Green men and green potatoes

Someone is reported to have encountered green potatoes in his fridge. Luckily not little green men.  The first remark he got from a ‘doctor’, dunno from where, quack or qualified from our world class medical school, the potatoes turning green could be due to Agent Orange. Why Agent Orange turns purple sweet potatoes not to orange but green, I really dunno.

It is a frightening thought if Agent Orange is among us, in our supermarket, in our food chain. If you have seen those children in Vietnam and the US affected by this
Agent you will flip if you discover that you have taken food that may be tainted.

In this case, not to worry. AVA has assured the public that the green colour ‘could be due to a “natural occurrence, when the water soluble pigments in the cooked sweet potatoes are exposed to air”.’ I dunno how long Vietnamese agricultural food, like vegetables and fruits and meat have been in our system and been consumed by the people here, so far no cases of Agent Orange deformities has been reported. So must be safe to eat food from Vietnam.  The AVA is also reported to have assured the public that food imports, including Vietnamese sweet potatoes, are regularly tested for chemicals and other forms of contaminations.

Anyway I choose to avoid Vietnamese food products exposed to water and soil in Vietnam. I can’t shrug off knowing that the kind Americans had poured millions of tons of chemicals to fertilize the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War, and Agent Orange was the most popular of the human fertilizers.

My advice of women conceiving babies is best to avoid food from such sources.  Foetus are highly susceptible to all kinds of chemicals. Just a personal opinion.  It is safe or else AVA would not have allowed them in, just like the millions of foreigners, all very safe. And all have passed the stringent test, including checks on their degrees and certificates. All very safe, food, vegetables, meat and migrants.  The Europeans are also welcoming the migrants happily and in big numbers, though not as big as ours, and all very safe. They only need to integrate them like the way we do and all the teething problems will be over in due time.

Dunno if European countries are importing food from Vietnam or from Fukushima.


Anonymous said...

The problem with daft Sinkies is that they always believe anything that passes through the hands of the PAP is safe, until.... Of course, they will then find scapegoat to blame for anything wrong and the daft Sinkies will take it lying down and everybody lives happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

70% of Singaporeans trust the PAP brand.
So if AVA or PAP say the food from Vietnam is safe ... then that is good enough for them.
No need to think or use brains anymore.

Hence my old joke:
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

PAP voter: "I don't care why the chicken crossed the road. If PAP says the chicken crossed the road, that is good enough for me."

Workers' Party: "When the driver stops the car. Then I cross the road."

virgo49 said...

Now Japan pressuring sinkieland to import more from apa puxc mah.

The CJ gonna amend protection laws for medical ligitation.

To protect their own professionals. Too many quakes in their mist.

You eat Agent Orange potatoes or imports from puki mah. No sueing please.

They cannot declared that Agent Orange caused by the Americunts.

Anonymous said...

The Incredible Hulk is most powerful when it turns green and many green with envy with it's incredibllity.
Consuming green potatoes might just produce some incredible hulks in Sin.

Some aliens reportedly arrived in some spacecrafts as reported in Today Paper front page. And You know what! Today Paper reported that alien uses english language leh. 'I heart Mars', quoted Today.
Now You know english is not just universal, it is cosmological.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you keep the potatoes long enough exposed to light, they will turn green.

Applying Occam's razor: "Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the simpler one is usually better. "

For e.g.: if you cannot find your car and house keys, to hypothesize that "Aliens flying in spaceships took my keys" is probably not as good as a "theory" compared to "My keys are where I left them last, it's just I can't remember where."

Green potatoes are not "toxic" unless consumed in VAST quantities. Just peel off the skin and cook. Next time keep potatoes in the dark---in a cupboard or bag, not in the fridge.

Agent Orange? Motherfucker, that "doctor" is cray cray!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Food from Vietnam is probably safe, so don't worry. Once in awhile there will be a "food scare" and can happen in any cuntry. For e.g. there have been real outbreaks of e. coli in the USA and cases of contamination can occur anywhere.

The point is we DON'T KNOW how our food is grown or produced. The best you can do is to be reasonably aware and vigilant. However if you want to live your life in a state of fear, that's up to you ;-)

Anonymous said...

We used to produce much of our own foods before the 60s.
Now, Sinkies are at the mercies of the
Exporters and Suppliers abroad for most essentials including water.

Anonymous said...

If we can eat Fukushima rice , I see no problem in the potatoes. Fukushima is recent
and young women visiting there better be careful. It may affect your your babies
when you get married later.

If we are careful we should not eat all Japanese food at all.
The radiation from the two bombs dropped there create a lot of radiation.

It will take 10 to 15 years to feel the effect of radiation.

b said...

Europeans are exporting potatoes not importing. Food importing into europe are mainly for the ethnic minority. Potatoes turning green is a sign of toxic, to play safe, just throw them away, its not a diamant . Preventive better than cure.

Anonymous said...

Really smart people like Darkness have been asking the Japs to eat their own produce instead of exporting it.

Anonymous said...

Darkness told me while the government approves of shipments of food that test below 100 becquerels (units of radioactivity) per kilogram, lower than its original 500 Bq limit (and in line with global standards). But even the farmers who grow these produce don't ever eat it themselves. They don't mind selling it to others. But the farmers who grow this same produce never eat it or allow their family to do so. Darkness said many farmers in Japan have committed suicide as they feel it is not right for their own gov to export their produce. Many he said are honourable men who take pride in their labor so many prefer not to farm poison food, they rather clean toilets.

Does LSL eat fukushima produce?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with eating Fukushima food?

We drink sewer water because the gahmen tells us it's safe don't we?
We give up our jobs to Aliens because gahmen tells us it's good for Singapore don't we?
We fuck to make babies because the gahmen tells us to do so don't we?

So what's wrong with eating Fukushima food when the gahmen tells us it's safe to eat?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong. Just eat it yourself and tell us more. You may even get a national day award for bravery.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Guys, You do realize by now most people in Singapore have ingested Fuku-carcinogenic produce? You're panicking for nothing...

...You also realize that everyone has cancer?

Now you know what it's like to be EQUAL! 😂😜

Anonymous said...

Anything affliction or growth that cannot be explained or diagnosed is called cancer. Got it?