Xiaxue granted court order to expose Internet Brigade for harassment

‘Local Blogger Wendy Cheng known mainly by her online moniker, Xiaxue, has gotten a court order to force Satirical Facebook Page SMRT LTD (Feedback) to stop harassing her.
The court order also apparently requires the page to post an apology and reveal their identities.
Acknowledging the receipt of the court order and legal letter from Xiaxue’s lawyers, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) posted an update on their facebook page explaining that they intended to follow the requirements and will reveal their identities:’

The above is quoted from an article posted in TRS. The new anti harassment act is taking effect with the first batch of anonymous bloggers waiting to be reviewed under court order after an application by blogger Xiaxue.

The bloggers that are here with an intent to harass me or anyone personally, please take note of this new act. I can be generous but don’t push your luck too far. I am waiting for an apology from Raymond. I have given him enough time to apologise for the life threat against me. I have yet to press the button.

To all my fellow bloggers, I hope we will all have some peace in our provocative and thoughtful discussion on national and social issues from now onwards and be free from harassment by Internet Brigades posting as anonymous bloggers henceforth. We can accept and even tolerate strong and robust views, but nothing personal and degrading. Let’s raise the level of discussion on matters close to our hearts.



Anonymous said...

There must be good reasons why Xiaxue has gotten a court order to force Satirical Facebook Page SMRT LTD (Feedback) to stop harassing her.

And there must also be good reasons why RB did not do the same like Xiaxue, let alone get a court order for that, despite Raymond and others also "harassing" him on his blog. Or at least not yet.

So beyond what limit will trigger RB to do so?

Anonymous said...

RB is just being too nice and did not want to screw that Raymond. Coming here to threaten people's life and when caught pretended to be a joke.

I support RB to bring him to court.

Anonymous said...

I support RB to bring him to court.
Anon 10:52 am

Bring him to court also need money, u know. And it's not kopi money, for sure.

And even if can win the case like Xiaxue, so what? Expose the IBs and apologise only what. No damages (money) paid, tio bo?

And for heaven sake, RB is no Xiaxue and vice versa. And no 2 cases are the same, so do not expect outcome in court ruling to be the same.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean, even on your best day you cannot hold a candle to Xiaxue.

She is more provocative than you. She is a more effective xenophobe than you could ever hope to be. She has the energy and gumption of a young person, you're in your twilight years.

Our gal Wendy can shake your cage until you "buay tahan" offline, which is why she gets REAL DEATH THREATS---with words and pictures which are direct and unquestionable, and the "sore losers" also go after her family.

None of the above has happened to you. Please lah, no one has really "harassed" you. Don't be such a pussy lah!

I must say I find SMRT feedback wickedly funny. WOW! I'm really impressed at how snarky and hilarious this person/ these people are. They are obviously intelligent and conversant with hacker lore, internet memes etc. To me they are the /b/ 4-Chan of Singapore.

To Muthu, Lup Cheong, Ahmad and Pereira---you guys are AWESOME!

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. This new law which compels accused harassers to "reveal themselves" cannot fly lah.

The internet is still a place where you can go after someone without experiencing negative consequences...i.e. it is still a place where "anything goes", especially in "blog wars".

Anonymous said...

the protection order is real but the order to reveal themselves and post an apology are false. everyone, including the mainstream media and rb, kena trolled again by the smrt feedback gang. hahahahah!

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

Rb, I hope u apply court order to reveal the identities of the following
1) Matilda's
2) angkokia
3) Raymond
4) patriot
5) b

Matilah_Singapura said...


Bring your fucking kangaroo court order, and then lick my balls and asshole, in that order.

And give me your address so I can send zombies to eat your family. <<== a threat :-)

Anonymous said...

Matilda's I let u suck my cock and lick my balls how is that for a treat for u, u mother fucker

Anonymous said...

From this post, it is clear that the one who wishes Singapore Dead, as signified in his Online Nickname, but pretend to defend Singapore in many of his posts, is part of the IB Gang of the PA Party. Correct me if I am wrong.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ confused cunt 306:

>> Correct me if I am wrong.

No way! If you want to be wrong that is your own choice lah. Live with your delusions; they will bring you "results". :P

I defend Singapore because it is my favourite Hotel. As long as it stays awesome and rocks out 24/7, I could care less who is running the show or how the Sheeple feel.

I only care about my own self interest. And that "self interest" has a lot to do on how "attractive" Hotel Singapore is to me.

I don't necessarily like everything the PAP does, but one thing the PAP-Govt-PAP does damn fucking well is present Singapore as a Premier Brand to the rest of the world---despite the jealousy from her neighbours, and left-leaning academics in western welfare-democracy cuntrees---and the Govt-PAP-Govt hammers out hard often locally unpopular policy to maintain the Premier Brand, which keeps Singapore in an empirically provable AWESOME state.

You have problem with me "liking" Singapore?

Anonymous said...

What matilar is saying is that Singapore is being presented like a sexy prostitute and he likes it that way, for his personal enjoyment. To hell with Sinkies, not his problem.