Australia rejects US plea to fight IS

It was reported that the Australians had rejected the American’s plea for more help to commit more troops and equipment to fight IS. Australians have said they had done enough. The Americans are coercing their allies for greater commitments.  The Australians said they had no more appetite for more it.

How many eager beavers or silly allies will be hopping onto the American bandwagon to send troops to fight the IS which is actually an American red herring, created to destabilize the Middle East in perpetuity? The Americans have enough military power and assets to destroy the earth, all the countries, many times over and cannot fight the IS on its own, needing more commitments from stupid allies? What is the real intent of the Americans to get more silly allies to fight in the ME shadow play?

The current American pretense to want to do more is a result of the success of the Russians who were there with a real intent to destroy IS, and thus exposing the farce of the American game plan. There have been many reports that the Americans forces were attacking the Syrian govt soldiers and positions instead of fighting the IS. And the complicity of the Americans, the Saudis, the Turks and other allies in fighting on the side of the IS are getting more ridiculous. The Americans and its stupid allies are there to remove the Assad govt, not to fight IS.

And this is not the end of the American game plan. They would demand and coerce their stupid allies to commit more assets and soldiers should they be successful in provoking a war in the South China Sea or in the Korean Peninsula. And it will again be you are with us or against us. The Australians knew exactly what the Americans are conceiving and wanted out, not wanting to be dragged in further by the Americans in a war that they did not want and have nothing to do with it.  It is a clear signal that the Australians would not want to engage in more American incited wars, and not in the South China Sea against China.

Who would the Americans coerce next to send more troops and assets to fight in the ME? The Europeans, other than the hardcore British and French, are opting out as well. I think the Americans have several pets in Asean that would be most willing to say yes to more wars.


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkie land blurred leaders may be coerced into sending our well trained fighting men to join the Anericunts.

See how well our men in blue run and hide from the Ah Neys.

A dozen German Shepards can do a better job than the SOC.

Virgo 49 said...

My Gym friend told me he was questioned and checked by the tee kua colour berets Transport Guards each time he rides the Mrt.

Just because he has some voluminous women cartons engraved on his arms.

See how efficient our Home Team are.

Good at harassing fellow Sinkies but ran a mile from the real perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is true?
"If we vote Opposition, no Singaporean son will be sent to war in the fight against ISIS".

Do you think voting Opposition is the only way to ensure the safety of our Singaporean sons?

Veritas said...

There is no such thing USA want to fight ISIS. ISIS is USA's dog just like every single radical Muslims behind us, especially those who keep shouting cina babi.

The collapse of ISIS will be a geopolitical disaster for gulf states especially Saudi Arabia. And collapse of Saudi Arabia means that USD will lost her reserve currency status. USD is call petrodollar because the so call pious Gulf states muslims prostitute themselves as the most shameless prostitute, totally dis-regard the welfare of Muslims.

The collapse of Saudi will first play out in Yemen. The Sudari clan of Al Saud family is totally mad by throwing in boots in Yemen, chalking up horrible numbers of body bags, draining the coffer dry.

Next is by murdering the peaceful Shia Cleric Nimr, the Al Saud has anger her SHia subjects. The Saudi Sunni are actually parasite. The oil of Saudi lies in the East province which is predominantly Shia. When Shialand got independence, Sunni Saudi will get shit.

Also in Saudi land there is this Hejaz, who are traditionally the cultural center, but got oppress by the sand lizard Al Saud from Najd. The Hejaz people are quite liberal and all wahabbi shit come from Najd. Hejaz being the heart of soul of Sunni Saudi could break off as every single one of them hate the Najd idiots.

I see petrodollar coming to shit with inevitable collapse of Saudi. And soon, the jihad kid, mad mullah will be history. No one will be shouting cina babi. And the world a better place without these assholes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

China is helping Malaysia and investing in a big way in 1MDB.

No more cina babi lah.

Now is it cina bagus. New strategic relations.

With oil prices plunging, Malaysia will need more of China's financial help.

Veritas said...

Many people got this wrong impression that Muslims are crackpot of jihad kids, tudung fan, behead connoisseur...etc. This is not entirely right.

Muslims are far far more progressive during the 1930s-1970s than today. And believe me, communism got a lot of fan in Muslim land, including Indonesia. THe Baath party has communist roots seized power in Syria and Iraq, and has been quite relax in religion.

In Syria, the Assads though a Shia Alawi are protector of Christians and all other sects against Muslims.

The real problem of Muslims is the alliance of UK and USA with their most asshole elements especially Saudi.

Their relationship started off during Lawrence of Arabia, and later USA inherit the alliance.

In SE Asia, UMNO is a creation of UK with Malay elites against the dominant Chinese minorities.

For a while, they are successful in fooling Muslims to do stupid things against Muslims themselves. But I foresee the unavailing of the arrangement.

Saudi is so stupid than she has gone the point of no return. Saudi is going to collapse.

When Saudi collapse, the next Sunni Islamic center the Al Azar of Egypt who hate Saudi, are far more progressive. ISIS and Islamofascism is going to be much attenuated,

Veritas said...

Hi RB, the collapse of Cina Babi exactly coincide with the rise of CHina and fall of USA. Today, Johor Sultan is very pro Chinese.

Many Malays still do not realize time has change and its time to ditch their crazy tudung and hijab, return to their traditional naked shoulder sarong.

Right now Malaysis is 25% Chinese and already in shit hole. When CHinese become zero, Malaysian Malay will be swimming and drinking their own sewage.

Apparently Malaysia Malay cannot afford to lose their Chinese and many elites are clearly aware of that.

Also with rise of China, Malay got no choice but to accept that they will go back their natural state, a vassal state of China, just like Malacca Sultanate.

So this Cina babi thing is going to go. Soon Malay will learn Chinese language and our culture. And we will sinicize them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The idea of vassal states or empires are no longer relevant today. Even the American Empire go the dodo way. There will be a new world order built on more equality between nation states. China or any new emergening power would never be able to defeat the Americans without self destruction.

All the countries big and small must come to a new reality that war is not a solution other than massive destruction. With more power centres, the dominance and bullying of one major power will become very difficult.

Look forward for a new world order that is different from the past, colonialism and imperialism.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The formation of ISIS comes from a 'failed experiment' aka 'foreign policy' of the US of A. It is their mess, so they're responsible for cleaning up their shit.

Those "bad guys" like Gadaffi, Saddam, Assad and Mubarak were the "glue" which held the Arab world together---yes, yes, with all the flaws, imperfections and corruption. Getting rid of these guys is a very bad idea, and so we are where we are now.

Dictatorships have their place in the political histories and developments of cuntrees. Cuntrees are occupied by sheeple, most of them dumb-fucks who need to be "hammered into line" by the iron-fist of AUTHORITY, until the cuntree develops to a point where the sheeple become people and thus deserve FREEDOM.

If the US or some other cuntree came into Asia in the 1960-2000+ and killed off Lee Kuan Yew, Marcos, Suharto, Park Chung-hee (he was assassinated anyway), Mahathir, Thaksin because the US believed that these were DICTATORS (they were!) S.E Asia would not be the economic powerhouse and money-lender to the world that is is today.

when you have dictatorships, you have violations of (arbitrarily made-up) "human rights", the rule of law is the rule of the dicator's law, corruption, favours for certain groups, persecution of dissidents...and so on...BUT...if the cuntrees can progress...albeit with oppressions of certain groups in the population, but also the growth of wealth in certain social classes. Equlaity? Hell no. But at least there is "progress" or at least "peace"---even if peace and progress come from AUTHORITARIANISM.

Can Singapore progress without a dictator? I have my doubts. Singapore is not ready yet for "freedom". Can I speak for the whole of Singapore?

Of course. Why not? 😎

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

This is my opinion.

Sultan of Johore is not pro chinese. He is pro $$$.

The very existence of the Sultan system in Malaysia is based on the the support of malay unity in the country. He knows this very well and will need to play the game wisely to strike the balance.

The problem here is Malaysian armed forces are predominately Malays. There is past history records of Chinese trying to be smart asses to assume leadership roles in Malaysia Malaysians while the fact is, it is a Malaysia Malays. And we all do not really know to date on how many chinese actually die on 513. So in reality, if cards needs to reshuffle again, hundreds if not thousand of chinese can die again.

This is the same truth when it comes to Indonesia which is worst. For a start, chinese all have indonesian names.

Veritas said...

Pro $$$ sultan is far better than pro USA Islamofascism whose head full of cum. If someone is pro $$$, then he will think how to study, or how to work. Sooner or later, he behave more or less like Chinese.

The pro USS cum face are earth parasite and forever shout Jihad non stop.

Anonymous said...

Well it not for us to decide which is better.

The point is Malays will never be like the Chinese.
They have their own way of life, culture, religion, food etc....

One day history will repeat itself where the smart ass chinese will be taught the same lesson if the balance is tipped.

Veritas said...

The Malay hatred of Chinese is simply their OWN self masturbation. If the Malay dont like Chinese, Chinese can always integrated to Malay, so long they do not do evil. Because Chinese is so good and Chinese will not integrate with evil.

In SE Asia, Chinese has been integrating successfully with Sulu Sultanate Tausuq. The Iban and Borneo Dayaks get along well with Chinese.

These are all the pan Malayu race.

Problem is Malaysia Malay too fuck up. They fuck up then they come blame Chinese. We can always integrate to them and like Thai Chinese.

Malaysian Malay too fuck up thats why Chinese cannot integrate with shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know lar except I know the Malay Mei Mei very daring in the club. They give u best service irrespective of your race as lond as you can give them the $M

Anonymous said...

There are Muslims who support democracky. There are Muslims who support commie. There are Muslims who support ISIS. That's because there are 1 over billion Muslims and of course Muslims, not being homogenous will support lots of different ideologies. Same with the 1 billion over Chinese. Some support democracky US, some support commie China and some even support ISIS. But only veritas see that as Muslims who are made up of all kinds, while he sees that Chinese are just one kind - that is his kind. Such is the coloured tinted glasses of veritas.

At the same time veritas is concocting that the Malays hate Chinese when there is no such thing. Veritas is the dangerous kind of Chinese who always whip up race issues and create disharmony when there is none in the first place. He hates Malays. He hates Indians. He hates Arabs. But he worships his own race. That is the Nazi in him. Didn't Hitler also do the same?

Veritas said...

I am the ONLY one in Singapore who is best in Islamic history and geopolitics and you guys here know there are Muslims commie, Sunni, Chinese Muslims leaders, Chinese Muslims in Pinoy because I wrote in HERE.

I have never met a Muslims who know their history more than ME.

You think I do not know what is what.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

Ha Ha..Exactly like what you say, u are only the best in Islami history.....etc. ie in Singapore Only.

You did not even bother to check why and how Johor Sultan is pro$$$ rather than pro chinese.

Also a lot of people are not pro USA or Japan or whatsoever, they are pro$$$ as they need money to survive.

Facts speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, you have never met a Muslim who knows their history better than you is because you have never met a Muslim before in your life. All your claims you know this and that is nothing more than hot air. You even got it wrong that Sukarno was out to make Indo into a Nusantara land until you were repeatedly told that he was actually pro-commie. You even thought Thai generals looked up to Chin Peng when thier praise for him was actually a cover to mask their incompetence in capturing the commie terrorist. So to make excuse why they did not capture him, they say he is an admired person. And you fell for that. You even said Tunku praised Shit Peng when you misquoted him lol. How many factual mistakes have you made about SE Asia, let alone Middle East politics? Veritas is like Shit Peng's followers who create disharmony among races by telling lies that Malays betray Chinese. You know nothing about SE Asia let alone Muslim history. You don't even know your own roots that about Chinese commie's terror acts.

Veritas said...

I met many muslims in my life. Some are good but a lot are bad, like those fucking jihad and self-masturbate-victimization type.

YOu should study about Sukarno Pan Indonesianism. Stop wasting my time.

YOu should also study about the dynamic of MCP vs Thai. Stop wasting my time.

Tunku and many others recognize MCP in Malaya independence. And stop wasting my time.

You keep making accusation without even ever citing any reference.

You are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

Who are you to judge who is good or bad?

You study too much without understanding? or gone kuku?

Anonymous said...

Veritas, the only Muslims you met are in the news. That's why you think you know Tunku and Sukarno so much, you made up stories about them. Nobody is wasting your time. You are wasting your own time by spouting rubbish that contradict history. Sukarno out with Nusantara plan? lol! Tunku sang praise for Shit Peng? lmao! Thai Generals really look up to Shit Peng? Why don't Thai offer Shit Peng amnesty then? Ha ha ha. My toes are laughing so hard they are turning blue. You know nothing about history of SE Asia or Middle E. You don't even know your own violent commie history. You admire your commie history when it is filled with violence, terror and death.

Veritas said...

That is why I say you talk cock and liar. Thai has been giving insurgents amnesty since 1977.

Ishallah, cock talker and liar like you go drown inside cum.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Veritas on this cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, the scum dispenser who picks and licks up scum and shit from terrorist Shit Peng. Dig your ears bcos it is full of shit from Shit Peng. U are not listening. Now where hv I once disagreed that Thai generals have praised Shit Peng? I said that the do it bcos of SELF INTEREST. You heard it that I said Thai gens didn't say it so that you can avoid my killer point that they said it out of self interest.

You like to put up links that not only don't support your claim, but also support mine. The last link actually supports my claim that Thai gens said it out of self interest! You see, the Thais cannot solve the terror problem in their own jungle. So rather than admit that, Thai gens claim that "they are peaceful". But the real test is why are they not given the freedom to live freely in the heartlands of Thai if that is the case? Why disguise the confinement of these terrorists to the jungles and keep them away from the Thai citizens? The status of their lifestyle, keeping away from the people is still not changed!

Better still, during the 1970s when the commie threat from Viet was high, why was not Shit Peng given a deal to fight alongside the Thais to combat these commies? Why was not Shit Peng given a deal that if he did that, he would be given high honours, a place in the govt seat and his party a part of the the Govt? That would really show that the Thais are sincere that that CPM is not commie threat!

No, no, no. The Thais cannot match their over-lofty words that CPM is freedom fighter with sincere actions. They say that these terror commies and not a threat, but they give a half past six deal for them to be confined in the jungles! Some weird kind of reward from Thai who thinks that these people are heroes! Ha ha ha.

Wake up veritas, the scum licker who eats shit from Shit Peng. I told you your links don't support your points. In fact it supports mine. Now crawl back to your shithole and stop creating disharmony between races, vermintas!

Anonymous said...

I know of a cocksucker from a down under uni. At first I tot he was gay but later when I found out he sexually harassed female cybernetters I am convinced he is bi.