Blind spot in Parliament?

Shanmugam were vicious in tearing down the WP for the lapses in AHPETC. He threw at WP everything he got that could put the WP in a very bad light. And the ST did its best as the prime newspaper to inform the readers of every detail that happened in Parliament, on the TV over and over again. The WP was in defensive mode and was kept really busy to ward off the blows. Where got time to engage in other issues or to talk about other issues or even to prepare for the GE? The election campaigning has started, and in case the opposition parties are still sleeping, the PAP is on a campaign march. Read the ST and the coverage of the ministers and PAP will tell you what is happening.

Back to Shanmugam’s performance in Parliament. There were so many things that are worthy to be gems of Parliament and I would take time to cover them. Let me just touch on the set of fees that Shanmugam obtained from the MND to attack the WP. In that chart, the fees payable by residents and commercial units were exactly the same. Sylvia Lim spotted the difference as it is a norm to charge commercial organizations a different rate in practically everything, water, electricity and of course S&CC. The big question, is there a mistake in Shanmugam’s chart?

Shanmugam did not think so and it was reported that he had double checked and confirmed there was no mistake. The residents and commercial units were charged the same S&CC in PAP wards in 2014. Please correct me if I am wrong on this with the latest.

There are many reasons for me to accept that the data were accurate. First, the MND would not give such an important set of data to be used in Parliament to accuse the WP for mismanagement or over charging to Shanmugam. It would be very embarrassing if untrue and found out to be untrue. A public apology would be needed. And the WP could say the same thing, sorry not enough, please explain.

Shanmugam, being a top notch lawyer, would not miss the error and would have corrected them before presenting them to Parliament as a weapon. He would not embarrass himself with a set of wrong data in public, in Parliament.

And mind you, so many ministers and MPs must be privy to this chart and it is unbelieveable and unbecoming that no one is diligent or clever enough to spot the huge mistake if there is one. Everyone must know that there was no mistake. It could not be a case that there was a mistake but no one thought a need to tell him and wanting Shanmugam to make a fool of himself in Parliament. It also could not be a case of idolizing Shanmugam and looking gaga when he spoke, assuming that this god like lawyer could not make mistake, everything he said must be carefully thought out.

Unless there is any announcement to this, I must presume or assume that the chart must be right. Now who was the person that produced some data and letters claiming that the changes to lower the fees for PAP Town councils, especially the part for commercial units, were done recently? How recent and why? Or was that just another assumption of fabrication to prove Shanmugam wrong? There is no way to prove the chart wrong unless it is wrong. This is factual and no one can lie about it.

Is there another truth? Is there a blind spot in Parliament?


Vitgo49 said...

Every professional in their own profession does not profess to know everything of other professions,
If not thian by chiak Liao

How to con the laymen and daft??

Anonymous said...

Blind sport or not, chart accurate or not, Sham making a fool of himself or not, or what have you, but does that make the WP strive to be ready to be govt?

And if WP is not ready, will the 60% be very scared to vote PAP out in a GE which even WP Ah Hia had acknowledged?

And if the 60% is indeed scared, then what's the problem for PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Who says Singaporeans are scared to change government?
You just put a cross next to WP logo in the polling booth.
Very simple...not very scared.

What I am really scared of.
Singaporeans accidentally voting in a PAP government that is not ready to be government anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.43

I drink to your statement of fact.


Anonymous said...

When the whites say they are right, like when inside a polling station when their law says its wrong to be within 200m of it when not voting or waiting to vote, the AG who said they were not wrong was promoted to CJ and the guy who complained about them being inside the polling station was not a very successful politician who was sued and made a bankrupt for something else by some of the very same people he complained about.