PM under the spotlight

PM ‘facing increasing scrutiny for cracking down on opponents, troubles in a strategic development fund and questions over his family assets, with even ruling party conservatives questioning his leadership….’

The above is quoted from an acticle in the Mypaper today on Najib’s problems. There are increasing criticisms on his ability to lead, on backing out of his pledge to sooth racial tensions and bolster democracy. More problematical are the criticisms involving his purchases of overseas properties and the 1MDB fund. Where is the money coming from and where is the money going to? Then there were also comments about Rosmah’s expensive taste for jewelries and luxuries items.

The PM’s office has issued official statement to deny Najib’s involvement in the purchases of foreign properties. The problem is that with the easy access to information and the net, not many things can be kept hidden from the public’s view. 
There will be the whisperers doing their jobs. Many things are still under wrapped not because they were not known but the timing is not right. Many skeletons would be thrown out once it is due for exposure.

Looks like Najib’s days are numbered. Many of his political friends are sharpening their knives and waiting for the Ides of March.


patriot said...

How come South East Asian National Leaders are behaving like wild animals in the jungle? Marcos, Estrada, Gloria Arroyo, Suharto and gods knows how many others in the Region are involved in abuses.
Anyway, few rulers are benign, much less benevolent. As for honesty and integrity, be reminded of the INFINITE UNIVERSAL TRUTH THAT POWER CORRUPTS AND



The said...

Mahathir is going all-out to get him now.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak, you sack this fucker, he's still rich and powerful lah.

Najib s one of the most "connected" people. Lots of people "owe" him favours, and if he needs to, he will call on those "debts".

No so easy to unseat this guy. However, Dr M is a bad, bad enemy to have...

Wah. Malay drama. :-)

Virgo 49 said...

Ya, my son rise to premiership very slow.

Anwar impatient, off he goes.

Now I am impatient, off you go.

b said...

Perhaps this time he will be prosecuted for having sex with an underage rather than sodomy charges? Bring on more drama.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia ah?
I thot you were talking about another cuntry.