The Empire taking over Asean

Emperor Obama has sent a Special Envoy, John Kerry to Asean ordering Asean states to gang up against China or else… This is the main message of John Kerry’s visit.  This is an ultimatum. Little countries in Asean better take note of this Imperial Edict. Refusal to obey shall be in vain.  Obedience will be rewarded by a sumptuous feast hosted by the Emperor himself in a Special Summit in Feb 15 and 16 in California. What would happen at the Special Summit if the Asean leaders refused to gang up to go against China?  Instead of a feast, the leaders may be served cold turkey and a lecture on either ‘you are with us or against us’.

The Special Envoy also brought another message for China. Take tough actions against North Korea, or else…. Would China take the order of the Emperor meekly or would China show John Kerry the middle finger?
Both Asean and China are now put on the spot. The Emperor has commanded and acquiescence is mandatory. Would Asean surrender its neutrality and freedom to decide its own policies, or would Asean be cowered and shivering in fear?
What would happen to Asean if they decide to disobey? What would happen to China if it also decides to disobey the Emperor? The message of the Emperor is clear. China and Asean must come under the rule of the Empire. They have no choice, just like in the Star Wars movies.  You shall obey or be destroyed.
Welcome to the Empire and welcome the Emperor. Neutrality is not allowed. There is only one empire and that is the American Empire.


Anonymous said...

I Guess if u don't take the order, regime change will be necessary so one has to decide lor

Virgo49 said...

That's why those who trusted the Black Ants will be bitten by them.


Veritas said...

The empire long taken over ASEAN. ASEAN was a USA colony and clowns like Mahathir fuck USA for PR show. The most pro USA country in ASEAN is Singapore, and even that, every single minorities here still question Singaporean Chinese why we don declare war with China.

The most pro China countries in ASEAN is Cambodia, due to USA wrong move. Hun Sen wanted to be USA dog, but Hun Sen being a former revolutionaries can never be admitted to the club. USA support the mad dog Sam Rainsy. USA try her best to destroy Hun Sen. Hun Sen fumed and no choice but to go to China.

Next is Vietnam. Vietnam seems to be a dog that bite China, but in reality, it is Pro USA PM Nguyen Tan Dung who want trouble. And last few days, seems that party boss Nguyen Phu Trong successful contain PM Dung.

The entire western newspaper cry foul, claiming a set back for "democracy". In reality, ASEAN USA dog has a lot of problem.

While Trong was being accuse as a communist, PM Dung has a much more serious problem. His looting of state asset into own family has created unprecedented oligarchism. USA cheer Dung as free market capitalism.

There is much more story to tell. I stop here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is a fait accompli. Dun know why people are arguing against it. Asian leaders, chosen by their peoples, just can't help but suck Big American Dick.

You all talk of "regime change". Fuck off lah, you're dreaming and/ or hallucinating. Ask yourself: how to change regime? By voting lah. You vote out the incumbent assholes and replace them with different assholes..."Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss". Your elected leaders reflect and embody your CULTURE---collectively expressed at the ballot.

Kneel down, open mouth and receive...Big Uncle Sam is going to come to your cuntree, and cum all over your face!

Anonymous said...

The last bark of the outgoing dog. Just like the aircraft carrier their Def Sec sailed in their freedom of navigation trip. That aircraft carrier is going to the dry dock as scrap.
Yes, even scrapping a CVN also costs a couple of billion USD. And only one contractor remained to do the job. And it is kept afloat by the US gov. If this contractor goes bust, no other can do the job.

Anonymous said...

The Americans still think the Asians are silly dumbasses and they can come here and dictate to them, as the emperor.

Maybe they are right. There are many silly bananas they would want to pay homage to the emperor without questions.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, can Yiu shed Some light on your claim on Vietnam PM. There are many Rumours but not sure it's true.

Anonymous said...

RB is talking nonsense again. USA is the peacekeeper of the world and without uSA the world will go crazy and self destruct. RB is so anti-USA it is almost a joke. Please RB, be kind to USA. They are not as bad as you try to imply.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:25,

Stop being silly. The US is the peacemaker? In every war since WW2, the US has been the instigator and provocateur and is involved directly or indirectly. Go and count how many wars were incited by the US?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

New US drone model specifically for peace keeping

Yes, the US are famous peace keepers...but first they will bomb the living fuck out of your cuntree and kill many of your "natives".

...and after awhile: peace. Mission Accomplished! 😂

IMO the US is unfairly criticised and irrationally demonised for being such a brutal destroyer....but, I have a soft spot for these cowboys....at least they put on a GREAT SHOW, and print money like crazy to pay for war, which in turn boosts (inflates) asset values and currencies in Asia as the US dollar gets debased and interest rates fall to zero. Let's face it, many of us had a rocking good time in the last few years because of the debt-based liquidity sloshing around. Alas, the US Fed is spoiling the party now.

Perhaps it is time the US went and initiated another breakout of "peacekeeping"? Since China is rocking the boat in the South China Sea, "peacekeeping" might be required in Asia sometime soon...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Peacekeeping" currently going on in Great Britain.

WOW! Fun stuff. Religion vs religion...what could possibly go wrong?