Japanese history repeating itself

Historians read the past to understand what is happening today. There is another way of looking at history by looking at what is happening today to understand what happened in the past. The history of Japan during WW2 is still cloaked with controversies. Who were the real villains that led Japan to its barbaric invasion of Asia and South East Asian? The verdict at the military tribunal put the blame on the Emperor Hirohito, the father of present Emperor of Japan. Many members of the royal families were also found guilty, among them many princes who held command positions in the Imperial Army.

Did the tribunal nailed the real culprits that led Japan to the disastrous war or the Emperor Hirohito was made a scapegoat and the politicians and soldiers who wanted the war and did the butchering of the people they invaded? Emperor Akhihito is now touring the Pacific countries, including Japan and is showing remorse and repentance to the victims of the Japanese invasion and barbarity.  He acknowledged the crimes of Japan in WW2 but was not allowed to say much by the politicians, just like his father during the WW2. The Emperor was just a figure head if what is happening today was the same as the past. The politicians called the shot then and now. Japan was dragged into WW2 by the politicians and the soldiers, not by the Emperor.

While the Emperor and other members of the Imperial household have spoken about the horrors of wars, and feeling repentance over the criminal acts of the Japanese Imperial Armies and the politicians then, the politicians today are shutting up the Emperor and embarking a another mission to rearm Japan, tearing away the pacifist Constitution, and going around the world thumping their chests that they would want to engage in wars. They are building more weapons of wars and signing military alliances and supporting and agitating for wars.

Should Japan embark on WW3 and lose, the fingers must point directly at the politicians and Shinzo Abe and his gang in the govt. They are the ones that are pushing Japan to the path of militarism and war. The Imperial household has nothing to do with what the politicians are doing and wanting to commit Japan on a war path.

In the next war tribunal, the Japanese Emperor must not be made another scapegoat to take the blame from the politicians. The evidence is all there and mounting up daily, the deeds and words of Abe and his gangs of militants.


Anonymous said...

Woah !

Current Japanese Emperor not to be blamed in future mikitary tribunal ?
He will not be one unless his spirit can be summoned.

Will there be a need for tribunal if WW3 happens ? Maybe a century later and that will be meaningless.

Japan could very well becomes Loulan Quo should WW3 happens. Japanese today cannot be that foolish or rash like their forefathers.
They want to enjoy living in peace.

Do not be unduely worry.

Anonymous said...

After WWII, Japan was occupied by US and its constitution was changed.

Japan was not allowed to have offensive powers and it was only allow to have self defense force. A lot of the weaponary today in Japan Arsenal mainly consists of short range and non offensive weapons. eg. why its F15J is still the air defence variant F15C series.

This is very different from those days where it can design its own rifle, zero fighter, bombers, carriers etc....

Of course some asian neighbours are now worried that this Abe is changing the constitution to change the ban ruling.

On the contrary, China nows seem to be the intimidating one that bypass negotiation and participating in arbituary process while it is building its short range and long range offensive capability at a alarming speed. Reclaiming reefs and drilling in disputed waters despite protest goes unheeded.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys are looking for another 'jab' on their backside by the Japs without knowing it. The Japs are famous for their ninja style attacks by stealth.

By the way, the Japs are the foremost inventor of stealth technology with their ninja warriors, so don't credit the Americans with inventing it.