AHPETC – more articles in the ST today

Another 3 pages of the ST were devoted to the ‘Crime of the Century’ in Singapore politics. More than half of today’s front page was on this topic. I have been given these articles a miss for obvious reasons. It is very taxing to read unless I am writing my Ph D thesis. Maybe one day I shall write a book about the political crimes in Sin City. Reading the headlines would be enough to know the content in the ST articles. A few snippets like the occasional highlighted quotes would be about the most I could spare with my precious time on the issue.

I did notice a couple of interesting ones and I would like to post them here for reflection. Although the principles, concerns and moral values etc are supposed to be about the AHPETC case, I think they are for general applications and can be applied to all cases of wrong doings. There cannot be exceptions or else the bandits would be using them to run down on their victims and appearing to be god like. Justice, righteousness and human decency apply to all mortals.

The first quote by Heng Swee Kiat is this:

‘I am very concerned about the pattern in which the WP has betrayed the people’s trust. It has a consistent pattern of denial, deflection and protection of its managing agent, which suggests a serious rot is happening.’

My head was shaking after reading it. The ST added this to the quote. ‘Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, accusing gthe Workers’ Party(WP) of lacking integrity in dealings with managing agent FM Solutions and Services (FMSS), owned by eye officers of the WP run town council.’

The second quote is by Hri Kumar.

‘Why should the WP be let off easy just because it is the opposition? And why should its residents be forced to accept anything less than full accountability? This cannot be the right way forward.’

My head was shaking from left to right too reading this. ST added this, ‘Mr Hri Kumar Nair (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC), on why the WP town council must he held to the same standards as other entities that have been audited by the Auditor-General’s Office.

I think it is more interesting to read about the political ‘Crime of the Century’ in Malaysia involving Anwar and all the indisputable hard evidence brought to bear against him by the authority. It would be good if the Malaysian ST could orchestrate and produce a few pages of articles on the juicy details for public consumption and turn the paper into an evening tabloid on sexy stuff. What a disappointment.

I must say the Malaysian ST is sexier to read than our very predictable ST.


Anonymous said...

After all the "telling-off" and the accusation in the ST today, I think the WP must be on the road to ruin. Nothing can be done now. WP MPs must hang their heads in shame. The acid test will be whether WP gets kicked out. Let's wait and see.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really respect the UMNO politicians for their honesty. They knew that they were as guilty or worst than Anwar many times. So better not to behave like hypocrites to attack him and run him down when he is down.

I also respect them for their ability to feel a sense of shame. That is why they all keep quite.

I also respect them for being sensible to know what they should not do or say. They live in glass houses and they know not to throw stones.

Anonymous said...

Of course there are advantages for PAP by being the incumbent, and being able to maximise use of the MSM for one.

And conversely, serious disadvantages for WP by not being ready to be govt, and being complacent and not trying hard to be ready.

And the price the WP had to pay for that is the outcome in Parliament and MSM in the past few days.

Hopefully after this episode, WP will review and snap out of their long standing stupor of not being ready to be govt, and work hard towards being ready. If they do, I am sure at least 60% Sinkies for a change, will give WP the chance to be govt. And WP can then do the same and even more, what PAP is doing to them right now.

I am afraid this is the only way forward, and also the best way, for WP and Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Out to fix ppl again. Up to their dirty old tricks again. Believing that no one knows what they are up to again.

But the farmer knows what they are up too. He is always ahead of them. He did not have money before. But now he is a very rich and wealthy man who can even move mountains and make politicians crawl like ants.

Thank god there is a farmer in all of us.


Anonymous said...

Of course there are advantages for PAP by being the incumbent,...
Anon 10:46 am

It's the same everywhere, in Matland, in PRC, in Russia, etc, all over the world.

Matilah_Singapura said...

PAP dirty tricks in play.

Got your game face on?

Anonymous said...


Don't talk talk and more talk.

Why waste time?

If AHPETC is so very wrong, bring
those responsible to courts.

No use talk here talk there lah.

Delay No More!

Do It Now! Yes! Now!


Virgo 49 said...

Hi, just one grc and one smc, see how difficult and problematic to run.

that's why WP said not ready to be government. The PAP in for 50 years. The government service is already also pap.

Opposition wards get cooperation from the government agencies??

Don't sabo you steal smiles.

That's why even SDP previously won two seats also lost back. They made lives verg difficult for opposition wards.

patriot said...

Oh come on.

Let them badmouth others as much as they want.
They do know we DONT buy their craps.
But, it seems that they are intent on revealing their innate nature despite the Negative Features they projecting and are projecting.

We cannot encourage Harakiri, Kamikaze and any form of suicide and are helping them to desist from doing.
However, if they desire to dig their own graves, they should enjoy their freedom to do so.


patriot said...


'they projecting.......'. to be corrected to 'they projected and are projecting'.


Amortal said...

Uncle Red Bean,

In my humble opinion, the WP MPs actually asked for it. They knew well in advance that such grilling and expose would be forth-coming, even before GE 2011.

Leaders of the PAP, especially the Dying Old Man, had been threatening and hinting repeatedly to the WP that they had better run the Town Council well.

Yet, I am very surprise that WP had adopted a careless and unprofessional attitude and performance in the administration and management of their Town Council.

They obviously know what they are up against. PAP is not just born yesterday and PAP is not known for its kindness and compassion when dealing with political opponents. It is common knowledge, after all these 50-60 years, that many people perceive PAP as very ruthless, vicious, revengeful, uncompromising, selfish and sometimes cruel and wicked.

For this particular AHPETC Affair, to me, there is no excuse whatsoever for the WP to let themselves and their voters down so badly.

Though we know it is unavoidable because the PAP has been waiting in ambush like a hungry hound for this very chance to hang the WP. But the WP could have been extra careful in order to minimize the damage. And perhaps also lay a certain trap/bait for the PAP's hounds to bite. It didn't happen.

What came out was a real fiasco on the part of the WP's actions, deliberate or otherwise:


This is really tragic!

Do you agree with me, Uncle Red Bean?

Anonymous said...

If PAP government think AHPETC has committed a crime, please charge them in court.
Otherwise, please stop wasting taxpayers' money with all your wayang in parliament.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sometimes lapses and mistakes also have their usefulness. Without the AHPETC affair, you would not know how ugly and vicious people who look like saints and angels could turn out to be.

The people now got a chance to see the true colours of who and what they really are.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."---JC, quoted in John 8:7

The Holey Babble is a crazy, crap-filled book in the general sense. However, by pure luck, it does contain-- very occasionally--some verses of perennial truth and wisdom.

If you are fortunate to know someone---an 'outlier' who is a fairly decent human being, civil, kind and reasonably honest---who works for the govt., they will READILY ADMIT to the huge amount of WASTE which has, or is in danger of BECOMING A CULTURE in the govt. and public service sectors.

For e.g. have do we know how these people travel on their taxpayer-funded overseas junkets...i.e. how is the money we FORCIBLY CONTRIBUTE spent?

I would CHALLENGE the oh-so-pristine-and-snow-white-with-goodness PAP govt. to subject their departments to rigorous FORENSIC ACCOUNTING and Business Process Analyses, and then share the findings publicly.

Oh, let the stone-throwing continue! Don't listen to jezzus lah...Never trust a Jew :-))

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. I'm ok with govt wasting money. I wouldn't expect them to be any different. Why give a shit? The taxpayer base is an infinite source of funding---need money? Tax the shit out of the people. It's easy to do legally, just suka suka pass a law.

What irks me is the DOUBLE STANDARD---the govt is wasting money and thus mismanaging funds...which is ok by me...just don't act so 'goody-goody" and accuse other lah. Bad form lah. No style lah.

Be honest lah. If you waste money, admit it and be bold and arrogant saying some outrageous shit like "Rank has its privileges! Shut the fuck up, lowly citizen! Get out of my elite face!" .

Anonymous said...

I am the law.

Anonymous said...

Within 1 and a half years of winning AljuniedHougang GRC, the WP turned the GRC from a surplus of $3.3 MM to a deficit of $730,000.

Multiply that by a few GRCs and they would have turned Singapore from a surplus to a deficit within 2 years !! 50 years of Nation building would have gone down the drain! Wow !

I am impressed !! And who was helming the Finance & Investment Committee ? None other than Good Catch CSM !! Simply amazing, a real talent indeed!


Anonymous said...

You heard of govt subsidies? I am impressed by what you think you know.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed a PAPatriot.
A sub-species of Aliens and Traitors.

Make no mistake.
If there were indeed criminal wrongdoing by AHPETC;
PAP would have made a police report already.
The fact that there is no police report after intensive investigation and audit proves the integrity of AHPETC.
Do you think the sale of the IT system to AIM should be included in the AHPETC investigation?

Do you think anybody joins Opposition political parties to get rich?
Or do you think it's easier to get rich joining PAP?

Anonymous said...

The fish rots from the head first.

Anonymous said...

PAP Managing Agents mysteriously lower their rates

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

I think it is good and with lots of advantages to be the incumbent.

So WP better get ready to become govt. Argue so much no use, whether in or outside Parliament.

They should have realised this by now but they are complacent. Hence they deserved all these whacking, rightly or wrongly, by PAP.

Anonymous said...

I think we are serious trouble when our S$1m Ministers and S$16K MP can only debate on mundane task of local Town Council matter when greater issues like loss of
S$billion in Investment, how public money being spent on local projects, and how to keep the cost of living down have quietly been ignored.

Hooray to our First World Parliament. Your choice of topics to debate in Parliament never amused my overseas friends when we meet frequently to compare our two First World countries.

You all are the best paid politicians in S"pore Parliament the world only daft Singaporean can have.