‘Fabrication from political conspiracy to end my career’

The judiciary is independent. The victim said no. The victim is accusing the judiciary for conspiracy to end his political career. ‘I maintain my innocence…This, to me, is a political conspiracy to stop my political career. I will walk again for the third time into prison, but rest assured that I will walk in with my head held high.’ This was what Anwar said after the Malaysian High Court upheld his conviction.

Many of his followers and many Malaysians watching the saga could not help but to nod in agreement with Anwar. The Govt and the judiciary were out to get him. Are they wronged to form this conclusion? They may be wrong, but they will be right when they vote out the Govt that used the judiciary to fix its political opponents.

Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah said this would not be the end. The Malaysian politicians are made of harder stuff and would fight political injustice that blatantly flout the judiciary system to spite the people. They would take down the Govt and the judiciary along with it in the next GE. That is something to watch.

Silencing the political opponents will not be taken lightly. The Malaysian public is not daft. UMNO would pay a heavy price for it. It is cutting the Malay votes right in the middle and kicking the non Malay votes to the opposition in the process. It would have to face the moment of truth in the next GE. A ruling party is on its way out by committing abuses against the country and people. Too long in power that they cannot see what they are doing is unacceptable to the voters.


Anonymous said...

UMNO would pay a heavy price for it.

Really? But Barisan Nasional led by UMNO won 60% seats overall and with only 46% votes in West Malaysia in their GE 2013. Hence Najib from UMNO remain as PM since then.

So can PAP win 90% seats with only 50% votes in next GE? So PM Lee can remain as PM after next GE?

Anonymous said...

PAP should make Singapore into one GRC with 87 seats.

So parties, PAP or opposition, can either contest with 87 candidates as one party, or cannot contest.

Hence if there are only 2 parties contesting, they can win 100% seats with only 50.000001% votes.

Or win 100% seats with only 33.33333% votes, if there are 3 parties contesting, and only 25.0001% votes if 4 parties contesting, and so on.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yu know the Malaysian establishment and it's corrupt kangaroo court is out to get Anwar on "sodomy" charges.

Comedians fro all over the world will be making fun of the outrageous "anti-sodomy" laws in a supposed "modern day" nation state---actually acting as a disguise to hide the medieval nonsense the govt purportedly still adheres to.

This is very embarrassing for Malaysia, and thanks to "the backfire effect", Anwar's supporters can be predicted in a statistically-significant manner to embolden their positions and dig in deeper, and many of them will even become more proactive to garner support.

What's more, Anwar has many international supporters....

UMNO govt: you're a buch of fucktards! You might have sabo'd yourselves!

Super bloody BAGUS!

Anonymous said...

Without Anwar the 3 main parties in the opposition will not be united. Anwar is the elephant glue that binds them together. Next elections I see barisan nasional losing more support but they'll form a coalition with pas (who is very unhappy with dap) and form the next govt. parti keadilan might also tag along (it's a party made up of disgruntled ex-umno people) if a deputy pmship and some heavy portfolios are given away. umno has been involved in machiavellian politics and backroom dealings for 60 years and their tentacles are everywhere. and anwar is their victim, among plenty others. foolish bugger who fell into the honeytrap as revealed by our very own ah kong. umno will survive and rule just as the miw's will. at least for the next 3 decades.

Anonymous said...

in Singapore case.....

pap brand is "too big to fail"......

so for the coming GE, my guess:

pap 68% vs 32% opps


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I feel very sorry for Anwar. No one in the present UMNO lineup could come close to him as a talent in politics.

He has been robbed of his destiny as the PM of Malaysia. He could do a lot of good to a country that lacks vision in political leadership. Malaysia has been mugging aimlessly for the last 20 years and Anwar was the bright spot in the dark cloud.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is the elephant glue that binds them together.
Anon 12:35 pm

Anwar only has 3 parties, namely DAP, PAS and PKR to bind.

But which Sinkie can be the elephant glue that can bind the Sinkie opposition comprising WP, SFP, NSP, RP, SDP, SDA, SPP, SF, SJP, DPP, PKMS together?

And if there isn't, any wonder why 60% Sinkies, as WP Teochew Ah Hia had already said, are so scared to accidentally vote PAP out in a GE?

Anonymous said...

So which Sinkie (or Sinkies) is the elephant glue that binds PAP so strongly together, past, present and most likely also the future?

Pinky? Or Ah Kong? Or both? Or dunno huu?

Anonymous said...

He has been robbed of his destiny as the PM of Malaysia.
RB 1:22 pm

But what has that got to do with Sinkies, especially those robbed of their PMET jobs to became taxi drivers and security guards in their own Sinkieland?

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
PAP should make Singapore into one GRC with 87 seats. ///

Great idea. The election deposit is $14,500 per candidate.Therefore any party wanting to contest will have to foot $1,261,500 in deposits. This will kind of level the playing field, would it not?

Anonymous said...

RB 1.22pm pls note....

You are right!

We are indeed very very
fortunate to have Malaysia
wandering aimlessly for the
last 20 yrs.

Otherwise, we may be out of job.


Anonymous said...

We have been living on the stupidity of our neighbours for the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, we have the sodomy saga that has been going on for years.

In Sinkieland, we have the AHPETC saga that has been going on and on....

Ordinary folks sure to get sick with this kind of soap opera that gets on their nerves.

Oh, it is not political.

Frankly, I am surprised that suddenly the PAP Government is so caring towards the opposition wards, concern for their sinking fund, after more than two decades of total neglect. Of course, it is not political.

As a resident of Hougang, do I really care or worry about how much money the TC is able to accumulate, when improvements to the estate is nil and up to the PAP to call? Of what use if the TC can accumulate millions in the sinking fund that will, in the present scenario, probably not benefit the residents of Hougang or Aljunied. Singaporeans surely know what I mean, if they were to think in the context of their CPF locked up by the PAP. Oh yeah, election is near, so they are relaxing the rules, for now.

b said...

To be the top of the foodchain, one must spare no mercy. This is nothing new in politics or business.

b said...

The law is written by the rich and powerful to protect the rich and powerful. Anyone wants to challenge the rich and powerful better has a trump card else should just join them. It has always been a class war irregardless of race and religion everywhere.

Amortal said...

Similar to Sinkie land's Legal System, the Malaysian Judges are appointed by the Agong, through the advice of the Prime Minister.

So, indirectly, the Prime Minister of Malaysia appoints the Judges. Therefore, without saying anything, who takes order from who?

So, who decides the fate of Anwar? Is there a real need for any conspiracy? All that is needed is a phone call or a tea party or dinner at a highly exclusive restaurant.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...


In fact, a call is not even necessry. The judge will know what to do.

Justice? My foot!

Anonymous said...

"I feel very sorry for Anwar. No one in the present UMNO lineup could come close to him as a talent in politics. " Redbean 1.22 pm

You feel sorry for him because he is the underdog. You are always rooting for the underdog. The grass is always greener on the other side, in your opinion.

Do you know how and what he was as a politician, before he was booted out by Mahathir? Such things are important before jumping to conclusion. It is fashionable to pity him now and to root for him when he is down. But such sentiments are emotional and sometimes dangerous. The devil is in the details redbean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I understand what you are driving at. Who is the bigger devil? Maybe you can enlighten us.

JohorMali said...

Damn the Malaysian ruling party by all means. But clothing Anwar with a Pope' attire would not make him a saint.
Go through the judgement made and try to figure the long list of people, the many police personnels , doctors and chemist,where none ever become a whistle blower, that they were forced to fabricate evidence.
The late Karpal Singh denounced him in Parliament, but upon being kicked out by Mahathir, the opposition found a new knight in shining armour.
Innocent Anwar...my foot!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't think anyone is painting Anwar as a saint. He is a charismatic and consummate politician. We know that in politics there is no saint or gods, except immortals.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The reason Malaysia is a backward cuntry full of backward medieval cunts, is because the politics is intertwined---inseparably---with a medieval code of "morality" aka "religion", and thus can choose and cherry pick what religion says and what science says, suka suka, depending on which stance concretizes the "authorities" position of command and control.

In fact: Anwar's sexuality HAS NOTHING TO DO with his capacity as a leader, and his talent as a statesman.

Homosexuality and bi-sexuality are perfectly NATURAL phenomena. So far, they've been observed in well over 1000 animal species.

It s only in backward cuntrees like Malaysia where the authorities bust people for their sexuality.

Estimates of homosexuality and bisexuality combined vary---between 4% to a high of 20%, and human sexuality per se is now considered along a gradient, not just the binary hetero male-female we so willingly unthinkingly accept as "normal".

Supposing the Malaysian court was actually INDEPENDENT and ENLIGHTENED: it would have thrown out the case and cited that anti-homo/ anti-bi laws should no longer be enforced because in 2015 the world in general is more accepting of LGBT people.

A court decision like that would have propelled Malaysia's reputation into the highest celestial sphere. They would have received complaints from religious circles, but in general would have attracted POSITIVE ATTENTION from people all over the world, and set an example to be cast into the stone of human history.

Also, it would have rocked the Islamic world---a place where LBGTs are discriminated against far too often with those LGBTs being KILLED. How about all those Malay people who are LBGT? Do they need to continue to suffer?

Jailing anwar for sodomy---very fucking dumb move.

Fuck you Malaysian courts and government!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to take your medicine again? Lucky you are not a lawyer.

JohorMali said...

Glad to know that you acknowldged Anwar's secual orientation.
Going into your arguments, it would be highly likely that
1. In 2025, the whole world population would be a vegetarian because the animal rights group managed to persuade the UN that slaughtering of animals is inhuman and illegal.

2. In the near future, when I ( a pauper) steals from my neighbour, this neighbour would be jailed for neglecting me!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JohoreMali, forgot to welcome you to the blog.


Anonymous said...

Mahathir is after all, still a modern moderate, a predictable politician.

Anonymous said...

Mat is a sly old fox.

Gong gong said...

What a fantastic idea! You moron! Lol!

Gong gong said...

Lest we forget we have 377A

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi gong gong, welcome to the blog.