From City of Garbage to a City of Drunkards

Sorry drinkers, you have been had not because you misbehaved while a bit high. The problem of drunkards and their litter all over the island and the threat of safety for our womenfolk are not something to be trifled with. Before the descent of these foreign hoards of drunkards, we have no problem with the Singaporeans drinking anywhere as they like. There were some problems once a while but not a national problem. Though there is no statistics to show the number of crimes related to uncontrolled drinking all over the island, I believe the govt must have enough grounds to impose this ban. It must be serious enough for this to happen.

This is a city that was the pride of anyone living here, locals and foreigners, to bring up children. I think a line has been broken, when crime related to unrestricted drinking in every neighbourhood must be intolerable for the govt to act against their darlings, the very nice foreigners. They clamped down on Little India and they started drinking everywhere. Think for the safety of your loved ones, the mothers, wives and daughters, coming home alone and walking pass a bunch of drunkards all high and losing their senses and restraints.

I don’t think this new drinking ban is against the locals. Our Singaporeans have been drinking for centuries, before and after independence, and there was no need for such a ban. What is the solution if not this ban? There are 2m of them out there and saying that they are prone to misbehave when drunk is an understatement. Ask the taxi drivers for first hand encounters.

For those who are advocating free drinking in my neighbourhood or backyard, please think carefully before you speak. Who are those who would drink all over the place, even in the parks, in the beaches or at barbeque corners? We have a problem, and a very serious one for this ban by the govt. Don’t wait for something nasty to happen to your loved ones before you regret arguing against this ban, unless you have a better solution.

It is about safety and security. It is not about the unsightly garbage and the smell of filth. Those drinkers in the authorized kopitiam and bars would not be affected I think. Those who have to drink all over the place are the target of this law. You want statistics to prove why it is necessary?


Anonymous said...

"They clamped down on Little India and they started drinking everywhere."

Tiok. PAP solve one problem but create another. Or yet another.

But luckily for PAP, despite the many more problems created than they can solve, the strongest opposition is still not ready to be govt, let alone a better govt, to solve these problems. And for that, PAP needs to thank the 60% because no matter what, the 60% will not vote in a opposition which is not ready to be govt.

Hence PAP under PM Lee can continue to be govt despite not really solving the many problems of those daft, money no enough and suffering Sinkies. And luckily too for PAP, even if these Sinkies did not vote PAP, they happened to be only a minority, at most 40% or less.

Meanwhile smart Sinkies will not have much problems because they have or can make lots of money. With lots of money there will be few or no problems living in SInkieland, or for that matter, anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Ban so what?
As long as you are a foreigner, all you get is a gentle slap on the wrist.
Just ask any Singaporean who gets beaten up by foreigners.
Time to vote out our Traitors.

Anonymous said...

"Those who have to drink all over the place are the target of this law."

Tiok. And even if the law miss the target, also doesn't matter lah.

Because PAP will not be voted out as long as the strongest opposition party is not ready to be govt, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Time to vote out our Traitors.
Anon 9:12 am

For the 60%, not time yet to vote out our traitors, if the strongest opposition is still not ready to be govt.

Some more, for the smart and rich Sinkies, especially new Sinkies, traitors not applicable to them, let alone vote them out for being traitors.

Anonymous said...

Very Enjoyable! Very Exciting!

I am really enjoying myself
living in this tiny crowded
city state.

NEVER never short of fresh
news almost everyday.

We have rat issues, tpt fares up
up issues, columbarium cum temple
issues, cpf issues, protests,
riots, sardines issues, FTs
issues, garbage city, SG50
issues, sport hub issues,
drunkards, property high price
issues, COEs high price issues,
SGX issues, etc etc etc etc etc.

You tell me, how not exciting lah!

At times, I really can't stop
laughing. In fact, feel like
crying, sometimes!

Some may be good, but it is very
difficult to remember and to
digest the many new schemes and
new policies that were introduced
almost every moon.

Anyway, the shows will go on.

Sit tight! We shall see!


Anonymous said...

If they had thought about this decades ago, they would have banned drinking long long ago, because it lead to the fall of the late ex-President Devan Nair.

But they could not, because alcohol is one of the major source of revenue like cigarettes and gambling.

Those that are not lucrative revenue sources, like chewing gum, they just waited for a reason to ban it.

Now with alcohol, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

They will come out with another fucking complicated solution, like dealing with most other issues.

CPF has been around for 60 years and they messed it up and now still looking for a solution to deal with the mess.

The more they stir up the shit, the smellier it becomes.

Anonymous said...

No Alcohol I Resign.(NAIR)

b said...

If can ban chewing gum, why cannot ban alcohol? Its a harmful drink. Better safe up the money for retirement.

patriot said...

Where there is money there is corruption.
When there is alcohol there will be drunkards.
When there is power there shall be abuses.
How to stop misbehaviour?


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyoh, even NMP said ban will affect retailers livelihoods.

So many watering holes throughout Singapore with the casinos and other vice business creeping in.

Attracting the tourists. If too sterile no one will come to clean and squeaky Sing ka pore.

So must have these vice business and closed sn eye. If possible two eyes.

Beside GST, tobacco and liquor attracts revenue for the coffers and millionaires salaries.

BAN, you must be kidding!!