The sun rises from the West

This morning I was in a state of disbelief, that the sun rose from the West. When I opened the Today paper and this headline smacked me right in the face. ‘We need consensus before moving ahead: DPM Teo.’

What more do I need to say? What do you thing? Did we get a consensus on PWP? Yes, the consensus was in the Parliament. Did we get a consensus on the Medishield Life? Yes, the consensus was in Parliament. Did we get a consensus on the CPF? Yes the consensus was in Parliament. Did we get a consensus on the influx of foreign trash? Yes, the consensus was decided by dunno who. Was there a consensus on the out of this world salaries?

We need a consensus to move forward? ‘We’ means who, deaf frogs? Ya, did anyone say deaf frogs? The consensus of deaf frogs!

Can someone tell me what is this ‘We need consensus before moving forward’? Oh, I get it. It’s election time. We need the consensus of the masters. Did I get it right?


Anonymous said...

Need consensus or not, doesn't really matter lah.

As long as strongest opposition WP is not ready to be govt.

So it's just public relations exercise that DPM said ‘We need consensus before moving ahead'. Must wayang a bit mah, tio bo? Or else how to not just win but also win some extra votes, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


We really need consensus before
moving ahead!

Rule-by-REAL-consensus is the
ONLY ONLY sustainable way going
forward for political parties if
they want to survive loooooooong
in this very uncertain and cruel


patriot said...

Fucking hell.





Anonymous said...

Just keep PAP below the 75% majority, then each time they want to pass a bill, they need consensus. Simple. He is just hinting to you that PAP is unlikely to achieve 75% majority come next elections.

Anonymous said...

In PAP's speaks - i means they need Voters mandate to go ahead.

So - Elections lai liao!

They think doing all these token give aways on the pretext of SG50 have made them feel good and that ground is sweet. And once you give them the votes, they can go back to their blank cheque once again.

patriot said...

'Just keep PAP below the 75% majority'.

NOTa single one in PAP deservesto be elected. They are of the Same Feather. Theirs is


Anonymous said...

Consensus or not....the votes for
pap will go up....

How Not To Increase Votes?

with so many new generous govt
schemes introduced recently
and to be introduced this year
and next.....

How Not To Increase Votes?

with so many well participated
SG50 feel-good activities
organised last year and the
many BIG SG50 for this year......

How Not To Increase Votes?

my guess is:

PAP 68% vs 32% OPPS

What say U?

Anonymous said...

Even in your family where got consensus? How then to get consensus in a country?

Someone wise has to decide for everyone.

Like someone said, deaf frogs is better than dead frogs. But the deaf frogs will never be grateful, for they " 没死过 “。So these deaf frogs will always be grumbling.

Anonymous said...

Oil price drop by 50% in 2015.
Public transport fare increase by 3.2%
I smell a consensus. ROFL.

Singaporeans cannot smell the alcohol.
Singaporeans can't even smell a rat.

Anonymous said...

Was there a consensus for the unnecessary transport fare hike?
There is also no consensus to allow SMRT and Delgro to make huge profits out of the public commuters when they are already making HUGE profits from the oil price drop.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lucky the Benign Dictatorship pan chan the sheeple a bit.

Otherwise they just move forward, and to heck with you if you don't agree.

Actually, they give chance , a little. But they'll still move ahead and if you don't follow, you'll be "left behind".

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.19am

If you look carefully at their annual reports, in fact they made losses on transporting miserable sinkies like you and redbean, because all these old people are heavily subsidised with whatnots. It is the rentals of shops and/or investments overseas that they make.
Anyway if still insist they make a lot, you can always prfit from it by buying the share. What stop u?

Anonymous said...

/// If you look carefully at their annual reports, in fact they made losses on transporting miserable sinkies like you and redbean, because all these old people are heavily subsidised with whatnots. ///

PAPig Fairy tales?
Half truths?
Grandfather story?

Anonymous said...

Knn, Sinkies are so daft that they are subsidising the politicians in the millions for a crazily good life but believing the politicians are subsidising them.

Deserved to be sold to foreigners and be jobless and be treated as daft.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter if the few politicians are paid in the million as long as they create a environment in a country where hard working people with the right attitude can make their millions.

agongkia said...

I brought my 3 meimeis together and have a consensus and all agreed to register and marry me together and share the same husband.
Can I go ahead.

agongkia said...
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b said...

The consensus is the elite class move ahead and the rest just move backward. This is nothing new. Teo always speaks in half truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys but to me, in Hokkien, his name says it all. Good luck and take care.

Anonymous said...

He meant consensus from the yes men, the 77 Judas Iscariots