GE 2015/16 – Steady Ravi

Lawyer Ravi has placed his stake at AMK GRC for the next GE. He is going to stand as an independent. His stand, Singapore for Singaporeans and compulsory and equal importance to the four official languages. I think no Singaporean can disagree with his mission. His Singaporean First message is similar to Jee Say’s Singaporean First Party mission. The two can surely work out something if Ravi cannot find enough candidates to stand with him. For the moment there are natural and ready candidates like Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui. In fact he would have too many to handle if he were to include the other few who were charged together with Roy for the Hong Lim Saga. Just make sure there is no three corner fight.

Have no fear. Ravi already has a team comprising his legal colleagues of Charles Yeo, Liew Zheng Yang and Rubendran.

As for the promotion in the use of the four official languages, it is timely with all the changes taking place. This would preempt the call for other major languages to be included as official languages like Hindi and Tagalog. Luckily Chinese is already an official language or the PRCs would demand for Chinese to be included.

Looking further ahead into the future, the equality of the language will be a natural thing to be. The population composition could be, just an example, 40% Chinese, 30% Indian, 20% Malay and 10% Others. So getting everyone conversant with all the languages is something to look forward to. The problem is in the details. If English is going to be subplanted, and the other major ethnic groups would insist on speaking their official languages we may have another serious problem in the making. Ravi needs to think through this.

Anyway, let’s wait and see what Ravi can make out of it in his political quest to be the PM of Singapore and winning the AMK GRC. AMK is going to be a hotly contested GRC. Maybe it should be divided into two, then Ravi can contest in one and Jee Say in the other.

Just a glimpse of the future to come.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ravi also said he aspires to become the Prime Minister one day.

Is he still on medication? See link :

If so, hope in the quest for all this, he doesn't forget to take his medicine. And I worry for him and the Sinkie opposition if he forgets.

Anonymous said...

How Not To Increase Votes?

with so many new generous govt
schemes introduced recently
and to be introduced this year
and next.....

How Not To Increase Votes?

with so many well participated
SG50 feel-good activities
organised last year and the
BIG BIG SG50 for this year......

How Not To Increase Votes?

pap is likely to recapture MANY 2011 lost votes in the coming election......

my guess is:

PAP 68% vs 32% OPPS

What say U?

Veritas said...

Chinese already suffer worst language genocide by PAP. PAP pretend our mother tongue is mandarin and denigrate Hokkien and Cantonese as "dialect".

All TV station ban Chinese "dialect", but are able to broadcast French (dialect of Latin).

And when people fake promote alien Mandarin on Chinese without touching on our minorities, our minorities keep opening their fucking chee bye mouth and shout "Chinese racist" trying to sinicize Singapore.

Anonymous said...

pap is likely to recapture MANY 2011 lost votes in the coming election......
my guess is:
PAP 68% vs 32% OPPS
Anon 10:40 am

Tiok. And u have not even counted the many new citizens since 2011 yet! If this is taken into account, maybe PAP 75% vs 25% OPPS. And back to the good old days for PAP! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Now PM will have more reasons to run to Tanjong Pagar. No more safe in AMK. Sorry, no loyalty when come to survival. You vote for me all these years but I have to run. Good luck to you guys in AMK.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! I don't which one is funnier---Ravi vs Lee or a Russell Peter's routine. ;-)

The quickest way to the top is to cut of the head of the serpent. But before that you have to step up to the plate to take the swing.

Mr Ravi, learned counsel, well played sir!

Anonymous said...

Rest assured there will be 3 or maybe even 4 corners fight. You can never subdue the egos of some. Thats why its unlikely the oppo can ever form a coalition party in SG.

Anonymous said...

THis is indeed well played! I just love this man, because he is full of surprises that the left brained logical thinking PAPpies can never figure him out. That's what I call out of box politician.

Since he has boldly claimed that he aspires to be Prime Minister ie. running the govt one day, that must leave the major Opp WP or anyone else to look really stupid and timid if they don't even dare claim that they aspire to take be PM or let govt one day?!! Tio bo...so he has laid a gaulet for everyone and upped the game.


Anonymous said...

If Ravi becomes PM, and he forgets to take his medicine, then we all will Huat ah !


Virgo 49 said...

That's why the second electoral register update!

LHL wants to know how many eligible new Singkapore langs or lans pais beholden to vote for him and his millionaires members.

Anonymous said...

One Platform! One Voice!

If the opposition parties want to
have a chance in the coming GE, a
respectable and politically
neutral person must "pull" these
opposition parties together under
ONE common platform and with ONE

Dr Tan Cheng Bock is that person!

Virgo 49 said...

Many do not know that a bipolar person is creative, ingenious and on a high like a superman able to do wonders.

So don't be critical of a bipolar.

patriot said...

This Post is a little confusing.
Ravi is contesting as INDEPEDENCE, why asked him to work with Tan Jee Say of Singaporean First Party?

Anyway, Ravi is on target for the Kill. Ang Mo Kio is now the Weakest PAP Bastion. The Head of the PAP Team who is the Current Prime Minister is the Most Unpopular wellnown Man in Sin. A large portion of Sinkies are grossly disappointed with his competence. There is little or no faith in him now. Not even the Constituents in Ang Mo Kio Area. Criticisms against PAP and its' policies can be heard from residents there. It is common island wide actually.

There is a problem if Ravi wishes to be the Prime Minister but contest as Independence. How can he be the Prime Minister as an Independent Candidate?

Ravi can indeed be the Next Prime Minister if one of the Larger Alternative Party is willing to offer him the Party Chief Position for him(Ravi) to contest the Ang Mo Kio GRC Ward. This means the Incumbent Chief of the Party willibg to work with Ravi has to make a most worthy sacrifice and be moved down to a lower position. It shall work most beneficially for whoever steps down if Ravi wins in the Election. He or she who make way for Ravi can be the Deputy Prime Minister if Ravi succeeds in becoming PM. Others in the Party that accommodated Ravi will also stand to gain if they contest the Ward with Ravi.


Anonymous said...

Could I just say you are looking for the word trash not thrash?
I'm only commenting because you write really well but keep using thrash (to beat up) instead of trash (rubbish)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you. I may be dyslexic for not knowing the extra 'h' in trash.

Anonymous said...

Ravi contesting as independent next GE?


After Teochew Ah Hia, that's the next best thing to happen in Sinkie opposition for PAP.

And one more akan datang. Ex NSP "Madcow" Goh Meng Seng confirm contesting too. But not confirm whether as independent, new party or join existing one.

35% elected ex PAP President and maybe 20% elected PAP MP with 4 corner fight?

Hahahahahaha and can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...


Should be 25% - 35% elected PAP MP with 4 corner fight and min 20% elected PAP MP with 5 corner fight.

b said...

China greatest fear is not US but India because indians hardly honoured their promises. Toilets already built?

b said...

It is better for him to stay as a lawyer than to become a politician.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ravi & his team of legal eagles contesting AMK GRC ? Ah Loong must be frightened until pikoo niao liu ! Daddy old fxxt, what should I do ha ?

Anonymous said...

Do the Opposition Parties know what they are doing and want?

In many advanced countries with large population, they have max of four and few independents to contest a General Election. Tiny Singapore has seven opposition parties and one/two independents not counting the ruling PAP.

Seriously can they rephrase their manifestos and merge the opposition parties or their leaders are too difficult to work together.

Anonymous said...

All wanted to be chief and not Indian bo bian mah

Anonymous said...

when china people stop shitting in full public view in sg and hk, please refrain from toilet jokes about india. both same same.

Anonymous said...

Correction. Remember the last time one woman was shown squatting and urinating in public, she was a local Singaporean.

JayF said...

LOL M Ravi said Roy didn't pay him his legal fees!


Anonymous said...

will never vote his party as long as that Han Hui Hui is in..