Are you sensible or unthinking?

Many still believe that the North Korean leaders, or just one man, Kim Jong Un, or his father and grandfather, are mad, irrational, ruthless etc etc, all because the western media, especially the Americans, have been saying so. It is like MacDonald is the best burgers! The Kims and North Koreans have their own way of life and beliefs, whether you agree or disagree, it is their own business. Are you better off or they are better off is subjective. Remember the islander who has nothing but spent his lazy life doing nothing under the clear blue sky, without much money or possession and without a worry as long as he gets his 3 meals?


One thing for sure, the North Koreans and the Kims are not stupid or irrational. They have been living in peace since the end of the Korean War. Otherwise, with the daily provocations by the Americans and the South Koreans, they would have been at war for the last 60 plus years.


Now they have tested their H bomb. So? The Americans are crying wolf, to frighten everyone, and the unthinking would also believe that the North Koreans are going to drop H bombs on everyone. How silly!


Even if the North Koreans would have 10 or 20 bombs and have the delivery system to fly the bombs, ask, would the bomb be able to reach their destinations and not be shot down? Two, if they were to succeed in landing one single bomb on anyone, what would happen to North Korea? How many bombs would the Americans land on North Korea? Only a really mad person would think of attacking anyone with nuclear bombs and be obliterated by a counter attack. The huge American arsenal of nuclear weapons have stopped anyone from foolishly thinking that he can send a bomb and to get away with it, and to live another day. The Russians or Chinese too would not dare to strike anyone with nuclear weapons and invite a total destruction to themselves. The smaller nuclear power countries too know this unbalance of power. The Americans too would not dare to use their nuclear weapons on Russia or China as a retaliation would be equally disastrous.


The only country that could possibly dare to nuke any country would be the Americans by virtue of their monopoly of nuclear weapons. Even then, if they strike, it would be at small nuclear powers that have no second strike capability, ie, they cannot hit back. The US is really the most dangerous military power, a monster waiting to destroy the world with their 7000 nuclear warheads that give the Americans a false sense of superiority and confidence.  No one, especially those unthinking, would want to ask why the Americans need to have 7000 nuclear warheads. They did not want to know.


No other countries, not even if it is ruled by a mad man, would ever think of nuking another country to invite their own destruction. The firing of a nuclear weapon would have to go through many levels of command and someone down the line would be sensible enough to stop the process. The most likelihood of a nuclear war is a rogue commander of nuclear weapons, like the American fleet. There are so many of them floating around the high seas. The Americans too have many levels of control to prevent such a rogue from mischief.


Stop believing and screaming about the North Korean threat. Their quest to possess nuclear weapons is for deterrence, to prevent the mad Americans from nuking them, thinking that with the American’s overall superiority, the Americans can hit the North Koreans and the latter cannot hit back. After nuking Japan, the Americans had on many occasions tempted to nuke Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. You don’t hear of other countries even dare to flirt with such a thought.


It is good that the North Koreans possess a few pieces of nuclear weapons to deter a nuclear attack on them. North Korea is now safer from a nuclear attack and this would bring peace in the Korean peninsular. It is like the American gun laws. If everyone knows the other has a gun in his pocket or car, they would be less trigger happy to shot at one another. The IS terrorist threat is a different ball game.


Leave the North Koreans alone and stop behaving like silly brats, jumping and screaming that the North Koreans are going to drop a nuclear bomb on you. The North Koreans did not even know that you exist. The only sure way of inviting the North Koreans to send you a nuclear bomb is to continue to provoke them militarily like the Americans and the Japanese are doing. Keep threatening the North Koreans and your wish for a nuclear attack would come true.


The most dangerous and mad were those that would authorize flying nuclear armed B52 bombers to threaten another country. The most insane politicians were those that attacked an embassy with cruise missile in peace time when there was no hostility or threat. Another equally devious politician would be those that authorized the sinking of the South Korean naval ship Choeonan killing tens of South Korean naval officers hoping to provoke a war between the two Koreans. Other equally sinister and evil acts of hostility were the hijacking of MH370 and the downing of MH17. Any of these incidents could trigger a world war if the victim countries reacted with force instead of restraining themselves.


And who do you think are these irresponsible rogue leaders? Definitely not Kim Jong Un. Compare to these evil men and women, Kim Jong Un looks like an angel.


virgo49 said...

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We be dancing to the moon.

Why The Black Ants Nation of Rapists raping 14 year olds can processed Nuclear weapons we Nkorea cannot meh???

See people one eye big one eye small?? Is it??

Who are more dangerous? NORTH KOREA OR THE NATION OF RAPISTS??

Veritas said...

RB basically appears to believe North Korea hate USA only. The one North Korea hate most is China. North Korea is not unlike China-Vietnam 1979. The socialist nations are capable of wanting to kill one another next moment. Also the most powerful man in Vietnam today, Ngyyen Tan Dung is USA man.

Deng Xiaoping have been long warning that North Korea is NOT an ally.

One major road block of North Korea nuclear talk is that North Korea want to remove China in the game and talk directly with USA. In short, North Korea wanted desparately to suck USA cock, not the other way round. USA do not want to suck North Korea cock, and try to engage China in the picture.

And one ore example as a guidance of what may happen.

Remember Myanmar 5 years ago? Myanmar vs China-USA is not like North Korea vs China-USA. Now, Myanmar manage to suck USA cock, and ditch China (story is more convoluted). It is deemed as a major strategic disaster for China.

And what if North Korea manage to pull the trick?

The result will be North Korea using their nuke against China.

If I am USA, I will took North Korea as my concubine and let North Korea kick China ass, doing a Vietnam and Myanmar.

RB need to be long sighted and read more.

Anonymous said...

The North Korean Kim is very naive if he believes he could deter the US by having weapon of mass destruction.
Any missile that N Korea launches against any far distance enemy with be brought down long before it reaches the target.
However, it can indeed deter the neighbouring countries, friend, foes and even allies from hostility.

Veritas is good about the relationships and developments of relationships of Countries with the US and China. There are much dynamics and changes which are complex and not as straightforward.
Developments change and are at times beyond expectation and readings. It's fluid, not constant and inconsistent to any rule.

Though rationally nuclear warfare will be avoided, no one can be sure that there shall be none. What's the use of having them if they are not to be used?

The GREATEST DANGER of nuclear arsenals is not their uses by the possessors, it is mishap and mishandling that could lead to disastrous consequences. Unintended accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima Nuclear Reactors are examples. Who knows when a nuclear bomb will be accidentally handled?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with both of you that relationship can change just like Vietnam and Myanmar. It is a very tricky situation for China. It could be played out by the North Koreans if it is not careful.

The NK nuclear threat is more real against the Japanese. Don't think they will ever use it on the South Koreans.

Anonymous said...

NK nukes will not be used conventionally like a missile or dropped from warplane. They know they don't have enough capability for that to be successful. Instead, it will be used as asymmetric warfare, e.g. NK airline coming in to land at your airport suddenly exploding 1000m above your city obliterating it. Or NK cargo ship coming into your world-class sea-hub harbour doing the same thing. Or smaller scale nukes being smuggled and exploding in MRT and shopping malls.

Veritas said...

You are wrong to say N Korea do not have delivery capability. They can deliver but just that it would reach california, but more than enough to hit Beijing.

Anonymous said...

American show of force flying B52s to threaten and bully other countries. One day some trigger happy soldiers would just push the button and bring it down.

Anonymous said...

Like to say here that no Asian Country will nuke each other, especially those smaller countries against much larger ones, unless they want to be totally eliminated. Only crazy ones will want to be wiped out completely.
Even the US which had done it on Japan, WONT dare use nuclear weapon unless it wants to destroy the World as a consequence.

BUT, there is no way to completely prevent accident from happening. Sooner or later it shall happen.

Anonymous said...

Even heaven has asteriod n comet
Standing by....so its up there has final say.

b said...

Those nukes are not created for nothing. One day, someone will wake up with headache and press the wrong button and the whole world will be an instant mess. Almost all us presidents and sec of state are war criminals but they will never be trialed because it is the fault of us people who voted for them in a democratic system. Democratic system is created to harbour war criminals.

Anonymous said...

First they doubted the N. Korean's ability to make a H-bomb and the MSM made a song and dance about the N. Korean's propaganda.

Then they started shitting in their pants when it turned out to be true and they began their usual war dance and getting the poodles together to smoke the peace pipes in order to tackle the issue together.

Who is the biggest war criminal to use the A-bomb and was that criminal punished? No, they cooked up a whole story about needing the bomb to stop the war. Was that the real reason?

Anonymous said...

Last time, it was the Japanese killing the Koreans. Today the South Koreans ganging up with the Japanese and Americans to kill Koreans. And so happy about it.
The happiest are the Japanese and the Americans to decimate the Korean race.

Anonymous said...

Asians will live to regret siding with and getting screwed by the whites.

The Middle Eastern countries suffered that fate and are paying the price for it.

If ever they find rich oil sources in the South China Seas disputed islands, hell will surely break loose with the whites stirring up the shit pool.

Anonymous said...

Most analyst and China North residents are not worried about NK shooting anyhow its nukes at anyone.

Most are worried of its safe testing of these Nukes in North of NK. In the event of mishap or accident, the nuclear dust might fall over to North China.

China will be like What the F**k and US will be lie laugh until drop....