Hillary Clinton to be indicted!

John Harding seems to be very well informed of such exciting news. He is working on a leak that Hillary is going to be indicted by the FBI while I am working on a story on how to get Hillary to run in the next GE as a candidate for the opposition parties.

John Harding is still working on his story but I will just quote this from his blog.

Obama does not want to be linked to Hillary Clinton as the Benghazi attack was staged by a State Department hired jihadist security outfit in connection with and as a cover-up for the transfer of Libya’s vast arms cache to al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.’

This is bizarre news. If true, Hillary’s ambition to be the first female President of the Empire will go up in smokes.

Wow John.

PS. This is the strength of the American democratic system when there is real separation of power, where a rogue executive, even the President, can be indicted, not only a Secretary of State. And they don’t suka suka change their constitution because someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or someone had a nightmare.


Anonymous said...


It was in the News about the
Possible Indictment of Hilary

There could be some dramas
unfolding before your television
news in time to come.
Maybe Obama could be in the
Lead Role as well.

Americans are very lucky, any
of them who creates news that
can rake in big money in movies shall be greatly rewarded by movie
makers, including rogue politicians.
And the Movies shall keep them in
perpetual repute in history too.
Charm life of infamous politician.

Anonymous said...

Neither candidate ( Hillary or Bernie Sanders ) might stand good chance against Trump ( assuming no surprises in the final Republican nomination ) in the end IF the current ( US ) economic wind continues to blow in present direction.

Veritas said...

Sunni Islamofascist are dogs of USA. I have long predicted that, and I am the only and first one saying this in SG. Sunni Islamofascist including Malaysian Malay are only good in mind masturbation.

Sunni Islamofascist are here to destroy Sunni religion, and make themselves clown of human race, showcasing everyone a perfect example of scumhead.

The only match of Sunni Islamofascist is Hindutva or Brahmin, but Sunni Islamo is so bad that I am not sure now who is champion human scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Simply bcos the FED has to act and "pump" out the massive "excessive greenbacks" out from the "US system" ........ as "it is almost impossible to unwind it domestically" ........?

Anonymous said...

And therefore the "wind in the sail" of the US economy would continue "to tamper off" and "market retreat deepen" .......?

Veritas said...

I doubt this is a strength of USA democracy. Every single check and balance that bring elites down are actually turf war of elite factions.

Basically every single elites are psycopath and criminals and commit horrible amount of crime against the people, including PAP. It is not due to justice or democracy that bring these criminals to justice, but due to fighting among elites.

Hillary may need to be brought down. Unlike Obama who appears more or less reluctant in many criminal activities and who is forced by circumstances to do bad, Hillary appears to be actively engaging in atrocity.

By going overboard, she has angered rivals.

Anonymous said...

On another perspective, something "revolutionary" might occur in course of "global economics" .......?

Anonymous said...

Bad leaders r black holes...

Anonymous said...

Infighting and rivalry are normal in politics.
That's why, Sinkies must be happy and proud of themselves that harmony is well maintain by their leaders with the people though the population is made up of multi racial and cultural diversities.
Kudos to the PAP!

Anonymous said...

In a comprehensive households and businesses survey before the GFC around 2008, out of the total US currency ( USD 750 billion in 2008 ) in circulation, only one-third stayed within the country?

Anonymous said...

In around 2008, 2/3 ( about USD 500 billion ) of the total US currency is outside its borders.

Anonymous said...

If there is a way/ mechanism to "help" the FED print more but yet make plenty of the ( US ) currency been kept abroad, then it ( will ) kind of act as a mechanism to continue their ( unsustainable ) fiscal and monetary policies much more ( indefinitely ) and ensure many economic ill-effects are kept at bay for as long as they can .....?

Anonymous said...

There is yet something quite "revolutionary" that can ( potentially ) occur in the "global economics" after this Nov US Presidential Election?

May "talk" about it another time though ......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean, who is consistently WRONG on this:

>> This is the strength of the American democratic system ...

Err... the word "democracy" never appears in the US CONstitution, not even ONCE. America is a constitutional republic (like Singapore) made up of a federation of independent states (like Malaysia).

Like the USA, Singapore's parliament functions as a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY---where the representatives are chosen by free elections, and they make the laws and policy in parliament (in the US: the senate and the congress) by voting. i.e In Singapore MP's are chosen by the people by free elections, and the MPs, as representatives vote democratically in the parliament.

Anonymous said...

70% peasant Singaporeans are happy to live in harmony with the PAP natural aristocrats.
Happy in the promise that if they can afford the private tuition fees, their peasant children will become scholars and join the PAP aristocrats in PAP's meritocracy.

The stupid 70% seriously believe that they can afford to hire the same good private tutors that the PAP aristocrats hire.
- Singapore's Imperial Exams
- it's only a level playing field if you can afford the private tuition
- it's only meritocratic if you believe all schools are good schools. And all teachers are good teacher

Anonymous said...

Must agree with this enlightened specimen. The American did not elect their representatives and not even their president. America is not a democracy.

Veritas said...

There is no longer any SG imperial exam these days. Before we follow the China stupid and honest imperial exam. PAP hates it because their kids now need to compete heads on with peasants. So more and more "holistic" metrics and being introduced. Actually the holistic metrics are always there, for example in medical school admission.

You may score all As in A level but an idiot from rich family will gain admission in medical school. The reason, is his parents sponsor him a volunteer trip in Africa, and this guy write about bullshit on how much he suffer, and how many life he as impacted.

Then the admission panel will say the peasant kid is just a geek but the rich kid is holistic with many humanitarian touch.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ the story is wrong lah:

>> Obama does not want to be linked to Hillary Clinton as the Benghazi <<

The FBI investigation into Hillary is confined to her using a private server to send and receive classified emails. It's got nothing to do with any alleged shenanigans in Libya, or secret arms deals with known terrorists...those are separate issues.

The noise over Hillary's indictment by the FBI is coming from Tom Delay, who as a republican, may have "biases" against Hillary as she is a democrat.

Hillary says she never used her private server to send and receive classified info/ intel. And so...just allow the FBI to conduct its investigations and do through computer forensics

A shout-out to my fellow nerds who use Kali Linux: let's see how the FBI professionals cook in their kitchen!

In Hindu mythology, the female deity Kali ("The Black One") is also known as the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.

Hillary, beware the might of Kali. If you're lying and hiding the truth, Kali will destroy you.

Anonymous said...

This is a real wicked woman.

virgo49 said...

Thats why even husband prefered to push cigars into other women's black hole of calcutta rather than hers.

Anonymous said...

One potentially "very bad" side-effect if Trump becomes the next President is on sinkies pockets?

Anonymous said...

Bcos Trump is a billionaire?

Anonymous said...

How much would the elites remunerations need to be adjusted ( exponentially upwards ) to make them feel dignified ( enough ) when they "rub" shoulders with him on the international stage?

b said...

Hillary and Obama true masters are the globalists that go around plundered countries and make themselves rich. Just look at all those poor kids being forced into prostitution, that is one result of their evil doing. The world needs to get rid of these people.

b said...

These globalists are also fond of using islamists to achieve their purpose of destabilization and depopulation. Just look at europe mess now.

b said...

'"Pope Francis embraces girl after she asks: 'Why does God allow children to become prostitutes?"

- The answer - these politicians collaborated with the globalists to plunder the country and thus the poorest in those countries will get the full force of those plundering activities.

Veritas said...

I am highly suspicious that Jews are behind all these Islamofascism. Many people think Islamo hate Jews... wrong.

Islamo including Malaysian Malay are schizo, who hate jews at one hand, while their elites suck jews cock like nobody at another.

The real Muslim patriots are enemies of Jews, such and Gamel Nasser.

When Hitler came to power, he believe how Jewish financial backstep Germany. Jews can be easily single out, because there is no other significant minorities.

I suspect Jews then got the idea of bringing in shithead Muslims, to divert attention. Jews then hide behind cover of Muslims. So long the Christian cannot do anything to Muslims, Christians cannot do anything to Jews.

Today in Europe, Muslims are king. All rape cases are being downplayed, and to the extend to victim blaming. When white women got rape, and vagina full of muslim cum, the white police will say serve these women right.

And white are being ask to alter their lifestyle like so avoid the "sensitivity" of Muslims. And when white patriot speak up, they are denigrated as racist.

Veritas said...

Today Islamo in Europe and just rape and pedophille, and everyone must be "sensitive" and "tolerant" to their shit ways. Few days ago, a virgin white girl was rape in Germany by Islamo and instead of going after rapist, Germany police quicky claim the girl do it out of love. (Not even statuory rape is filed)

The only place not welcoming the Islamo are Eastern Europe, whereby Jewish influence is not that strong because they have not been occupied by USA after WW2.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

Anonymous said...

// This is bizarre news. //

Are YEW referring to the outcome of the election in 2015?