Najib negotiating for his exit?

I read a long report painting a very bleak picture of Najib’s political career and his impending exile but no country wanting to have him or to have anything to do with him. The report even mentioned his in laws in Kazakhstan had turned him down. I forgot the source of this report but it seemed so real, with suggestions that all the crimes of Najib are already on the AG’s table and waiting to be submitted to the court together with Najib in the dock.

In the media yesterday, Najib was all very well, seeking an audience with the Agung to remove the Chief Minister of Kedah who is none other than his nemesis’ son in Muhkriz Mahathir.  It was not Najib moving out but the Mahathir’s son, the last of Mahathir’s shadow in Malaysian politics. Najib is still on top of things and in full control of the mess he is in.

This political intrique is getting more interesting everyday. How could Najib being accused of so many wrongdoings and by the most powerful man in Malaysia even out of office, is still standing and kicking around, and kicking asses? In his heydays, a whisper from Mahathir would send everyone flying and the victims kissing dust. Why is it so difficult for Mahathir to remove Najib despite all the evidence he and his men had in their hands? And why is Najib getting stronger by the days and appearing to be the winner in this zero sum game?

Is it the Rosmah factor? Everyone has heard of how powerful Rosmah is and the infamous rumour of her dabbling with the occults. How much truth is there that the occults could have such a powerful influence in the politics and staying power of a PM painted into a corner?

Or are the days of the Mahathirs coming to an end? Could the past excesses of Mahathir be the main factor of his undoings, that the palaces are now more inclined to favour Najib than the man that clipped their wings and now it is pay back time for Mahathir? The ruthless and arrogant disregard of the dignity of royalties, no matter how well meaning, would still be regarded as an affront and an act of disrespect and insubordination. Now Mahathir is not going to get the support that he desperately wants from the Agung and the royal houses. It is game over for Mahathir. No matter what sins Mahathir wants to pin on Najib, no sin is greater than the sin of trampling on the dignity and power of the royal houses.

Now, who is fighting for his life, Najib or Muhkriz and Mahathir? The victor is not going to be kind to the loser this time as the stakes are really high and any softness could prove fatal in a rebound. Who shall walk again and who shall be in exile? The verdict would be out very soon.


Anonymous said...

Boleh? Boleh! Boleh?

Yes! indeed getting very very very interesting!

Must respect this man! Man Of Steel!

Still ok and as-per-normal!

Well done! Well done!

Boleh? Boleh! Boleh?

We shall see.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I tell you, dun underestimate this Najib fella.

Remember "Orang Minyak" (oily person) back in the day? Guys would strip down and oil their body, and then proceed to steal stuff. Because of their oiled bodies it is very difficult to catch and restrain them. Nowadays, police will just Taser® the guy, and fuck him up.

Najib is like Orang Minyak. He has the ability to slip out of precarious situations...

Virgo 49 said...

Phosphey that Aconyn RAHMAN

Ends N with Nasib, oops Najib.

So after this PAS with UMNO or DAP with Bokok Eye will rule W.Malaysia.

Sarawak and Sabah will join Singpapura.

He'll a jar.

Anonymous said...

Because Mahathir does not have his hands on the people's money to buy his support unlike Najib.

Now, isn't this similar to what we have in Sinkieland? Which opposition party has its hands on the people's money to use for swaying the people's vote? Money talks and whoever controls the money controls the support. It never varies anywhere when greed and selfishness is the order of the day. And politics is the main beneficiary of such traits.

Anonymous said...

Like Grandfather's funeral;
Your Najib article is equally puzzling;
I can't seem to find the part where I am suppose to care.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Najib the magician, or is it Rosmah, is clear of all charges. Najib is innocent.