CPF money. They built a garment so big, so many MPs in every non garment associations and clubs. Everything they want to meddle.

Anonymous said...

True ...... ?

At least Tunku Abdul Rahman never said "What's wrong collecting more money ( from the sick, downtrodden, oldies, poor, low-income, disabled )"?

At least Najib never said "YEW DIE YEWR BUSINESS" .......?

Anonymous said...

What about PAP's politics of non-interference in Singapore?

NMP - Nominated Member of Parliament.
- since they can't vote
- Are NMPs also part of PAP's politics of non interference in Singapore?

Should we rename NMP ... MMP?
- Mental Masturbating in Parliament

Anonymous said...

Interferance create X-men

Anonymous said...

A knock on a door is already enough....

Anonymous said...

The power of money aka purchasing power(to shut big and small mouths) , cleverly or cunningly and successfully executed by sincity, will subdue all except the religiously superior.

I think there will be enough bloodshed, instability and fears to keep things southward. Is that the new world order?

Alas said...

“Any religious group, whether registered or informal, that preaches values or promotes actions that are directly contrary to our social harmony, or threatens our safety, will be treated as a security risk”: K Shanmugam Sc.

Expect war?

Anonymous said...

No greater corruption than to be able to paint yourself white like snowman! Or Lun liew tah chwee Corruptly non corrupt. Who has achieved that? What say you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Alas, welcome to the blog.
Expect war, yes, with the Americans shouting fight, fight, and sell arms to the silly Asians and Arabs to fight and kill themselves.

Now they want China to fight North Korea, want South Koreans to buy their super expensive missile defense system by stirring shit.

They want the Asean states to fight China and sell more weapons. Not only that, also to control the Asean states as part of the Empire.