Fort Knox is empty

The most secure and reliable fortress where govts deposited their gold bullions for safe keeping by the US govt is empty. So is the vault of the Canadian govt bank when the Canadian govt’s gold was stored. Incredible, but the world is still living with the lie. And some govts, like Germany, just did not know what to do when caught in a situation knowing that their gold kept in Fort Knox was gone too.

Watch this video to know the scary truth of how treacherous the US govt can be. I hope our gold is not in Fort Knox for safe keeping too.

Be wary of what you think is the truth and the people you think you could be trusted. Everything looks so beautiful, but it is not real. The real world is full of fiction.

And better still, they keep encouraging govts to put their gold there for safe keeping, including keeping with the IMF and World Bank. Watch this video carefully and listen to them carefully. The deceit is complete. Or shall I call it the perfect theft?

Top Secrets of Gold - Full Documentary


Anonymous said...

There must be good reasons why, despite even if Fort Knox vaults being empty is true, the Sing dollar and other Asian currencies still depreciate against the US dollar.

Perhaps for the same reasons why PAP will still win big next GE, despite RB and others attacking PAP govt and policies no end on the Internet.

patriot said...

Come on, what is physical gold or gold bullion?

The Currency Printers are the Ones that call the Shots.
Gold anything and gold bullion are inorganic stuff that only get manipulated by the crafty and deceitful.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At the moment. When paper money is too much, they would turn to the Japanese banana currency soon. It is demand and supply. Law of Economics.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Where's the gold?

As I said, with its rightful owners: India, China, Russia.

The central banks of western demo-crazies HATE GOLD (that "barbarous metal") because it restricts their ability to print ( aka "golden handcuffs"). Their currencies are backed by DEBT, not gold.

Former Aussie PM John Howard sold 167 tonnes of Aust gold reserves in 1991 (average price ~ USD360 / ounce) for "portfolio reasons" believing that the price would be FLAT for years, and thus was a "useless" asset.

Which silly cuntree bought the gold? Mostly it was Singapore. And the Aussie govt. thought they puled one over the Singaporean "suckers" who bought this "worthless do-nothing" asset.

So yeah man, western democracy hates gold. Serves them right for not having any :-)

Anyway, who gives a shit if the central banks have no gold? Fuck them all lah, they like paper because they can print as much as they like. The only people who should care about gold are those who outrightly OWN their own gold in coins, bullion or ingots.

As for the govts and their central banks: fuck them all!


>> When paper money is too much, they would turn to the Japanese banana currency soon.

Not likely to happen. Why?

Because the paper money system is a system where all cuntrees AGREE to trade and do business using their fake currencies, which in part or whole are "guaranteed" by the world's largest fake RESERVE currency: the almighty US Dollar.

LEGAL TENDER laws force people to trade and do business using "official" currency as the medium of exchange. We've already seen what happens when people who are disgusted with paper money go for an alternative like BitCoin.

What did the govts do? They simply BANNED bitcoin and made it ILLEGAL to conduct transactions in BitCoin. Or they'll tax Bitcoin as a "commodity" under GST regimes. If you start using gold to trade, govts will enact similar measures so that their fake paper currency system maintains its "authority" and fake "integrity" even when people have long ago lost their trust in the system.

Can't escape govt lah.

Anonymous said...

The gold were robbed from the colonies, went West. Now return to their rightful owners, gone East.

Anonymous said...

Those empty gold vaults have been known and commented upon for years, but the world is still merrily skipping along with the lie.

As everyone knows, the greenback is not back by anything but hot air. Yet everybody is still helping to prop it up.

What can we do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans think they can get away with printing money. The BRICS are working hard to replace the greenbacks. It only needs a little proding and all hell will break loose. The time for this to happen is getting closer everyday.

Anonymous said...

European countries take back gold stored in US: http://sputniknews.com/analysis/20141128/1015267390.html

Hope Singapore's gold reserves are not with the Yanks.

The said...

You mean Fort Nought?

There are lots of army tanks there though.

b said...

When your cpf or gold is in the hands of politicians, they are not safe anymore. All politicians are greedy, some more greedy than others.

Anonymous said...

It is yet unknown just how much support the BRICS are getting at the moment.

You know the poodles of the Americans can say they support the BRICS' idea, diplomatically speaking, but that is on the surface only. We never know what is hidden inside the closet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ mistaken interpretation RB:

>> The Americans think they can get away with printing money

Bzzt! wrong! The Yanks absolutely KNOW they can get away with printing money. The USD and 10 bond markets are the biggest and the most liquid in the world. When America prints, currency is debased, but some people in finance make super-duper big bucks.

The only people who don't like money printing are wage earners, fixed income earners, and poor people. The rest are rich fuckers who can borrow at bargain interest rates to make themselves even richer. Money printing is a free kick to the wealthy at the expense of the not-wealthy.