Clash, Competition, Cooperation and Collusion of Civilisation

The 21st Century is setting a new trend in global competition for development, growth and prosperity of people and nations. Up till the 20th Century, nations triumphed and prospered by war, conquest, exploitation and domination over countries and people. Till the very end of the 20th Century, the mindset and strategies of western powers continued to be bogged down by the past, to dominate, control and rule the world for their own well being. The Cold War might be over but divide and rule, and containment as a policy for world supremacy remains the main policy thrust of the Americans, supported by their western allies.

The rise of China as an economic and military super power and expected to give the Americans a run for their money for pole position is vindication that the containment policy is not working, or not effective. China is on a roll despite all the obstacles placed on its path, trade sanctions, trade barriers, blockages, threats, potholes and many other methods that were not seen or spoken in the open. China and the US, representing the East versus West models for achieving economic growth and prosperity are in direct competition and also cooperation are being watched closely by the rest of the world.

There are several distinct characteristics to the two models. The American model features military power, use of power and dominance, and a complex polity of diverse people, culture and ideas, democracy and capitalism. The Chinese model is one of economic growth with equality among nations, big and small as its foundation, a homogenous people in a sense, and a new concoction of communism and capitalism in various degrees of combination. The US, to some extent Europe, is the representative of the 20th Century western model for growth and development. From the East, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong, derived their growth from primarily a relatively more homogenous society but a mixed of capitalism, democracy and authoritarian govt model.

The West, particularly the US, became rich and powerful riding on conquest and exploitation of people and countries. The Europeans took everything from the American natives forcefully, terminating them, and exploited the labour of Africa and other parts of the world, and their natural resources to build the foundation for a prosperous country. It then benefited from a mix pot of immigrants mainly from Europe to drive the growth engines under a democratic system of govt and a laissez fair economy under capitalism.

The prosperity of China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong was achieved without resorting to conquest and exploitation of other countries and people. They were the victims of exploitation and conquest but grew to what they are today, through the industry and drive of their own people, and from borrowing the economic models of growth from the West. There was an absence of power and sphere of influence by military means. They prosper today without robbing the colonies or other country’s wealth and resources.

Which of these two economic systems would emerge as the role model for the 21st Century? A country of diverse people and ideas, economic and individual freedom, democracy and capitalism or a homogenous society, high involvement of the state, and a democracy that is authoritarian in nature unlike the western model, but without resorting to military power and conquest?  The shining model of national wealth in Europe is taking a hit without the free resources and people for exploitation from the colonies. Europe is in decline, in rapid decline when left to depend on their own limited resources and ingenuity, without conquest and colonisation. Europe is expending its past accumulated wealth seized from their colonies fast, and must look for a new economic and political order to revive its wealth and glorious past. The Americans are slowing down and seeing China and eastern countries making a bid to over take them in all fields, without the use of the gun.

What would the 21st Century turn out to be when countries and civilisation compete and cooperate in a highly complex inter related and inter dependent shrinking world when all economic and human activities are tightly intertwined, where there is intense competition but demanding cooperation as necessary for growth? Both worlds, and all the countries, need each other to grow and prosper together. The USA and China is a very good example of interdependence even as they tried to compete and try to undermine the advantages and benefits of the other for a bigger piece of the pie.

Would the gun be used to scuttle the peace and development in this century when one party feels that it is unable to compete fairly, with ingenuity and industry of its people and system for a better life for its people? Would the mix match potpourri of the US perform better than the homogenous economies of the East, including Japan? Is war the necessary and inevitable solution to the well being of civilisation like in the 20th Century?


Anonymous said...

"Is war the necessary and inevitable solution to the well being of civilisation like in the 20th Century?"

Not at all, at least not in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong, and even Japan. Of course God forbid, not in Sinkieland.

Because all these countries, unlike the IS state in the Middle East, believe it is easier and better to make money, not war. And when they make money, US also make money. So why would they want to go to war to fight each other, u tell me lah?

And for the same reasons why smart Sinkies would not want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP.

Anonymous said...

And for the same reasons why smart Sinkies would not want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP.
Anon 9:57 am

That's why much as I despise WP Teochew Ah Hia for publicly declaring WP is not ready to be govt, I also think he has good reasons to say so. And even more good reasons why PAP dare to whack WP jialat jialat in Parliament for all to see, and without fear of any repercussions to them in coming GE. Because PAP really trust their GRC system and the 60%.

Anonymous said...

Can we say that PAP is analogous to USA?
And WP is analogous to China?

Anonymous said...

If I were PM Lee, I will make Sinkieland into just one huge GRC with 87 seats.

Hence no opposition is eligible to contest unless they can field 87 candidates as one party on Nomination day.

Then PAP will sure win one, tio bo?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

The contest, getting rich through war or through peace?

A homogenous country versus a bastardised country.

Democracy/capitalism versus democracy/capitalism/central planning or big govt.

One superpower versus multi polar world.

Singapore thinks bastardised country is superior, the more foreigners in the dough the better the cake.

Anonymous said...

Singapore thinks bastardised country is superior, the more foreigners in the dough the better the cake.
Anon 10:17 am

Not really lah.

Because I think without the foreigners, there will not even be dough, let alone cake.

But unfortunately, it is not for Singapore to decide on the quality of the dough. They have to take whatever quality of dough that is best available to them on the world market. Some of the dough that existed are the best but sadly, they are not available to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The ASSUMPTION that Smart Sinkies do not want to join the Opposition to fight PAP is not correct.

Smart Sinkies do and should join, support and help Opposition Political Parties to gradually build up an Alternative Government to the PAP, otherwise Sinkie Land will live up to its name SINK.

PAP cannot last forever. No Empire, Dynasty, Kingdom, etc. ever last forever.

We can already see very clearly, PAP is on the downward slide. Less and less quality people are joining the PAP. Only people like Tin Pei Lin of "I don't know what to say" fame and the ass-hole surgeon who was trounced by a simple good and sincere hearted lady of WP.

It is the CUNNING Sinkies who make use of PAP like a parasite, to get contracts, jobs, position and status for their own selfish interests. If these kind of people continue to grow in numbers and their selfish philosophy spread then Sinkie Land is Doomed.

No one will want to defend Sinkie Land when External Threats materialised.

Make money while the sun shine - Yes. But don't make to the extent of becoming an insensitive, uncaring, arrogant elitist without a human heart and a decent human brain.

patriot said...

Mankind was like other animals in the Beginning of time. At a time when mankind had not learnt to cultivate food and build home, they hunted other animals, including other human beings, to satisfy their hunger. They robbed others' shelters for their own use, living a savage existence.

As man learnt to cultivate and build, civilization begins and man begins to organize and civilize. They had barter trades, exchanging good for good and labour, service for good and vice versa.

However, civility is not able to eradicate the Savagery of human beings, remnant of the innate nature of animals prevails throughout history and shall remain till there is no more being. Nature dictates that the Fittest survives for the World is not uniform.

Power is strength in survival and power is NOT benign by nature, it is more like a knife. Power is both constructive and negative, depending on who is wielding it. A powerful nation can help and save other nations or overpower and destroy and or occupy other nation using weapin of destruction and or economically.

The Nature and Fate of a nation depends on the Rulers who are themselves of benign and evil characteristics. The Nature of the Ruler shall be the Nature of the Powerful Nation.
Evil or Benevolence is ultimately in the Hands of the Rulers. The World itself is made of both positive(good) and negative(bad) elements. So, expect nations to turn good, bad and neutral according to their rulers. Anyway, the Definition varies according individuals. It is no different to definitions of taste and beauty. One man's meat is another man's poison.