Elected President – The first LKY legacy to fall

There is an article by a Cynical Investor in the TRE titled ‘Wanted President – Must not embarrassed the PAP’. In the article the author quoted the finest thinker in Singapore in Kishore Mahbubani raising the issue of electing a rogue President that would make life difficult for a good govt. I will not discuss why it should not be the other way, ie, a good elected President making life difficult for a rogue govt. In Kishore’s argument, probably the same thinking as the power of the day, this concept of an elected President has outlived its usefulness and must be discarded for good, and be discarded quickly before the next election is due for another elected President.


How could a care taker govt, some said a ‘jaga’ president, that hardly had any power other than the so called power of the second key to open the nation’s reserves, be able to make things difficult for an incumbent govt?  A ruling govt could easily get rid of a rogue govt when it is confirmed that a rogue is in the Istana.  Luckily we don’t have that experience since 1969. Why is this fear being raised at this time when no rogue president has been elected? How is it possible to elect a rogue president when the criteria to be even qualified to stand for election is so stringent and all holes covered?


But that is not the point. The very thought of removing this Elected Presidency is akin to heresy. Do those people objecting to this concept of an Elected President know whose idea it was? Are they going to tear away such a great idea before his body turn to dust? This thought is simply unfilial and disrespectful. Don’t even think about it. This is a legacy of LKY. Are the people objecting to the Elected Presidency saying or thinking that they are smarter than LKY, that they can throw away his great idea and legacy so callously?  It is so easy to create fear, fabricate fear, like the Americans creating fear everywhere to incite wars and sell weapons.


Why don’t they say the current political system could risk the daft electorate voting a rogue govt into power and that the system must also be changed? And if a rogue govt comes into power, it is imaginable that it would put many behind bars. Now, would that be dangerous, more dangerous than a rogue and one man president?


Let’s see who is arrogant and disrespectful enough to destroy the legacy of the father of modern Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Cause chance if there is a presidential election the pap candidate will not win due to two reasons. 1) the candidates get smarter so sambo king candidate like kl will not participate anymore since loosing his shirts 2) the voters got smarter that since they have given the government a strong mandate better have a small check and balance.

Virgo49 said...

Last time they said Elected President to jaga backside or take care of Rogue Government.

That time only 61 per cent.

Now they scared the Elected President jaga their backside. Now 69.9%.

So now they scared they are the Rogue Government???

Anonymous said...

// Let’s see who is arrogant and disrespectful enough to destroy the legacy of the father of modern Singapore. //

1988 Elected President Debate Part 1/5


Anonymous said...

Good garment scare of rogue president?
Rogue garment scare of good president?

Anonymous said...

// Why don’t they say the current political system could risk the daft electorate voting a rogue govt into power and that the system must also be changed?//

1988 Elected President Debate Part 2/5


Anonymous said...

The problem is not rogue govt or rogue President.

The problem is that all the choices available are rogues.

So like that how to choose? Choose the least rogue one lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

// This is a legacy of LKY. //

1988 Elected President Debate Part 3/5


Anonymous said...

// Are the people objecting to the Elected Presidency saying or thinking that they are smarter than LKY, that they can throw away his great idea and legacy so callously? //

1988 Elected President Debate Part 4/5


jjgg said...

What is a rogue government ? Is it one that taxes the electorate through all devises? Is it one that collects revenue way beyond its needs to run this 225 sq mile dot? Is it one that curtails the expression of its people through the courts n numerous licensing powers? Is it one that splashes the tax revenue on lavish projects? Is it one that's raking in billions by allowing casinos, overturning its own policies of unfettered gambling? Is it one that allows a state corporation to be run like somebody's petty cash float? The list can go on n on...you mentioned LKY's legacy...here's an interesting footnote...while LKY was alive n about the time of his death..his numerous voluminous books adorn the bestseller list etc..check out the St Times best sellers list a month after his death...be in for a surprise...hehe. I think his legacy disappeared along with his books....

Anonymous said...

How can a President be a "rogue" President when he is elected by majority vote?

Not every Singaporean is allowed to run for President.
An "independent" conmittee decides on who is allowed to run for President.

So with such a stringent qualifying criteria.
And further double checked by a conmittee.
And lastly subject to a popular vote.

How can any elected President be a "rogue" President?

Anonymous said...

Some say already got rogue govt.
Depends on definitions.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.34

Thats right. Thats why Han Fook Kwang got so frustrated by the daft electrorate that he is now bald.

He suggested they go back to 1965 where all are single seat constituencies. The daft sinkies Ah Qs does not think and appreciated who are lien chai and who are duds shouting only kee chiu.

They voted the whole gang just because they loved one of them.

So one to one maybe the AhQs will be not so complicated for them to choose.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If one believes in a true democratic process, then one should also hold the idea that ROGUES ARE ALLOWED, provided the people/ sheeple voted them in fair and square. "The people get the government/ cuntree they deserve" is a reality no society can run from. Eventually nations and their peoples live or die because of their culture.

Also, it must be clear where the main authority and power of the state comes from.

1. The "Best": from an elected parliament, and the adoption of the idea of "separation of powers"---i.e. the legislature, the judiciary and the executive---notice:- "Presidential power" is not included. The president is chosen by parliament, never, ever by the people directly.

2. The absolute WORST: a popularly elected president, chosen by the people by ballot.

I've consistently argued that putting the role of president to the vote by the people will always be the worst idea EVER, unless you want your politics to eventually end up like Cuba, the US, and all other cuntrees where the popularly elected president is just like an emperor or a king, and definitely like A Dictator.

Unfortunately (or "fortunately" depending on your Weltanschauung) Singapore has chosen option #2.

The objective (but not yet in Singapore): The idea of a free society rests on HOW the people choose the authority to govern their cuntree, and the LIMITS on what the elected authority can do. Also power has to be spread instead of being concentrated---i.e. you have the state; parliament and the separation of state powers, then you have the GRCs, local councils, and the various social institutions like religious and secular institutions which have a long history of engagement with the people and the government. In that way, the prospect of concentration of power is limited. Yes, it still can occur, but with greater difficulty; and should it begin to occur, it can be readily stopped.

The Singapore culture: Singapore society is culturally wedded to the idea of a Central Authority to do the management and planning of the cuntree---essentially hybrid form of Confucianism.

Singapore voter is too busy many pots of money and having a jolly good time as a crazy consumer merrily frolicking in an environment of sexy materialism. They could care less about politics...just choose a bunch of fuckers, pay them lots of money, and task them with running the show, even if it does mean occasionally slapping down people who make too much noise and are apt to "spoil the rocking party". I have no problem with this. This is how 70% of the people feel, and it is 100% CONGRUENT with the culture.

The people get the cuntree they deserve---sorry to burst your flimsy bubbles of hope---NO ONE can change that.

Anonymous said...

Just do away with one of
them and the Risk Factor
is down by 50%.
Anyway who needs a

Anonymous said...

If a rogue regime
chooses its own
President and any
Other Office Holders.
Commonsense la.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1136

>> If a rogue regime
chooses its own
President and any
Other Office Holders.

Yes, this is possible. And if that's how the people choose---their rogue govt.---that's the way it should be.

You like democratic process? Then you have to understand that there is a possibility that the masses can make the "wrong" choice. In politics, right and wrong are relative and subjective. For e.g. you can argue LKY no good, but the majority of Singaporeans for 50 years have chosen PAP. So who is "right" and who is "wrong"?

>> Commonsense la. <<

No such thing lah, only in your imagination lah...

Anonymous said...

A rogue government is one
that pretends to be kind and
caring. It gives out sweets
and candies but makes the
Recipients buy and make the
Ingredients it(gov) sells at inflated prices.
Btw, 70% are happy recipients
of sweets and candies like kids.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> A rogue government is one
that pretends to be kind and
caring. <<

The stupid sheeple believe that the govt's role is to be kind and caring.

And so these people deserve to be hammered on the head with a heavy blunt object for being so stupid.

The role of the govt. is to govern the cuntree lawfully. That's all.

Anonymous said...

"Bowels Emptied! Women Molested!" German Media Reveals "Monstrous" CCTV Footage Of Refugee Pool Mayham


Do you think our PAP politicians should tell the German people to "reflect" upon their own behaviour?
Do you think our PAP politicians should tell the Germans that Aliens or Foreign Talents create good jobs for German people?

Anonymous said...

Tan Chuan Jin likes to use words such as "vile", "bigotry", "xenophobic" ......

He oso said old people "collect card boards under the hot sun and thunderstorms for exercise"?

Do YEW think he oso feels that what the foreign aliens did to those poor women victims oso good exercise for them?

Can YEW accept this type of logic and ( nonsense ) arguments from a very expensive politician ( who leeches on taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$ and 99.99% unlikely to get anything close to his current remuneration package if he ever get employed in the private sector )?

Anonymous said...

@ January 25, 2016 11:55 am

Why not the PAP politicians tell the Germans that the Aliens come from good universities?
Why not the PAP politicians tell the Germans that a 'Germans first, hiring policy" will adversely affect the German economy?

PAP - why you so quiet when it comes to Germans and Germany?
Only know how to talk lancheow to Singaporeans is it?

Anonymous said...

National Service - Another LKY legacy
New Zealand-Singapore dual citizen: National Service is a waste of time

A 19-year-old New Zealand-Singapore dual citizen is demanded by the Singapore government to serve National Service or face jail sentence up to 2 years.
Brandon Smith was born in Singapore with a Singaporean mother and a New Zealand father. He was raised in Singapore until the age of 8, where he left for Dunedin and has been living there ever since.

However, many Singaporean males who have gone through National Service are vindictive and demand new citizens with no affiliations like Brandon to serve NS. They believe NS is good for them and that they become “a real man” only after NS. Many of them have bombarded comments online demanding “equality” and made brash comments telling Brandon to “suck it up”.
Typical daft Ah Q Sinkies.
Blindly follow PAP's policy of equal misery for everybody.
Sinkies should instead support New Zealand and demand that National Service should be abolished for BOTH Singaporeans and dual citizens.

Equal happiness for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Sons of Millionaires should spend proportionately more time in National Service.
Since their share of Singapore is larger.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to doing National Service, the PAP Ministers will say it's all about serving the nation and kampung spirit.
When you need help from the PAP government ... do you think you will get help or get a scolding?

" The meet the people session has a large number of volunteers who would assist residents to write letters. The MP would only speak to people with highly difficult and urgent complex issues."

- does the Singaporean Ah Qs see anything wrong with this picture?
- if we have a proper well functioning social service and civil service, why is there a need to write so many ad hoc letters all over the place?

When the PAP government did NOT put aside a sufficient budget to help Singaporeans;
But can budget to give away free scholarships to Aliens
Can budget to spend billions on a Gardens By the Bay
Can budget 30 years in the future to build Terminals 4 & 5 at Changi airport

Why the fark 70% Singaporeans want to vote for these type of people I will never understand.

Anonymous said...

Inorder to create job many extra post need to 2b created...

Anonymous said...

Inorder to create job many extra post need to 2b created...
January 25, 2016 3:00 pm

Is it true?
The PAP government only creates jobs like "Minister of State"
And it is the Minister's job to tell Singaporeans that it is not the government's job to help Singaporeans.
Pay the PAP Minister a million dollar salary just to hear him say it is not his job to help Singaporeans.

What the fark.
I can pay Ah Q $10,000/year salary to do the same thing.
Or maybe train a parrot to also say the same thing.

Anonymous said...

What to do !

Fucking seventy percent

of goodu will pay for cardboard


Anonymous said...

Think hard and decide what kind of government entails the following -- rogue or whatever.

1. 90 MPs and ministers for a red dot of 600 over square Km,to entrench the party in power forever. All Chia Liow Bee. Waste tax payers' money and country's resources

2. Pay themselves sinful millions of dollars and relax in big aircon offices doing
nothing beneficial to the people.

3. Every ministry has two or more ministers doing what. So inefficient.

4. Gamble with peoples' money by investing in foreign and American toxic assets thus
losing hundreds of billions of dollars of people's money. There is no end in
spending and losing Other People's Money ( OPM )

5. Cover the loses by taking freely more of the people's money through COEs, GST,ERP
CPF. There is nothing wrong in taking more of the people's money, It is

6. No money. No problem. Sell national assets. PUB building sold. CPF building
sold, NOL building sold, NOL shipping company sold, Power Stations sold, SGX
building sold. What other assets sold? The list can go on.

7. Citizens become financial slaves. They work and work and pay and pay to no end.
Buy an HDB flat but the house is not yours. Yet pay almost half to a million dollars and enslave yourself to pay for life and become a financial slave to the government.

8. Get sick. You die is your business. Medical fees and hospitalisation is so
very expensive. Even you are sick and dying they still charge GST. No conscience
and ethics at all. Remember medisave is your own money.

9. Conjure up all kinds of schemes to take people's money freely. The latest
scheme Medishield Life. You pay until you die. You Can't pay they make your
relatives like children, brothers or sisters or grandchildren pay. Still can't
pay they send you to jail. This is all against Chinese ethos.

10. Encourage young people to get married and have children. Impossible. HDB flat so
expensive. Tax on baby milk powder very high.eg one tin of 800gm Similac is
almost $70. In Malaysia you pay only about 35 Ringgit

11. Petrol crude oil down more than 100% from $130 to about $32. The authority still sleeping. Cheaper petrol is hardly reflected in pump price at petrol kiosks. Greedy government still holding very high tax on petrol. People don't benefit at all. It has very high negative impact on cost of living. PUB electricity charges still consistently very high.

12. To start a business you need capital. But without any capital government just rake in billions of dollars from thin air from the people through COES, ERPS and GST. This impacts very badly on people's livelihood.

13. High stamp duties on properties bring in billions for the government and again without any capital outlay. This affects the people's cost of living .

14. Making Singapore an American military base is a dangerous shorted sighted affair It is tantamount to siding with the Evil Empire against China.



Anonymous said...

There4 we peple must stop betting in everything...

Don be better....

Anonymous said...

// In the article the author quoted the finest thinker in Singapore in Kishore Mahbubani raising the issue of electing a rogue President that would make life difficult for a good govt. //

( Fake ) Intangibles vs Real Tangibles

( Fake ) Flaccid Thinking vs Real Hard Solid Practicality

( Fake ) Thinker vs Real Life Action Lewd Tiger