LKY in hospital since 5 Feb

In the news this evening, LKY has been hospitalised since 5 Feb for a severe bout of pneumonia. His condition has stabilised and doctors are monitoring his condition. He is supported by mechanical ventilation and remains in the ICU

Please do not speculate or make unnecessary comments on LKY's condition. Just take this as an important piece of news. During the CNY celebration let's be careful and discreet with what we say. It is always best to say good things about people during CNY than unpleasant things.


Just A Little Digit said...

Happy Lunar New Year,
Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
Hope you recover quickly and
wish you live long long.
Wan Shui, Wan Shui,
Wan Wan Shui
Huat Ah!

EW Tan said...

I also wish our ex-PM Lee Kuan Yew, the father of our Present PM Lee Hsien Loong, a very happy new year in the year of the sheep.

The sheep symbolizes the meek, gentle and powerless. Most Singaporeans are meek, gentle and powerless. Therefore this year 2015 is the Year for Singaporeans.

Also it coincides with our 5oth Birthday on 9 August 2015. This is really going to be a Great Year for Singaporeans!

Therefore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, you must live on to join us to celebrate our 50th National Day, our 50th Independence Day, our 50th Anniversary.

May you be healthy again and live to be 100 and even more!

May Singapore have another good leader like you!

May God Bless Singapore and Singaporeans!

May the Meek inherit the Earth!

patriot said...

Me wishes Lee Kuan Yew and his
Family Healthy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

May Lee Kuan Yew lives long long, 108 Years or More.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi EW Tan, welcome to the blog.

And welcome to the Year of the Sheep. Yes, the Sheep are going to have a big celebration to honour themselves for being Sheep.

Let's wish LKY recover to celebrate with the happy Sheep.

Amortal said...

Old McDonald had a farm,
Ee Ya Ee Ya Oh!
In His farm He had many Sheep,
Ee Ya Ee Ya Oh!
And they Meh Meh Here,
And they Mei Mei There,
Meh Meh Here, Mei Mei There,
Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei Everywhere;
Old McDonald had a farm,
Ai Ya Ai Ya Oh!

Happy New Year of the Sheep
to Everybody and especially to Grand Uncle Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Uncle Mr Red Bean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng!

From: A Mortal (in this World)