The number of Singaporean Ah Qs growing

For those who are unfamiliar with this Ah Q character in Lu Xun’s political satire, Ah Q is the epitome of poverty but in a state of denial and trying to justify every failure and misfortune in his life as something good, to comfort himself and to minimize the pain. What is happening today in Sin City is that more and more Ah Qs are appearing and trying to make the best out of a bad situation by comforting themselves that it is good, or it will be good in the long run.

The media have been making many complementary statements about how good life is and how good cycling is. ‘Bold moves for car lite Singapore in the offing’ wow great stuff!  ‘Cycling as a viable commuting choice lauded’, another great stuff as if the people really love cycling and are throwing the burden of their cursed cars away.  Everyone is so happy about having more cycling lanes to make cycling more convenient and to throw away their dreams of car ownership. Car lite cities make for a better quality of life. Boon Wan was quoted saying, ‘There is a growing consensus among developed cities that few cars mean less traffic, congestion, less air and noise pollution and more land for public spaces and amenities.’ Or more land to build more flats to bring in more migrants?

Let me recall a statement by a Chinese missile scientist, Qian Xueshen when he tried to convince his good friend, a nuclear scientist, to help to detonate the first nuclear bomb in China. The latter did not want to as nuclear bombs are weapons of mass destruction. Qian told him that having the bomb and not using it was different from not having the bomb altogether. This, in the current context, is like having a car and not wanting to use against not able to own a car and has no choice but to cycle. For the cycling enthusiasts, cycling is a choice and their bicycles can cost several thousands. They cycle for fun, not because they must, not because they could not afford a car. Many would be having a big car in their garages.

While the rich car owners are trying their best to con the daft to abandon their cars, the daft are behaving like Ah Qs, swallowing the lie totally. And now the Ah Qs are even convincing themselves that cycling is a better quality of life. In Lu Xun’s Ah Q, he was a victim of circumstances, and had no choice. Poverty was his life and he had to try to live his dastardly poor life the best he could. He had to convince himself that life was not so miserable to carry on living.

The Singapore Ah Qs could not think and allowed the rich to con them that no car is good. And stupidly they believe so, giving up the dreams and aspirations to want a better life with the comfort of car ownership and cycling for fun on weekends. They could not see the difference between having a car and not using it and not able to own a car and have to cycle everywhere.

Which Ah Q is dafter? In the 60s and 70s, the poor commie country called China was filled with bicycles on the roads.  We used to sneer at their poverty, car less society due to being poor. Today they are all craving to own cars, for a better quality of life. The Singaporean Ah Qs will soon be shouting cars are bad, bicycles are good. Rich commies are bad, poor capitalists are good. Or cars are good, bicycles are betterer.

What about those who need a car for the old, the sick, the young and for the barang barang they must bring along in the course of doing their little businesses? How are they to get by without a car or a car that cost more than a hundred thousand of big Singapore dollars?


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must unite against terror: DPM Teo Chee Hean
Pioneer Singaporeans, who lived through racial and religious strife, had decided that each community would not "insist on the primacy of its race, language or practices".

Religious groups, he said, have also rejected foreign teachings and practices that do not suit the multiracial and multi-religious context here - in particular, those that are disrespectful to other religions or encourage communities to live apart.


Pioneer Singaporeans, who lived through POLITICAL strife, should decide that that each POLITICAL PARTY should not "insist on the primacy of its POLITICAL BELIEFS, HARD TRUTHS and VALUES".

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

As a result, said Mr Teo, people can practise their religion and carry on their traditions freely, even as the common spaces where people come together are expanded.


Can Singaporeans practise their politics and carry on their political beliefs freely?

Anonymous said...

// Which Ah Q is dafter? //

In every 10 sinkies, there are 7 Ah Qs?

Anonymous said...

So, we can make those choices ourselves. We can succumb to exclusivity, sectarianism and drift apart, or we can reinforce the choice that our forefathers made to live together, and continue to celebrate and strengthen our racial and religious harmony."


Does the practice of paying million dollar salaries to our Ministers succumb our political leaders to "exclusivity" since they no longer live in HDB flats where the rest of the 90% of Singaporeans live?

How do Singaporeans "make the choice to live together" when we live in HDB flats and our Millionaire Ministers live in bungalows?

What do you think.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo. .....

Why bother ( what the dogs are barking )?

Isn't there a saying in Chinese to ignore barking mad dogs?

Virgo 49 said...

Singaporeans Ah Qs are the most magnanimous Ah Qs who took the baits line, hook and baits in one glup.

They believed because they are all Ah Qs.

This Minister telling us that we must not condemned them and they Be protected from us.

Hello! Who are raising such ho ha??

Sinkies are majority MYOB. Who dares to stir a commotion??

Even attending HL park caused fears in them. Even sitting besides JBL sharing lunch strikes fears in them.


This Lunar New Year got free Ah Qs shows in the City Above the Clouds.

Please join us.

Anonymous said...

Ah Qs are the outcomes of people who have no choice but to choose between the lesser of 2 evils.

So although PAP is bad, but the opposition is even worse, so 70% Sinkie Ah Qs said PAP is at least the lesser of the 2 evils lor. Which is true also lah, frankly speaking.

Veritas said...

Bicycle is not a bad idea but the best way to implement it is for elites to forgo their cars and use bicycle. The problem is not bicycle but elites do not do what they preach.

The ancient Rome has very successful military feat, reason being, the elites lead at the front. In ancient Rome, the house of elites run a risk of high casualty than peasants. Similarly, Israel IDF is successful because Israeli elites participate in IDF not just as senior commanders, but serve their tour as ground officers, leading the charge.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not bicycle but elites do not do what they preach.
Veritas 9:43 am

Of course lah. U expect Hsien Loong to draw the same salary as an ordinary Sinkie? Cannot be what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Of course lah. U expect Hsien Loong to draw the same salary as an ordinary Sinkie? Cannot be what, tio bo?
January 24, 2016 9:46 am

Why LHL cannot draw the same salary as an ordinary Sinkie?
Why cannot?

Anonymous said...

Are You A Sexually Frustrated Rapefugee In Germany? This Cartoon's For You


What about Singapore's Aliens?
Do we have millions of single, male foreign workers in the construction and marine sector?
Do we have millions of single, female foreign maids in Singapore family homes?
Are they sexually frustrated?

Anonymous said...

Bad (link to ungentlemanly) Bully 阿Q正传 . Public transport (for not-long-not-short daily work commute)/ (Leisure) cycling (for short personal errand) is a (cheaper manageable) transportation mode over (Luxury) car (for long show off) . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Are they sexually frustrated?
Anon 9:56 am

Of course. But they must learn to control their urge. Not easy of course but to control their urge is the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

Of course. But they must learn to control their urge. Not easy of course but to control their urge is the lesser of 2 evils.
January 24, 2016 10:07 am

that's true.
Better to control your urge than to marry an ugly woman.

Anonymous said...

To the Singaporean dafties (70%)
- our PAP branded Ah Q
- A youtube video (1 minute) dedicated to you.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python's Life of Brian


Anonymous said...

The Islamization Of France In 2015

An estimated 40,000 cars are burned in France every year - a destruction often attributed to rival Muslim gangs. Every day, more than 80 cars are burned.

The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, called for the number of mosques in France to be doubled over the next two years. Boubakeur said that 2,200 mosques are "not enough" for the "seven million Muslims living in France." He demanded that unused churches be converted into mosques.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed in April that more than 1,550 French citizens or residents are involved in terrorist networks in Syria and Iraq.

"Can we not talk about subjects that split opinion? If you talk about immigration, you are a xenophobe. If you talk about security, you are a fascist. If you talk about Islam, you are an Islamophobe." – Henri Guaino, MP.

"Those who denounce the illegal behavior of fundamentalists are more likely to be sued than the fundamentalists who behave illegally." – Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party.


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, why people quarrel over Religions???

Yours inferior, mine superior???

Can Eat meh?? If your stomachs kosong kosong, got strength for religions???

Pure Stupidity!!

Survival primary, religions secondary.

Anonymous said...

Car is bad, bicycle betterer and walking best. Provided the motherfucker can even walk at old age!

Anonymous said...

Regarding PAP's new car-lite policy.

How about;
- A salary lite policy for PAP Ministers ?
- a pension lite policy for PAP Ministers ?
- a PAP lite representation on the boards of GIC and Temasek ?

Anonymous said...

// The number of Singaporean Ah Qs growing. //

Aiyo ..... please RB ..... Dun curse city of sins anymore?

70% already tak boleh tahan .....

If the ( # of daft, kongcum ) Ah Qs grow somemore, the sampan and Mr Teochew sure pengsan liao?

Anonymous said...


Bright ideas?

See! Papigs, netizens where got just kpkb?

Oso help suggest good alternative policies for sinkieland?

Will PAPIGS practise what they preach?

Anonymous said...

Singaporean Chinese are descended from peasant-slaves.
So a slave culture permeates throughout Singapore.
Everything also "bo pian lor" or "gahmen say cannot mah"
- so the increasing number of Ah Qs is not surprising.

Warrior cultures like the Vikings believe that "It is better to die in battle than to die of old age or sickness."
- Hence the freedom of Chinese slaves lie in the hands of Chinese bananas who have drank from the cup of freedom of Ang Moh warriors

Anonymous said...

The authorities are not handling the bicycle issue well (heck! they're not handling any other issue well).

The irresponsible cyclists tearing along the pedestrian footpath are forcing the elderly to give up their walks. These elderly are particularly vulnerable - they are triply vulnerable. The elderly do not have the sharp hearing to alert them of cyclists racing up behind them, they do not have the fast reflexes to get out of the way of the speeding bicycles, and when they get knocked down their bones tend to get multiple fractures, and lastly they take four times longer to heal (if they do heal at all). Oh, did I say triply, it's quadruply when I recount.

All it takes is some regular speed bumps along the footpath to slow down the illegal use of and speeding on pedestrian footpaths. Build small bumps that pose no trouble to wheelchairs and baby prams. The danger is particularly acute along pavements along roads that are on an incline - along the footpaths at these inclines, cyclists can really zoom at a speed close to motorcars. I have no fundamental issues on cyclist wanting to use the footpaths meant for pedestrians, but please, could they return the favour and proceed at walking pace when using a footpath?

I see the same issue of incompatible speed when electric wheelchairs zoom in and out of crowds in a shopping mall. Wheelchairs are meant for the disabled to keep up with ordinary people walking, it's not meant for them to zoom in and out and cause others to become disable. Why are the authorities blind to this abuse? Is it so hard to impose a speed-limiting device on electric wheelchairs. Mind you, we should not equate electrical wheelchairs to those wheely stuff riden by children. Those are much, much lighter in weight, plus the weight of a child is also lighter than an adult. So the combination of an adult on an electric wheelchair would easily produce more than 4 times the injury when an accident occur.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see a cyclist riding very fast, I always accidentally brush against him causing him to fall down.
Slaves beg for the government to take action.
Warriors solve our own problems.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJanuary 24, 2016 3:38 pm
//The authorities are not handling the bicycle issue well (heck! they're not handling any other issue well).//

Not really

They have handled their own remunerations "very well" ......

They have handled their opponents "very well" oso ......

Anonymous said...

// What is happening today in Sin City is that more and more Ah Qs are appearing and trying to make the best out of a bad situation by comforting themselves that it is good, or it will be good in the long run.//

1988 Elected President Debate Part 1/5


Anonymous said...

1988 Elected President Debate Part 2/5


Anonymous said...

1988 Elected President Debate Part 3/5


Anonymous said...

1988 Elected President Debate Part 4/5


Anonymous said...

1988 Elected President Debate Part 5/5


Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans can only survive when they know who is going to take their lunch


Ah Sing.
I mean PAP Millionaire.
Lu Kong Simi LanCheow?

We already told you who is taking our lunch.
Aliens are taking our jobs.
PAP govt. is not returning our CPF money back to us at 55 years old.

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans can only survive when they know who is going to take their lunch


Ah Sing. Or Ah Q.
I mean PAP Millionaire.
Lu Kong Simi LanCheow?

““I spoke to group of parents who said the system was too difficult, too rigid, too much tuition… So I asked, ‘Will you stop sending your son to tuition?’ And they said yes, they will stop if their neighbours stop first.""

If our children can understand what your PAP schools are teaching them in schools;
Then what for we send our children for tuition?

Anonymous said...

Example of American Ah Qs who trusted their government

How American government poisoned the people of Flint

"Politicians get paid to take care of the people," he said. "They let us down in Michigan. They lock us up for our crimes, what are they going to do about theirs?"

It's poisoned the spirit of a hard-knock town already accustomed to living with poverty, high-crime and unemployment.

Just ask Coco Childress, a mother of two who lives on Hamilton Street in Flint. She was picking up water and filters at a nearby fire station Friday, the same day Gov. Rick Snyder asked for federal help to address the water crisis.

But unlike Americans, our Newater is very safe for drinking.

Anonymous said...

Question: Do YEW know any leeder who is a clown, extremely petty inside his chicken stomach-sized heart, vindictive, evil and vicious?

Pls KEE CHIU .......

Anonymous said...

Question: Do YEW know of any leeder who is born in the year of the rooster, selfish, VERY petty, a hypocrite, self-serving, vicious, evil etc?


Anonymous said...

The Lorong Halus Wetland which was used as a wasteland for about 30 years up to the late 80s or 90s and considered highly toxic is built with 18 metres deep 100% water proof and guaranteed won't spoil wall around it and surrounded by Punggol reservoir which water are used to supply to residents and businesses around the area ........

It is 100% safe to drink and do not pose any health hazard or sickness ......

It should not cause any problem to the stomach, kidney or any danger for any cancer ....... 100% safe to drink and cooking ...... no worries at all.

When sinkies have such a good government and they built 18 metres deep wall and said it is deep enough and the material lasting and 100% safe for donkey years, it must be so and the water will be 100% safe.

If the contaminated Lorong Halus Wetland toxic can leak into the water reservoir surrounding it, then why they spent billions of $$$$$$$$ to beautify the place and built water ways to make the place attractive for residents to live?

Tiok Bo?

Sinkieland's elites are the best in the world and cannot be seen to be doing silly things right?

And they will never do anything that harm sinkies right?

When they take office, they have pledged to protect the interests of sinkies and sinkieland, tio Bo?


All the water in sinkieland is very safe to drink, including the newater supplied to the entire sinkieland and the elites were the first to drink and setting good examples they are very safe to drink,super safe to drink otherwise the elites where got dare to drink?

YEW never see they used the newater bottle that 100% contain the water from the newater plant and not from any atas branded expensive mineral water poured into it and they openly drank them using the newater bottles for sinkies to see and witness ...... tio bo?


Very safe to drink, nothing happen .....

The elites homes oso never use any special water source or expensive high tech nano filter.

They all guarantee oso drink from same source of water supply as where sinkies get their water source including from the punggol reservoir surrounding the Lorong Halaus Wasteland oops Wetland supplied to residents around the area and guaranteed 100% safe to drink .......

If not safe, how can they supply the water for residents around punggol reservoir to drink?

And they do water sample tests with the most advanced technology almost 24 hours round the clock 24/ 7/ 365, so can the water be anything else but guaranteed safe?

Tio Bo?

Sinkies are all so healthy and well taken care of by the best elites in the world

Anonymous said...

Sinkies where got Ah Qs?

Where got no good, then bluff themselves good and behave like bona fide Ah Qs?

No car, run or cycle from home to work lor and vice versa after work to home ......

Healthy life style ....... Car-lite

Kill 2 birds with one stone


3 birds

Free transport
keep fit
lose weight

Like that got Ah Q Meh?

Wear office wear, suit cannot cycle meh?

Wear tuxedo cannot cycle to wedding dinner meh?

Very pai sei, meh?

Some people oso wear wedding gown and get married on bicycles. ...oops take wedding pictures on bicycles. .... no good meh?

One year later baby due husband oso can tobang pregnant wife on bicycle from Changi or Pasir Ris to KK hospital for delivery mah, tio bo?

Must built car-lite culture into life-style and daily habit mah, tio Bo?

Especially during traffic accident the roads and high ways confirmed jam ambulance oso very difficult to get through right?

Enter the bicycle ambulance and super fit medic cyclists. ....

Guaranteed victims or patients sent to hospital in a timely manner, tio Bo?

Like that got Ah Q meh?

Oh btw, for those pregnant ladies due for delivery or patients very ill no strength pillion behind bicycles, no need worries

There is such bicycles called tricycle with a comfortable carriage by the side.

The husbands or medics can cycle and the pregnant wives or sick patients sit inside the carriages can liao. ......

These are great healthy life style for sinkies own good ......

Wives want to give birth, husbands can ferry them on bicycles or tricycles and at the same time oso got chance for exercise = healthy life-style = think car-lite live healthy ......

Anyway, nowadays which father or mother don't want to see their pregnant daughters due for delivery ferried to KK by their husbands ...... so loving ...... so touching ....... kill so many birds with one stone. ..... can build up bonding oso ...... next time baby born already and need go hospital where high fever oso can do same thing ...... ferry from Pasir Ris to KK children hospital ...... no good meh?

Very ah Q meh?

Anonymous said...

// The Singaporean Ah Qs will soon be shouting cars are bad, bicycles are good. //

The sinkie ladies ah Qs. ..... oops ...... brides will soon shout luxurious wedding sedans are out, RICKSAWS, BICYCLES, TRICYCLES wedding "cars" are in ........?

Anonymous said...

Brides in full wedding gowns and grooms in tuxedos being ferried in a tricycles all over sinkieland including GBB, City Hall ....... under the HOT SUN to take their once in a life time wedding photos ......?

So healthy .......

So gooooooood. ........

Brides got free sun tan and take photo at the same time .....

If too warm can fixed aircon in the tricycle carriage or rickshaw carriage ......

Or mini mobile aircon inside the tuxedos or wedding gowns. ......

So car-lite. .....




Every sinkie gal would love and look forward to such a wonderful car-lite wedding day .......

So shiok

Wedding still can enjoy the free sun tan and the humid equatorial afternoon sun .....

Make up melt or mess up never mind .....

Can photoshop the pictures...... with the I T skills learnt from the $500 SKEWFUTURE top ups from the caring and thoughtful garment. ......

Everything well thought out .......

Sinkieland is a heaven ....... with angels, saints and even gods taking care of every sinkie every need.

This is definitely not ah Q .......

Confirm No.




Must repeat and convince every sinkie

Not Ah Q

Wedding day travelling everywhere on tricycle under the hot sun is NOT ah Q ...... it is the bestest car-lite gift from the garment

If raining day or thunder storm lagi beatest. ......





101% NO! NO! NO! NO AH Q at all.