Die, die, North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb

The world woke up in fear to know that the North Koreans have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. The North Koreans are going to bomb the whole world, or at least they will bomb South Korea, Japan and the USA. Quick, get ready to invade North Korea and destroy its nuclear problem before they build the bomb.

Today’s paper front page headline yesterday read, ‘N Korea H-bomb test claim sends shivers through Asia’. Japan going to boost up its military budget and raise its military alert to Red. It is going to the UN to condemn the North Koreans.

The Today paper also had an interesting comparison on the number of nuclear test by the respective nuclear powers. USA had 1.030 tests, Soviet Union had 715 tests, France had 210 tests, UK and China had 45 each. Now how many frightening tests did the North Koreans made that are sending shivers to the world? 4!

Talk of crying wolf or telling ghost stories to frighten the children? Who is more frightening? Who has more nuclear war heads to destroy Mother Earth? The Americans have more than 7000, China got 200, the North Koreans may have none to date.

So frightening man! The Koreans are so frightening man? Talking about the unthinking that want to believe in lies and propaganda from the Americans, Japanese and the western media. And though Japan did not test any, officially, how many nuclear warheads did the Japanese possess? They have many tons of weapon grade nuclear material in their arsenal.

Who is the greater fool? Oh, wait a minute, the North Koreans is going to nuke Singapore. Believe this as your own peril. For whatever reason I dunno. One thing for sure, if the Americans and their gangsters kept labeling countries as evil and kept provoking them instead of engaging them and bringing them to work as a member of the world civilization, they will get the enemy they painted and created. It will be a self fullfiling prophecy. The USA or Japan will be the likely candidate for the North Koreans to test their nuclear weapons when cornered.
Which country has attacked another country with nuclear weapons?


Anonymous said...

What can the world do?

No turning back! No turning back!

This is the world!


Anonymous said...

Singapore better build more caverns to protect its people in case North Korea will attack us and start to conduct nuclear attack drills so the people know what to do when there is a nuclear attack.

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about an engineering-challenged PAP government building a nuclear reactor here in Singapore.
Do you think a pro nuclear PAP government is more hazardous to Singaporeans than North Korea?

Do you think the PAP government can manage a small MRT network in one of the smallest country in the world that is Singapore?
Do you think PAP has demonstrated that they can be entrusted to operate a nuclear power plant in Singapore safely?


Singapore must be prepared to handle nuclear developments: Experts
While Singapore has kept its own nuclear plans on the back-burner, authorities need to engage the public and educate them on nuclear developments in the region, experts say.


Move to nuclear power needed if Singapore wants to cut emissions: Panellist



How do we know PAP's nuclear experts are any better than PAP's MRT experts?

Anonymous said...

We may be pumping the island with 3rd world rubbish, but once here they would turn themselves into super talents. And they will be the experts to work in our nuclear stations and double confirm sure no problem one. Singapore can go nuclear but will not have nuclear breakdown or breakout. 200 per cent guarantee safe. Have no fear. Bring the population to 20m, we can manage the power and water and the train system to perfection.

This is Singapore. Push button everything works.

Anonymous said...

Our super kilat system of ownself check ownself never fails.

Anonymous said...

Have faith in PAP.

Its' Leaders are Calibres
that money cannot buy.

Their expurtise and integrity
are beyond doubt.

Prepare to give them the
Mandate they deserve so

Cheers to the Great Future
of Sin.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the great leaders.
They deserve a big pay rise.

Anonymous said...

To answer your last question which no one answered yet, the American has dropped 2 atomic bomb on Japan which ends the Asia theatre of war.

Anonymous said...

To answer your last question which no one answered yet, the American has dropped 2 atomic bomb on Japan which ends the Asia theatre of war.
January 08, 2016 1:03 pm

Yes, and we should all thank the Americans for dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan.
Japan, like China, is an Asian society and culture.
All Asian societies exist to serve their emperor and state.

The Asian citizen exist only to their emperor and state.
The Asian emperor and state does very little to serve their Asian citizens.
Just ask any Singaporean.
Does PAP serve Singaporeans or do Singaporeans serve PAP?

Singaporeans have a better future as a second class citizen in America;
Singaporeans have no future as a first class citizen in Singapore under a PAP government.

Anonymous said...

70% of Stinkies are hapi to slave for their emperor.
There is nothing wrong to be loyal followers. In fact, it is virtuous to be loyal.
The Emperor maybe a despot,
but it does not mean he, she
will be short of supporter, crony
and adulator. Who is more responsible for a despotic regime?
The Emperor or his adulators,

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, the evil Japanese deserved to be nuked by the Americans. The Americans should have nuked Tokyo too.

Veritas said...

The existence of North Korea is due to China fault. Even if N korea is entirely peaceful, she is the shit of humanity, having created the Kim 1, Kim 2, and Kim 3 God, rivalling Jesus and mohamad.

And N korea has committed crime against humanity against her citizen. No one including RB want to be born in N korea.

N korea cannot be allow to have nuclear weapon because Kim Dog can bite anyone. Today Kim Fat may say that he got shit on by China and declare Jihad and start nuking. Vroom Manchuria got nuke.

Anonymous said...

If the most technologically advanced country, USA, is unable to control a methane gas leak since Oct 2015, ... do you think our PAP government is able to control a nuclear accident in Singapore?

Porter Ranch Gas Leak a Catastrophe Not Seen Since the BP Oil Spill

Doctors Urge California Residents "Leave Now...While You Can" As Gas Leak Fears Grow

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no problem if Singapore goes nuclear. We have the best super talents that are under used. Making them solve MRT problems is an insult to their talent. They must be made to solve nuclear problems and they will shine.

Their forte to solve nuclear problems is by setting up COIs and hiring foreign experts to solve the problems.

Anonymous said...

Haha. .......

Nicely 'putted'............

Anonymous said...

Paying people millions to form committees to solve problems. This is indeed an exceptionally rare skill, worth every cent paid.