Savages and animals not wanted to patrol Asian waters

ISIS cut the throat of two Japanese that had no reasons to be In Syria. And the Japanese, especially Abe and his Imperialist ministers went berserk, stomping their feet and vouching revenge. Cutting the heads of two innocent civilians is just unacceptable. It is barbaric, inhuman, vicious, cruelty of the worst kind. Only savages and animals would commit such monstrous acts. Abe and the Japanese are swearing that they would rearm to be able to go to Syria to attack the ISIS and save the two Japanese.

In 1937, the Chinese did not go to Japan to have their heads severed. Several millions were killed, including pregnant women and babies, with their heads cut off by the Japanese who went to China. And many more heads were cut off in Southeast Asia, in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaya and Indonesia. I don’t think any heads were cut off in Singapore as some Sinkies are very happy to forget this part of their history. They are also in praise of the Japanese as very nice people, the Americans said told them. Yes the Americans said so, despite the stealth attack on Pearl Harbour that killed several thousand American boys and girls that were sleeping after a night of parties.

Did the Americans remember the atrocities of the Japanese against them and Asians? Or they did remember and would like to unleash these brutal savages, in business suits, to roam and rule Asia and Southeast Asia? The Americans are giving all their blessings and support to the Beast of Asia to rule again, to serve American interests in containing China, a country that has not invaded Southeast Asia, did not commit genocide on the Southeast Asians, but branded as a dangerous and aggressive country. And the descendants of savages in Japan are now painted as the nice and peaceful people, dependable and trustworthy to keep peace in the region.

Are the Japanese honest, reliable and trustworthy? Abe and his gang are whitewashing all their dastard and barbaric deeds in World War 2. They refused to acknowledge, refused to remember the evil things they done to the people of Asia and Southeast Asia. They cannot remember the Rape of Nanjing, Unit 731, the colonization of Korea, the comfort women and all the hundreds of thousands of beheading. And they are fuming mad when two Japanese were beheaded in Syria when they should not be there.

Can the descendants of these savage invaders be invited to guard the waters of East Asia? Can they be trusted to rule the waters of East Asia? Only fools will believe that the Japanese can be trusted to rule over them. I would be more comfortable if the Japanese are invited to rule the Indian Ocean as they have not committed the barbarity they did in East and Southeast Asia. The Americans could also invite the Japanese to rule the seas of eastern Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Japanese did not have any bad records there except for Pearl Harbour.

The Asians and Southeast Asians must say no to the savages and invaders that cut off their citizens’ heads to impose fear in them when they invaded. Would the Japanese remember the hundreds of thousands of people’s heads their invading armies had cut off? Their heads were cut off like the Kenji and Yukawa. Where are the revulsion, the anger, the contempt, and the remorse?


Anonymous said...

"....the savages and invaders that cut off their citizens’ heads to impose fear in them when they invaded."

Tiok. And without imposing not just fear, but gruesome fear by cutting heads, how to rule strongly over those they had invaded, u tell me lah?

And this was true during WW2 and it is still true now. And which is why ISIS practise it in the territories in Syria and Iraq where they had invaded. So really nothing to be surprised lah.

Anonymous said...

Do the Sinkie opposition, in their quest to be strong and ready to be govt, fear of being sued till "their pants or skirts drop" if they say or do the wrong thing?

Anonymous said...

So, the Japanese cannot patrol the Asian waters because they were barbarians during WW2, tiok.
(until America stopped them)

But the America according to you is also no good, also evil, up to no good. So according to your definition, is also not desirable. So cannot, correct?
So Japan and America are out.

So who are we left with ? China lah. So we let China run around the south china sea lor, want to take what, just take lah. And redbean can withdraw all his money one shot at 55. Ideal.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here we go with RB revealing his xenophobic self once again, playing to the gallery like a shitty imitation of Adolf Hitler. ;-)

Chopping off heads is an age old practice. Tribes in Africa, Asia, South America practice head hunting---the don't only chop off heads of the enemy, they wear them as adornments---a tribal "fashion statement" worn by the hippest warriors of the tribe, thus securing them a place in the tribes' social orders.

Ye Olde English kings and queens had executioners with large axes to lop off the noggins of criminals and enemies---sometimes their own kin. Same with the French and their guillotine...retired from service only as recently as 1977.

Even the Chinese used decapitation as an extreme form of punishment and justice.

Come to think of it, every culture in the human species have killed their enemies and criminals by separation of head from body by some kind of cutting-edged tool.

So RB, broaden the context lah. In that way you won't come across as being so bigoted ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who are the pirates and trouble makers in the East China Sea, South China Sea, Straits of Malacca and Indian Ocean? Who do you think the US are defending against and what are they protecting? Grow up lah.

They can't even stop the pirates in the Indian Ocean.

And Japan is so nice, so peaceful? Why? Because the Americans are squeezing their balls to prevent them from becoming savages again. When the Americans remove their hands, the savages will revert to their savage ways in no time.

Anonymous said...

can you believe western propaganda?

PM Abe's Approval Ratings Rise In Japan After Hostage Crisis

rating of PM has been improved after two Japanese citizen been murdered?

Anonymous said...

"Savages and animals not wanted to patrol Asian waters"

More important is to ask who is doing patrol duty on our national reserves?
Do we have a list of our national reserves?
65 man years is it?
Ong Teng Cheong died in 2002 liao.
Ong Teng Cheong tan ku ku for his list until he die liao.
Just like we tan ku ku for our CPF money until we die liao.

Pretend Action Party
Because Sinkies like to tan ku ku.
We can pretend only.
No need action.

Anonymous said...

These days you do not trust anyone. Those who point their fingers at others should realise four fingers are pointing back at them. No one is an angel neither total evil. Actions taken are based on self interest. So RB, do not be too emotional about inter country relationship. Its just a transaction for muture gain.

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Go and enjoy the flowers and plants. Gong Xi Fa Cai


patriot said...



Due to his age, PM Abe was too young to have participated in the ATROCITIES. From his hawkish behaviour and those of his Cabinet, they would relish to be in action too.
However, me tends to believe that many young Japanese are peace loving and sensible.

Without the Ganging up of other big nation(s), Japan by herself will not be able to wreak the Havoc that it had done before. It is obvious that the US AND ITS' ALLIES, ARE INSTIGATING CHINA'S NEIGHBOURS TO WEAKEN CHINA AND IF POSSIBLE, DESTROY CHINA. THE CHINESE RACE MUST BEWARE THAT WITHOUT A STRONG CHINA, THEY WILL BE 'SICK' MEN EVERYWHERE AGAIN.

THE JAPANESE ATROCITY IN WORLD WAR II IS ' 不共载天之仇', AN ULTIMATE SIN THAT HAS TO BE REMEMBERED INFINITELY. However, there should be no revenge seeking. Just be mindful of the History and NEVER TO LET IT HAPPENS AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

Abe and his ministers would want to prove and rewrite history that all the beheadings and heinous crimes were fabrications, NOT true, like the comfort women.

There invaded all the SE Asian countries to liberate them from the colonialists. They were the saviours.

simple said...

Why all these BS. Leave past baggage alone. Why not also condemn the modern-day Germans for what Hitler and WW2 Germany did to mankind, and China for the massacres during the Cultural Revolution, the Christian Crusaders in the earlier centuries etc. ISIS's acts of violence are wrong regardless of history. 2 wrongs don't make a right.

How can the morality of ISIS's violence be dependent on which the nationality of peole they kill? How about the Jordanian pilot who was viciously burnt like a caged animal. Redbean, you had written good postings but yr anti-Japan and USA urgings are not.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Simple, welcome to the blog. I do condemn the ISIS for the barbarity. Yes, two wrongs do not make a right. But beware of the opportunists that are trying to capitalise on the ISIS issue and the beheading of two Japanese to unleash a bigger monster like releashing Satan to cause bigger destruction and tragedies to the world.

My theme for anti USA and Japan is central on the Chinese civilisation, not so much about China but related, and the hypocrisy of the West and Japan to use China as a whipping boy for their vested interests.

You may not be a Chinese and may not see or feel what it is like to belong to a civilisation that is treated as the pariahs of all civilisations, to be victimised and kicked around, to be called names, to be despised.

I am happy to see China rise as a super power, as an equal among nations. It also brought respect to all Chinese as a civilisation, as a people to be respected. If you are of the Chinese civilisation, when they demean or bash the Chinese, they are bashing you as well. When they laugh and make spiteful and derogatory remarks at the Chinese, if you are a Chinese, they are saying it to you too.

A strong and respectable China will not only bring good to all Chinese as part of a civilisation, it also brings respect to all Asians against the dominance and rule of the West. The world will be more equal and all the smaller countries around the world, in Asia, Africa and Latin American would have more room to breathe, to play and not be bullied and threatened by the Americans and the West.

And the points that I raised are based on historical facts, not bullshit or propaganda. Many English news readers have been poisoned by centuries of western lies and could not see clearly even today.

I am just doing my little part to set the mind thinking and for those who can and want, will see a more balance picture of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well said Redbean

Anonymous said...

RB, you forgot to mention that when China was weak, they raped, killed and robbed the overseas Chinese at will in many countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

b said...

When the world is in the hands of the capitalists, people will kill each other irregardless of race and religion to become rich. The chinese are abused by foreigners but also by their own gov( ie. one child policy, leasehold housing etc). The same goes for muslims, angmos, ahnehs. Its never about race or religion (ie they are just manipulation tools) - its about wealth. Love of money is the root of all evils.

Anonymous said...

Arse-face is in da house. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. You are digging up the past. Let the past stay in the past. Many in Singapore, especially those who worked for the Japanese during their occupation would rather forget the cutting of heads by the Imperial army. Please be very careful what you write. You could become a target for those feeling uncomfortable of their past.

agongkia said...

Its good to remind your readers once a while about the past and how their great grandpa were killed.
However dun waste too much time on Sinkies. Many will tell you to forgive and forget.They will not bother on the consequences .Many may not even want to be call Chinese.They are proud Sinkies .Many are now Dony Poh or Robert Tay .
After sometimes who knows you may see many Oyama Lee or Ishikawa Chua.
Many have and will forgotten their roots and will claim you are a liar if you tell them about Japanese brutality during the past.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All of you seniors would have a view of the Japanese cruelties during the Occupation. I think it is good to let the past lie low and remember in a solemn way. But it is very difficult when the violators are thinking of white washing the past.

Worst, if you know what the Americans and the Japanese are conspiring to do to rule the region. We must not allow the Japanese and the Americans to lie their way through and to think they could get away with it and act like angels.

At such moments if we don't dig out the ugly past, they would get away with murders and the beheading our innocent civilian forefathers. It would be a big injustice to those killed or brutally attacked without mercy shown to them by the Japanese beasts.

Anonymous said...

Faeces for brain arse-face sure has a lot to say. Looks like an uncurable case of chronic verbal diarrohea.

Anonymous said...

The whore's husband is here everyday. RB should track his posts and make a police report for harassment under the new Harassment Act. This whore husband would not be able to get away with it.

Do it RB. We support you to deal with such whore husband.

simple said...

Dear Redbean,

Fyi I belong to the Pioneer Gen. have seen n read much and I'm ethnically a Chinese. But first and foremost I'm a Singaporean. The centuries-old China civilisation is well in the past and is not synonymous to PRC except culturally. The DNA of the present-day PRC is still very much politically communistic. Capitalism for PRC is basically an economic means to an end and in no way makes it a democracy.

Atrocities of the past are aplenty and to carry these baggages and hate such as what some of the Arabics and people like you are doing/saying will only end but destructively.

You must think of yourself foremost as a Singaporean. PRC also see you as such and not as one of its own. Except for our ethnicity we are different. It is good to know the distant past of our fore-fathers and savour the civilisation. But that doesn't extend to loyalty or allegiance to PRC. We should not champion PRC, or for that matter any other countries, except on the righteousness of any issue. You may choose blind allegiance to PRC but they will not reciprocate. With a billion plus of their own Chinese, overseas Chinese support is a drop in the ocean and inconsequential to them.

PRC does not observe rule of law and international laws that most civilised democratice nations do.If you see what PRC is doing and intends to do further in the South China Sea territorial claims on the grounds of its older civilisation, essentially bull-dozing and bullying with its numerical might, it is worrying and threatening to this region's security n stability. We can't read into the minds of their leaders especially President Xi who is known to smile much but say little. In the meantime they are arming up super rapidly like building a 2nd air-craft carrier which is an agression type of hardware.

Admittedly Japan has pride deservedly so as one of the top world economies and do not easily and openly admit to past mistakes, not unlike the PAP govt. Your assumption, and a bold one at that, that a militant Japan will rise again is highly speculative. Times and people have changed. The Japanese people are not high on their G arming itself. Btw Japan and Singapore are strong allies.

So my advice to you is to keep your comments and analysis, which are otherwise usually pleasant to read, on an even keel, purely on the merits of each case. No need to be chauvinistic because, to the PRC, you are not one of its own. Even you have admitted that PRC and Chinese Civilisation are not synonymous. So don't back-track on this when addressing political issues. PRC under Mao was its own biggest destroyer of what's Chinese civilisation and culture and lives, or have you forgotten.

Anonymous said...

simple, great piece.

But after a while, redbean will still insist China is good and America is bad and evil.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Simple, thanks for the long treatise. I will make another bold assumption that your thinking is of a peranakan. I can understand that and I can see where you are coming from. We see the world differently and I respect your views and I hope you will accept my views of the world.

Yes, I am first a Singaporean and then an ethnic Chinese. With the rapid changes to our demography, the meaning and value of Singaporeans is being degraded.

I have my assumptions of geo politics and you have yours. You are assuming that yours is right. I don't think so. I think your assumptions and world views are simple. But I will say that my world view is different but I would not have the audacity to lecture you that your views are wrong and mine is right.

Obama has just been quoted in the ST today, to bring out about the dark and ugly side of the Crusades, slavery and Jim Crow Act. You must also be thinking that he is like me, carrying historical baggages of hate and not letting go.

What I can say, simply, is that one shall not forget your history. Ignoring history is to pay a heavy price when history repeats itself.

You are accepting the western American world order as the order of things, and the western definition of right and wrong as the norm. And no, China is anything but communist except in the political structure. Singapore is anything but democracy except in form. Things are not so simple as you want to think them to be. Realpolitic is different from the world of make belief.

PRC does not obey the rule of law and international laws? You are assuming and believing that the Americans and the Japanese are obeying the rule of law and international law. Really? You need to clean your glasses and look at the real world, not what the western media is telling you.

In the real world, the devil does not grow horns on his forehead. In the real world, the crook does not tell you he is a crook.

Anonymous said...

There are several cases of overseas Chinese rotting away in Chinese jails. There was a case of a Chinese Australian deported from China to face criminal charges in Australia. So much for a strong China standing behind Chinese everywhere. Have a nice dream.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is a great improvement today when you could only quote several cases. It was genocide, they just killed Chinese when they wanted to. The Americans condemned the Chinese to become railroad labourers, cooks and laundrymen. They would send the troops into China, threaten to do a preemptive strike in Lop Nor.

A strong China changes all that. Try threatening China with a regime change and see what would happen? All nations are equal, not someone is more equal than others. The Pinoys no longer dare to arrest Chinese fishing boats without being kicked in the ass. So did other countries. No, you can't kick the Chinaman whenever you want.

There is a new world order emerging. They no longer show the Chinaman slit eyes and called them gooks and get away with it, except in an island where they don't respect the natives and even kick them or bash them when they feel like it. And the natives are happy to receive the honour.

Hope you don't become a victim to such racism. Where is Anton, where is Ello?

Anonymous said...

Wah lan, this simple really believed his views are right and RB is wrong. Unbelieveable simplicity world view from an oldie. I thought only school boys would think like dat.

simple said...

Dear Redbean, again you have made another wrong assumption and with that your perspective of me is demolished. I’m as much a China-man as the next Chinese Singaporean. No, I’m not a peranakan and can hardly converse in Malay. My regular home food is Teochew porridge with salted eggs and kong bak and not beef steak or hamburger. I watch documentaries on the culture and history of China and other countries and marvel at their great civilisations. But I also do not assume that as an ethnic Chinese I should and am compelled to be aligned politically with PRC which had gone communistic decades ago, an ideology I and most people in most countries in the world abhor. I could not and would not call it my own. It is important that we KISS (keep it separate, stup).
You can’t debate and win one with assumptions, especially fallacious or irrational ones, and with bias. Please don’t also assume I’m 100% pro-USA or Western countries, or Japan. I go by objective evaluation of the right and wrong of issues and policies and not by the colour of my skin and that of the subjects, or by blind faith. I have lived long enough to know that in politics there are no absolute heroes or villians all the time. I didn’t claim my views are more superior than yours, just less bias and more objective and let the future present the proof. I may be wrong then because things don’t stay static. But please don’t stir racialist ill feelings.
As I had said, you made a lot of sense when commenting on local politics. But on PRC matters vs whatever and whoever, you seem like a different person and lose it. That’s my sincere opinion and feedback, not criticism. And finally don't also assume that I'm pro PAP, far from it I'm not. Cheers.

agongkia said...

Maybe Redbean is seen as pro PRC because of the way he wrote.I dun see him as someone who stir racialist ill feelings.
However he is much better than those blog like 'The voice of Losers 'who will take every opportunities to publish anything ugly about PRC.
I never seen RB speaking up for those PRC cases like I do before.
Eating Teochew Muay , chai buay or kiam nerng everyday cannot shows that one is more Chinese.
Today I still have many khongcum and tongbobin in their 60s who told me they do not go back to visit their relatives giving all kind of reason but when ask where is their ancestral village they cannot even recall.
When I visited my great ah kong village alone I am welcome and treated like some vip despite being poor and a nobody.
Our PRC cousins consider us as one of them so long as we do not lost touch.Its Sinkies esp.those westernised refuse the accept the fact that they are related. We are Singaporean but please remind our next generation about where their Ah Kong come from.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

It is unfortunate that Redbean's Articles have been and are being MISCONSTRUED AS PRO PRC and worse; loyal to China.

As one regular reader and commenter here, I must say that Rb had been talking about genocides that had happened around the World. IT IS A FACT THAT THE RED INDIAN, MAORI AND MANY OTHER ORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THEIR LANDS WERE DECIMATED OR PURPOSELU EXTERMINATED.

As I had said, there is no need for revenge for an eye for an eye makes people blind and two wrongs do not make any right.



Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak. Now that xenophobe redbean is hatamming the perankan.

Will his narrow-focused sense of ethnicity ever moderate to a less Hitler-esque tenor? Or will he dig in and become more brazen with his vitriolic bigotry---suggesting that the state carry out mass extermination programs to eliminate the 'inferior groups"?

Stay tuned folks, for the next nail-biting instalment of:

"Survivor---Escape The Xenophobe Edition".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi simple, in your last posting you made so many assumptions about yourself and about me. From your thoughts, I am not trying to be rude, you are what everyone called, a banana.

To talk about the discrimination and cruelties and abuses and injustice done to the Chinese civilisation is not about being pro PRC. To talk about the fabrications and oppression of the Chinese and PRC is not pro PRC.

It is about telling the truth, about finding your own truth and not be misled by western truth that came with a strong political agenda.

It is also about liberating our thoughts, about using our minds to think rationally and objectively, to discredit the liars, the propaganda, the false truth and the fake truth. It is about not being programmed by the west to think everything west is good and everything Chinese is bad.

Anonymous said...

Wah RB, you offended the chap cheng kia. He is coming after you.

simple said...

RB, if I have to make one assumption it will be that you are a poor reader and user of English. You assume things that are unfounded just to justify your case, you put words in other's mouths, and you use words that are racialistic and bias but still think you are a moderate

From this dialogue over last few days, I think you have lost the integrity and credibility of your writings past, present and future as a well-balanced and rational writer. I don't know what secret agenda or angst you have but I am not going to assume. The sad thing is that you don't realise it. Bye

Anonymous said...

Wah this one called himself simple but full of arrogance. Opened mouth called RB bullshitting and now after being told off left with so much anger.

Think so highly of himself, so smart meh? MS also dare not act like that. Good riddance lah. Don't come back ok.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Everyone is entitled to think he is right, if there is such thing in an opinion.

Anonymous said...

iyo, so wild opinion and well-considered opinion all also can and also same quality. Really meh? - don't need to be rational, fair and objective. By all means, as an ethnic Chinese, go ahead and take pride and rejoice in China's past civilisation despite its turbulent political history. But why should that also extend to the political government of the day and assume that it is all right and do no wrong just because it is Chinese, never mind it is communistic and all its traits that come with it. Tiok boh?