Living at the Edge of Tomorrow

I began last year into a new cycle of my life
Towards the light of truth.
Living a life by choice, not by chance,
Listening only to my inner voice,
Not the random thoughts of others;
Without any delusions and illusions of false religions, myths, Superstitions, man-made beliefs, lies and more true lies,
Or the false promises of competition and domination,
Celestial hope and economic exploitation.

In 2016, I shall continue the pursuit of truth
Beyond conflated myths, facts, and fiction,
To discover the true faith that bridges there to here.
Faith has strengthen as unbelief & disbelief debunked,
Knowledge and wisdom overcome delusions & illusions,
Happiness discovered by sharing joy and well-being with others,
As life's journey continues at the edge of tomorrow;

In 2016 at the edge of tomorrow,
Many will wish that tomorrow will not come;
For them, tomorrow is a dreamy mirage,
A mere extension of their yesterday.

Wake up in 2016;
Make changes, not excuses,
Re-create your tomorrow
And banish tomorrow's inevitability
Of broken hearts and shattered dreams,
Of unrequited love and promises unfulfilled,
Of disappointments and pain.
Of lies and more true lies,
Of elusive happiness and dreamy mirages.
2016 shall bring new pathways and fresh challenges
And unimaginable opportunities;
Doors to unexplored prospects shall open,
Embark fresh journeys to the other side.

Seize the moment - carpe diem?
But, why?  No, wait.
Be patience - life is short, why rush through?
Life’s an adventure, not a race; 
Pause to smell the flowers,
Appreciate creation diversity,
Understand the multicultural palette
In life's awesome mix of trials and tribulations,
Embrace the mystery of pain and suffering
Along moments of rare joy and happiness.

Questions the very purpose of Creation;
Can there be peace without wars?
Joy & happiness without pain & sadness?
Abundance without poverty?
Living without sickness & disease?
Sharing without exploiting?
Collaboration without domination?
Loving without hurting or being hurt?
To live like no tomorrow?

Yes, we can.
Just giving from what we have;
Just be happy adding value for a little less profit;
Just being more gracious and less calculative;
Just be joyful to assist and serve without gain;
Just go make poverty history;
Just a little more love for your loved ones;
Just pray for the power of love
To vanquish the love for power.
Just choose to do the things that others won’t
So that you can always do the things that they can’t;

At the edge of tomorrow, peep into your future
To live for today like no tomorrow.
Today, surrender your desires, greed and ambitions.
Give up this life today;
Leave the life you have been pursuing
And embrace the life that has been waiting for you,
Letting go the things passed for they are past,
Free yourself and choose freedom for life.

Expect nothing in return,
Know that life is no house of cards,
Believe not in promises ancient or recent,
Gratitude is not a quid pro quo,
Your efforts are rarely appreciated,
Nor your brilliant talents discovered.
Least understood shall be your love
And you can be hurt only by those you love. 

Yesterday is past and finished,
Decide what your tomorrow can be
At the edge of tomorrow today.

Standing at the edge of 2016,
I look afar, distant, up and down,
Squinting my eyes for tomorrow’s light.
I could feel the wind across my face,
The breeze of hope from tomorrow, I ponder.
A distant noise beckons in my bones,
A rumbling, pulsing and purring voice;
So surreal and not seems human.
I could see it with my heart
And feel in my mind.
Filling the space of our distance from here to there;
Out of a sudden, I could see it
Staring back at me, oh my tomorrow,
The life awaiting me beckons;
And today shall begin again
The first day of the rest of my life
As I live the edge of tomorrow.

PS. The above piece is by Michael Heng and is a good start to the 2017.  My advice to most people who are deep into reading religious scriptures is to first understand the context in which the scriptures were written, the knowledge of the time and the intellect of the religious teachers or script writers then.

Any average graduate today would have accessed to far more knowledge and information about the universe and life and he should use this knowledge intelligently and not be awed by the ancients knowing how little they knew then.

The other point is that there is a very big difference between spiritual knowledge and the values of what is good and bad of wanting to live as a good person of God or religion. Spiritual knowledge must be acquired by spiritual training and is in a totally different realm and anyone who put into practice would acquire them. This knowledge cannot be acquired by reading religious text or getting a Ph D. And a practitioner without any academic training or learning, an illiterate, could still acquire it and be a master in his own right for knowing the spiritual world that a non practitioner or a believer would not know.


Anonymous said...

"Seize the moment - carpe diem?"

This is the Singaporean translation:
"Seize the money - diam diam eat the crap from the PAPigs."

Veritas said...

I want to carpe diem against bigotry. There are too many cowards and bigots around who will accuse truth speaker of spreading hate.

In fact, 18th century people have more balls than us. Voltaire make his bones by insulting Christian, whose has waged jihad against science, apostasy, gentile, Moros, Jews, and good man like Copernicus, Galileo, Michael Servetus, Giordano Bruno...etc

Unfortunately we are being brainwash by PAP and USA to be a bapoh, coward, chicken, pussy, and we need to be "sensitive" to the feelings to extremist.

In 1741, Voltaire write a play "Mahomet the Prophet" and was an instant box office hit, and continue to be screen until decades ago, when USA and white man decide to make their citizen pussy.

At 2006, the "Mahomet the Prophet" was nearly taken down to be sensitive to "Muslims".

The world is worse not better, because there is no Voltaire now. Veritas need to stick my head out.

Anonymous said...

Civilised and educated men and women of the 21st century blindly believing in the quack teachings of illiterates of two millenia's ago.

Anonymous said...

Are modern men more

enlightened than those

2000 years back???

Veritas said...

When Voltaire played Mohomat drama, the Catholic church fumed and accuse him of blasphemy, using Mohamet to satire catholic.

Today when Mohamat drama is played the Muslim accuse Voltaire of blasphemy...

After French Revolution, until 1980s, this drama can be played without much hooha.

The freedom of speech goes backward in recent 30 years.

We are more pussy than our parents.

Anonymous said...

Did the commentators actually read the awesome Post and visited the embedded links, I wonder?
Comments seemed to be quite unrelated to the messages.
Read with understanding, man!

Veritas said...

You never read my links.