The end of Anwar 安华

The attack on Chinese businesses by UMNO’s Agriculture Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob was like a premonition of the end of Anwar安华. The long and dragging saga of Anwar’s sodomy charge came to a close this morning. The Court of Appeal upheld the earlier conviction and Anwar is going to jail for another 5 years. This will mark the end of his political career for sure. I don’t see how Anwar could get out of this fix short of a violent outbreak of public demonstration by his supporters on a national scale.

In his final parting shot, this is what Anwar said, "You could have carved your names but in bowing to the dictates of your political masters, you have become partners in the murder of the judiciary. You chose to remain on the dark side," ….

The judges walked out of the court before Anwar could finish what he wanted to say. It was a sad ending for Anwar and his supporters. The opposition camp will be thrown into disarray. Would there be hope of a return or release of Anwar? Not under this govt.

Selamat jalan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DSAI. His supporters would be shouting hidup Anwar, hidup DSAI. Nothing is going to change, nothing is ever going to change anymore. What a sad ending to this true son of Malaysia. He is a real fighter but the odds were too big against him. Malaysia has lost a brilliant son!


Virgo 49 said...

When the incumbent government is in power for so long, the civil servants also becomes the government and will do as the government do.

The power is also been rubbed onto them. Likewise the grassrots and also their supporters.

So monkeys see monkeys do. What ever decision or verdict the ruling government of the day decides, they will execute.

Poor Anwar been executed into oblivion.

CNY round the corner and in days if demonstrations and riots the Goat will bleat s hasty retreat.

Anonymous said...

In USA, sodomy is not a crime.

In USA, public assembly is not a crime. No police permit required since a citizen has a right to assemble anywhere he wants in a country that belongs to him.

Uniquely Singapore.
Uniquely Asia.

b said...

Politics is dirty.

Anonymous said...

I think this time he is really toast already as I think the legal process has run its course.

Anonymous said...

Sodomy with mutual consent, 5 years jail! Must be the most serious crime in the country.

Anonymous said...

They have just murdered one of their brightest sons, a true blue bumiputra.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What a sad state of affairs from those homophobic racists at UMNO--on the other hand, who would expect these jerks to behave any differently...like regular human beings.

Also "sodomy" laws are essentially based in religion.

Anwar is BIsexual...So what lah? Fuck you UMNO, it's 2015, not 1520.

So what's the REAL reason, after all this time, Anwar is sentenced to jail? IMO, it is because he is a DANGER to the power and standing of the establishment. Perhaps Anwar can muster the number to TOPPLE the govt., and then bring certain assholes to justice and force them to reveal their "dirty secrets"?

Who knows?

The said...

The "end" of Anwar? Like Matilah's gravatar gyrating her end?

Must get to the bottom of this.