Car free day, car lite society, healthy and happier Singapore

There were two forum letters in the ST on 5 Dec praising car free day and car lite society and how healthy and happier Singaporeans would be. The other letter wanted to make car driving more inconvenient, all for the purpose of discouraging car ownership and to encourage walking, oops, now taking public transport as a healthy and happier way of life. I can’t tell the difference between sitting in a car and in public transport except that the latter you would need to walk a short distance to the stations.

Anyway, this is the kind of Singaporeans that we should have for the future, very positive and very willing to change for the better. I can visualize what they would be thinking next to save the world and lead a healthier and leaner life. Eat less and exercise more. And they will also tell the govt to build smaller HDB flats to waste lesser of natural resources. They would probably sleep at 10pm every day to save on electricity. And they will even suggest to work less, or don’t work, to live better. Why work so hard? Living is good and people must enjoy life more instead of work and work.

Just hope they would not throw stones at people owning and driving cars to make it more inconvenience for the drivers, to encourage them to walk and stop driving. What would be the new slogan? Cars are bad, bicycles are good? Landed properties are bad, HDB flats are good, smaller HDB flats betterer? Oh, they may even say earn less good, earn lesser even better, cause no need to spend on expensive cars and big houses.

Singaporeans will soon lead a happier and healthier life without cars and without having to pay for millions to live in big houses. Teaching dogs to do silly tricks is easy. Teaching Singaporeans to think and act silly is even easier.

When would Singaporeans be shouting eat shit is good?


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS......World First Again!

We can be world FIRST again!

We can be the world first CAR-LESS country.

Yes! Absolutely no car in the country!

What is the use of being car-lite?

Let us totally be a CAR-LESS country!

Everyone! Including national office bearers!

Yes! No car! No car!

Save lands and money so as to house 20M people on this island.

"When would Singaporeans be shouting eat shit is good?"


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

How about a Free Car Day? Where everyone gets a free car, for one day?

Can be the first cuntry to do so. Again #1 lah, what do you expect? We're are Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, Sinkies are so daft and easy to con.

Tell money money no good and they will go around shouting money no good.

Tell them car no good, and they too will go around shouting car no good.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is just jealous because he cannot afford to own expensive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys or RR. Sour grapes lah. The elites of Singapore will drive their cars whatever you say. Using the MRT or the SBS buses is soooo uncool.

b said...

if cars are bad, the gov should take the lead to stop using cars. but there are so many nice big cars parking outside every gov building.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36,

Uncle owns a car. You can afford a car or not? If not go and suck your dick.

Anonymous said...

Politics is not nature friendly.at all!

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans own multiple cars in Malaysia and other countries which they travel to frequently. Some own landed properties as well.
Rb should or could do the same.