More Singaporean bashing and more foreigner ass kissing

The recent spate of Singaporean bashing by the political leaders is becoming a trend that the ST Editorial also wrote a piece on 6 Feb saying foreigners were at fault is rubbish. There were also Singaporeans in the Laneway Musical Festival, so cannot blame the foreigners, Singaporeans were also at fault.

The same kind of logic should apply to Hong Lim. Hong Lim was always clean after a Singaporean event. And there were also some foreigners present. So the foreigners were the ones that kept Hong Lim clean too.

I was hoping that someone has some statistics on the number of Singaporeans at the Laneway musical and the number of foreign filth there. I deliberately used foreign filth since they were glorified as the clean and responsible darlings of the elite by the elite. Even if there were some Singaporeans there so what? Would everyone with a moustache be your father? I can’t believe that our elite were so defensive of the foreign filth and felt so free to kick, admonish and rebuke the Singaporeans and assuming that the Singaporeans were the guilty ones and the ones that needed to be scolded. Did anyone of them say anything about the foreign filth that left all the filth behind?

Have the elite turned against the Singaporeans? What is the agenda? Where are they going?


Anonymous said...

"Have the elite turned against the Singaporeans? What is the agenda? Where are they going?"

I also dunno leh.
Pro Alien Party
Aliens & Traitors
Party Against People
Proud Arrogant People
Pay and Pay
Pretend Action Party.

Are they really on our side?
What do you think?
Are you repenting yet?
Or is it the 40% who should be repenting?

agongkia said...

Uncle .Please lah.Be a good Sinkie , do your part and keep your country clean.
Whoever littles does not matter.
Dun be so carried away and get agitated easily.
Stay cool and drink more herbal tea.Be gracious and enjoy a longer lifespan.
How to live till 100 years to enjoy your so claim cpf like that.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

As long as laws are not enforced there will be littering, regardless of local or foreign.

People found littering, and people found squatting in public urinating should be caught and punished.

For a start the govt should employ more locals (if it can) to catch people who litter, and see what nationality these people are. Redbean you should join the squad and see it from the horses mouth and report to us.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies clean, foreigners dirtied. Foreigners dirtied, Sinkies got scolding, foreigners got praised. Foreigners dirtied, Sinkies told to clean up.


Anonymous said...


really can't stop laughing....


Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Have the elite turned against the Singaporeans?

Only the xenophobic ones :-)

I can name one prominent example. And so could you :-))

Anonymous said...

What part of Pro Alien Party don't you understand?
The PAPigs are SingaPhobic.
Maybe they just don't like Singaporeans.

But Singaporeans love PAPigs.
We keep voting for a PAPig government ... 50 years in a row already.

What to do?
This is a one sided love affair.
Singaporeans love PAPigs.
PAPigs love Aliens.
Aliens hate Singaporeans and laugh at the PAPigs behind their backs.

Amortal said...

Uncle Red Bean aka Uncle Chua,

You must go back to the basics lah. After more than 50 years of total, absolute, unfettered power, if you are the one enjoying it, what would you become?

Will you start to believe that you are the best, most intelligent, most capable, most efficient, most effective, most upright, most of all mosts - most always right?

Will you, after calling all your citizens daft, start to look down on them, despise them, belittle them and kick their asses as and when you like?

Will you use them as you punching bags and direct all the blames to them in order to deflect your own failures and blunders in your running of the country, in your administration of justice, in your management of social services,in your sharing of prosperity, in your application of equality, in your fairness in the allocation of priority for progress, in your handling of hot potato political issues and possible civil unrest?

Will you not make your job easier and shirk your responsibility by redirecting whatever problems at hand to the daft Sinkies, who have become the 6 Ks - Kiasu, Kiasi, Kia Cheng Hu, Kay Kiang, Kay Poh and King of Complaints - who are totally powerless to hit back at you where it really hurts?

So, Uncle RB, please kindly put yourself in their shoes, and touch your own heart - and think of the Human Nature where the saying goes:

Power corrupts; Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely!

Powerful people, after some time, get drunk with power and addicted with power, and get blinded by the welding of power. They forgot who they once were, who their supporters were, who gave them the chance to be in power, who gave them the freedom to exercise their power, and who provided them with the time and space to continue to enjoy this total absolute unfettered power?


So, they started to think that Sinkies are ungrateful, Sinkies cannot do without them in power to rule and kick their asss as and when they like, Sinkies are very afraid to oppose them, Sinkies want them to stay in power forever and ever,

Sinkies are really really daft and therefore deserve to SINK to the very BOTTOM of the deep deep dark abyss, where if they shout for help, no one can hear them or come to their rescue.

Sinkies are DOOMED! They have only themselves to BLAME - especially the 60.1% of frightened sheep, some wearing wolf-skins, fox-skins, tiger-skins and snake-skins!


Will it ever end? What do you think, Uncle RB?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Amortal,

Welcome to the blog. Your description is close as you can get to the reality of the highest state of self delusion. I can't disagree with you. We are reaching the final stages of The Animal Farm.

The Farmer shall return.