SMRT – Revisiting the thinking of the sick

When SMRT was first introduced, there was the thought that travelling in public transport could be gracious, clean, smooth, convenient, fast and stylish. Then the money making mind set in. We want to be like Tokyo, crammed them in to the fullest, hire pushers to get as many commuters into the train as possible. Make the seats as small and narrow as possible to max the limited space. Good for the revenue. Nevermind the squeeze, discomfort and inconvenience. Nevermind the smell in this humid tropical island, never mind the unwashed foreigners. Who cares about gracious living. Gracious living was just a thought or meant for the rich.

After some crying and kpkb, there was a return to sanity. Instead of squeezing everyone into the train, they realized that there is another option, provide more trains. Silly that they did not think of it and only thinking of squeezing and squeezing. Have more train lines and more trains, higher frequencies, and encourage off peak travelling to create room and space.

But this kind of thinking is only meant to be short lived. They are going back to the old thinking, squeezing more people into the trains. The latest idea, tip up seats, to create room and space. Uncles and aunties, sorry hor. In this money minded island, everything is about making money. You oldies, legs weak, no seat, just too bad. What gracious living? What more trains? There is a maximum capacity, when reached, you cannot squeeze more trains on the lines. And there is a need to prepare for the 6.9m or 10m. How to increase passenger load?

I got a better idea. Shrink the population. I mean shrink the physical bodies. Feed everyone with a shrinking drug to half their size and the capacity will double. Or get our scientist to develop a shrink capsule and put the people in, and out comes all the midgets.

You want 10m? 20m also can. When you make the population smaller in size, everything will fit. Eat less, use less space, productivity sure to go up. Use Science, not dull brains of the past trying to push a square peg into a little round hole.

PS. Long time never drink kopi already.


Anonymous said...

Shrink Not! Shrink Not!

just back from my usual breakfast
with kakis....had a bowl of lor
mee and a cup of thick coffee-o...

there is no need to shrink the
physical bodies.....

one option is to lease the
on-going reclaimed-islands from
Johor for 956 years......

option 2 is to lease batam from
indo for 956 years......

option 3 is to lease any other

with the islands, our population
can go up to say 20M if we want...

we are the world.....

worth considering......


Virgo 49 said...

See Hong Kong, just flu only already 12 dead. You want to have 6.9 to 10 millions??

Give you SARs then you know follow by Ebola.

How many sinkies or newly minted Singaporeans will die???

Anonymous said...

You want gracious living?
Vote Opposition lor!

You want your children to be replaced by Alien PMETs?
Vote for the Pro Alien Party lor!
Then your children can become toilet cleaners ... cleaning up the shit left behind by Traitors and Aliens.

Anonymous said...

No need to shrink Sinkie bodies lah.

Just ensure 2 things as below happen, and continue to happen.

1. The strongest Sinkie opposition party is not ready to be govt. For this, no worry for PAP, because Teochew Ah Hia will play his part.

2. Once No.1 thing is achieved, faster bring the population to 6.9 million, say by end 2017. This one PAP govt will play their part, after being re-elected in 2016 due to No.1 thing above.

So no need to shrink bodies. It's difficult, if not impossible.

agongkia said...

Dun be khongcum and think of shrinking body lah.
All no brainer from a start. I would prefer they dig deeper and built bigger tunnel from the start and have double decker train or triple decker train.
Why can't we be different from others instead of having the usual standard single decker train.
Need lesser train with lesser train captain operating.One trip can carry 4k pax instead of 2 k.
If only we can see far.Even 10 million oso sub sub soay lah.
Nothing is impossible.

agongkia said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

WAH! Uncle redbean is very ambitious to ask Singapore to EAT LESS. Alamak, lidat economy collapse. Food Opera close down. YaKun, Polar, Old Chang Kee, Kopitiam®, Rendezvous (over-priced and shit quality), BreadTalk (carbs, carbs and more high GI carbs)...all bankrupt, out of business.

No way lah. Singaporeans are getting bigger (see Sing Stat website). They are heading toward being the fat cunts of Asia like the obese in USA, Mexico and Australia.

Singapore is likely to increase in population size and individual size so much so that SMRT will have to employ people to shove the human cattle into the trains with sticks and cattle prods

...or you can go out and buy your own vehicle, or fuck someone who has a vehicle :-)