World of Internet Brigade revealed

‘Much has been mentioned within the internet about the existence of the PAP Internet Brigade (a.k.a “PAP IB”), but few know how this secretive group operates, and who their puppet-masters are. The Singapore Hall of Shame (SHS) was given exclusive access to their inner workings thanks to one of their former members; Agent Kelly.

My Compass

The SHS plans to publish a series of articles, shedding light on their structure, their identities, and their methods. As a start, we explore the secretive Facebook Group, “My Compass”.

There are 4 “My Compass” administrators whom co-ordinate communication strategies for 260 members. Access to this by invitation-only group, is via recommendations of existing trusted members.
Upon receiving instructions by the administrators, unquestioning members spring into action to counter unfavourable chatter forming against PAP members or its linked entities. They operate in large numbers with the primary objective of drowning out negative comments and derailing the discussions on the internet.

In addition, they also monitor Facebook activities of opposition parties, and call for reinforcements to help counter statements that are critical of the ruling party. On mundane days, typical actions including like-ing the FB pages of the PAP MPs to boast the popularity of MPs. Some of their communications and actions are captured below:’ This is part of an article posted and reposted in several sites in the social media.

A people’s initiative, spontaneous, not financed by any body. What does this mean? On one side there is a group that is financed by a powerful organization, not sure if they are paid, to attack other bloggers and stirred shit in the social media. This is a very unethical thing that no respectable people will do, and no respectable organization will support and finance.

On the other side, there is a group of vigilantes formed by the people to defend those people being attacked. There is righteousness and high moral ground on the side of this group of people to defend justice against rogues and mercenaries out to harass and unnerve innocent people.

With these two groups of people engaging in battle in the social media, who would likely to be respected by the masses? Who would look like the evil doers, the despicable and the shameless?

The Singapore Hall of Shame group is like the freedom fighters taking on the gangsters. It would really be nice if they could expose the rogues and shame them in public. They would bring disgrace to their families if they are made known to be engaged in such hideous activities against their fellow men. And if they can be linked to whatever organizations, it will look ugly and embarrassing no matter how they denied their associations with such unethical practices.

Would the presence of the SHS bring about the end of such dubious activities in the social media or at least restrain their masters from going all out to embarrass themselves thinking that they could get away with it? The internet is very transparent despite the veneer of anonymity. All activities can be traced, by both sides.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there are paid and real PAP IBs, but there are also many who are not paid and self appointed, and which look like one.

It looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck but it is not a duck.

By the way, with at least 60% votes every election and the strongest opposition not ready to be govt, why would PAP need and pay for IBs, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

This blogger wrote a pro FT and pro PAP blog article. PAP IB? Cannot be lah.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean. On the internet people can do anything. There are no rules, no standards, and any attempt to "police" or "regulate" it fails in less a few minutes.

Anything goes. And the power is EGALITARIAN -- anyone can have it. All you need to do is go to your local store and buy a sub $100 smartphone, and you are instantly a MEDIA content producer and broadcaster.

And it is very difficult to keep secrets, as your article shows. Sooner or later someone will "pechah lobang" -- and everyone knows what everyone else knows.

The PAP is aware of the power of social media. That is why they and their ball-licking supporters are ahead of the curve -- at least for the moment.

Anonymous said...

There are already so many Potemkin sites in the sg blogosphere social political scene. Why don't you go and ask the admin of singaporedaily why do they keep featuring snapshots of LSL. Go connect the dots!

agongkia said...

Please lah.Still haunted by so call IB?Dun be a daft paranoia and think anyone that speak up for the Garmen are IBs.

Many of those daft claim that I am one but it just shows how shallow minded they are.
However being able to catch attention and be call an IB is something I am proud of.
Having a different thinking and being a IB is different.Sometimes we need Sinkie like me to wake up those daft Sinkies .
My gong gong opinion is always different and feel not welcome by many,but who cares,many mei meis told me they are looking for my opinion.Low IQ doesn't mean poor opinion.
In my opinion,there is only administrator and no such thing as IB lah.An lah An lah.

Anonymous said...

You can remain in a state of denial. SHS has a squeeler telling the organisation structure as well. Bet they know a few names and waiting to expose them.

No such things?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Politics is a dirty game played where "the ends justify the means" anchors all tactics and strategy.

You should EXPECT dirty tricks and even conspiracy to occur. You should also expect FALSE SIGNALS -- whether deliberate or accidental.

Redbean believes that "people should play fair and by the rules". I have yet to determine what universe he is living in ;-)


Got creative imagination?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the army they always said, do what you want but don't get caught. When caught, it is very embarrassing and many will have to take the punishment.

In politics, engaging in such underhand activities you cannot afford to be caught. You are out if you do.

Anonymous said...


IBs, Freedom Fighters, Traitors, Heroes, Heroines, Terrorists, Whatever and What Not make the World very interesting.
It is claimed by many that they may not be agreeable with others, but proclaimed they will respect the Views of Others. Lets just do that, are We not clamouring for FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

Bear in mind that there are consequences that one be held responsible and facing it will be the Real Test Of Integrity, apart from legal implications.

Do join the Crowd so more ideas could bloom.


b said...

"Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment." Proverbs.

The truth will prevail eventually.

Anonymous said...

The truth will prevail next election day.

Don't be surprised if PAP can again achieve 60% votes or even better.

Because I think PM Lee and smart Sinkies know better. At least better than kopi loving RB and like minded bloggers.

Anonymous said...

omfg ..

luckily they din reveal my identity

i'm the other arm of the pap ib ... ib is short for "iron balls"

i the proud supporter of papigs

please keep papigs in power ... for more good years; remember to vote for

PAPigs .... huat ah!!!!

vote papigs ... become billionaire

vote alternative parties; what you get? bruises

remember ... vote for the best
vote the bestest ... vote the bastard ..... vote PAPigs