LKY – The most controversial man at a critical moment of his life

There was a big stir last night that LKY had passed away only to be proven wrong. He is still in ICU being watched closely by his doctors. It is good that we keep an even keel in this blog without getting ourselves embroiled in the controversies by two opposing camps lampooning at each other over the merits and demerits of this man. He had done many things that people would remember him for good, and many things that his enemies or victims would not forgive him. In fact many Singaporeans have benefitted from his rule, some more, some less. I am not going to say much about those that crossed his path. They would have their own stories to tell.

At this very moment everyone is watching with uneasy feelings on when he would move on and what would happen after that. Would things go on as normal as if nothing happens, a non event? Or would hell break loose and all the knives and hatchets unsheathed? There are angers and hatred in some quarters, in some corners. How bad are they? Some comments in cyberspace were very harsh and very crude, a sign that some had a bad time from him or his policies.

This is like a lull before a storm. The initial reaction should LKY pass on would be a flurry of reports on him in the main media, in the papers and on air, eulogies and weepings from those who appreciated his contributions and made a difference to their lives. Then they would be the ceremonial processions for the man that was no longer the Prime Minister for many years but still living in the Istana as a permanent resident, a right only he deserved against all state protocol. He is still bigger than his MP title.

When the sound and glory are over, it would be the turn of the sound of fury. Would there be a different set of eulogies from a different viewpoint surfacing, not in the main media of course? Would there be hard thumpings and different versions of hard truths to challenge the official hard truths?

Fortunately I think all these happenings are likely to be academic, all sound and fury and nothing more than that. It is unlikely to be anything more after the steam was let off. Then soberness and sadness will fill the air for the passing of a national leader that had risen to the top of the heap only to close the chapter with a controversial ending.

This is a very busy and tense moment for many who are involved in one way or another, a moment they have prepared for and waiting to happen. This could be the most important event in our history that cannot be eclipsed by the SG50 celebration other than a shocking and controversial result in the next GE, if there is going to be one at all. There are expectations and this time, with the passing of the LKY’s era, the expectation is high, anything is possible. It will be a new ball game, the beginning of a new chapter in our history.

Next chapter, the changing of the guards.


Anonymous said...

But even with the passing of LKY, will the Sinkie opposition be ready to be govt?

And if not, will the 60% dare to vote PAP out?

And if they dare not, why should PAP be any different from when LKY was still around, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

This could be the most important event in our history ...

Not really lah. I would say the most important event in our history is when a Sinkie opposition leader announce that his party will contest 100% seats in a General Election and ready to be govt. And not necessary in coming election, so be prepared to wait long, long for this event, if it will come at all.

Anonymous said...

RB, there is a robot posing as a human. Proving is not necessary lah!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is easier to make LKY get well and better than to get the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt? Hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Whether or not opposition is ready to rule is academic. In fact, the fear that they cannot is based on the fact that PAP had been in power since day 1 and that civil service and army are under their full control. It is therefore natural to fear if opposition takes over. But looking at some 3rd world countries near us, transition should be smooth. Example Sri Lanka and Thailand. Just hope that civil sevants are loyal to the constitution and not political masters.

Anonymous said...

Dun worry lah!
LKY spent the last 20 years grooming his team of Millionaires to take over from him.
And if he has been doing his job like he promised, his eventual demise should be a non-event.

Anonymous said...

At this point in time, one should control ones feeling and be compassionate. Let's hope the old man recovers and live long long. I am sure there are some Singaporeans who would love it if the opposite should happen. Reading from many postings on the media there are those who have been saying very unkind things, but let's give the ld man a little dignity on his sick bed. It could be his last few days or it could turn out to be another miraculous recovery. Until then, please be kind.

Anonymous said...

Until then, please be kind.
February 26, 2015 5:28 pm

kindness begets kindness.
like LKY would say ... I think you have a subsidy mentality.
You are cruel to people.
And you cry foul when people are cruel back to you.

Pull the plug!
Countdown to SG 50.

Anonymous said...

Pull the plug!
Countdown to SG 50.

Would you like to be the one who pulls the plug?
Please be a little compassionate.

Anonymous said...

Why not the PAPigs show some compassion to AHPETC in parliament?
Why not the PAPigs be more constructive in their criticism?

Yes. I want to pull the plug.
I connect to fireworks.
Pull plug.
And fireworks go off in the Marina Bay.
I want $50 million dollar fireworks display.

Anonymous said...

You must be full of hatred for this poor old man. He has done lots of good for Singapore. On the other hand along the way he could have made a few mistakes. What has he done to you that you have so much anger in you to be cursing him at this moment when he is ill? Remember, with anger and hatred in your heart you will not find peace whatever happens. I pity you.

Anonymous said...

"Some time back, I had an Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) done which says that if I have to be fed by a tube, and it is unlikely that I would ever be able to recover and walk about, my doctors are to remove the tube and allow me to make a quick exit."
Lee Kuan Yew

Let's all help LKY keep his promise.
Let's all be kind to LKY.

Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk, hatred in your heart will only make you more unhappy and morbid. Open your heart and be gracious and let the poor man recover from this illness. If he does not, then it is fate. Leave the poor man alone and be compassionate.

Why are you so hateful? What has he done to you personally?

Anonymous said...

The question is: which doctor to pull the plug if things come to the worse?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Law Soc is fast developing medical diagnosis technology?
Do you think they rendered a good medical diagnosis on M. Ravi?
Do you think they can do the same for mechanical ventilators?

Anonymous said...

Look at those holy people in parliament bullying the few opposition members. You think they deserve compassion when their turn comes?

What you sow you shall reap. Do not do unto others what you don;t want others do unto you. But when in power, they go crazy and reckless and would not see the need to be merciful to others.

If one is cruel and evil, believe me, they would have to face cruelty and evil one day.

They are so ruthless to their opponents in politics, not even enemies and see how cruel and wicked they have become. Who should be crying for mercy?

Anonymous said...

GST is to help the poor.
Pulling the plug is to help the patient.
The mechanical ventilator is subsidizing the breathing.
Subsidies are not good for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Initially it was even reported that LKY was conscious and lightly sedated, although in ICU and on ventilator.

But in the latest update saying he is still alive, they did not mentioned the word conscious, did they? So is LKY still conscious?

And is it true that as long as the plug is on, life in this condition can even be prolonged for years?

If true, then maybe it will be unplugged at the "right" time?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

I remember LKY's late wife was not seen together with him in public for about 2 years before she finally passed away in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Read this:

It reported how the former PM of Israel Ariel Sharon was kept alive for 8 years by a complicated network of ventilators and feeding systems.

patriot said...

Why are Sinkies so worked up over the Mortality of one old man.
To be born to grow, age and die is the Law Of Nature for mortals.

Lee Kuan Yew has enjoyed a life of plenty, including power(authority).

The Man is idolized, respected and even revered by many who wish that he stays to rule Sin as long as possible. He is succeeded by his Son Lee Hsien Loong who is currently the Prime Minister of Sin.So, there is no worry of Lee Kuan Yew's legacy getting lost.
No man is invincible with Nature, let the Man goes in peace.

I personally wish he could live much longer.


Anonymous said...

I understand many love this old man. But please remember that he has also committed many sins and ruined people's lives. He has so far not apologized or paid for his past mistakes. So keep that in mind before judging people who are no fan of this old man.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Only the person wearing the shoes would understand how it feels to be in it.

Annoyed Readers said...

Mr Red Bean,

I think we have come to a point that we cannot tolerate this guy who keep saying the same shiiiit thing anymore.

He/she keep repeating again and again that WP or Teo Chew Ah Hia not ready to be government and 60% dare not vote PAP.

He/she simply has no new ideas to contribute to the discussion or comments.

This is actually called SPAMMING.

It is damn sickening to read his shiitt again and again. It is a sheer waste of all the readers' time.



Anonymous said...

Rooster yesterday, feather duster today.
Not so ya ya now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, the machine or tape recorder, you got the message? Why are you so unhappy with Teochew Ah Hia?

Maybe you want to tell us. You repetitive posts are getting on the nerve of some readers. I normally just skip them.

Anonymous said...

Think his wife like Ah Hia and he cannot take it. Very jealous and angry.

Anonymous said...

This Ah Hia hater is paid $40.00 per comment. I don't think the bosses are getting value for their money. Very poor command of language, only capable of childish fits. No stars. Deserves banning.

Anonymous said...

RB, I think a lot of Ah Hia admirers read your blog regularly.

If not ah, they won't know there is a Ah Hia hater posting so regularly on RB blog and got so annoyed with this Ah Hia hater, tio bo?

But don't u think Ah Hia and party actually also really let down their admirers a lot? Not meh? And why Ah Hia hater make and repeat his ridicule on Ah Hia and party but not RB or others?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Read my latest post and you will know why Ah Hia has no time to do other things. Bog down with AHPETC and many other things, constantly being checked.