No one owes you a living

It is so easy to utter such a comment when one has millions in the bank account, oops I mean many millions and many bank accounts, and many multi million dollar landed properties. Might as well say ‘you die your business’, who cares? KNN, if I have so many millions I might also say such darn things to the losers in life. It is only natural when one is rich and comfortable to shit on the losers. Human nature is like that. Only when they are in the same shit hole then they will say ‘let’s stand together as one and fight together as one’.

Tony Tan in his Parliamentary Speech talked about the threats from the Islamic State and terrorism. And several ministers came out to say Singaporeans must unite and stand together to fight against terrorism. The slight problem here is that the people are so divided by how much they earned and how much they have that they have become water and oil. There are people living in $50m or $100m bungalows and people living in 2rm and 3rm flats that they could not afford to pay and only hope that they could pay up in 30 years if they continue to have a job. Would the rich and the poor think the same, to fight together against terrorism regardless of how many millions they had in their bank accounts or how many dollars left inside their pockets, not enough for the next meal? Or would the losers turn around and say, ‘no one owes you a living’.  You so rich you go and fight and defend your millions and your multi million dollar properties?

What about the millions of foreigners that are here taking the good jobs from the citizens and beating up citizens when they are unhappy? Are they going to help out in defending the citizens against terrorism? Or are the citizens supposed to defend, fight and die for these foreigners?

We have a fractured and fragmented society to the extent that to each his own, you die your business are the new normal. No one owes you a living is the mantra of the day. It applies both ways, not just one way.

What terrorism? What have the losers got to defend for, what have they got to lose? ‘Everyone has a part to play to keep Singapore and Singaporean safe’. What is that? And Vivian said, ‘The rise of nationalism, protectionism and the polarization of society in many regional countries have further exacerbated the challenges faced by Singapore.’ But these are other people’s problems. Singapore does not believe in nationalism, in protectionism, we believe in a borderless country, everyone can come here to live and work and to live in harmony. Singaporeans will protect them, their wealth and safety, even if these foreigners feel free to bash up Singaporeans for fun or for whatever reasons.

Singapore is a united people, foreigners and citizens will be protected from harm, from terrorism. Singaporeans will unite and stand together to fight terrorism. Not sure if the foreigners here think the same way.

How many people will be shouting, ‘You die your business’? How many people will be shouting,‘No one owes you a living’? How many people will be shouting, ‘Let’s stand together and fight together’?

Would the electorate vote for a politician to tell them he does not owe you a living? Why would the voters vote for someone to be paid in the millions only to hear him say, ‘No one owes you a living’?


Anonymous said...

// Would the electorate vote for a politician to tell them he does not owe you a living? Why would the voters vote for someone to be paid in the millions only to hear him say, ‘No one owes you a living’? //

Rb has dementia?

Anonymous said...

Some kongcums just did?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

// The slight problem here is that the people are so divided by how much they earned and how much they have that they have become water and oil. //

Own self pay own self sucks?

Anonymous said...

Everytime opens mouth only talk nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Without fail?

Anonymous said...

Everyone of them?

Anonymous said...

Walking corpses?

Anonymous said...

Soulless ZOMBIES?

Anonymous said...

( Useless ) Scums?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Living in this very very very crowded tiny tiny
tiny city state is like that lah.

U don't know meh?

U have to work n work n work n work n work n work.

Because they said "no one owes you a living"!

BUT, please kindly note that 70% said OK, thank you
very much and are very very very happy!



Anonymous said...

Only owes foreigners a living. Oso owes the foreigners to educate their children in the billions of good Singapore dollars.

Anonymous said...

"No one owes you a living".

I was thinking the same thing when PAP's Khaw Boon Wan and Josephine Teo said:
"Rail failures: Kampung spirit can help.
Citing the recent crash-landing emergency exercise at Changi Airport, Mr Khaw said he observed how various stakeholders at the airport worked together as one family.

"This is the kampung spirit that we must inculcate in every MRT station," said Mr Khaw, adding that Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo had suggested involving shopkeepers working in the station, so they can play a part in contingency plans.

"Such 'family-ness' will be important not just when there is a technical breakdown, but (will be) even more critical if there is a terrorist- led sabotage to our rail system," he said. He added that he has asked the Land Transport Authority and transport operators to consider the suggestion.
Is it true?
When the PAP government want Singaporeans to work for free, they will always say "Kampung Spirit".
When Singaporeans ask for help or free hospitalization, PAP Ministers will always say "No one owes you a living"

When Singaporeans need financial help, why does not our PAP Millionaires say "Of course we will help. Kampung spirit mah."

And still 70% Singaporeans are stupid enough to vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government may not owe Singaporeans a living.

But Singaporeans owe the PAP government "million dollar PAP Minister salaries".
And Singaporean sons owe the PAP government 2 years of national service at a peanut salary.

Anonymous said...

"No one owes you a living"

Does this mean;
"The PAP government does not need to help Singaporeans even though we pay taxes and their million dollar salaries"?

If PAP government does not owe Singaporeans a living;
Then why do we want to vote for them?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You can't fight CULTURE lah. You might think differently, but at the end of the day the culture will win.

"You die your business" and "No one owes you a living" is a cultural meme which is kept "alive" because the vast majority of people not only think these memes, but actually TAKE ACTION based on decisions which are steeped consciously or unconsciously in these cultural beliefs.

As it has been said: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, BUT AT FIRST IT WILL PISS YOU OFF!, and to a large extent that is true.

Once you accept the culture, Singapore can be an awesome place, if you allow yourself the "freedom" to embrace opportunity (to make money) and enjoy the fruits of your enterprise.

Singapore's domestic economy is largely CONSUMPTION BASED. Many people hate this FACT. But a fact is a fact and doesn't care whether you like it or not. But...you don't have to be a automaton and just "go with the flow" and become a over-consuming idiot. But the economy needs over-consuming idiots so that luxury goods and Orchard Road can power full steam ahead (but at a reduced rate for at least 5-10 years).

If you are Singaporean, you are already a "winner". Masses of people are trying to get into Singapore to get a slice of the action, many are already here and bangin' their way to "success" (whatever that means). But as a Singaporean Hotel Guest (no fixed address), one can have THE BEST of many worlds---i.e. you can use various nations' "sovereignty" in ways which benefit your own self interests.

What are you waiting for?

P.S.: to those of you who still believe "the world owes me a living", please ask yourself the question: "EXACTLY WHO is it, who owes me a living?". When you fid the answer, please share ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rail failures: Kampung spirit can help


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW, kiss your job goodbye. This is what I and a few other commenters have been saying.

Technology is deflationary. I LOVE deflation!

Don't worry, if you start now---knowing what is going to come---you could profit from it. Especially if you are Singaporean. Singapore's MAKER movement is growing rapidly.

For e.g.:

1. Google "3D printing Singapore", and you'll see a whole bunch of startups.

2. Recently I purchased the latest Arduino boards and knick-knacks and was pleasantly surprised to find out the enterprise was started and run by a group of very young Singaporean guys (early 20's) working very hard in their tech park premises, and obviously well on their way to become multi millionaires before they are 30. These young fellas exude the idea that "the world doesn't owe me a living", and the older folks who complain should hang their heads in SHAME for setting a BAD EXAMPLE. (fuck you, Entitlement-minded apek...faster die lah!! Up lorry, the sooner the better!!)

Have fun, and may the future reward you for your lack of entitlement mentality!

Anonymous said...

Caught On Tape: 1,000 Dutch Villagers Storm Town Hall In Anti-Migrant Melee


- nobody owes these Dutch villagers a living
- they solve their own problems.

These Dutch villagers did not waste their time to kpkb on the internet like redbean.
They did not waste their time to kpkb at Hong Lim Park like Roy Ngerng.
Real kampung spirit in action

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Dude, there is a difference. Since you read zerohedge, I'm assuming you're a CAPITALIST?

In Singapore's reasonably "open economy" (i.e. sorta "freemarket"), foreigners---some good, some bad---are here to contribute to the economy and to private enterprise's OUTPUT. Given all the pluses and minuses, overall, it is GOOD for wealth creation for those who like creating value for others (i.e. serving their customer/ the market)

In Europe, and specifically in this instance---Holland, Islamofascists sneak in with the refugees (may of them are not legitimately refugess but "opportunists") and impose a DEMAND on the cuntries social welfare, healthcare, security systems---which are all funded by the already highly-taxed Euro taxpayer.

But you are right: complaining on the internet does nothing. And Hong Lim rallies are just a plain waste of a good Saturday, where you could be at the Turf Club or "relaxing" in some "health centre". :-))

Anonymous said...

If a PAP Minister says 'No one owes you a living."
- what is he really saying?

Is he saying;
"I don't want to work to better the lives of Singaporeans."

Anonymous said...

@ January 20, 2016 4:00 pm

Or is he saying;
"I don't want to help Singaporeans." ?

Aliens he will help.
Billionaires he will help.
Rich businessmen he will help.
But not Singaporeans.

true or not?

b said...

Gov owe us a living. Gov must attract investment and create jobs. That is the main objective the people are paying the gov.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when it comes to Changi Airport;
PAP government can plan 20 years ahead of demand.
Can build Terminals 4 & 5 20 years ahead of demand from tourists.

But when it comes to hospitals and old age homes for Singaporeans.
PAP government is 20 years behind schedule of demand from Singaporeans.

And still 70% of Singaporeans vote for PAP.
What a bunch of dumb fucks.

Anonymous said...

Why would the voters vote for someone to be paid in the millions only to hear him say, ‘No one owes you a living’?

RB, because to the 70% Sinkies who voted for PAP, the opposition not being ready to be govt is worse than PAP saying to Sinkies ‘No one owes you a living’. That's why.