Revisionism of the Constitution and Political System

While many changes are being proposed in Parliament, I think it is important at this point to note that Singapore is a democracy and the citizens have certain rights enshrined in the Constitution. In a democracy, the citizens are the owners of the country and have the right to elect who they want to represent them in Parliament and who should be the President of the country. The citizens also have the right to stand for election as the people’s representative in Parliament as well as to be the President of the State. Any legislation that removed these rights of the people must be unconstitutional. What would the legal minds say of these assertions? I bet none would dare to open his or her mouth on these issues. So the citizens will be just as blind and as dumb with regard to their rights as citizens on these issues. The big question, can a ruling party legislate away the rights of the people to stand for election as the President of the country? The so called restrictive and limiting criteria to be eligible as a presidential candidate are like the natural aristocrats carving out a niche for themselves, excluding the masses, depriving the masses of a basic right as a citizen of the country.

I hope all of you can share your views here and in other forum or public discussions whether the proposals to the changes to the Elected President system violate the Constitution, undermine the rights of the citizens to be president and to elect the President of the State.

I am not going to suggest an easier method to satisfy the conventional mantra of the day, that the candidate for the Presidency must have blue or purple blood. If that be the case a simpler solution would be to legislate that only the scions of ex Presidents and Prime Ministers are eligible to stand for election as the next President. This would also solve the minority representation issue.

Having said that, the people must not be misled by the shifting goal posts. The citizens must not forget the first principles, that is, they are the owners of this country. Every citizen has the right to stand for election as the President of the State and that it is their right to elect whoever they want to be the President of the State, blue blood, purple blood or red blood is not an issue or limiting factor. In a democracy, the people can even elect a beggar or a blind man to be the president of the state. It is democracy and it is their democratic right. No one can take this right from the people. No one can legislate this right away from the people. Do not treat the people as daft and unthinking and would anyhow suka suka elect any rogue to be the President. Please do not insult the intellect of the electorate.

Tiok boh?

They said everything begins with a good intention. The devil is in the details. Watch the details carefully.


Anonymous said...

Because of the PAP majority in parliament;
Do you think PAP's Prime Minister can change and revise anything he wants?

Anonymous said...

Just one condition, to be eligible for president must have $1b in the bank account.

Anonymous said...

you don't know meh.....

we are a society of changes......

living in this very very very crowded and very very very
tiny city state is like that lah......

change! change! change!.........

anyway 70% in 2015 said "YES!" n thank you very much sirs........

so........what MORE to say........


Anonymous said...

Did they say they want a few appointed men, not elected by the people, to check on a president popularly elected by the people? Ok 35% maybe a bit weak. What about a 90% elected by the people president? Should he be checked by a group of men with no authority or approval from the people? Seow?

Anonymous said...

Can the Same be said and apply to the
Post of Prime Minister?
Singapore's Prime Minister is like the CEO of a company whereas, the President is like a honorary director that is given a little say without much executive power. Furthermore, the President is 'oversee' and guide by a panel of 'appointed/approved' advisers.
How much of an autonomy or authority does the President has as He is NOT only function under the Prime Minister, He is under the Whole Cabinet in power and authority.

Anyway Singapore's Ultimate Authority is in the Hands of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the President is just a SHOWPIECE.
There is no need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Like to say that any citizen should be allowed to contest in any post in the Governance of the Land. This is a practice in all democratic countries.

To hell with despotism and tyranny.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Would there be any need to change the system if TT won 70% in the PE?

Anonymous said...

Correction to my(anon 8:58) comment above.
'function to be corrected to

My apology.

Virgo 49 said...

They programmed and choose the candidates of their will and want me to waste my time and tax payers monies to vote candidates of their choice.

How to choose and vote the prata and the mee goreng man when I want to vote the bak kut teh man??

So what choice but as voting is compulsory to put fark both of you on the voting slip.

If thrown in for section 55 then prove voting is not secret.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ya lor.

No need to wayang wayang mah.

Anonymous said...

Why the sudden urge to make so many changes to the political system? For the good of country and people?

Virgo49 said...

Dear Angker 10.21

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Anonymous said...

Is Phey Yew Hock staying for free in Changi?
Free medical checkups?
Free food?
Free medicine?

Why you think he return from Thailand?
Follow the smart people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ TOTALLY WRONG, redbean:

>> In a democracy, the citizens are the owners of the country and have the right to elect who they want to represent them in Parliament and who should be the President of the country. <<

Nowhere in the Singapore Constitution or anywhere else for that matter is it stated that "the citizens are owners of the cuntry".

Please lah redbean, you should know better than to foster false hope among your fellow cuntry men and women.

And by the way, for the umpteenth time: Singapore IS NOT a democracy. It is a constitutional republic functioning by a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY which occurs in parliament. The voting people cannot DIRECTLY neither law nor policy. All their preferences and grievances have to be "represented" through their chosen member of parliament, who also has to vote with his/ her conscience---i.e. if their constituents are being "unreasonable", the MP has the right to not represent their position on a particular matter. For e.g.: if a big group of voters went to their MP and ask the MP to say vote or writ a bill to throw out immigrants, the MP can completely IGNORE that request...and even scold them for being xenophobic.

LHL's proposed changes should be welcomed by most of you who are always complaining about the govt. You don't know what is good for you, even when it is staring you in the face. for e.g. having smaller GRCs or more SMCs are FANTASTIC!

Many of you motherfuckers are always complaining about a "rogue" govt. These changes make it even more difficult for a "rogue govt" situation to occur.

Frankly I am quite surprised at the proposed changes. This could actually mean more civil liberties and political freedom...I always thought (and to a degree still do) that Singapore is best governed by a Benevolent Dictatorship. However with these changes it would be VERY DIFFICULT for any sort of outright dictatorship to ever occur.

Will it work? Part of me says "no", Singapore needs an iron fist covered in a velvet glove...occasionally the glove has to come off and the knuckledusters have to go on, and the hatchet picked up to smash a few heads, and chop off others who might need a "stronger", "less subtle" approach".

OTOH, if the sheeple could just settle down and think this thru properly, they will realise what a giant FREE KICK they have just received, and to those who are ready, willing and able to seize the day, there could be a very different, more pluralistic parliament, with genuine, high-quality opposition...regardless of which party is in government.

Got gift horse? Don't look in the mouth lah. Be wise and don't just find fault in the unbelievable FREE KICK you've been presented with.

But...be skeptical, always have some doubt...it is healthy. Make sure your gift horse is not a Trojan Horse.

Anonymous said...

'Many of you motherfuckers are always complaining about a "rogue" govt. These changes make it even more difficult for a "rogue govt" situation to occur.'

Silly motherfuckers. When a rogue garment stood right in front of him he oso would not know. You know what is a rogue garment or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1144:

The people in govt come from the very same cultural stock as the people who are sheeple.

If there is a rogue govt, that is because of a rogue people: the people get the govt. they deserve.

However, if you get your constitution and political system in certain ways, it becomes very difficult for the people to sabo themselves by either voting in or allowing a "rogue govt". to come into existence.

We do not have a rogue govt. We have an AUTHORITARIAN govt., strengthened by the fact that essentially ONE PARTY runs the whole damn parliament. Like I said---you can't argue with 70%. 70% even if you bring in outrageous error bars of ≧ ±10% (in real life ±10% error bar will get you fired from your job)...you still get a solid People's Mandate. So it is reasonable to conclude that the Singapore people overwhelmingly support the PAP.

That's the way it is lah. Guess what? It works!

Anonymous said...

// Please do not insult the intellect of the electorate. //

Got meh?

Anonymous said...

Technically city of sins "Kim Jong Un" ....... oops ..... Ng Tat Chung is qualified to run for President?

Anonymous said...

How cum?

Anonymous said...

Bcos even if they "twinkle" the law and requires a ( presidential ) candidate to have credentials of managing a $Billion paid up capital corporation, surely this highly illustrious ex-3 star general qualifis?

Anonymous said...

Typo ..... should be "qualify" ......

How can NOL paid up be less than $1 billion if Ng could lose several billions while running NOL in the past few years?

Anonymous said...

Not withstanding the fact that Ng "had run NOL into the ground" and the city of sins has to let go of this iconic GLC built from scratch painstakingly by the PG and under the old guards like GKS and TCC?

Anonymous said...

Losing billions is a rare credential to show people how clever and qualified one is.

Anonymous said...

Strangely YEW need to ( have ) run billion $$$ corporation ( previously ) to qualify as a candidate for elected presidency when actually the job could be more boring than the sales girls in cosmetic departmental stores swatting flies and mozzies?

Anonymous said...

But some fellas have zero such experience, no economics or business or finance degree then can be appointed to run a $400 billion economy making all kinds of calls and decisions?

Anonymous said...

Think in due time in the city of sins, there could be sights of thousands or tens of thousands or even millions of monks and nuns?

Anonymous said...

Could it be all ended up botak from incessant head scratching?

Anonymous said...

Going by this, TT could be the most qualified, going by the "tens, if not hundreds, of billions" he "made" for sinkies during the 2008/ 2009 GFC as vice-chairman of the rumoured Trillion dollar sovereign fund corporation investing in UBS, Barclay buying ( super ) high and selling ( super ) low?

Anonymous said...

TT famous statement which by far is better than the American Oracles of Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Allan Greens pan etc all put together?

" If YEW take care of the downsides, the upsides take care of itself."

It is proven empirically with his "track records" during the 2006 to 2009 period with the investment in UBS, Barclays etc?

TT's credentials to qualify for the Elected Presidency is "UNPARALLELED & UNSURPASSED" in sinkieland and "this honour" should remain his in the annals of sinkieland's history?

Perhaps a "badge of most distinguished honours" to be conferred as the most "qualified" candidate in the Elected Presidency hustings in history?

Anonymous said...

// The citizens also have the right to stand for election as the people’s representative in Parliament as well as to be the President of the State. Any legislation that removed these rights of the people must be unconstitutional. //

Unconstitutional meh?

Anonymous said...

Do YEW think adding one more clause/ criteria would make it more constitutional / level playing field?

Anonymous said...

In order that "potential candidates" like Ng Tat Chung and TT NOT be "unfairly disqualified", how about including another condition that besides having run a corporation with at least $1 billion paid up, the aspiring candidate must have a "track record of ( helping the corporation ) losing at least several billions $$$$$$$$$, while as CEO , chairman or whatever senior executive position managing the corporation?

Anonymous said...

In case we vote in a rogue Prime Minister, we need to change our General Election System. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Thk U Angker Virgo.
Was at Malacca to spend a long weekend there a month ago.
It is really a nice place.
Gohtong Raya is a lot cooler and
less crowded though food range is quite limited.
Ince again, much appreciated for the info U provided for us.

b said...

Singapore is a small country and needs a strong party like pap to control it otherwise we will all become extinct. Learn the lesson from syria. The enemy is cruel and strong.

Anonymous said...

Small Arms Sales Skyrocket In Germany In Reaction To Refugee Attacks

13 Year-Old School Girl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim Migrants, Raped for 30 Hours


Anonymous said...

17-Year-Old Girl Fined For Pepper Spraying "Rapefugee" In "World's Best Country For Women"


Has PAP's Alien immigration logic infected Denmark?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.24

Go to the Melaka Sentral poorer side of Melaka and you find cheaper good food with Aeon and Tesco side by side.

Those old shop houses coffeeshops and beef pork chop noodles cheap and good. The Yam Chai cement floor no longer there.

Previously called Farjar Complex next got zinc roofs makan stalls. Omelette and chee chai at less than twenty ringitt.

Night got satay and chu luk. Row of pharmacies got supplements half Sinkie land price.

Dispensaries and chabok gigi reasonable price. Melakans unlike Johreans do not slaughter you. Think you from KL or Johore.

Our walk up apartment just behind these shophouses with terrace houses. Budget hotels just thirty ringgit.

Makohta tourists areas. can take cab at twenty ringitt net to this Aeon and Jusco.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

After your salivating intro every other day on Melaka and the rest of Matland, now top of the MUST-DO LIST during CNY visits is to cheo all the relatives and frens to whole clan wholesale uproot and settle up north?

Anonymous said...

It must be?

It has to be?

And it will be?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Adoi..Lau uncles ah,orang tua mean orang tua,mabok went wrong room can sleep with Lao Gor but blue pill no help also no use la.
Better kwai kwai stay put,morning go ah fook kai lakopi or eat asam pedas and back same day.
No need stay there and pollute that beautiful land with your sin money.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

YEW seem to give the idea that this golden sunset ligestyle in matland is meant for the oldies?

With the way things are going ( being "subverted, manipulated, immoralised", values "molested, gang-raped, sodomised", emotionally being "tortured, tormented, enslaved, burned in fire and dipped in burning oil" ...... etc etc ) in the City of ( Gazillion ) Sins, ( it has reached a tipping point where ) does it matter ANY MORE YEW continue to work and grow old in this vice-infested city ( "polluted and contaminated beyond salvage" by the worst kind ever in human history? ) as a 20+ or 30+ young man, much less 40+ or 50+?

Uncle Virgo49, life in the City of ( gazillions ) Sins not only means nothing to oldies now, it means even less for young people?

Anonymous said...

What is the point ( and difference ) living in a place YEW feel like a stranger?

Any difference ( from ) going into matland living in Johore or Melaka and cross over at the northern custom to Tigerland or in the south to Outdlenesia to validate the passport?

Some "young" people oso have "amassed" a "small fortune" to live the lifestyle ( for many years and even decades ) YEW are enjoying now in Matland melaka, Johore, KL etc?

If "young people" like this lifestyle and living expenses is not an issue, it should not be confined to only oldies and not "younger people" in their 20s or 30s?

More time to think, to visit the countryside, enjoy the company of interesting people, eat by roadside stalls, pen down the thoughts, and still in touch with the world ( through the Internet ) just like YEW?

Think it is PERFECTLY ok?

Rather than be a slave to some self anointed aristocrats and living in an absolute ( feudal ) monarchy in essence ( just short of even in name and constitution as well )?

Anonymous said...

If tmr it is named "Kingdom of the Evil" and constitutionally ( officially declared as ) a monarchy, YEW will feel perfectly the same?

Does it not mean it is already one in everything except name?

In this modern age, only kongcums of gazillion magnitude choose to live in one from cradle to grave?

Does it not degrade and demean one's existence to that of a zombie?

A walking slaving corpse?

Nothing more than that?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

When YEW free, mb YEW might want to consider penning the living options for different budgets say $800, $1000, $1200, $1500, $2000 etc?

Anonymous said...

Actually for many singles middle aged sinkies, many have been doing it since more than 10 years ago in the 2000s and even much earlier ......?

Anonymous said...

In the earlier days, it was mainly Bantam etc?

But many sinkies would probably find matland a better option with the closer cultural links and historical roots ......

Emotionally, culturally, even spiritually, geographically and historically, matland is an extension of sinkieland and vice versa?

So what a ( wonderful ) option to have to "escape" from this "evil tiny twin" into a much bigger, spacious and greener lung of this "conjoined" twins?

Sinkies have been brainwashed and conditioned like dogs in the educational and social system all these years?

In Matland over a period of time, many sinkies ( would ) come to realise that there is life more than slavery from cradle to grave to a bunch of donkeys and pigs holed up in 5,000 storey high ivory towers?

It is getting out of the dog lifestyle conditioned for so long since newly born from not day one but the first second out of the womb?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .......

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....?

Anonymous said...

No brainer?

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinks President Ong was the first rogue president?

Anonymous said...

It is a political shopping mall system. A typical Singaporean lives and breathes the services and produce of the mall. The mall is a market place of souls, a catchment of insipid meaningless existence. It is a supplanter of wills and a recruiter of choirs.

Every now and then, they tweak the services and produce to pacify the lusty crowd. The crowd never fails to return to the mall.

The mall is a legal instrument, guardian and creation.

So who runs the mall better than anyone?

Obviously the devil.

Anonymous said...

// In a democracy, the people can even elect a beggar or a blind man to be the president of the state. //

How about Pimps And Prostitutes?

Could such people be elected to be LEEders?

What would be the outcome?

Anonymous said...

Pls don't degrade pimps and prostitutes and bring them to the level of white holy trash
The former make an honest living whereas the latter robs you legally..that's what I heard in the streets(pls don't quote me hahaha)