Hong Lim Park is the proof that Singaporeans are clean and discipline

I have been to Hong Lim Park on many occasions to attend the rallies organized by Singaporeans. And several of the events were well attended, with several thousand Singaporeans participating. Yes, those events were attended by Singaporeans who were there to ponder about their future and the future of the country they are losing

One thing that we can be proud of Singaporeans is that Singaporeans are very disciplined and they do not litter. After every event, there was hardly any litter on the ground. You do not need an army or a team of cleaners. The Park will remain spotless. That is what true blue Singaporeans are. Singaporeans don’t litter. Not sure about the new Singaporeans. This is our country and we don’t go around shitting in our country, not even from the mouth. Hong Lim Park is the living proof that Singaporeans love their country, are owners and owners don’t dirty their home.

Compare the garbage left behind by the mainly foreigners Laneway Musical Festival at Garden by the Bay, what a shame. And what a shameful thing to put the blame on Singaporeans. Not many Singaporeans were there except maybe the girlfriends of the foreigners. And these were not the cheapskate foreigners. They could afford to pay $160 tickets. And they behaved like monkeys after the show, leaving all their shit behind. This is also proof that they don’t belong here and there is no need to keep the place clean. Maybe they thought they had paid for everything in the ticket and entitled to leave their garbage behind. Or maybe that is their way of life. The few Singaporeans just behaved like the monkeys, monkeys see monkeys do. The final proof is all out there. Only retards would blame Singaporeans for the shameful state of affair.

Compare Hong Lim Park and Garden by the Bay, a fake worldly name does not make it clean and world class when the attendants are monkeys with little discipline. It is the filth from the world that turned our clean and green city into a City of Garbage. Not Singaporeans. Singaporeans must feel offended for being maligned by their own kind.


virgo49 said...

mr rb, but mR LHL loves the foreign trashes ley!

They are here to create jobs for us leh!

Especially for the cleaners.

Virgo 49 said...

Sorry,sorry, correction.

Not foreign talents littered !!

Sinkies littered lah!!

Black cats curi makan, white cats got blamed!!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must feel offended for being maligned by their own kind.


And despite being maligned by their own kind, is the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will majority (aka 60%) Sinkies dare to vote the PAP out in a GE, despite being maligned and what not?

Anonymous said...

Mai Hum will not dare to malign Sinkies every now and then if the Sinkie opposition is ready to be govt or if it is hard to make new Sinkies.

Opposition not ready to be govt = PAP win.

Make more new Sinkies = PAP sure win.

patriot said...

The Foreigners are creating clening jobs for Sinkie Oldies.
What about them bringing their
Sinkie girl frens for makan, dancing and rest inn hotels? They
are creating jobs and keeping the business going.

Be grateful.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ proud to be Singaporean, RB:

>> That is what true blue Singaporeans are. Singaporeans don’t litter.

Whilst I'll agree with the general case, there are always some recalcitrants who fuck up the reputation. I'm talking about those asshole Singaporeans---people we should send to ISIS for beheading---still mess up public toilets, throw killer litter from their flats, pee in lifts, and dump their garbage at void decks suka suka expecting the Bangla coolies to clean up the mess

The "garbage dump" at the Laneway Music Festival was a disgusting display of "fuck it, I don't give a shit" attitude by a bunch of entitled losers---"I'm entitled to litter" attitude.

I think Go Chok Tong is an IDIOT for assuming that the main culprits are Singaporeans. What a douche bag!

Who are the main culprits? Litter bugs, ill-disciplined dirty motherfuckers---the kind you fear would date and have sex with your children using their filthy, probably diseased genitals, the kind which needs to be caught and exported to ISIS for a swift BEHEADING!

One cannot simply foist the blame on Singaporeans or foreigners. It is not a matter of race or culture, but a matter of individual choice and self discipline.

Anonymous said...

Then they anyhow blamed Roy Ngerng for heckling. Now they anyhow blamed Singaporeans for littering.

Siow kau

Anonymous said...


But our 50 year old national reserves is still not yet open for public scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

SG50 HUMOR . Singapore progress to clean city . Monkey (and crab) on the background . Spick n span at own premise . Care-less whenever outside . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies now have something to emulate from the rich foreigners, the elite, the upper crass. When they attend music festivals, it is right and proper to leave everything behind. They probably pee on the spot they were sitting.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are here to create jobs alright.

Littering helps to create more jobs for road sweepers and cleaners. Bad behaviour and breaking the law, such as rioting, also creates more jobs for our security providers.

AhKong65 said...

AhKong65 is now one year older ... 66 now.

RB, don't waste your breath and time to write about this shaming of Singaporean by our MIW. Singaporeans deserve the kind of government they voted for. Many thanks to the 69.1%. Look at the comments in your blog on this topic, only 11 person and 12 including me.
Our 39.9% who vote for opposition.... hey ! where are you people. So scare and " kia-si " or you agree to what our MIW had said . How to gain back your pride or after all these years, you have already lost your pride.
I remembered during my younger days, Singapore used to be famous for many things. Like what RB said, we are an industrious, highly motivated and talented people that had won the admiration of the world. A clean and green country, pollution free, efficiency and honesty in the people and our government machineries, safe and drug free. Singapore used to be recognized as one of the FOUR Asian dragons. Now in less than 50 years, we have did an about turn to become a dirty, daft, brainless and irresponsible people that would litter our island that we called home.
From, 一条龙变成一条虫 .
If not, than how come our government in-charge says we are more or less like garbage and if not for the foreigners, Singapore will become a Garbage City.
Looking at some pictures posted by some net-citizens,
I do not think those " Ang Mo " and " Foreign" looking girls and guys are Singaporeans. Even if they are... I bet my last dollar , at most they are the recently adopted NEW SINGAPOREAN. Heh ! MIW , please don't disgrace we Singaporeans.... find out the facts .
From a true blue Pioneer citizen and a 1st batch Defender of Singapore. " Majulah Singapura "

Olethros said...

RB, just to point out that Singaporeans do litter, well at least some whom I know do.

That said, I'm not surprised Emeritus Senior Monkey fired off a second salvo (a case of monkey see, monkey do?) at Sinkies after the Pink Monkey wanked off the first round of accusations.

Anonymous said...

I have questions.

1) How many Sinkies can afford a S$160 ticket at the Laneway Festival?

2) How many Sinkie can dig Indie music and follow the kind of trend.

Before shooting off their mouths, PM & ESM should ask these questions first.

AhKong65 said...

Correction, thanks to the 60.1% who voted PAP, not 69.1%. Getting old and eyes sight not so good lah . Still I have to remind the MIW not to blame everything on Singaporeans. Singaporean committed more crime than foreigners, Singaporean with entitlement mentality. Singaporean lazy and no talent. Singaporean do not have the right knowledge for the industries. And now Singaporean no civic consciousness as to dirty our homeland. What the MIW is doing now is forcing the pioneer PAP supporter to the opposition camp.

Anonymous said...

ESM stands for Extra Senile Mini$ter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi AhKong65 and Olethros, welcome to the blog. Don't be misled by the lack of commentators. Total pageview for this thread is 379. Many just prefer to read and not to comment, but nod their heads in agreement.

Our Silver Brigade generation have seen it all, from how it started to now. We are in the best position to tell our stories to educate and share our views with the young. We must speak up while we still can, for the good of our future generations.

Do not let this country of ours go to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Agree. I also Silver Brigade. We must speak out for our young. If we don't, who is there to speak out? Some of the elites among the Silver Brigade also beh tahan and speaking out.

We must speak as a single voice for the good of the people and country.

The said...

/// I'm talking about those asshole Singaporeans---people we should send to ISIS for beheading. ///

Talking about beheading - I am wondering why Abe is so upset about the beheading of one or two Japanese by the ISIS fighters. After all, these ISIS guys probably learn their trade from the Japanese soldiers in World War II who beheaded hundreds of thousands of Asians, most of them civilians.

Anonymous said...

Let them have Abe. Abe will be sending out his armies soon.

Olethros said...

RB, I've been a silent reader on some blogs. Hence I'm won't be surprised at how many people choose to read only.

I'm only pointing out it's a dangerous thing to generalise (blame my GP tutor for this trait). Don't let the dogs have a chance to bite you.

Some people have pointed out that many are not 'enlightened' as the not-so-good policies do not affect them yet.

I hope that for SG50, more people can realise that their allegience should always be to our flag and our fellow citizens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unfortunately the pain is not painful enough and not far reaching enough. But the breaking point is coming.