Simple joy of being grandpa

Watching grandchildren growing up happily in their innocence is a simple contentment to many grandparents at a time like welcoming the new year.

This is one of the things that I do with my camera, to capture the days when the grandchildren are growing up.


patriot said...

A great joy and a most satisfying moment to see the Pure Innocense of life.
人 之初
带来无限 的快活。


Speedwing said...

Congratulations RB, I have a grandson about the same age and I can agree with all you said. However, you are luckier because mine is in Tokyo. Could only Skype. Speed.

Anonymous said...

Tell your grandson to work hard. Be in the mainstream and mix with the right company for mixing with the wrong company can poison one's mind. Don't follow the losers. Tell him, nobody owes us a living except oneself. Plan ahead, so that he can see the curve ahead and need not blame someone later. Tell him he can be successful provided he work hard, and provided old uncle redbean don't press the reset button. And don't let the innocent mind read uncle chua's pornography.

agongkia said...

I dun have grandchildren now but is confident that I will have at least 100 to send me off on my grand day .
As for me,whatever the number , I can caim to be a grandpa only if i can successfully ensure that they are brought up to be proud goh ah beng or goh ah seng etc. and proud of their names and will disown them if they do not know about filial piety or is ungrateful.

It will be useless if I produce 100 grandchildren but if they cannot communicate with me in my Hokkien dialect or produce a generation of greedy chiak leow bees with entitlement mentality or exploiting the weak and poor.
Be a good ah Kong.Produce but be responsible.
Keong Hee .

Virgo 49 said...

LKY said no need dialects.

Rumors lying in ICU.

RB, handsome grandsons.

Kong Hee Fatt Chye

Anonymous said...

alamak. redbean you got grandchildren ah.
better fight harder to win.
otherwise your grandson will end up working for an Alien manager who will sack him. and replace him with another alien.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is blessed differently. Some are blessed with power, some with wealth. Some are blessed with descendants. Some became ministers, some became ministers arse lickers.
Some, like ministers, eat the best in the restaurants. Some, like arse lickers, pick up the crumbs and wag their tails happily hiding under the table.

RB, you are blessed with grandchildren. Happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Grandchildren's growing up years are the best time to spend our days playing with them.

It may be tiring and a busy time trying to keep up with their antics, but it is worth the sacrifice.

Like RB, I have never regreted the experience. Miss it and you never get a second chance. Believe me!

Anonymous said...

And please, shield him away from foul mouth friends of yours. Tell him, nobody is blessed from the beginning, great things can be achieved through hard work and mixing with the right company and right attitude. You need not be very rich to be happy; you just need to have the right attitude.

Anonymous said...

You need not be very rich to be happy; you just need to have the right attitude.
February 20, 2015 11:20 pm

Really ah?
You got right attitude ... that means you can get your cpf money back at 55 years old is it?

Virgo 49 said...

Right, mixed and suck up to the right company like the PAP.

Your right path to wealth and power.

Politics is about power not serving the masses.

Only naive and daft people believe in this snake oil con jobs.

Anonymous said...

RB recommend bring them up like anon 11:20. Sure successful under the regime. But must tell them to be thick skin, and be very good lickers. And never mind if shameful to tell people who they are or what they are doing.

And on CNY still attack people, didn't know this time is very bad thing to do. It will all come back.

Anonymous said...

Will redbean teach his grandson to vote opposition while the kid is still young?
the same way papigs groom their children to be papig leeders when they are young?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, Tokyo to London is a real long distance. Thanks to technology, you can see him when you want to.

My son is in London. He is a grown man, so a bit different.

Happy new year.