50 years, still a little tart

Immediately after SGX announced the impending departure of Magnus Bocker it followed up with another piece of news, that it had appointed a foreign recruitment agency to hunt for a replacement worldwide. This is like a reflex action. No one good enough in SGX or in Singapore, or there must be a better foreigner out there. Go, get me a foreigner quick. Shouldn’t it be looking for a Singaporean first, in house or within the industry or from the pool of brilliant scholars in the govt and if that yields no result then go hunting elsewhere? Why must it be that the SGX must look elsewhere first and not in house?

After 50 years, the little tart is still a little tart, looking for the shoulder of a foreigner for security. She probably feels very safe and comfortable hiding behind a foreigner. If a foreigner were to stand in front of the little tart, she would probably wet herself, urinating controllably and trembling in fear. Would it help if she pastes a million dollar on her face for that façade of paper thin dignity?

When the pioneering leaders came on board, it was all about self reliance, about independence, about our ability to run our own country with our own people and talent. And they made it a point to stand shoulder to shoulder with the foreigners, as equals. Today, things have degenerated so far that the little tart, instead of growing up, is highly dependent on the foreigners to hold her hand and to lift her head high. The insecurity and lack of confidence are hard to miss. Look over the shoulder and you will see a little tart grabbing the hands of a foreigner tightly, so afraid to let go, like the security blanket.
We don’t have good students, we don’t have good professors. So to make our universities look good, we import the professors and the students, lock, stock and barrel. Nice one, tart.

Initially I thought it was a colonial handover of sort. But today, any foreigner will do, even from the 3rd world countries. The little tart has lost all self respect and confidence of herself and her ability. What is the point of paying her million dollar salary when she continues to behave like a clueless little tart? Would she need another 50 years to grow up?

It cannot be a fetish craze for foreigners after 50 years of growing up unless it is a kind of degenerative trait, premature ageing and getting senile prematurely. Would the little tart be asking for a foreigner to be the PM or the President when the incumbents vacate their seats? Would it have to take another 50 years to grow up and be on our own? What are we celebrating SG50 for? For more good years and forever as little tarts?

What is wrong with our native Singaporean talent? Singapore got no talents? Yes, I am asking you, little tart.


Anonymous said...

"Why must it be that the SGX must look elsewhere first and not in house? "

Can this be true?
Are we a country run by a Pro Alien Government or worse by a bunch or Traitors?
This cannot be true.
The internet rumours must be false.

Anonymous said...

"After 50 years, the little tart is still a little tart, looking for the shoulder of a foreigner for security."

It's not the little tart.
It's the little white pig-traitor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ya, first thing look for a good foreigner. There are more than 6 billion out there to choose from.

Anonymous said...


Not sure whether organisations
and companies with FTs at the top
have a "LOCALISATION" succession
plan or not.

The "LOCALISATION" idea is not

In the 90s, the idea was launched
but do not have the WILL from the
top to see it through.

This is what you get today!

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

I get very annoyed and upset whenever they replace any senior management staff, the FIRST thing they do is to search for an external replacement and not look internally or locally. Is spore so screwed that there are no more local talents left in our midst. If this is true, does it also reflect on our ministers etc....

patriot said...


It just Murphy's Law aka Law
of Nature.
What must happen will happen.

Accept the Fate.


Anonymous said...

Try repatriating 3 million prcs first ... it is mostly them that have been disgracing and destroying the local culture ....
How many whores from the prc does geylang need to have? 10,000?
Anone who thinks that Singapore needs to be a "third" China is in the wrong country. Please FO.

Anonymous said...

Typical Snkie's thinking..."If a FT like Bocker calibre can commit so many mistakes, can you imagine a local Leader ? " The colonial mindset.

b said...

In this world, talent is a myth. Connection is the key that they are looking for. Even if slighly connected to some aristocracy family will bring one an easy life. Choose the correct vagina to emerge loh.

Virgo 49 said...

CAD chief to be appointed Regulatory Officer in SGX!

Wah serious??

Anonymous said...

I think the plan is like this. First find a FT to be CEO of SGX than make him citizen. See, a Singaporean is a CEO of SGX.

Anonymous said...

You are always complaining. First you complain about Bocker. About how HFT is killing your business. Now that he is gone, you are still complaining.

Now you complain about the process of getting the replacement. What are you going to complain next?

Anonymous said...

Why are you always complaining about Rb? Your wife slept with him?

patriot said...

The Little Tart tastes very yummy.

It will be swallowed in no time.