100 Serangoon residents signed petition against AHPETC

According to an article in TRE, a Chinese paper reported that a petition demanding the WP to explain the loss of funds by AHPETC was signed by 100 Serangoon residents. The matter must be real serious. The PWP only got a miserable 5,000 attendance at Hong Lim Park, the remisier’s petition to Tharman only had a pathetic 1,200 signatures, and my polls here even had more than 150 signatures.  They better approach Raymond and he could easily double the number of signatures with a few phone calls.

The article is receiving a lot of negative comments in TRE and they are all pointing their fingers in one direction and sneering at the 100 signatures in a GRC of more than 200,000 residents. They smell a rat immediately. The stink is spreading.

Actually they could easily get 10% of the 40% who voted against the WP to sign and that would be 8,000 signatures.  No need to be shy, walk the ground and get more signatures to prove a point, that the residents have turned against the WP and would vote the WP out in the next GE. Would they? Or have more voters starting to see the goodness of the WP and sympathise with their plight and starting to cross over to the WP camp?

This 100 signature petition is very meaningful. Read in between the lines and it will reveal many things that cannot be transparent, cannot see light, and no one would come clean on why there is such a petition and who is behind it, and many more things waiting to be revealed.


Anonymous said...

How come they didn't sign petition against AIM?

Anonymous said...

They smell a rat immediately. The stink is spreading.

But how does that help or not help WP to be ready to be govt?

And if WP is not ready, expect the same and more of such things to happen, in or outside Parliament in future.

And Aljunied residents will ultimately suffer from all these, if they re-elect WP again in the next GE, tio bo?

So those Aljunied residents who have awakened will realise it may still be better to vote PAP next election, for the sake of better management and available of funds for the Town Council.

Anonymous said...

TRS article, the 100 residents are not from AHPETC but from Marine Parade GRC.

Anonymous said...

TRS article, the 100 residents are not from AHPETC but from Marine Parade GRC.
Anon 11:25 am

Doesn't matter lah. There may be a boundary change for Aljunied GRC this coming GE so they will be part of Aljunied GRC.

That's why there are huge advantages of being the incumbent govt. Hence it's a real pity that WP doesn't strive to be ready to be one.

Anonymous said...

Why 100 Serangoon residents never sign petition against CPF and Temasek?
Must be very transparent.

Crooks Exposer said...

Mr Red Bean,

The 100 signatures/signatories had at first claimed they were from AHPETC but netizens found out that they were actually from Marine Parade GRC.

So what do you think of this case?

patriot said...

I do not believe the Report, as me does believe anyone would stooped that low as to fake as AHPETC resident.

Why did they do that and why???.


Anonymous said...

It is good to learn about what is weighted average.

Anonymous said...

It is good to learn about what is weighted average.
February 22, 2015 5:11 pm

Do you pay a weighted average for your managing agent's fees?
If not, then what is its relevance?

Anonymous said...

100.. So few PAP and PA grassroots living in Aljunied GRC? They are non-chalant!?

market2garden said...

100 residents have "priority info" know that next election they will be in Aljunied GRC.

Anonymous said...

100 signatures out of a GRC of more than 150000 is pathetic indeed. How can they claim to represent the wishes of the GRC residents?

Should take a leaf from Roy's book. 1000 out of 3 million citizens join him at HLP and he claims to have 70% of the support. Not bad eh?

patriot said...

THIS IS THE CRUX AND ESSENCE OF THE ISSUE, though the Number of signatures does matter too.