In Politics – a matter of whiter than white

I had a few minutes of watching In Parliament on the telly last night and saw the expected fireworks on display. Though I did not want to waste my time going through the drag, I still could figure out what were the main issues and points in discussion. Going forward, I hope all the opposition political parties will review the sessions over and over again as a lot of lessons could be learnt from it. From the administrative point of view I would hazard to offer a few suggestions to the opposition political parties so that they would avoid the treacherous path ahead.

The situation, the opposition parties must know that the realities are not as simple and straight forward as they thought it to be. They cannot take things likely and easily as they are dealing with a team of politicians that are white, flawless, spot less and god like. This is the starting point. To stand a chance of surviving the ordeal, they need to be whiter than white. Just being white or blue but with some spot is not enough. Every spot would be put under the magnifying glass to check the details, for the little blemishes and hair if any.

Administrative procedures and process cannot be slipshod. The rules cannot be compromised. And having husband and wife team, with one with the authority to approve what the other is doing is a big no no. And when money is concerned, it is worst. It demands the highest level of integrity, transparency and accountability. There cannot be any room for conflict of interest. This is basic, fundamental in administration and accounting. Even a schoolboy would know. Do not think other people can do it so you can also. A conflict of interest is a conflict of interest. Period. There is no exception, no otherwise.

And here there is public money involved. A lot of public money is involved, millions. And I would like to quote Shanmugam, ‘The rhetoric from the Workers’ Party (WP) is always about helping the poor man. The reality is that the WP took money from the man in the street and gave it to FMSS. Maybe thee was no one taking the money, through the back door in the dark of the night, because the money was going out in broad daylight, through the front door.’

I hope this is not too difficult to understand. No political party should go around talking about helping the poor man and then ended up taking their money from them and gave it to some other organizations or to themselves. This is the first cardinal sin. Cheating the poor man! Don’t ever be accused of cheating the poor man. You cannot cheat a poor man. They know. How can anyone or party does this and get away with it? The second point, even if it is approved legally or officially, it is still theft in a way, like money going through the front door. Yes, how can people do such a thing and think they can get away with it?

All opposition parties must learnt these rules from the PAP, be very careful with the people’s money, the public money. The PAP has done this very well, beyond reproach. Every cent must be accountable. No taking the public money from the front door and not in the dark of the night. Both are equally wrong.

The lessons are painful but there are a lot of hard truths in them. Be whiter than white. White is not enough unless you are in power. Until you are in a position of absolute power, be clean, be transparent, be accountable. And when people ask you to tell the truth in Parliament, to come clean, you must answer and come clean. How to be clean and transparent when you refused to tell, to come clean?


patriot said...

Just like Your Conclusion.
Cant be better expressed
somehow I cannot help thinking that
the POT calling the WOK black Is apt for Sin.


Anonymous said...

I like Khaw Hoon Wan's comments.
It's deja vu all over again.

1) "It's all in the family"

2) "In response to legit queries from auditors, (did I hear the President of Singapore) .... "

3) Did I hear Shanmugam say "Your MRT is in shambles, .... "


patriot said...

My apology.

Me likes to change 'But' in my above Comment to 'And'.


Anonymous said...

This is a case of someone pinting a finger at others not knowing that four other fingers are pointing back at himself. He is saying his party is whiter than white but all we see are spots on their shirts.

Anonymous said...

YES! Don't Play Play!


Very Very Simple!

If AHPETC is so very wrong, see
them in the courts!

Just Do It! Just Do It!

Talk loud loud no use lah.

If there is a case, see them in
the courts!

The masses will support it!

Just Do It! Just Do It!

Don't just talk talk and more talk!

No use lah! Act Now! Act Now!

For the sake of AHPE residents.

Don't Play Play! Must Pray Pray!


Anonymous said...

All these goondus still don't get it. Everyday repeat still cannot get it.

You need not be "whiter than white" to be above the law. You can even be blue. Or black or purple or pink, also can. You can also be half white half blue. You can also man/woman or man/man team. As long as the auditors pass you.

Auditors can be local company or foreign. Auditors can also be pro PAP or pro Oppo.

Anonymous said...

White is not enough unless you are in power.

101% tiok.

Now WP will realise how serious it can be if they are not ready to be govt. As serious as being accused by the competent PAP govt of doing unlawful things.

Anonymous said...

WP Is accused of paying their friends. Croynism?

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, it is not how white you are, but rather how powerful you are, that really matters.

Generally speaking means generally applies in the whole, wide world lah, and maybe with few or even no exceptions.

Anonymous said...

no point talk here talk there lah....

also no point kpkb anymore.....

don't waste everyone time.....

if there is a case, very simple...

just charge AHPTC.....

talk no more... talk no more....

"kong hee fatt choy"!

patriot said...

Maybe the Army(SAF) could
be called to arbitrate the Conflict
one day.


Anonymous said...

Moral of the story, never be nice to thugs. Give the thug a chance, he would want to kill you. So when you got your chance you must go for the kill, no 'pang chant'.

Stupid never learn. Now regretting like hell when given so many chances to hang the thug but did not screw it in.

Anonymous said...

Will these revelations in Parliament enable PAP to win back Aljunied GRC and do better next GE?

Or make PAP lose more votes?

Or status quo?

For me, I think it is either status quo (at 60%) or PAP will do better than in 2011.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

For me, I think it is either status quo (at 60%) or PAP will do better than in 2011.
Anon 10:37 am

Agree. Anything different will only happen when the WP, or any Sinkie opposition party, announce they will contest 100% seats as one party next GE and ready to be govt. And for strategic reasons, they can even announce it just after Nomination Day.

And just the announcement alone, don't mention victory yet, will be the most "earth shaking event" in Singapore's short 50 years of political history.

Anonymous said...

The devil with a cupboard full of skeletons strutting around like God.

Anonymous said...

And just the announcement alone,...
Anon 10:46 am

Either Sinkies will yawn or feel disappointed for the next GE, if that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Coming GE, my guess is:

PAP 68% vs 32% OPPS

What say U?

Anonymous said...

I didn't bother to watch the Parliament Debate after a few minutes and I can deduce the PAP intentions - Political Wayang.

I didn't look at the Town Council Act but nobody is complaining. AHPETC is charging the cheapest cost monthly, and even if LTK has to pay himself salary to work to clean the Aljunid GRC and also be my Parliamentary MP, its my political choice. Aljunid GRC will go to the PAP if they are not getting it right.

I bet the Law Minister to stand in Aljunid GRC if he thinks WP is doing it all wrong.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.27am pls note....

The law minister may lead a team
to contest against the wp in A
grc in the coming GE.

Sure win! Sure win! You tell me
how not to win!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.27 am

All opposition supporters don't bother to watch Parliamentary Debates nor read the Straits Times anyway. They read TRE and redbean blog. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Indeed very shocked that at this
VERY high level of parliamentary
debate, our minister can even
cited the uncalled-for example
of how CEOs in Japanese companies
would had committed hara kiri
{commit suicide) for mismanagement.

"大事化小事 小事化無事"

Anonymous said...

Why should they commit hari kiri when they can continue to get $16,000 a month and their friends milk money from the unknowing residents ?

The residents will continue to vote for them one what. Why? Because the residents don't read newspapers and watch Parliament debates one mah. So the residents don't know anything, come 2016 and 2020,2024 they will continue to vote them mah.

Anonymous said...

Why not those who lost hundreds of millions or billions commit hara kiri?

I heard many ministers are volunteering themselves to stand for Aljunied GRC. Sure win now.

Anonymous said...

WP MPs next time must bring mirrors to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Fund managers losing hundreds of millions is normal as long as they make on a net basis. So why should they hari kiri leh? Town council is different wor. Anyway where is CSM ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CSM must speak up and take a more robust stand. Keeping quiet is destroying his credibility as a potential leader in Singapore politics. You want to be a leader you must act like a leader, speak like a leader and show to the people you are a leader.

A caution, do not act or behave like gangsters or thugs. We don't need gangsters, thugs or hypocrites as our leaders.

The people are hungry for good leaders and are looking at CSM as a possible leader to lead them. They have very high expectation of him. He must not disappoint the people.

Anonymous said...

He is keeping quiet for far too long. He didn't say anything about CPF withdrawals and Medishield amendments. Don't think he spoke much about foreign talents too. All these are way within his capabilities. All these passed into laws liao.

Loyal Citizen said...

CSM has been behaving like a church mouse since after being elected. Is he unhappy about something within WP? Has he been silenced by WP's Boss? Something must be influencing him for keeping so quiet.

How to become a leader like that? Sitting tight and keep collecting $13,500 every month from public coffers is not good at all. A representative of the people must be ready to speak up for the people. There are tons of issues that he can and should have brought up, BUT ..... sigh....

Another thing, AHPETC breaks into parts become AH PET C, means OLD MAN DIE.

That means WP can only take over from the PAP after the OLD MAN DIEs.

HA HA HA! Divine's Wish .... HA HA HA HA HA HA ....

Anonymous said...

Wah, RB I thought u ever mentioned that normally it's your policy not to attack or talk negative about opposition leaders in your blog? Why u did that(3:42 pm) to CSM?

So I think CSM, by his terrible silence, must be really getting on your nerves, tio bo?

Actually hor, it's true lah, even CSM is also getting on my nerves, being so unbecoming of a person of his background and past calibre.

Anonymous said...

I think their residents also don't care lah. The more money they lose the more they will vote for WP.


Amortal said...

This episode of events making WP and AHPETC the punching bags of the PAP MPs is actually a blessing in disguise for the WP, as well as other Alternative Political Parties and also for all Singaporeans, those born and bred in Singapore and New Citizens.

The stage has now been set by none other than the Million-Dollars PAP Mini$ter$ themselves for future deep deep investigation and close and detailed scrutiny into all husband-and-wife teams in all Government Ministries, Statutory Boards, GIC, Temasek Holdings, Govt-Linked Companies and Organisations, etc., etc., etc.

They forgot that when they point a finger at somebody, three other fingers and a thumb point back at them.

They forgot "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

Horaay ....... Ho Seh Liao ....

Anonymous said...


You didn't know all those organisations you mentioned are already thoroughly audited, some every quarterly, by local and international auditors ? You need to be very careful, I m helping you, don't pray pray. You must know what you are talking.

Anonymous said...

"The stage has now been set by none other than the Million-Dollars PAP Mini$ter$ themselves for future deep deep investigation....."
Amortal 4:15 pm

U talking about WP taking over as govt? And doing the future deep deep investigation.....??

Ho Seh Liao ...?????


Anonymous said...

梁山伯 should seriously consider
leading a team to stand against
wp in A grc and to recapture A
grc in the coming GE.

Sure Win! Sure Win! Sure Win!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not trying to attack CSM. I have a lot of expectation from him as other people too. He has so much potential and I am goaded him to stand up. He cannot keep quiet if he wants to play a big role in Singapore's future.

I hope he will rise to the occasion. I still have hope in him.

Anonymous said...

He (Low Thia Khiang) said that any opposition party aspiring to take over the Government must first build an army of civil servants, calling it a "strange situation".
Low Thia Khiang speaking in PArliament

Not really lah. I think what is meant or expected is that WP, just like PAP, must be ready to be govt by contesting 100% seats in a GE. And this is the "army", not the "army of civil servants".

So Low Thia Khiang, is WP ready for that by next GE? If not, be prepared for more of such "revelations about WP and management of their Town Councils", assuming WP still remain in Parliament after next GE.

By the way, is PAP still a competent govt, which you had praised not so long ago? Or at least competent in exposing WP, tio bo? Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Anyone or political party cannot afford to run a town council or any organisation without ensuring that every little gap is sealed. Not doing so, people will pry it open and shaft a stick into it.

It is not only painful but embarrassing. All gaps must be closed. Don't walk around offering the gaps for people to penetrate so easily and cheaply.

No more gaps please. Every slack must be tighten.

thicko said...

If Shanmugan wants to make such accusations, he should do it in public without the cover of parliamentary priveledge.Otherwise it is all politics. Yawnnnn!!!

Anonymous said...

If Shanmugan wants to make such accusations, he should do it in public....
thicko 4:59 pm

Then WP should challenge Shanmugan to repeat it outside Parliament lah.

But WP didn't, did they?

Anonymous said...

After all the PAP investigation, AHPTEC has still not been charged by police for wrong doing.
I now can vote for WP with even more confidence than before.

Anonymous said...

WP is bigger than just one man, CSM.
But maybe PAP is not bigger than just one man, LKY.
Maybe that's why must have the PAP Bible "Hard Truths" to guide PAP policies for the next 50 years.
Dead or alive, LKY will continue to guide PAP policies for the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Sir, are you a Aljunied resident ? If not, please get lost !

WP and their supporters do not need to waste their time listening and answering to you !

Anonymous said...

CSM keeps mum all the time. He didn't defend the WP at all even when the Sccc arrears saga, the Hougang trade fair saga and now the bombshell unlawful issue of contracts to own people saga. He is so talented, what a disappointment.

Instead Sylvia had to defend all these.

I reckon that he is waiting for his leaders to make all the mistakes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi thicko,
Welcome to the blog.

We can't conclude that CSM did not speak up in Parliament. They could have blocked him of and refused to report anything about you to give an impression that he was inactive.

I read a piece in Chinese in TRE on what CSM had said. What is important is for him to make his presence felt, be more assertive without being too aggressive to fall into their trap. I am sure CSM would be very measured in his comments.

I just can't stand a rapist accusing an innocent victim of rape, a figure of speech.

Anonymous said...

The white pigs are finally revealing themselves.
Now we know how they plan to make us repent.
Is GRC and Town councils part of a master plan that has been in the making for decades?

Are the white pigs working for Singaporeans or their own selfish agenda?
What do you think?

b said...

Fundamentally, politics is dirty. To protect those alternative parties, the people must learn to PRETEND. Pretend to support the ruling party before election but vote the alternative party during election. Unfortunately, the people will always do the opposite so they will get their deserves.

Anonymous said...

We can't conclude that CSM did not speak up in Parliament.
RB 9:30 pm

Is there more to it than meets the eye for this CSM?

I normally conclude in this way when something or somebody is not what it/they should be, despite no good reason why it/they cannot be be what it/they should be.

Amortal said...

Anon at 4:21 pm, 13 Feb 2015,

They may have local or international auditors to do the auditing. But I am not talking about this. I am talking about inspection/investigation by The Accountant General's Office.

And I am also referring Khaw Boon Wan's statements about husband-and-wife team having conflict of interest.

By the way, you should know that NKF also had internal and external audits done every year before the fiasco in 2005. In Dec 2005, when another independent auditor KPMG was tasked to do a thorough inspection/investigation into NKF's accounts, its 422-page report highlighted many areas of discrepancies which the previous independent external auditor the reknown PWC did not report.

And by the way, AHPETC also had internal and external auditors. This is required by Law. Everyone knows.

But when the Accountant General's Office carries out the inspection/investigation, it is a different ball-game altogether.

Anonymous said...

But when the Accountant General's Office carries out the inspection/investigation....
Anon 2:52 am

Auditor General lah, not Accountant General. And it is an audit, not an inspection/investigation. There is a difference between them.

Please get this right first before commenting so much about such things.

Anonymous said...

/// Auditor General lah, not Accountant General. And it is an audit, not an inspection/investigation. There is a difference between them. ///
February 14, 2015 9:07 am

Really ah?
So what's the difference?

Q: PAP and a pig got difference or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Correction. Should be Amortal, not Anon 2:52 am in above.

Anonymous said...

Pigs may do an inspection/ investigation but call or name it an audit, if this suits their objective.

Have you read Animal Farm?

Anonymous said...

I think "1984" rather than "Animal Farm" is more applicable in the context of audit versus investigation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I always remind people that reading history and knowing history is very impt and not to allow history to repeat itself to our disadvantage and make us a victim of our own ignorance to history.

Now I must add, not to allow fictional or satirical history like the Animal Farm and 1984 to come true at our expense. They are very expensive and valuable lessons to learn from the two books.

Anonymous said...

No need external auditors or PAP ordered investigations.

Even WP internal auditors gave up reconciling the accounts.

Amortal said...

AGO should be Auditor General's Office, NOT Accountant General Office.

Auditing involves inspection of records, receipts, books, etc. as well as investigation into certain discrepancies by questioning people responsible for them. In fact, a proper auditing work is worse than and investigation.

I intentionally used the terms "inspection" and "investigation" because they are easily understood by common people. The word "Auditing" can mean a lot or very little to some people or other. It is an accounting term which many commoners are not used to.

Thanks for pointing out Anon, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

Amortal 2.52 am :

"And by the way, AHPETC also had internal and external auditors. This is required by Law. Everyone knows."

Tiok. And their internal and external auditors gave up, saying it is impossible to reconcile their accounts, payment cannot trace, sinking funds not transferred, $12MM money transferred to ka ki nang etc.

So, AHPETC Town Council accounts not filed with MND, late. So, Bo bian, AGO got to step in, right? Can AGO don't step in ? Cannot right?

Anonymous said...

Luckily it didn't take 56 man years to complete the audit. Are they still doing the audit for Ong Teng Cheong?