Phillip Ang – Stand up against PAP’s flawed housing policy

Phillip Ang wrote an article calling for the singles, divorcees and single parents to stand up against the PAP’s flawed housing policies in the TRE. The small issue that I would disagree with Phillip Ang is that Sinkies have this daft habit of being swayed by shifting goal posts. Today someone sells them something for $10, tomorrow the same thing for $100, and the day after for $1,000, the Sinkies will then think $1,000 is acceptable and used it as the new reference point.

The good PAP of the past took the road to the dark side when they changed the housing policy from providing cheap and affordable housing for the people, to give the people a roof over their head, a stake in the country, to paying a ransom for a leased flat that in all counts is owned by the govt. Several unfavourable policies followed suit when the mission was changed.

From affordable housing to market priced housing, to asset enhancement, to not building enough to meet the needs of the people. And now everyone is paying for a hot potato that they believed would only go up in price when the truth is that it would end up worthless at the end of the lease.

And they still did not know why all their life savings are gone? Do I really have to put down the numbers, 1,2 and 3 to show them that all their money that should be sitting in their CPF accounts for retirement has been transferred out because of this change in housing policy?

It is not only the singles, divorcess and the single mothers that should be standing up to this flawed housing policy. Everyone should be standing up to it, for paying for something at so called market prices that made them feel rich when it is just an illusion, a transient thing, with a zero bottom line and the depletion of their life savings.

Can see this or not?


Anonymous said...

"Do I really have to put down the numbers, 1,2 and 3 to show them that all their money that should be sitting in their CPF accounts for retirement has been transferred out because of this change in housing policy?"

I think some Sinkies (maybe some of the 60%) are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.(OCD)

In OCD, a person knows what is wrong or what he is doing is wrong but yet continue to accept or do it fearing that something bad will happen if he didn't.

Hence people who suffer from OCD are not mad people. Mad people do not know what they are doing is wrong and think it is right.

Anonymous said...

just want to say this.....

our HDB are really very very very expensive......

why do this to our children.....

please remember....

you do, HE watch.....

sad, very sad, very very sad....

Anonymous said...

...they changed the housing policy from providing cheap and affordable housing for the people.... to paying a ransom for a leased flat that in all counts is owned by the govt.

This happened years before 2011 and Mabok Tan was the minister responsible for all this. And yet he was re-elected as MP in GE 2011 by even defeating a respectable opposition candidate called Goh Meng Seng, aka Madcow.

So like that how can PAP lose in next GE, u tell me lah? No wonder every now and then, Pinky dare to scold Sinkies for this and that!

Anonymous said...

Rb hard to see lar when sinkies paid over million for a 70 plus years hdb flat in bishan. That dude will get a shock of hs life when he try to sell it 20 years from now when the lease is less than 50 years old and found no taker as the buyer can't get any loan as the lease is less than 65 years left. If he is smart he better sells it to the next daft Sinkie lor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.31am pls note....

U are correct!

In coming GE, my guess is:

PAP 68% vs 32% OPPS

poSSibLe? pOssIblE?

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng, aka Madcow, has announced that he will context coming election because he is disappointed with Teochew Ah Hia and party for not doing enough as strongest opposition after having won a GRC in 2011. This I also agree.

And it will be Madcow's 3rd attempt, if he contested this coming GE, after failing in previous ones.

Will he be 3rd time lucky? Or 3rd time unlucky like Aung Juan Soon Chee, and for which Kee Chiu had took the chance to ridicule him in Huffington Post?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ sore losers:

>> this flawed housing policy. <

Are you sure the policy is "flawed"?

HDB "owners" in general have done VERY WELL from the shift to market-based pricing policies.

I'll contend that most of the people shouting loud are youngsters trying like fuck to get into sky-high priced pigeon holes.

The fuckers who are already in the "market price" HDB system---which includes the older readers here---are fucking SMILING as most of them bought their 1st HDB at a 5-figure sum and their "investment" is in the 6-figure area. For some, they've seen their "investment" multiply SEVERAL TIMES.

Singaporeans just absolutely love to see their value increase. Supposing you bought Marine Parade in the 1970-80's---one of those gorgeous huge, some of them 2 levels, flats, and still live there today, you are fucking EUPHORIC with joy...your "investment" probably has grown ten times!

Do you think that any of these "money-minded materialists" will support the govt which makes policy to "spoil the market"?

No way lah. These people are a MAJORITY and next year is election.

The kiasu PAP has to be careful to choose which groups to target in order to "buy votes". And these fuckers will play every clean and dirty trick in the book to win. Count on it. ;-)

Good luck on your ranting lah. HDB prices might soften now and then, but to drop the prices back down to 1980's when HDB was "affordable" and employer contributions higher is a pipe dream at best.

Virgo49 said...

Singles for example not forming family nucleus not allow to buy HDB flats for nearly fifty years until recently allowed for two room flats.

Whereas, follow trashes singles allowed to rent whole unit for bachelor joint and hangout.

These bastards, especially the chow ang mohs made them into mess and ready a mess brothels for themselves and their kakis for wild parties and created so much nuisances and problems to the neighbors.

My family and even my late mother died because of the fucking noise nuisance from falls due to a fucking Brit tenant renting the unit above us for the past six years and is still renting the place.

May the trucking owner with his ill gotten gains die a horrible death.

Single Singaporeans paid even more taxes and served National Slavery and yet unable to buy their own homes.


The Bloody PAP should be thrown out of government.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the call for standing up a little late?

More than 20 years ago, people in Hougang already foreseen this scenario. They stood up against the PAP, despite threats, bribes, punishment by being denied what other citizens were entitled to despite doing NS and paying taxes or GST like all other voters around Singapore.

What were the rest of Singaporean voters doing? Now, after sitting down for nearly 50 years, I do not think they know how to stand up anymore.

agongkia said...

If prices of housing is down, Sinkies are doom.

agongkia said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The nature of things. See how lovely the little baby is? In time it would be ugly and smelly.

The party, the CPF, the HDB programme, were all like the baby. Now turning into an ugly and smelly old hag waiting to be buried away and changing for a new one.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Two groups:

Group A: Those who are in the market to buy HDB---somewhere to live, to start their young lives with a spouse, rise a family, make a HOME. They EXPECT housing prices to be "affordable."

Group B: Those who are already well-settled in their HDB, it is their HOME, family life, security, ave invested time, effort and money into making it their home, and EXPECT the value of their homes to INCREASE over time.

Groups A & B have interests which are opposed to each other. There is no way you can have "affordable" homes and rising asset prices

Since HDB houses 80% + of the population, the vast majority are already living in HDB. Say half of these people are eligible to vote (probably more).

They still make up the majority of people who have VESTED INTERESTS in keeping the HDB prices RISING.

To all those who profess to "luurrrve" democracy: Majority vs minority --- who you think will win? Who do you think will be "courted" for their vote by the incumbent?

patriot said...

Current Owners are the Culprits that get the would be and future owners into trouble.
From $10 to a $100, the First Owner gets a profit. And if the First Owner buy another for a $100 and sell it at $1000, he/she feels 'song'(happy/proud). Few care about his next purchse would be also $1000 or more. In the End actually no profit was made but a work of work and time wasted.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

Damn hard to ban people from owning stuff, especially if they value the asset and there's a fierce market for the goods.

You can pass laws lah, but people are fast learners and adaptors, especially profit-chasing, lobang-exploiting kiasu kiasi Singaporeans. for e.g. Parents own 1 x HDB. When children come of age, son buys 1 x HDB, daughter buys 1 x HDB. Then live in one or two HDBs and rent out the remainder.

I don't know if you've been to an HDB multistorey carpark recently. You'll see a plethora of luxury and CUSTOMISED vehicles. These are not poor people lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. i.e. In most people's minds the "asset enhancement" policies of the PAP are working just fucking fine and dandy.

To them: "More good years!" ;-)

You can't change reality. Singapore is one massive reality check. You may not like it. Too bad for you---you will be feeling lots of unhappiness.

BTW, "moral" arguments fail in the Singaporean cultural context. To a Singaporean: you die, your business!. It's attitudes like that which keep people on their toes :-)

Anonymous said...

All property owners who bought cheap would be very please. Sure.

Those no property would be very unplease and very angry.

You govt or developer?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Neither. I'm small time owner earning small time rental income. Definitely not big time. But enough to keep me from going cap in hand and getting on my knees to a heartless govt begging "Tolong tolong" like so many shameless and lost dignity fuckers you see today.

I only buy when cheap or distressed (i.e. people dying, or bleeding to death), then--as a skilled human manipulator--I screw the seller harder for a lower price. I don't give chance. It is not my nature.

I am typical materialistic Singaporean---I look after my self interest. If possible, at your expense :-)

b said...

All along HDB is a great con scheme. It requires one entire life savings to buy something that worth ZERO after 99 years. On top of it, they even slap you with thousands of restrictions to qualify and satisfy. Like adding salt to a wound.