Comparative roles of opposition politicians in Parliament

Singapore and Malaysia inherited the same template for a democratic govt and parliament from the British. Both have evolved and made amendments to alter the nature of govt and parliament but the principles and fundamentals are still in tact.  Now, am I making a naïve statement on this?

Observers of the politics and politicking on both sides of the causeway cannot miss the stark difference in the roles being played by the opposition parties. Up north, the politicians seem to have all the time in the world to check on the ruling party, to investigate their misdeeds and wrongdoings, to form parliamentary committees to investigate the ruling party and their cronies. They are very busy doing that. As worthy lawmakers and as checks and balance to keep the ruling party and govt on their toes.

Down south, the opposition parties or shall I say party, are also very busy, not with checking the govt and lawmaking, but in running town councils and being checked by the ruling party/govt. The WP is now up to their neck, trying to shake off the demands placed on them to meet the deadline or no subsidies for AHPETC. They are working like crazy, to comply with administrative procedures and processes of a town council. Do you think they have time for other things, to keep the govt in check, to go checking on the govt and its agencies?

And with the GE around the corner, I don’t think they even have time to prepare for it or know that the GE is going to be held tomorrow. See the difference, the opposition lawmakers in the north have all the time to fire questions at the ruling party. In the south, the ruling party has all the time firing questions to the opposition party and keeping them very busy trying to ward off the blows and no time for anything. It is the ruling party that is doing the checks and balance against the opposition party.

Funny isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

this is called 'fixing the opposition'.
seems like it is working:
i was at aljunied grc last week at bedok north st 3. the conditions of the estate in that area are deplorable. i even saw bangla workers relaxing, sitting and chatting, and it wasn't lunch time.
if i live there i would still give wp another chance and vote for them as these things take time.
most pap estates at the moment are doing or have just completed painting and other upgrading projects as the general election is just round the corner.

patriot said...

Like to say that:-

The Rulers in Malaysia are not as dictatorial as its Southern Neighbour, at least not that extreme. They are also less scheming or lacks schemers.

The Malaysians are not meek as Sheeples.

The Opposition Parties in Malaysia are more organized and far less in number of parties. Much less fractious too and more willing to give way to better calibres for leadership.
Here in Sin, most party leaders are egoistic.

Sinkies are terribly kiasi, they wont want any rocking of the boat and BELIEVE THE WATER WILL ALWAYS REMAIN CALM.
I think this is too much a wish. The Storm shall arrive to rock the boat, like it or not. No one should expect a perpetual smooth journey as the Weather cannot be fine all the time.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ rb:

One "different" party in the parliament is not an "opposition". It's a FLUKE, an ANOMALY.

Singapore is essentially a single party entity. It can't even be determined if there is an official or unofficial "leader" in opposition-land. WTF?!?

Also, if there are NOT ENOUGH MEMBERS to form a Shadow Cabinet, how in fuck's name are you supposed to OPPOSE THE INCUMBENT GOVT¿¡?!!

Virgo49 said...

Right, right Anon @ 10.06am.

Recently, just commented that one outstanding awarded cleanest block in our estate looked so dirty now and within a week, they painted the block with new paint.

Everyday, can see regular cleaners with extra contractors cleaners trimming, washing the whole estate.

This is PAP walk over ward belonging to our Great Leader LKY.

Economy of scale as run by PAP held wards with their contractors of ex HDB and MND officials definitely do a good job compared to Opposition held ward.

Who dared to be contractor for them??

Commit hiri kiri??? Or is it Hari Kiri by the PAP barking hyena?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, when the storm hits sinkie land and many drowned, then kiasi Singaporeans will wake up and then struggle to swim.

By then, ha ha maybe a bit too late!


Anonymous said...

NO! NO! NO! It Is Not Funny!

This is POLITIC 101.

Especially when you are the
opposition, politic is all
directions, left right top
bottom front and back.

No choice, all directions!

This is what politic is all


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, up north things are always in a mess and there are obvious faults that need scrutiny. Therefore the Malaysian are always protesting and forever seeking redress. Down south things are always calm and smooth. People are all satisfied, ( well the majority are ) and there is nothing major for Singaporeans to protest. Of course there are those who assemble at HLP to voice their discontent, but incidents such as those at HLP are for minor issues and not worth crying about. On the whole Singaporeans are very satisfied and the PAP are doing a good job. Hence not much unhappiness. Singaporean must be thankful and appreciative for a stable caring government.

Anonymous said...

time is one thing, question is do our co-driver even want to check? many questions posted by netizen on red bean and many other sites could have been posted by co-drivers too but they just chose to remain silent even on allegations miw levied directly on them...can't help but wonder if they are really setup as b-team.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, checking the PAP government is the job of the citizens.
If citizens believe Town Council chores is the job of HDB (the owner and landlord of all HDB flats), then Singaporeans should vote Opposition.

For your info., all owners and landlords of private properties have to maintain their property. It is not the job of Town Councils to do so.

Anonymous said...

Why complain so much about the PAP? They are doing a good job, no? I think you will not get a better group of PAP ministers than you have now. OK they may be in position for the massive salary, but you must adnit that they do function well. So, please be happy for what you have, and remember, the devil you know may be better than the devil you don't know.

Anonymous said...

So, please be happy for what you have, and remember, the devil you know may be better than the devil you don't know.
February 28, 2015 12:31 pm

No, I will not be happy until I have a million dollar salary to help me have more dignity.
After 50 years, I'm very tired of the white devil.
Replacement devil no good also I must try.
Because i want to show the white devil that I the Singaporean voter is the boss. Not Yew.

Anonymous said...

February 28, 2015 12:46 pm

So you admit that if you were to be given a million dollars you will will have more dignity? Then in that case you are exactly like the MIW. If given the chance you will be one of them? What is the difference between you and the ruling elites?

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Ultimately, checking the PAP government is the job of the citizens.

Not quite. It is EACH and EVERY individual citizens choosing to ACT, and ACT SWIFTLY. When many people do it it looks like collective action, but actually it is individual action---i.e. everyone has their own mind and the ability to use that mind to evaluate situations, then decide on what action to take.

In short, every citizen is expected to be an ACTIVE citizen. However, that is an ideal which won't be happening in Singapore culture for awhile yet. And politics EVOLVES from culture.

In Singapore culture, the generic Singaporean EXPECTS SOMEONE ELSE to act on his behalf for his benefit/ gain. This is why and how the PAP has held sway for so long---the people EXPECT them to. (again, individually, Singaporeans EXPECT their govt to act on their behalf, for their own personal and individual BENEFIT)

>> all owners and landlords of private properties have to maintain their property. It is not the job of Town Councils to do so.

A strata management company is like a Town Council. A single owner-occupier/ landlord is like a one-person Town Council. What is happening is that there is some ACTING AGENT which has the authority to manage the properties.

The wonderful thing about private management companies and individual landlords is that POLITICS is KEPT OUT of the system. And if there is FAILURE it is limited. When Town Councils fail, entire fucking towns fail.

If management companies fail, they are sacked and a new one installed. For owner-occupier and individual landlords, if they allow their properties to degenerate, they PERSONALLY lose money/ value. i.e. they experience DIRECT PAIN.

Got private enterprise?

Anonymous said...

I actually EARN my million dollar salary from the real economy.
My million dollar salary does not come from Singaporean taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

So you say, but who knows?

Matilah_Singapura said...


No one will give you a medal lah. Your pride is only to be enjoyed by yourself---and BTW, good for you.

In Singapore culture, no one cares how they get their money, which is great because your wealth is not anyone else's business.

Thus Singpaore's highly paid cabinet has evolved out of the local culture. In Singapore YOU ARE EXPECTED TO EARN MEGA BUCKS, especially if you have a high RANK in the social order. * Note: In Singapore demonstrating HIGH SOCIAL VALUE or STATUS is a cultural fixture. This is Culturally specific behaviour. (PDF 2MB) cited: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Identifying Culture-Specifics in the Content and Structure of Values
Shalom H. Schwartz & Lilach Sagiv
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

For decades people have complained about the PAP's doctrine of high salary, but in actuality their salaries have INCREASED over time....and no one actually does anything to stem the increases, which means in general, the people SUPPORT the idea of ministers earning Big Bucks.

Got High Social Rank?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 207:

>> Only worthless pigs need to benchmark their million dollar salaries (like a parasite) against hardworking millionaires who truly deserve their salaries.

In Singapore, "respect" has a strange meaning---is contains strange mixtures of fear, envy, hope, achievement and possibility. "Respect" is IMMUTABLY tied to how much money you receive (note: I say "receive", not "earn" because I don't believe govt officials "earn". They in fact, RECEIVE) and determines your Social Rank.

Thus if you aspire to be respected, i.e. achieve HIGH social status, you must receive The Big Bucks on a regular basis. This is the benchmark, The Dream of all Singaporeans---it is culturally significant.

Therefore, if you are a high ranking govt official, travelling the world and making "Guan Xi" with the likes of Putin, Obama, Cameron and Merkel, and the IMF, Club of Rome, Illuminati and all the angels of Heaven here on earth, then you better have HIGH SOCIAL STATUS, and that begins at home, on the domestic front, which means you better have HUGE SALARY or no one will take you seriously.

There is also the issue of corruption. But since you are being paid "to be good", you don't worry about "temptation".

In Singapore, morality can be bought :-)

How's your social rank today?

Anonymous said...

How come Premiere Li of China don't have high salary? But still got respect.
Maybe Premiere Li has big genitalia ... so no need big salary to hide the non-existence of balls.

Virgo 49 said...

Go for the Red Devils bro !