Another foreign rogue beat up a Singaporean youth

Another huge foreign bully, a Briton named Alan Benjamin Maybury, was charged in court yesterday for punching a teenage driver 3 times and abusing him. The youth suffered mild swelling and a cut. The cause of the incident was an accident involving the youth’s car and the taxi the rogue foreigner was in.

The beating of locals appears to be a habit by the burly and big foreigners against the meek and small built locals. The safety of locals is increasingly being threatened in this otherwise reputed safe city state for foreigners. It is the locals that are getting the beating by the foreigners.

Would the govt act more firmly against these foreign rogues to protect the safety of the citizens? Or would this rogue get away with a slap on the wrist? When dealing with violent rogues, it is better to return them the same medicine. I would even recommend public whipping in Raffles Place or Hong Lim Park to make a statement that beating locals is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated. These rogues must be made an example off, like the Japanese hanging chopped heads to frighten the locals. There is an urgent clear and present danger against the locals and it must be stopped once for all. Make it know to all the foreign rogues that beating locals will be harshly dealt with, like hangings for drug trafficking.

This cannot go on like this. The situation demands action from the govt to protect its meek and timid citizens. But to assure the foreign darlings that we love them the govt can make a tender loving speech to assure them that the unconditional love for foreigners is still there in case they threaten to move out of this island and turn it into a 3rd world slum. Must handle the foreign darlings with extra sensitive care to make them feel secure, never mind the locals are feeling insecure.

Just cannot ‘tahan’ seeing locals being bullied and bashed by rogue foreigners. Would any MPs say something about these rogues or would they say the Sinkies deserved the beating?


Anonymous said...

RB. Wishing you a Happy CNY. Yes, we are sick of such news. If a Singaprean is to beat up an Ang Moh, I bet the police will use a big hammer and hammer him until you cannot recognise him. The other way around, bet you will not hear anymore news on this Ang Moh. He will probably be release within an hour with apology from the Police

Anonymous said...

I think the local are here for ft cheap entertainment lar. Better not piss them off cause after that even taxi drivers no business and security guards got nothing to guard when ft move out. Tio bo. Take it lar just try not to get in their way

Virgo 49 said...

These fucking Brits think they were once our colonial masters that they can come here beat us as they pleased.

Likewise their criminal Australians convicts descents.

Our mata mata still fearful of them. Had to use sten guns to arrest them or else likewise bashed by them.

They must follow the Indonesians, arrested fir drugs, face firing squads Their bloody mad PM want to sanction Indonesia and rescue their bloody criminal bastard immigrants citizens. .

Likewise Sinkie government will protect these instant foreign talents criminals and bashed own true blue citizens.

I was given a Warning letter by SPF for creating a fracas with a bloody Brit renting unit above my flat.

The aggressor walked free whilst tge victim been hospitalised as bashed by him was prosecuted by his own protectors of law.

Hope the fucking PAP fade into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. tomorrow is the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Let there be peace and goodwill to all, Brits included ( like moi ). Not all FTs and foreigners in Singapore are rough and rowdy. There are some good and friendly ones. Likewise there are also some very unfriendly Singaporeans. Agree?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed,

Happy New Year to all the friends here.

In the case of Sinkie bashing, did you realise that it is always the poor Sinkie that got walloped by the foreigners and they keep on doing it like a past time. No remorse or regrets.

No one would want to blame the normal ones, but the bad ones must be whacked, nothing less.

We Asians cannot always turn the other cheek and say its ok, let's forgive and forget even if it is CNY. Then we would always be whacked and deserved to be whack. We asked for it.

Poor Virgo kenna smashed up. I would wait for whoever dares to touch me, everyday, with an iron rod.

Anonymous said...

just jail and then deport this racist caucasian brit man back to his own country. one less useless "ft" brit man in SG.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.
redbean expects PAPig gahmen to protect him from Aliens.

Virgo49 said...

Redbean and Matilah said in his previous comment that to bash these trashes need to whack them with iron rod or in Matilah any objects that can maim these barbarians into semi comatose state
Let them live the next fifty odd years lying in bed daily gurgled shahahah!!!'n

The said...

WTF! That Brit git had the gall to assault the driver when he's not even in his car. It was a taxi - what is the damage to him? Miss his SPG party? Piss in his pants due to his fright?

agongkia said...

Learn to calm down the aggressor and avoid challenging him if one is not confident in defending himself.
Be smart. Luckily never reported angmo kick his lumpa else this boy future will be gone and life will be meaningless.
So what even if angmo is jailed or fine.

Be smart.You can only raise your voice if you are confident to make angmo lie on the floor.
And stop your children from naming themselves peter or jason.It only make angmo feel more superior and look down on us and tend to boss you people.

Yea of Goat soon.Be as tame as a goat and be humble. I look forward to a year of no bully and no abuse of citizen.Learn to be smart.Go learn kungfu and not waste time on surfing or whatsapp...

Get yourself trained to be fit and strong.
How to protect our country if a young man cannot even handle an angmo.Ready for NS? Go ask for early enlistment or a longer NS.
Keong Hee Huat Chai

agongkia said...
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b said...

If you are weak, people, whether foreigners or locals will bully you. Its not a matter of nationality but a matter of weakness. Learn how to work in team, gang or group.

Anonymous said...

But Singaporeans are weak people.
Weak people get bullied by Aliens and their own rulers.
Weak people don't deserve to get back their own money.
Weak people don't deserve to own their own flats.

Anonymous said...

Some big-man once said this about Singaporese:-
"If you can select a population and they're educated and they're properly brought up, then you don't have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained. It's like with dogs. You train it in a proper way from small. It will know that it's got to leave, go outside to pee and to defecate. No, we are not that kind of society. We had to train adult dogs who even today deliberately urinate in the lifts."

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs to do another Michael Faye All assaults by the bigger size white foreigners should merit a good caning. I support you

Anonymous said...

The govt must put up posters at all the immigration points like hanging for drugs.

The new posters would inform all foreigners that beating up locals would be mandatory caning at Raffles Place. That should put a stop to these animals and make Singapore a safer place for Singaporeans.

There must be an effective deterrence against big foreign rogues. The decent and law abiding foreigners need not have to worry. They will remain the darlings of the govt.

Anonymous said...

In future, if any CB white assholes hit Singaporeans again, we should bring a pallet of eggs to the court and throw at them.

Anonymous said...

And you will end up with eggs in your face.