National Day a day of mourning

How many countries would celebrate or mark their National Day as a day of mourning? 26 Jan is the National Day of Australia but also the day of mourning. Here is why.
Sydney, Australia - For many Australians the national Australia Day holiday is a chance to celebrate their country with a day off from work and a drink. For Indigenous Australians, it is a day of protest and mourning.

Several thousand Indigenous Australians and their supporters marched through the streets of Sydney to protest at what they have renamed 'Invasion Day', which marks the 1788 establishment of the first British penal colony.’ Al Jazeera

Now you know why. Every story and event has two sides. The winner’s side and the loser’s side, the conqueror’s story and the defeated’s story. 26 Jan is the day the British, I think led by James Cook, landed Australia and robbed it from the native aborigines, then later gave the land to their convicts from England. Yes, the white Australians would celebrate this day just like the white Americans would celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the day Columbus landed on North America and robbed the continent from the native Red Indians.

The bananas have also been celebrating Thanksgiving Day and some may join the Australians to celebrate Australian Day without knowing why. To the natives of both continents, both days are days of sorrow, genocide and mourning. One side would be celebrating stealing the lunch of the natives and their land and killing them, the other side mourning for the losses of their land and people and subjugation.

Ignorance is bliss but also stupidity and looking silly. You may still want to ask why such events were not reported in the western media.


Anonymous said...

/// The bananas have also been celebrating Thanksgiving Day and some may join the Australians to celebrate Australian Day without knowing why. ///

Bananas are both good and bad.
It depends on how you use their white values.

Take Thaipusam in Singapore as an example.
The unthinking PAP government has not allowed music for 42 years.
Below is the official reason from a PAP Minister (Feb 2015)
You can follow his logic if you throw away your intelligence.

Then in March 2015, the Singaporean bananas joined the whites in celebrating St Patrick's Day.
To make a point, the Thaipusam Urumi drummers joined the St Patrick's Day Parade.
(Based on redbean's standard, the Urumi drummers must be bananas).


Fast forward to Jan 2016.

Live music at Thaipusam after 42 years


Under the slave culture of pure bred Chinese who blindly support the Chinese Emperor through thick and thin ... nothing gets done.
42 years and still no Urumi drums at Thaipusam and any public procession.

With bananas leading the way to freedom and new ways of interpreting culture;
Urumi drums are now allowed in Thaipusam after just one year.

Face the facts.
The Chinese culture is a slave culture.
A culture of rules, regulations and obligations.
No fun.
White culture is about fun and freedom.
If the Chinese people are ever to break free from our emperor, Chinese people must embrace the white culture.

The supremacy of the Chinese emperor is an intrinsic part of Chinese culture.
You can't break free of the Chinese Emperor unless you change some parts of the Chinese culture.
Take the chill pill.
Let the bananas evolve the Chinese culture for you.

Anonymous said...

You accusing our govt run by Chinese emperor?
Watch what you are saying.
Every time you post this kind of things a copy would be deposited in a file dedicated in your name.
It must be very thick by now.

Anonymous said...

@ January 31, 2016 10:06 am

Spoken like a true slave.
What I say is of course rubbish.
So there is a very thick file of rubbish under my name.
Why are you so excited over rubbish?

Anonymous said...

@ January 31, 2016 10:06 am
This Chinese slave is unable to handle an opinion that is different from his Emperor.
It sounds like his head is going to explode.
Warning! Warning!
He is being forced to think for himself for the first time in his life.

Anonymous said...

This anti chinese chap cheng kia bears a strong grudge about anything chinese.

Anonymous said...

@ January 31, 2016 11:35 am

I am not anti Chinese.
I am anti slavery.
The Chinese culture of Emperor-worship enslaves the Chinese people and that is what I am against.

Don't conflate Chinese people (who include enlightened bananas) with the Chinese culture of Emperor worship.
Chinese bananas oppose Emperor worship.

Anonymous said...

Example of Emperor Worship from Nazi Germany

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer

One of the Nazis' most-repeated political slogans was Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer – "One People, One Empire, One Leader".

Bendersky says the slogan "left an indelible mark on the minds of most Germans who lived through the Nazi years. It appeared on countless posters and in publications; it was heard constantly in radio broadcasts and speeches."

The slogan emphasized the absolute control of the party over practically every sector of German society and culture – with the churches the most notable exception.

Hitler's word was absolute, but he had a narrow range of interest – mostly involving diplomacy and the military – and so his subordinates interpreted his will to fit their own interests.


Anonymous said...

One People
One Nation
One Singapore
That's the way that we will be forever more.

Ein Volk,
ein Reich,
ein Führer
– "One People, One Empire, One Leader".

Anonymous said...

In his life, in his dreams, in his deluded self, there are still Chinese Emperors ruling this world.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Unless you've lived here long enough, you just won't understand.

Did the Brits do bad things to the natives? Of course they did. But in time reparations were made, compensation is still being paid, and everyone---regardless of culture or origin---has a DECENT SHOT OF SUCCESS in Australia.

However...there is BIG MONEY in promoting the on-going cultural fixture known as "White Guilt"---i.e. present-day whitey is guilt-tripped so badly that he can't wait to pay money to so-called "victims" for the wrongs of his drunk, religious and brutal ancestors.

So now you know why there was a campaign to "shock" white Australia on Australia Day---which apart from being effective, was in particularly poor taste.

Many people use this effective active-passive device in real life for the sole purpose of MANIPULATING OTHER PEOPLE. I know people who have been guilt-tripped for decades, and the only reason it stops is because their tormentor died.

Guilt-trip? Big "FREE" Money lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Back in those "olden" days, conquest of one tribe by another, or one city by another, or entire cuntrees and their peoples...this was pretty much the norm.

The Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginal were simply CONQUERED by the more technologically advanced and manipulative Europeans. Nothing will change that FACT of history. When you are conquered, the winning conquerors can essentially do whatever the fuck they like.

In those days there were no no UN or Geneva Convention or Human Rights Activist with Live YouTube connection to condemn the occupiers as "war criminals". In fact, there's no such thing as "war criminal". Back then, the idea was outright conquest, total OWNERSHIP, by any means necessary. The more brutal, the better.

The Romans had an empire for ~1200 years. All won thru conquest. The Brits had a global empire for ~400 years. The there's folks like Ghengis and Napoleon. Conquest was the dominant zero-sum game, and it was played with great zeal and fervour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. redbean, Nigger please! Just a head's up for you:

"Red Indian" is a derogatory and racist term. Don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself. The term "squaw" for a female Native American is particularly offensive.

Anonymous said...

There could be a national
holiday for a mourning day
in Sin.
Sinkies will be very happy
abt it