Mahathir – Quotes of wisdom or wise cracks

The Today paper published an article by Agencies on what Mahathir said about Najib and his role as a citizen of Malaysia. Some may find his criticisms overbearing, outright, pointed, biased or just wise cracks. Whatever, I find them interesting and some are very relevant to the politics on both side of the Causeway. I will just quote them at random here.

1. If you don’t perform and people say you‘re no good, please resign. He went on to say that underperforming leaders should not trouble the nation and should, instead, resign.
2. If you need a tongkat, it means you are decrepit.
3. I advise people who retire to be active. If you are not active, you die. I love this country. I have a right as a citizen to criticize.
4. The country is currently facing a lot of problems, but the govt is not admitting it. They are in denial.
5. A good leader would always look behind him to see if there were people following him. And if there aren’t, they should do the right thing and leave.

Though Mahathir said all the above about Malaysia and Najib, they have an uncanny relevance to all political systems and countries. I think they are also applicable to the state of affairs in Sin City.


Anonymous said...

With a million dollar salary, why should I resign?
Die, die, I must stay on till the end.
This can also apply anywhere in the world. Not necessarily only to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. Here in Singapore things are definitely better than over the causeway. Here you have transparency and accountability. The leaders are dedicated and are in office to serve and to make sure Singaporeans are happy and well cared for. All policies regarding the CPF, HDB, Medical, Pioneer Generation Care are all well thought out and for the good of all Singaporeans. Agreed??

Anonymous said...

Hi speed.
It's Chinese New Year.
Stop farting all over the place.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, the above is not from me. I must say I cannot disagree with your observations. The PAP is taking care of the people so well, like a fantasy, from cradle to grave, that they will storm into Parliament with 87 seats this time.

They are so caring that they even chastised the WP for taking the money from the poor people to pay their friends. This kind of righteousness can only be found in immortals. Agree?

Anonymous said...

"Here you have transparency and accountability"

- sure or not?
- have you tried asking details about our national reserves, GIC and Temasek ?
- President Ong Teng Cheong ... titular head of our country ... didn't he ask a question?

The said...

/// I think they are also applicable to the state of affairs in Sin City. ///

Wah, rb, you also know how to borrow knife to kill someone. 借刀杀人.

The said...

/// CPF, HDB, Medical, Pioneer Generation Care are all well thought out and for the good of all Singaporeans. Agreed?? ///

CPF pays pittance. EPF's dividends around 6,7,8%. Still cannot get your CPF money at 55. Recent cosmetic changes because of coming General Election.

HDB - still too little too late. And too expensive.

Pioneer Generation Package - also know as GE Package. In any developed country, this is a given. Any time, any person. Not a one-off sweetener just before GE.

Well thought out? People have been clamoring for them for decades and they come up with something so diluted with lots of ifs and buts.

Anonymous said...

Love Yourself
Be Kind To Others

Love Yourself
Be Kind To Others

"Kong Hee Fatt Choy"

Anonymous said...

"Be Kind To Others"
February 17, 2015 10:03 am

Why you tell me.
Tell PAPigs lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> they have an uncanny relevance to all political systems and countries.

Exactly. This is why I believe you should have at least one permanent resident visa in your passport, or get a second or third passport, and also some form of property in those other cuntrees.

Very soon, I think, there will be cheap cheap properties in Malaysia. Time to apply for a Malaysian PR visa :-)

Anonymous said...

If PAP resign or is voted out, which alternative party is ready to take over, u tell the 60% lah?

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:33. This is your problem. You had been brainwashed by PAP and believe we will be doomed if opposition takes over. Look at Sri Lanka. Did the government crack when the dictator PM was outsted? What about India after Modi took the country by a storm. There are so many examples around you and yet you choose not to see

Anonymous said...

Matland and Sinkieland both have one thing in common. Both cannot find better leaders to replace the current ones.

And Matland has only 3 main opposition parties PKR, DAP, PAS in coalition and yet already got so many problems. And they are even ready to be govt, unlike the terribly useless Sinkie opposition parties.

So can you imagine the Sinkie opposition parties WP, SFP, NS, SDP, RP, SDA, DPP, SPP, SF, PKMS etc being elected as govt?

And knowing this, any wonder why 60% Sinkies keep voting PAP every election?

Anonymous said...

In no other countries with democratic elections involving parties, does the opposition ever, ever said they are not ready to be govt. Please name one country if there is.

Only in Sinkieland did the opposition, and the strongest one, said such a thing. And shamefully continue to remain to be so. Might as well close shop and get out of politics.

More Speed said...


I must agree with Uncle Red Bean that the PAP is taking care of the people, especially our President, Ministers, Scholars, SAF Paper-Generals, Top Civil Servants/Lords, People in the GIC, Temasek Holdings, GLCs and the Chief of NTUC and other Institutions such as the Law Society and the Judiciary, etc.

In fact, I think that the PAP is:

1. Too good for its own good,

2. Too smart for the common good of our citizens,

3. Too powerful for the good of democracy,

4. Too rich for the good of the middle-class, the poor and the destitute,

5. Too efficient for the good of of freedom, flexibility, initiative, innovation, and cultivation of good leaders who can inspire followship without having to be paid out-of-this-world salaries, bonuses and perks.

6. Too healthy for the good of the health and medical care of our ordinary citizens.

7. Too effective for the good of the development of our society.

Tio boh? You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

When everything has gone to the EXTREME, whether good or not, it cannot be good!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say I am in complete agreement with Speed in his latest comments: )

Anonymous said...

Know yourself, know your enemy.
100 battles, 100 victories.
Sun Tze's Art of War, 500 BC in Ancient China.

Know yourself, know your Sinkie opposition, know your Sinkies.
11 elections, 11 victories
PAP's Art of War 1965 AD - 2011 AD

More Speed said...

May I also add:

The PAP is:

8. Too lawful for the good of the Laws of our country, passing laws after laws, and amending our Constitution like changing under-wears, to serve its own selfish interests and agendas.

9. Too highly educated for the education of our common people, e.g. telling our people to go to our local universities but they themselves go to Ivy League Universities all over the World at the expense of tax-payers money.

10. Too high above the clouds in the Ivory Towers that it cannot and will not hear and see what is on the ground, and beneath the ground.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I thought More Speed is Speed. Anyway, welcome to the blog.

Actually if you read between the lines, we are all talking the same thing and having the same views.

The said...

11. Too helpful. GST is to help the poor. Train fare hike is to help commuters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Bless them for their good hearts.

b said...

All politicians are evil, some are more evil than others. Their main job is to plunder and not help the folks.

Anonymous said...

Ya agree, ALL Politicians are evil. They only want power to ensure they can control you and con your money through taxes and more taxes, direct, indirect and disguised taxes. They pretend to be nice to you, pretend to be sincere and honest with full of integrity and care for you. But under their sheep skins, you can detect wolves, snakes, foxes, and all sorts of wild, ferocious, vicious and vindictive animals.