2 men changed the balance of power in the 21st Century

Today we are seeing the world increasingly turning into a bi polar world with an ascending China challenging the dominance of a crumbling American hegemony. To the Americans and their sympathizers, particularly the bananas that did not know who they are and still trying very hard to believe their forefathers came from the West and were really descendants of some John Smith or George Washington, they must all be bewildered by the changing balance and wondering what had gone wrong. How did the world become what it is today when the great USA becomes a nation of debtors and the poorest and unassuming country, Communist China, is their biggest creditor?

To make matters worse, this creditor is not going to go away and will come knocking at the door to collect the debt from the debtor. And no matter what the debtor is trying to do, the debt keeps piling up and sitting on the debtor like a mountain. There is no escape from the weight of the debt.

And everyday, the superiority and advantage of the debtor in every field of endeavour is shifting to favour the creditor, from manufacturing to farming, from consumer goods to weapons, from ships to aircraft, commercial planes to war planes, war ships, transportation, telecommunication, satellites, rocketry, computer and cyber technology, green technology, the creditor is catching up and already better in many fields.

How can it be? In only a short span of one generation, the seemingly unsurpassed superiority of the Americans has been surpassed. Everything the Americans are doing, or have done, the Chinese have bettered or in the process of catching up.

The Americans must be shaking in disbelief, pinching themselves silly asking themselves this is not true. The sad thing is that this is true. The poor illiterate, backward peasants of a poor communist country, plagued by poverty and famine, inefficiency, low education, lack of financial resources and money, lack of talents, scientists, engineers, architects, medical professionals, academics, thinkers and planners, military experts, now they have plenty of them, and damn bloody good ones. There was not a single millionaire in 1980 in China. Today the millionaires are crawling everywhere, with equally many billionaires and some to the riches in the world.

The Americans did not see this coming. It is now history. It is too late to think of containing China and keeping it as a developing nation for another century by all kinds of sanctions, blockages and obstacles placed in its way. The new China is here. Who did it?

Two men, one an American, another a Chinese but not of Chinese nationality did it. The American and the non Chinese Chinese convinced the Americans that it was a good thing to engage China and bring China into the world community, to integrate China with the world instead of making China an enemy. Of course that was real and a good thing, but may not necessarily be good to the American hegemony. The one billion people will rise one day to be the equals of the world. It would be better to work with them and cultivate and build a healthy relationship with this one billion people, to be friends than enemies.

It sounded logical. The Americans also thought so. What harm could it bring to help another nation of people to live better and to live in peace? It would take maybe a century for them to get the act together to rise out of poverty. It was a tough and long process and maybe they might not be able to do it.  These are the same people that were good enough to be coolies, cooks and laundrymen, without very little talent.

Many countries were still struggling to reach the level of wealth of developed countries and many hardly made any real changes, just managing to stand above the poverty level, to join the ranks of developing countries since the end of WW2. A  huge moribund country like China, with one billion hungry and illiterate people would take much more time to sort themselves out of poverty. How to feed a billion people is not a joke.

Who in his right mind could perceive that a poor China that was short of everything except poor people could turn around in 30 years and in 40 years, vying for world dominance with the Americans for world supremacy?  Who would believe the richest nation could owe the poorest nation a ton of debt in a short span of 40 years?

The Americans are in shock and in awe today. Now, how to reverse the trend? The losing trend is just too fast and too hard to swallow. All the defences are up, all the obstacles are raised again, to contain China, to keep it poor or not allowed to get richer, to overtake the richest and most powerful country in the world.

Alas, it is a bit too late. The momentum is so strong that within the next 5 years, China will be Number One in financial terms, the Number One economy in the world.

Two men did it, to change the balance of power of the 21st Century.


Anonymous said...

2 men can change the balance of power in the 21st century.
- But 30% of Singaporeans cannot change the balance of power in Singapore in 2015.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A1, Goh Chok Tong:
"The chicken is a quitter"

A2, the 30%:
"How can we fly like an eagle when we run with turkeys (70%) while carrying Millionaire Albatrosses (politicians) around our necks?"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> The momentum is so strong that within the next 5 years, China will be Number One in financial terms, the Number One economy in the world. << redbean at 08:35 on 18-Jan-2016

Redbean, are you a betting man? Want to make a small wager on your claim? Say, $1000? Exactly 5 years from today---the time of your post, at 0835 18 Jan. 2021. All you have to do is to agree or disagree to the wager...either way, no judgement, gentleman's agreement.

Personally, I don't care about labels like "banana" being hung on me. I deal with facts and numbers, and predictions are based on those which are measurable and objectives. Whether is bodes with my personal likes or dislikes is irrelevant...What is true is that I am a "fan" (and a skeptic) of both China and the USA. The world indeed would be a less rocking place if either of these cuntrees was missing.

Here is how I see this USA--China "thing".

1. Yes, the west, especially American society appears to be slowing skidding and bumping downhill...i.e. the culture is going through enormous change as these buggers are INTERNALLY becoming more divided and quarrelsome with each other.

2. However, to get a better picture, observe HOW the society is changing: the numbers will tell you that the RICHEST 1%---in the so-called "democratic" western nation who preach "equality"---are getting richer very rapidly, whilst the rest (99%) are steadily losing their purchasing power, their political voice, their freedom and liberty. "Social mobility" is fast becoming a zero-sum game in the sense that if you "win", you win the table and the house, but if you lose, you're left with barely the clothes you're wearing.

3. China is likely to have "stagnated" growth until at least 2020 (according to the numbers). Could the numbers be "wrong". Yes, but with many independent sources, the risk is lowered. However people's predictions and models based on the numbers could be way off. Predicting the future is what all of us do, and often we are "sort-of" right. However predicting the future with ACCURACY and PRECISION is difficult. The best we can achieve is some probabilistic expression of future outcomes.

4. Although China is no slouch in the tech area, the USA still leads by leaps and bounds. Why? Because America is an amalgam, a fusion, a chaotic mixture of diverse and similar cultures...and openly so. American society has cultural clashes everyday, but continues along no worries. For e.g.: people in the US say and express their ideas and sentiments in ways which will land them in jail or worse if they did the same in any other cuntree.

This "freedom of thought and expression" is what gives the US the edge when it comes to creativity and innovation. (Singapore's PAP---take note. You want Singapore to prosper from innovation and creativity? Then get the fuck out of the way and let people do and say anything suka suka. The law only comes in to prevent physical violence. Everything else: ANYTHING GOES!)

5. How awesome is social life in China? Very havoc. Plenty of sex, booze, and creativity there...Pick any Chinese city after dark, and if you allow your free spirit to reign, you too can have a rocking time doing stuff which is probably "illegal" (but fun) in the US or any other so-called "free" western cuntree.

6. The Chinese govt. needs to get out of the way and allow more DISORDER and CHAOS in Chinese society---i.e. MORE OVERT EXPRESSION OF INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. China will be on the way to "win" the global game of "who's your daddy?", when they realise this and allow things to just happen.

7. Americans are crazy (they're fucking NUTS!), because human beings are crazy. America is so far the only cuntree to EMBRACE human craziness in all its varied forms, even though some people will get severely whacked or even killed in the on-going process.

Got gila-gila?

Anonymous said...

So lobg as the Chinese are united, there is nothing they cannot achieve.
China is one earliest civilization that was much advance in philosophy and science since ancient time.


When the Chinese(Race) are UNITED, there is nothing to stoo them from soaring like the Imaginary Dragon which is beginning to become a reality as long as the Chinese do not embroil themselves in infighting.

Veritas said...

The west has no experience in running successful empire, unlike CHina, and I predict USA will collapse.

To run an empire, internal dissent need to be suppress for the sake of collective good, not an easy feat, and susceptible to abuses.

Only Chinese is able to strike a balance.

Today, we see USA elites deliberately let their infrastructure collapse, just because their elites are unwilling to pull something out of pockets for public good.

I have even read that California must be allow to rot and dry up because this is how market capitalism works. China would have transfer water to save parch land.

The most stable white man state is fragmentation to hundreds of statelets.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Veritas here.

The United States shall be disunited
and fragmented within 500 years of
it's formation.

The Rojak Culture of the US lacks a
The Free For All Culture is the Recipe
for fragmentation.

We may get to see stand off between
the Black and the White within the
Nexy Decade follow by other turmoils due to differences in ETHNIC CULTURES WHICH ARE INNATE IN

Anonymous said...

In the 1990's, everybody laughed said USA was finished.
Japan is the new #1.
Now look the picture.
Japan is finished.
USA is still #1.

The seeds of China's decline has already taken root.
In 5 year's time, China will be weaker than what it is today.

a. Declining fertility
b. Rapidly ageing population
c. Collapsing property prices
d. Rising corporate bankruptcies
e. Rising unemployment

To all brain dead Sino-philes
Use your brains and think lah.
If Americans go bankrupt.
Who is going to buy all the goods that China produces?
America goes bankrupt.
China will also follow.

The yellow banana

Anonymous said...

"foreigners create good jobs for Singaporeans"
- a quote from a brain dead LKY loving politician

Do you think that "70% of Singaporeans create million dollar jobs for PAP politicians" is closer to the truth?

The iconoclastic Yellow Banana
Because only yellow bananas can see through the bullshit

Veritas said...

The caliphate, Rome, Greek, Napolean are all gone.

China is there 2300 years one piece. You think it will go down?

Anonymous said...

China now has surplus steel and fenghuang news reported on possible future 3 million (reveal) workers just retrenched like that. Almost like population of Singaporeans in Singapore.

Taiwan news reported that Nike started to move back sneakers production back to US with automation technology. Dun know how true.

China for one thing has inherited for sure. Pollution in the air, river and sea will for sure create serious issues.

China property prices if crash (none yet) will reveal how strong the China govt will be.

Now the question is where did the money go to when china stock market crash last week month. China reserve went in for the rescue but did not succeed. Did this money "leave" China? A lot of analyst is predicting a lot of money will leave China in coming years because things are no longer the same as in yester years.

Veritas said...

China has faced larger problem when fighting Japan and USA in Korea. She endured worse calamities and you think such a small matter is going to take down China?

If Singaporean Taiwan and HK Chinese can make it, PRC can make it better.

Anonymous said...

The caliphate, Rome, Greek, Napolean are all gone.
China is there 2300 years one piece. You think it will go down?
January 18, 2016 12:51 pm

Typical daft traditional Chinese citizen.
Chinese people die never mind.
As long as China is in one piece and the Chinese Emperor is enjoying his million dollar salary.
You must be clapping your hands to know that your forefathers died building the Great Wall of China for free for the Chinese Emperor.

Do you know how many Chinese people have died killing each other to preserve a single Chinese territory for the Chinese Emperor?
How many Chinese died for Mao's Great Leap Forward?

How many Singaporeans' CPF money tied up beyond 55 years old for GIC and Temasek?

Anonymous said...

Right, Singaporeans die never mind as long as Singapore continues to exist.

virgo49 said...

Today Shit Times, this oustanding Top LHL spokesman already sound in advance that they are gonna go back to the era of ceremoninal Figure Head President.

Soon, very soon will be passed in Parliament.

Any objections??

83 vs 6???

70 per cent cheering.

Anonymous said...

They are afraid Tan Cheng Bock will become the President.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sorry Veritas,
There are things that are sensitive to racial harmony and it is best to avoid commenting. I have deleted your last post here.

You don't want me to get into trouble would you? Talking about international issues safer.

Anonymous said...

And there are over 50 million Americans who are in poverty?

b said...

The west will start a war and force their creditors to write off the debts. Just like they wrote off the debts of germany 70 years ago. Debts is a very powerful and evil tool.

Anonymous said...

So what if China is #1?
Is China going to help me buy my HDB flat?
Is China going to pay for my medical and hospitalization bills?

So what if Singapore is #1?
Is Singapore going to help me buy my HDB flat?
Is Singapore going to pay for my medical and hospitalization bills?

So what if PAP has the most qualified candidates?
So what if PM Lee is the anchor Minister in my GRC?
Is PAP going to help me buy my HDB flat?
Is PM Lee going to pay for my medical and hospitalization bills?

How does voting PAP benefit me?
No use right?
SAF scholar or President Scholar ... so what?
What can they do to help us?
We Singaporeans pay for their scholarship ... yes.
After they become scholar, they help PAP to make us pay and pay even more.
So please take your SAF and President scholarship and shove it up your arse.

Anonymous said...

@ January 18, 2016 5:49 pm

I did not attend LKY's funeral.
What for?
Did LKY help me buy my HDB flat?
Did LKY pay for my medical and hospitalization bills?

I am not daft.
I will kiss LKY's ass only if he can help me.
If he cannot help me, why should I kiss LKY's ass?
Didn't LKY say "Singapore does not owe you a living?"
Surely LKY does not then expect me to feel that I owe him my attendance to his funeral.
LKY die is his business.
I die is my business.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

Unlike Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

China will not be able to improve further on as their people do not have any means to tell their govt what they dun want. With the peoples mandate, a lot of issues can be ironed out in that pretext.

Current China govt which is not elected is afraid of instability as older and other factions with military background which will not tolerate if central would to take away their wealth or their means to gain wealth.

So do you think this other factions will not try to create trouble. This will be exactly like old times.

In short to say :When there is enough meat to go around, the dogs will not fight.

FYI, HK people are lost. ie. neither here nor there.

Veritas said...

The Chinese have been under a hereditary autocracy for 2300 years and the despotic system proved to be far more stable, bring far more scientific advancement and far more material well being than the western system, who from Greek or Rome era, have basic form of democracy.

Part of the Chinese elites are bred with Confucius ethnic. While they can be extremely corrupt, but at the same time, their promotion base on competitive exams also mean that they are extremely competent.

Basically Singapore Taiwan HK is more or less influence by such system.

The geopolitical reality also give little room for democracy in China. Chinese elites in order to advance the country forward, often need the sacrifice of the people, and that is to say trampling their human rights.

One obvious thing is the massive land robbery from the peasants that enable the HSR, SN water transfer projects, 3 gorge dam and building of new cities.

All these building cannot never be materialize with democracy especially with those anti development NGO parasite.

The Chinese people have been quite accustom to high centralization and command. So this system will work for a long time before it stagnate. (I agree it will stagnate)

Anonymous said...

The Chinese people have been quite accustom to high centralization and command.`
January 18, 2016 10:40 pm

In other words, Chinese people are daft.
The Chinese emperor and his Ministers find it very easy to con Chinese people.
Aliens also find it equally easy to bluff and bully Chinese people out of their jobs and money.

What are Chinese people good for?
We are good for working very hard for peanut salary.
We are obedient and stupid and will blindly obey any incompetent fool as long as the fool has been appointed by the Chinese Emperor.
These are the dominant traits of 5,000 years of traditional inbred Chinese culture and values.
- operationally ready to be conned and exploited by Aliens and Chinese elites.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

We are talking about how China will cont to grow beyond this century. And we are saying that his "enemy" (picture getting clearer and clearer) would be US.

You have contradicted yourself by saying that China Chinese promotion is based on competitive exams. In a extreme corrupt system how can the best rise through the ranks base on exams alone?

I do agree that when the country is growing, it is utmost important to maintain stability in order to attract investment and you need a strong govt. But once you pass the stage when technology is needed progress further and in this case to beat US, you need the best talent to achieve this.

The reality is the CCP leaders and cadres are afraid to rock the boat as they will lose power. So in order to be in control, dissident irregardless of capability will be silenced (this happen before). You tube, google is not allowed in China.

Now we need to see how current China govt will face the challenge when there is not enough meat to go around.

Another side track, not sure whether true or not from Taiwan media. Foxcom boss and Apple is considering to shift Iphone assembly line back to US coz China margin is getting slimmer and slimmer as years go by.

I am not sure whether the China system will become stagnate. However i am sure it cannot beat the US system. Coz of China size, it will become no.2 if not will still be in the tops if there is no war. Even if there is a full scale convectional war, China will still survive no matter what.

Veritas said...

The only way to rule a vast empire and provide security towards her citizen 2300 ago is via some autocracy. You do not have modern communication infrastructure to provision democracy. Even Roman republic and Greek democracy eventually ended up in feudalism, an even more regressive form of government.

Everyone know the most important criterior for a peasant to gain admission to Chinese bureaucracy is by passing imperial exam system. And Chinese imperial exam system remain clean for 1500 years.

The scholars may eventually get corrupted but the fact of passing imperial exam demonstrate their vastly superior IQ.

Also many people under-estimate the corruption in democratic empire like USA.

Anonymous said...

"9:57 Anonymous said...
@ Veritas

Unlike Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

China will not be able to improve further on as their people do not have any means to tell their govt what they dun want. With the peoples mandate, a lot of issues can be ironed out in that pretext.

Current China govt which is not elected is afraid of instability as older and other factions with military background which will not tolerate if central would to take away their wealth or their means to gain wealth."

You talking about China or Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Everyone know the most important criterior for a peasant to gain admission to Chinese bureaucracy is by passing imperial exam system. And Chinese imperial exam system remain clean for 1500 years.
The scholars may eventually get corrupted but the fact of passing imperial exam demonstrate their vastly superior IQ.
Veritas @ January 19, 2016 7:31 am

This is so typical of daft Sino-philes.
Who decides on the syllabus of these imperial exams?
Who decides what is the "correct" knowledge and "correct" answer to write down for the imperial exams?

The Chinese emperor and his Ministers decides the "correct" content and syllabus for these imperial exams.
And this is how the Chinese emperor is able to select compliant "yes men" into the civil service.
Who decides what is the "correct" answer in these imperial exams?
Again, it's the Chinese emperor.

The entire imperial exam system was and still is designed to produce compliant sycophants who only know how to regurgitate the contents of the book "Hard Truths".
It is not a meritocratic system.
It's a system to train a country's best and brightest minds into obedient dogs by using exam grades as rewards.

The imperial exam system was invented by China's 1st emperor, Qin Shi Huang.
It's to support the "Legalist" system of government.
The "Legalist" system is a despotic system of totalitarian control very much like Stalin's totalitarian system.
Do you think LKY and PAP is using the same system of imperial exams and schlorships to control and monopolize the brightest young minds that graduate from our universities?

Unfortunately, very few Chinese dares to criticize this imperial exam system for fear of being called a banana.

Yours truly
the iconoclastic banana who loves China.
And is saddened to see the Chinese being imprisoned by their own culture even after 5,000 years.

Anonymous said...

@ Anony 8:44 am

your question is answered by Anony 12:45 pm

The difference is China people do not have a choice. But we Sinkies can suck thumb as we have chosen our path.

@ Veritas

Based on what i see, in state own enterprise in China. There are a lot of cases where engineering positions are filled up by non engineering positions. While some of my other China engineering friends have to venture to Norway for their career. Maybe what i see are extremes, but you will be surprised to see the volume of wastage made by these engineering decisions made by these non engineering personnel. And i dun even want to know how did they got into these positions in the 1st place.

Veritas said...

You idiot. Chinese imperial exam was started by Sui Yangdi in AD605. That is already 800 years after Qin dynasty.

Please study history to backup your claims.

The exam indeed was design to select sycophant through the selection bias in favor of Confucius school, but nevertheless, gaining access to civil service via the exams still requires extraordinary IQ and years of hardwork.

This is the MOST meritocratic system in the world, and no other tribe is able to come out things like that.

The imperial exam has the intention to spread the powers from the aristocrat to the peasant class, creating unprecedented upward mobility.

This is the reason why Chinese empire is stable. The weakening of hereditary aristocracy mean that power is concentrated on the emperor. As such, rampant warlordism disappear.

One reason Rome and Caliphate breaks up due to the fact that powerful generals are able to carve out turf, and resist central control.

Veritas said...

The Chinese did have a commisar system which appoints outsider to a job. That cause a lot of problem.

But USA has similar problems. The MBAs are the outsiders parachuted to executives positions, discriminating the engineers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Veritas,

Why are you wasting your time talking to a cock that only has a mouth, no eyes, no ears and no brain?

You expect a blind and deaf cock to talk sense?

Anonymous said...


Do you share similar view on What is law?

what is the correct law?

compliant men - they trained those Judge, lawyer.- interpret what is Correct.

welcome to the western world.

Anonymous said...

@ Anony 2:57pm

Depending on which system you are talking about in the western world.

I might be wrong as i am not a lawyer but based on what i know for certain serious crime.

Judge may say substained/overrule . Pass judgement
Lawyer - depending which side will attack or defend
Jury - guilty or not guilty

Not easy to bride so many people....

Got correct or wrong law meh? i thought this is based according to each country rules. eg. having drugs in Singapore is different from other countries.

@ Veritas

FYI, i am saying China having such a large population should appoint proper engineering personnel for engineering positions while some left overseas probably because they are not in the system. I have no major issue with non engineers helming executives roles.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas @ January 19, 2016 1:54 pm

/// This is the MOST meritocratic system in the world, and no other tribe is able to come out things like that. ///

The imperial exam system is based on exam grades.
Meritocracy does not equal exam results.

The invention of the postage stamp is an example of real meritocracy.
It was a contest of ideas in the real world.
Not whether a person scored high grades in a PAP exam.

/// The imperial exam has the intention to spread the powers from the aristocrat to the peasant class, creating unprecedented upward mobility. ///

That's what Chinese emperors and PAP wants you to believe.
Imperial exams main purpose is to identify talents from the peasant class so that these talented peasants can be co-opted into the ruling elite class before they become potential trouble makers and leaders of Opposition Parties.
- can you think of a recent PAP Minister who came from a poor family, is now paid a million dollar salary ... and now spends all his time quoting from LKY's Book of Hard Truths?

/// This is the reason why Chinese empire is stable. ///

Balls again!
This type of inward looking exam system and culture can work for as long as China remains a closed country and society.
The minute Aliens come into the country, they will expose just how fragile and feeble this type of imperial exam system really is.
- Think about the last dynasty, Qing, in China.
- Remember how feeble it was
- fucking disgrace if you ask me

Now think about Singapore and how easily the Aliens have taken over our jobs and economy.
- e.g. Where are our Singaporean bankers today?
- Does our PM LHL remind you of Emperor Puyi of the Qing Dynasty?

Huk pui to Puyi.
Huk pui to the subservience we pay to Emperor Puyi while he led China to ruin and colonization by the Europeans.




Veritas said...

Looking at others during ancient China time, who else has a MORE meritocratic system? Everyone else promote base on hereditary aristocracy, or gangsterism insurgency, or through murdering in war.

Even today, the Chinese college admission is far more meritocratic than USA. Basically Chinese college admission still uses the silly exam system. USA uses the holistic metrics whereby idiots and lazy pig like Bush can gain admission to Yale by showing some funny talent we do not know off.

Chinese empire can survive while others cant is because she has much superior system.

Anonymous said...

what is right or what is wrong was determined based on law

who make those law?

how do those judges been trained by the state?

how do we know that judge have make correct decision?
how do we know that judge have overstep his authority?

they are taking same EXAM. (indoctrination) - law book