Hiring Singaporean first policy – the tale of two farmers by Dotseng

Below is an article by Darkness that is a good read for those who are concerned with the plight of Singaporeans in their own country before they become marginalized by the influx of foreigners.

January 25, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a greedy farmer in nearby village who believed it was a jolly good idea to bring in workers from a faraway land to earn more money – the greedy farmer had many reasons to bring in foreigners – firstly, they were all younger and fitter than those in his own village, hence they could work faster and longer and even offer better, betterer and betterest results for much less.

When villagers asked him pleadingly – why don’t you give us a chance to earn a living? The greedy farmer would often be heard recounting in the kopitiam, ‘I get a bigger bang for my buck by hiring these foreigners stupid! Besides you should not have such an entitlement mentality! Didn’t you know…no one owes you a living! Hahahahahahahaha!’

As these foreign workers swarmed the village, many of the villagers found themselves slowly displaced and marginalized.

Since many of the villagers could no longer find jobs, their skills slowly frittered away. And since without a job it was virtually impossible to pass on skills under a master and apprenticeship arrangement to the youths.

Eventually even the young started to leave the village for the cities. And since all the foreigners much preferred to repatriate 80 cents out of every dollar they earned back home rather than spend it in the village. Soon the local economy began to shrivel up as the shops closed down one by one. Eventually even the merchants packed up and moved along like a traveling circus. One by one the villagers began to leave for the city till eventually the village began to resemble a ghost town.

One day when the economy of the country collapsed due to the mismanagement by crooked politicians who claim to have received anonymous donations which are not actually donations….but I rather not write about it. As I don’t ever want to end in up in block 7 of IMH…..Dowan lah!

The currency of the country began to collapse in earnest. Soon the foreign workers began to demand higher wages from the greedy farmer. They would often be heard complaining, ‘now that your money is so small, it’s not worth it for us to work here any longer. As every time we send money back our wife’s and relatives complain no end that it is so little – so eventually even they decided to pack up and leave for greener pastures. And since there were no locals in the nearby village which had long since turned into a ghost town…no one could be found to work in the estate of the greedy farmer. As time went by the jungle overran the estate and it was no more….only to disappear like a piece of shit on a hot scorching day.

On the other side of the valley was another farming hamlet – there lived a wise farmer. This farmer did something very different when he brought in new migrants from other parts – for one he made sure every villager was first employed, unlike the greedy farmer who was only driven by the profit motive of always chasing the biggest bang for the buck.

The wise farmer valued relationships, so it was not unusual for him to even give out work to the locals even though he knew they were in some cases slower and more expensive when compared to foreign labor.

He would often be heard saying, ‘We are investing in the future…so we cannot measure progress in just monetary terms – after all if skills are not passed down from father to son, if they are not retained and sharpened in our community, then how will we harvest fruit in the future? How will we perpetuate our way of life? Besides we are a family, we must all take care of the old, young and the stupid. We cannot just leave them to fend for themselves – even animals don’t that.’

In this way, he was able to maintain the peace and harmony in his village and everyone, including the new migrants were happiest with the farmer – as even they despite their strange foreign ways were most welcomed by the villagers as since everyone was gainfully employed, the foreigners never once posed a threat to either the villagers way of life or their livelihoods.

One day when the economy turned to mud and all the foreigners left for greener pastures. The farmer gathered the whole village in the Padang. He told them all the brutal facts of life, we face very difficult times ahead….who will stand and fight with me?

The whole village told the farmer, ‘how can we not stand by you and fight… Where else do you expect us all to go? This is after all our home! If we don’t fight for home…..then what are we supposed to fight for!’

As for the foolish farmer he was last seen drinking himself blind while singing, show me the way to go home, like a broken violin…some say he was transformed into a frightened dog thereafter…if anyone knows or who has seen this dog…I mean person please drop me a line.

Dotseng aka Darkness


virgo49 said...

Singaporeans entitlement mentatlity is only for Nationl Slavery.

After which, No.One Owes U a Living.

Rich elites kids wearing tereton material uniforms. Rest chiong suaus ah!!

Cotton combat orders sleeping in trenches three days in a roll.

Thats why my nephew three sons all whole family emigrated to Cananda.

Anonymous said...

SG Evolution ! No Loyalty ! Wrongful Termination ! No Corporate Governance ! D I M Future ! Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

But DotSeng is not tell 100% of the story about the greedy farmer.

When the greedy farmer first started bring in the cheaper foreigners;
70% of the villagers supported the greedy farmer.

Yes. the farmer was a greed bastard.
But 70% of the villagers were stupid as fuck.
They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

The greedy farmer's trains (I mean farm) is now all broken down.
Last I heard;
The greedy farmer is walking around the village asking all the villagers to work for him for peanuts under the banner of "kampung spirit".

Anonymous said...

Greedy farmer sounds like
Agongkias and

jjgg said...

Story tellers always choose an ending to best their inclinations.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,

Since your site is called MSN - MY SINGAPORE NEWS, maybe can consider to accept selected contributors/ articles contribution on a ongoing basis .....?

Like that you can no need to over extend your creative juice at times when inspiration is found lacking ......?

Having said that, with the social, economic and political situations in the city of sins, how to run out of issues to write that runs deep in people's hearts, minds, souls, bodies and pockets .......?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 1:30,
Yes, I will accept contributions from anyone as long as I know who he is.
Can always send article to my email.

Anonymous said...

Sure, uncle RB, thank you very much.

Meanwhile will continue to enjoy the articles you write and the great company here.

Am not such a prolific writer like you so will at most "give birth" to one a month or there about.

Will email you as and when a "baby" is born ......

Meanwhile others can contribute to the "TFR" in MSN ....... :)

Whenever need to know the real stuff happening on the ground in sinkieland, this site is the place to click and visit regularly.

No need to pay $0.90 on every weekday and $1.00 on weekend to get brainwashed and maybe like some 70% let "water enter the brain" .......

Having interacted with some of the 70%, sad to say some could be semi-"brain dead" after letting too much water enter their brains liao .......

Think some need to drink more Redbean Soup to detoxify their water-filled brains .......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 2:04,

When I use the title 'mysingaporenews', the 'my' is meant to be all the contributors here. it is our news, the news we produced and the news we created. The 'my' is not just me, redbean, it is all the red beans.


Veritas said...

The days of LHL getting FT in is numbered. Goh CT and LHL is a mofos who strip mined Singapore, and mis-interpret population and property ponzi as economic growth.

The real reason of population ponzi is because EDB is able to get companies in and set up shops. This is no longer the case.

EDB is able to get company in because of our superlative infrastructure. With the rise of CHina, today, PRC cities have better infrastructure and bigger market. So no point investing in Singapore.

And our competitiveness is being eroded by high business cost, and whose top culprit is land price. Land price is high because PAP want to make their cronies rich.

However, Syria/Afghan Islamo and Hindus who is capable of rape and building shit will still be willing to come. Our elites may be crazy enough (no joke) to bring in jihadhist and rapist and see if our property price will rise.

Veritas said...

Face it, our minorities. Singapore is a rich and 1st world country due to an anchoring of Chinese culture. Chinese civilization is the ONLY civilization that is threatening the west and the west treats Chinese civilization seriously, and despise all other civilization, including Hindus and Islam.

The white man seers and sage have been predicting a rise of China during the worst abyss, and during the most hopeless era of Sinic civilization.

And Sinic civilization is going to save the world, not the western, Islamic or Hindus.

The ideology of screwing the people strip mining a country here is because all PAP are bananas, falling under the spell of western toxic.

Moving forward, I predict China becoming a benevolent state, nursing the old, feeding the poor, and giving education to everyone.

And I predict our frustrated minorities will keep bashing Chinese due to their rejection of good.

Anonymous said...

Credit should be given where credit is due.

Naming it "mysingaporenews" is a farsighted move; considering it was way back in 2005 .....?

Think multi-million supermarket multi-outlet chain "myCK" .......? It is a neighbourhood concept and "belonging" to all the heartlanders .......? "myCK" has something for "everybody" .......?

Uncle RB most likely thought of adding the name "my" himself? Heard some companies pay big bucks ( 5 to 6 digit figures ) for marketing gurus to just "add" a "my" to their original company name .....?

Talking of names, political parties come to the mind ......

Why call a party ice-cream or a torch/ flame? Does it connect with the majority other than being butt of the jokes?

Well, the next time a name change or new naming of political party comes around, think "BIG" ....... think "MSP" --- "mySingaporeParty" to connect big time to "mySingaporeanHeartlanders" and "myRedBeans" ......


Anonymous said...

For those with "political ambition", of course ......

For typical "RedBeans" ( the commenter included ), writing ( and blogging ) is the preferred medium and channel. ......

"MSP" ( "mySingaporeanParty" ) is just a FOC suggestion of a mass-appeal political name, just in case there are somemore "upstart politicians" ( in the future ) who fancy "entering the fray" ......

Anonymous said...

As for the ( articles ) contribution, one way forward is:

(a) ( Each contributor's ) Free-flowing ideas to write on current news and issues .......?

(b) Polling the ( frequent ) readers in MSN to gather ( their views ) what issues or which aspects to write?

(c) A combination of both (a) and (b)?

Any comment/ view ( on this aspect ) will be highly appreciated ( and valued ).

Anonymous said...

For a start, below are some issues/ aspects for ( all "red beans" and readers' ) consideration:

1) Economy - Domestic issues ( eg. Crowding out of private sector by excessive forced public saving, relevance ( and effectiveness ) of SkillsFuture initiatives in its current format ( is it another garment's initiatives DOA -dead on arrival - due to poor planning and implementation?), the real bullets sinkieland needs to bite in its economic restructuring and not another exercise in futility ( and public stunt? ) etc etc;

2) Retirement adequacy and health care;

3) Rebuilding of sinkieland's common identity ( national identity )

4) Social issues

5) Political issues

6) Education

7) Long term sustainability

8) ( The extent of ) Integration and Differentiation ( of sinkieland's economy ) in the regional and international economies ( for sinkieland to regain it's competitiveness and relevance ) .......

Of course the list goes on but the above are just some starters .....

Please feel free to add/ contribute ( to the list and keep the feedback coming if possible ) .......

Not expecting much but if there are some heads up or feedbacks ( to kick off ), it should make the journey ( together ) more meaningful ........


Anonymous said...

Again RB is trying hard to sow discontent and frighten his readers. This stupid farmer is a figment of RB's imagination. The PAP government has appointed the smartest people to steer the economy of Singapore toward the next 50 years or more. Singapore is in safe hands. Do not fret RB, things will be fine. Please do not be so kiasu and kiasi. OK?

Anonymous said...

Arrogance precedes a ( heavy ) fall .......

Karma is a bitch. ......

Think ( very carefully ) before YEW commit ( more sins ) unnecessarily. .......

One way or another, YEW can't escape karma .......

Look at how ( many ) evildoers suffer ( terribly ) for prolonged period in the last few years of their life till their last breath before YEW proceed to commit more evils again. Think ( very, very ) carefully. .......

Karma is a bitch ...... that shows NO mercy for chronic evildoers.

Anonymous said...


In the above-mentioned article in TRE, it highlighted:

1) "The only way I see the government being able to solve our economic woes is to keep the density of the population lower so as to reduced the pressure on our land resource which is the major cause of the high cost of living and not matched by the rise in our wages, except for the PAP Civil Servant elites who can pay themselves what they like with tax payers’ money and live off the tax payers with their totalitarian rule."

Anonymous said...

For the above point (1), this is something mentioned many times by commenters in MSN and very succinctly enunciated by the writer in the above-mentioned article in TRE.

The solution ( suggested and ) implied by the writer seems fair enough and if papigs willing, they just need to unwind the flawed policies mentioned.

Ha ha, the problems for the papigs ( and the City of Suns ) may lie in how to unwind without HUGE REPERCUSSIONS AND RAMIFICATIONS reverberating throughout the economy?

Anonymous said...

What problems?

They are akin to the arrows in mid-air?

How to recall the arrows already shot and unwind the damages ( caused by some flawed policies )?

Anonymous said...

Further in the TRE article, it mentioned:

(2) "And the only way to keep our population density under control is to upgrade our economic model to rely on one based mainly on high value-added industries and weed out the relatively labour intensive lower value-added industries, both in manufacturing as well as in services."

This is a good point until YEW look at how can papigs achieve it ......?

Anonymous said...

Several of the labour intensive service sectors are intertwined with ....... ermmmmmmmm. ......... ermmmmmmmm. ......... the two giant casinos built at a cost of about $10 billion each ......?

Anonymous said...

How can papigs roll back such ( flawed ) policies?

Abolish and demolish the 2 casinos and the integrated resorts?

Just like a hardcore drug addict heavily into their addictions for many years, how to ween them off the addictive stimulant without ( serious/ fatal/ intensely painful ) withdrawal symptoms or cold turkey?

Anonymous said...

Another point brought up in the TRE article:

(3) "For that to happen, we have to do away with the robotic rote-learning PAP education system that cramped the minds and creativity and expression. And not least, do away also with the stifling on our ability to express ourselves by the PAP regime."

Firstly, for the few measures to happen in point (3) above, the sun may have to rise in the west tomorrow?

And even if the education is revamped on track ( which means the sun setting in the east which is ....... not going to be. ....? ), the labour-intensive industries such as those in the services sectors cannot just be wished away or forcefully ejected from the economy without "fatal" withdrawal symptoms or serious ( and unacceptable ) consequences, ramifications and repercussions in the economy?

So there YEW have it, the elites had dug several deep holes and going forward, how to climb out, cover the holes one by one without the economy falling apart, assuming they know exactly what remedial measures to take?