ISIS threat to hit American establishment worldwide

On 13 Dec 15, I posted an article War of Words and in one para I mentioned that the ISIS was threatening to hit American establishments world wide, ‘The most effective warfare today has turned out to be the War of Words. ISIS have just warned the Americans to withdraw its troops and involvement in the Middle East or else  they will hit at every 7 eleven stores around the world, or at any MacDonald or Kentucky fastfood outlets, or every Apple stores, Coffee beans, Starbucks or any American brand establishments worldwide.’

The attack on a Starbuck in Jakarta would make govts around the world take the threats of ISIS more seriously going forward. There will be more demand for security officers all over the world to protect American establishments. There will be more worries about patronizing an American outlet like Starbucks or MacDonald. How would this going to affect the business of such establishments?

Taking it easy, ignoring the threats would be compromising on security and safety of the customers and the staff. The threats have been carried out. Would it be repeated again, somewhere in some corners of the world?

Things are going to be very messy and life is going to be very inconvenient. Singapore better not take such threats lightly. The Indonesians learnt a bitter and painful lesson for not taking the threat seriously. Chinese New Year is around the corner. Would our security checks and patrols be stepped up? Do we have enough manpower and resources to provide such security covers? In an open society like Singapore, with so many American and western establishments it is not a small job to do.

Take heed.


Anonymous said...

There is no place to hide.

This is a cruel world.

Be thankful be grateful be happy.


Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, City above the clouds also got Starbucks, Coffee Beans.

Have to drink at Old Town. Old Town Americunts? Or Mark Lee??

Once a while after siesta, plan next target and have you have sleepless nights wondering where it coming from.

And your people put on brave front with placards declaring Ee are not scared. Deep inside you are all shit and pee scared.

Disturb the hornets nests.

Anonymous said...

What about Singapore?
Do Singaporeans face terror threats from economic refugees?
Singapore Court: Foreign expat escaped jail term after brutal assault on Singaporean student

Isn't it time for Singaporeans to take steps to defend ourselves?

Soldiers of Odin - Finnish patriots patrol streets to protect citizens from Aliens



Europeans stocking up on guns after mass sex attacks


Veritas said...

There are 2 kinds of Muslim countries. First kind is whereby they are so richly endowed naturally that they do not need to work. This countries will go into Islamofascism. The second kind of Muslims are those that need to work, or else they go into shit hole. The second kind will not go the way of Islamofascism.

Saudi and Malaysia belongs to the first kind while indonesia belongs to the 2nd kind. Indon Muslims being the most numerous have long been a betre noire among Islamic states.

If you are Saudi or Malaysian Malay, they can just sit home and relax, shouting jihad, teaching crazy crackpot theology, and they still can survive well, and even better than most people in the world. In Saudi oil just gushes out in backyard. In Malaysia, the entrepreneous and productive Chinese + Sarawak/Trenganu oil ensures Malay have relax lifestyle.

Islamofascism is the playtime for parasitic race.

Indonesia is different. She has too many population and she need to pull herself out of shit hole. Also her founding fathers like Sukarno are socialist, and from the very start, Indon has incorporated Chinese, as an ally of economics development.

These are reasons why Jihadhist hate Indon.

Jihadhist never attack Dubai, or Malaysia, but Indon got more than her fairshare.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as the US show "weakness" IS will strike and make a mockery of the once-great America.

Got Donald Trump?

Anonymous said...

ISIS are trying to destabilize US economy by launching attack against US company.

after 911 attack, US still never recovered from such economy crisis.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of Chinese in Singapore. Those who work for the money and mind own business and those who are up to mischief trying to divide Singaporeans by bringing in race issues even when there is none to start with.

The first type is as long as money come in, they are happy. They will usually complain about the pay and pay system from the PAP. The second one is a dangerous group. They will incite hate, distrust, envy and create division among races. They do that because they think that Chinese race is superior and others are lesser beings than Chinese race. So they concoct stories how it is always Chinese who prosper and the others are just riding free on the hard work of the Chinese.

Luckily, the second group is but a minority. Most Chinese Singaporeans just do their work and don't care about race politics. But we must be careful of the mischief makers. Some of them exist on this site which is a hotbed for Chinese chauvinists to create racial division.

Virgo 49 said...

Those Chinese who just simply worked for the riches and MYOB had already lost their souls.

Just as good as zombies.

Those who Kpkb are the ones who cares for the nation and fellow men and women.

Even now KFC and cabinet acknowledged that we must listen to diverse views.

For too long they had listened to 90.5 only the good things that they now had shits till the ceilings.


Anonymous said...

There is one more type, the 8:51pm type, no father, no mother, not sure who are their fathers and mothers and very vicious, only know how to blame other people but not dare to look at the mirror to see how ugly and sick they looked.

Anonymous said...

The 9.16pm is the mischievous type I mentioned. They cannot accept that there are Chinese who reject their divisive plan to divide races.

Anonymous said...

10.55, when you mentioned mischievous type I was thinking about the troll from a uni from down under who stalked female cybernetters some years back with his odious posts.