Singapore is an exceptional place on earth

When the whole world is threatened by terrorist attacks, Singaporeans can sleep in peace, partly due to the exceptional govt and the exceptional men in blue. 27 terrorists were arrested and deported to Bangladesh without doing any harm to Singapore.

What was remarkable is the discovery of this terrorist cell in the island. What is more remarkable is that the terrorists were not planning to hit Singapore. They were planning to hit Bangladesh. Now you see why Singapore is so safe? The terrorists would not dare to hit Singapore or would not want to hit Singapore. Isn’t that remarkable? This is uniquely Singapore. International terrorists were here, at least 27 of them, excluding whatever local terrorists known and unknown, and we are safe.

The other remarkable thing is that Singapore is an open country and people come in freely. The govt is very happy to have more migrants coming to work in the island. And many of the migrants, more than 2m are here, are from terrorist prone regions and countries. And up to the last arrest, only 27 out of more than 2m foreigners are terrorists. This must be some kind of record.

Singapore is safe because the terrorists want to make it safe. They are here but would not attack Singapore. So nice. We can open our immigration door wider for more foreigners to come in. Oh, maybe our integration programme is very successful to integrate the foreigners that they have become one of us, like our law abiding Singaporeans, helping to make Singapore safer. Many foreigners are also grass root leaders and helping in patrolling their neighbourhoods.

What a nice feeling to be Singaporeans. The bigger problem here is actually Islamophobia, Singaporeans over reacting to the threats from radicalized terrorists.


Veritas said...

One reason Singapore is exceptionally safe among Islamic ocean is both leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia have a common stake in Singapore. Malaysian and Indon elites park too much monies in Singapore that a bomb in orchard could see their asset price plunge by 50%.

As such, terrorist wannabe are backstabbed by their own elites.

Malaysia and Indonesian leaders also do not stir shit in Singapore too much.

We could easily be another Southern Thailand.

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jjgg said...

If international terrorists are based outside their home country to avoid detection..it is not stretching the imagination that threats to Singapore are based outside Singapore . There's a fugitive from Thailand who is probably the most destabilising force for that country...his picture adorns some popular eateries here...why is he not sent back but accorded vvip status? Who determines that these people are terrorists anyway...of those who were sent back, 14 were detained in Bangladesh and the rest released.

Anonymous said...

Not many countries would consider terrorists as talents. Singapore is totally unique in this manner. I guessed that even the terrorists don't want to slaughter the goose that allow them to do as they want. At least, that is want they want us to believe, that their target is not Singapore. And it is not because they have been caught.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, got to delete another of your post. It was too provocative.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore appears to be safe. However to hypothesize that there are already radical elements here planning a "surpirse" is not unreasonable IMO.

The problems with Sheeple is that they are lazy, deluded and expect things which are "wrong" to be automatically and magically "fixed" by some Supreme Being. In our modern, mostly secular cultures, that supreme being is The Government, usually chosen by election. The Sheeple believe there govt. BULLSHIT, because it is presented to them---like spoon feeding---and all they do is open their mouth and swallow. No need even to chew---the govt. has prepared the food to be easily swallowed and digested.

And so those who criticise radical Islam are branded as "bigots" and "Islamophobes". The govts of the world will INSIST that the openly-religious gangs known as ISIS and Al Queda (also Hamas and Hezbollah) and its offshoots in Asia (which is germane to us since we live there) are not religious and has nothing to do with Islam. So therefore if you criticise in any manner ➡︎ YOU ⬅︎ are a BAD PERSON.

No, no...you didn't kill anyone, you didn't detonate your explosive vest in the public space filled with innocent people, you didn't go on a mass shooting rampage....all you did was express your opinion because you're afraid for yourself, your family and friends, perhaps even your cuntree. And when you state the OBVIOUS...these terrorists are ISLAMIC...you get slammed. In a cuntree like Singapore, there are laws against making "religiously insensitive" statements.

To find out what is probably TRUE, go to the source. (Duh...it's so obvious, no one does it. It is too simple. Too straightforward.) To me, just an ordinary Jo-Blo who doesn't have the resources of the CIA or access to spy satellites and eavesdropping equipment...I go DIRECTLY TO ISIS and read DABIQ magazine, which ISIS puts out every month or so.

It is an EXCELLENT publication. The quality of layout, pictures...1st class. They get to the point, they tell it exactly as they see it, they state their intent and then they carry out their murderous tasks.

In latest issue Dabiq#13:

☞ Praise for San Bernadino shooting
☞ Praise for various suicide/ shooting attacks---Jakarta, Pakistan etc
☞ Declaration of "war" against the House of Saud---because the leader executed some sunnis (for show) after executing a shi'a holy man.
☞ Declaring their next target: All Shia Muslims, who are considered "apostates" some news channels are already mentioning this

....and more chilling stuff. Look at it this way, Dabiq magazine is like your TV guide: it tells you what "entertainment" is coming up, and reviews "entertainment" which has already occured.

And you know, you like "entertainment". Especially when you might be a surprise "participant".

Maybe one day we will have local journalists with BALLS to ask the minister one simply "yes or no" question:

Have you read ISIS's excellent magazine Dabiq?

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Anonymous said...

新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!

如果第一世界的新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, when you drink a glass of water, you can be sure it is germ free.
So, with 27 terrorists arrested, no more terrorists in Singapore. Thank you very much.

virgo49 said...

Who allowed them to come in to Singapore??

Immigration sleeping?

They are known as sympathisers to the Islamic cause in their own country.

God also them, Devils also them

Anonymous said...

27 obvious direct suspicious supporter => ?? untouched middle confused grounder . Hands-On Green Matters

Hermit said...

Criticising religious extremism is not Islamophobic. Linking terror to Islam then painting all Muslims as potential terrorists is.

Anonymous said...

As they always say, when the shit hits the fan, blame it on anything blame-able but themselves. How is it that only now we suddenly have so many terrorists mingling among us? For how long were they here and how sure were we that they were not planning anything serious?

Singapore is exceptional because the death of cats is big news everyday. Only in red dot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When ONE is caught, you have to wonder HOW MANY are still out there?

Is this cause for concern, or just jumping at shadows?

You be the judge.

IS terror suspect caught at LRT station

You might want to take some notice of the following, from the aforementioned article"

The arrest comes in the wake of news that two Malaysians were the suicide bombers who killed more than 30 people separately in Syria and Iraq recently..

Is it possible that some of these folks might make it to Singapore?

Is is possible that some might even be able to slip through the EXCELLENT beefed-up security at the checkpoints?

Like I said, you be the judge...

Hermit said...

At times like these, all Singaporeans must unite. Muslims and non-Muslims. Posts like "Sg among Islamic ocean" or "these terrorists are islamic" don't help one single bit.

Anonymous said...

"Our Europe Is Dying": German Youth Blast Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia"
..... we bring you the following video from the “Identitarian Movement” in Germany. As you’ll see, some German youths are prepared to stage an open revolt against policies and politicians they believe are “sacrificing German values and traditions.”


Isn't it time for Singaporeans to also re-think whether PAP values (What's wrong with collecting more money) are sacrificing Singaporean values and traditions?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that some may be wearing security guard uniforms or the uniforms of our checkpoint officers?

Anonymous said...

// Singapore is an exceptional place on earth. //


In overseas, YEW hear of politicians hiring hit men to exterminate their opponents?

Here no such things........

In overseas, YEW even hear some politicians covertly hiring black magic masters to cast harmful or even death spells on their opponents or critics such as in places like some regional countries notorious for vicious black magics practices.

Do YEW think some politicians might be so vicious or kiasu to hire black magic masters to "silence" their critics "silently" through "black magic"?

Do YEW have anyboLEE in mind who would do such things?

Pls KEE CHIU. .....

Anonymous said...

Sin is a paradise and the citizenry knows how blessed they are. No political murder as there is no need for political emancipation as the government is benevolent and takes care of the citizens to the best it can.
The citizens wisely acknowledge and support the regime since independence.

The greatest comfort must be the benign or even benevolent Sin Leadership that has no record of any political misbehaviour.

The safety and wellbeing of not just the commoners are assured, politicians of any party are free from harm and any injustice as well.

Congratulations to all Singaporeans.
May their leaders remain benevolent and caring.

denk said...

sg still enjoys relative security whereas malaysia has been reeling from a string of *accidents*, mh370, mh17, mh148, mh132, helicopter explosion ........why ?

should be a no brainer !
cuz sg is in the good company of ph, jp etc., hehehehe

i say *relative* only,
who do u think is behind the series of mishaps in the tpt systems, mrt, buses...
lhl better not get too close to xi,
get the msg ?